16 Men’s New Arrivals for Fall 2021 & Beyond: Ignite Strength, Authority & Style

Men's New Arrivals Fall 2021

People love fall, and it just might be because it’s rooted deep in our brain chemistry. The season heralds not just major American holidays but festivals in cultures around the world. These times often spark childhood memories or allow us to engage in rituals and traditions that make us feel whole.

Whether it’s because of the cool air, the uptick in sports coverage, or time spent with loved ones indoors, fall is a great time to reflect on our spirituality and devote ourselves to our soul’s intentions.

16 Men's New Arrivals for Fall 2021 & Beyond

To add sleek style to your fall flannels, hoodies, or cords, we’ve stocked up on pieces that lend fierce intensity or steadfast tranquility, depending on what your spirit calls for any given day.

Check out these new arrivals to our fall collection and add some timeless flare to your look…

Heishi Bracelets & Rings

Heishi beads, which are small disk-shaped beads meticulously carved or forged by artisans from metals and stones, provide a subtle touch of rock-solid auric vibration to whatever type of jewelry you wear. Style them in layered stacks of bracelets or opt for a single chunky ring to highlight your rugged grip.

Bringing intensity to everything we do can lead to unlocking our fullest spiritual potential. However, sometimes we have to temper that burning passion to help the flame endure.

The Soothing Fire Heishi Bracelet combines the powerful stones of Onyx and Opal with gold-plated brass to provide rhythmic energy that can fuel your soul journey.

Heishi Bracelets

Karma and Luck  Bracelet  -  Sacred Quietude - Lapis Lazuli Mantra Barrel Bracelet
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The circular form of Heishi beads instills a sense of infinite wisdom and eternal connection to the divine. When we seek spiritual knowledge and dive into mindfulness and intention, we access protection and serenity that empowers us to stay the course and inspires those around us to join in.

The Charismatic Aura Heishi Bracelet surrounds us with a calming essence. The Tiger’s Eye Heishi beads offer a boost of courage and confidence, while Onyx maintains the cool-headed energy necessary to grow as a leader.

By wearing the Deep Peace Oxidized Silver Bracelet, you can amplify your inner light, demonstrating the blessings that come when you heed to spiritual guidance and seek divine awareness. 

For a muted but no less powerful jewelry accent, consider wearing a Heishi bead ring like the Spiritual Life Heishi Ring. Poised and secure on your hand, this ring serves as a constant reminder of the soul-filled intentions we bring to each day.  

Heishi Ring

Mantra Bracelets & Rings

Not every guy has a way with words, and sometimes quiet wisdom means much more. Mantra bead jewelry provides us with simple, meaningful mantras that intone incredible protection, harmony, and prosperity into our lives.

The Careful Thought Mantra Barrel Bracelet helps us take care with what we want to express, inspiring patience and compassion through the words we say. The combination of Lapis Lazuli and Heishi beads in the Spiritual Mindset Mantra Bracelet offers guidance on how to focus our divine intentions, with mantra disks that echo peaceful chants, inspiring dedication and resilience.

Another sturdy band for the hand, the Blessed Peacefulness Mantra Tube Ring provides much more than a strong, solid spiritual talisman. The mantras etched in the sterling silver gunmetal beads reverberate with wisdom from the depths of the universe.

Take in the knowledge and words from spirit guides and rely on the Defined Balance Heishi Mantra Bracelet to balance the intensely powerful messages you receive.

Mantra Bracelets


Karma and Luck  Necklace  -  Mystical Power - Jade Stone Dragon Charm Necklace
Collar de poder místico
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Spiritual Symbolism Necklaces 

Understated style translates through potent symbols with new additions to our pendant necklace collection. Find ways to express your modern spiritual lifestyle with signs from animals, deities, and sacred geometry.

To encapsulate the aura of the cosmos, the Universal Consciousness Spinning Wheel Necklace features the Chinese zodiac calendar. By wearing this around your neck, you can channel an entire spectrum of spiritual virtues. 

A more geometric symbol, the Spiritual Abundance Sri Yantra Necklace displays a mystical diagram patterned to attract virility and prosperity to those who wear it.

We can also turn to the animal kingdom to deliver some epic symbolism. What better sign of masculine drive and inspired guardianship than the lion. Our Fierce Bravery Lion Necklace dispels fear, doubts, and inhibitions to allow us to pursue our dreams and passions with confidence and might.

Combining elements of nature and the heavens, the Divine Generosity Ganesha Necklace reminds us that the universe doesn’t just rest in our hands but in powerful spirits who are watching over us.

Men's Necklaces

Protective Home Décor

Some guys want something other than spiritual jewelry to inspire them. Creating space for meaningful symbols allows us to build a sacred place for meditation and spiritual exploration. These artful pieces of home décor provide protection and inspiration at home.

The penetrating frequencies emitted by a stone-covered Tree of Life elevates the energy of a room. The Nurturing Energy Tree of Life uses natural materials to instill in us the critical role we play in upholding the foundation of our home.

The Divine Light Zodiac Hamsa Wall Blessing emits constant influence over the room to keep the vibes positive and at peak energy every day.

If faith holds a premium space in the heart and home, the Ultimate Believer Spanish Cross Wall Blessing unites cultures and symbols to  give us authoritative wisdom as we embark on our path. 

As we set out on any spiritual quest, we can carry a protective amulet along with us. The Miraculous Luck Hamsa Keychain surrounds our auras in enlightened wisdom and peace.

Men's Necklaces

Final Thoughts

Sporting new symbols of spiritual practice and devotion communicates a message to the world that we accept and invite powerful, divine change and wisdom into our lives. Our fall collection embraces the idea of transformation, arming you with fierce protection and unwavering wisdom to grow as an inspired spiritual force. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Men's New Arrivals

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