A Look Inside The Cancer Man’s Heart

A Look Inside the Cancer Man’s Heart

Born between June 22 and July 22, Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. Symbolized by the crab, these water babies are beloved for their sweet, kind, and nurturing personalities. Cancer men and women, alike, are deeply in tune with their emotions and have a strong sense of empathy. This is one sign of the zodiac that you can always count on for a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen. 

Making loyal friends and excellent romantic partners, the Cancer man is easy to fall in love with. If you have been woo-d by this water sign of the zodiac, or are hoping to catch his eye, then read on to learn all about these sentimental men. Learning his astrological roadmap can help you to better understand him, and more easily connect to his soul. 

Defining Personality Traits of a Cancer Man 

The Cancer man has some distinct personality traits that sets him apart from the rest. Intuitive, nurturing, loyal, and loving, he is refreshingly unafraid of emotional depths, which makes sense as a water sign of the zodiac. At first, a Cancer guy may seem a bit shy, but as you get to know him, his personality begins to reveal itself more and more. If he likes you and feels comfortable around you, he is sure to open up and give you his heart. With friends and lovers alike, he is about as loyal and reliable as they come.

Often, the Cancer zodiac sign is associated with being a homebody. With a tendency towards smaller, close-knit groups of friends, he is not too interested in wild parties and busy social events. These guys prefer a nice night in - cozying up with their partner watching netflix, or having a few friends over for a relaxed dinner and drinks. 

Having a strong intuition is a universal trait of Cancers. With heightened empathy, they quickly pick up on the energy of other people, and seem to be able to sense things before they are said. They can easily tell when someone is lying to them, which is a huge problem for them, as they are a very honest sign of the zodiac.Intuitive & Loyal - Cancer Zodiac Bracelet

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The Cancer Man in Love 

The best part about a Cancer man is that he is not down for playing games. A man of commitment and loyalty, he is ready to find the one and settle down. When he falls in love, he falls hard, so if you have one of these men by your side, rest assured that he is in it for the long run. 

Deeply romantic, a Cancer man will do anything it takes to make his partner feel special and loved. He is in touch with his emotions, so do not be surprised when you receive hand-written love letters, poetry, roses, and other sweet signs of affection. This water sign is also known for being a top-notch cuddler - another way he demonstrates his devotion to you. 

As sensitivity is a determining trait of Cancer men, be ready for a guy that really wants to get to know you. Shying away from small talk, dates with Cancer guys are more intense, with probing questions to understand your heart, mind, and soul. He wants to know every bit about you, and will likely never forget a word you say. 

As extremely loving people, Cancer men are renowned for being a bit clingy in love. As we said, he falls hard, and it may be difficult for him to separate his life from yours. He just cannot get enough of you! Codependency is something that a lot of these guys deal with, so before hopping into a relationship with them, you can try setting some boundaries to ensure you keep the sanctity of your own life.Nurturing Soul - Cancer Zodiac Onyx Necklace

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The Best & Worst Zodiac Matches for Cancer Men

Using the science and wisdom of astrology, we can decipher who are the best and worst matches for the crab of the zodiac. A fellow water sign, Scorpio is hands down the best bet for a Cancer man to find love. Both of these signs are fond of going deeper, unafraid to dive into emotional talks and meaningful heart-to-hearts. Scorpio and Cancer also both highly value trust in relationships, making them a pair that promises fidelity and loyalty. 

Another match made in heaven, or should we say the seas, is the crab and the fish. Cancer and Pisces are also both water signs, which means they just get each other. Emotions are easily shared and trusted with one another, and they both are keen for relaxing, easy-going vibes.  

Virgo, an Earth sign, is another wonderful match for the Cancer man. Grounded and hardworking, a Virgo partner can help balance out Cancer, and keep them from sinking too deeply in their pool of emotions. The Cancer guy will also appreciate Virgo’s trustworthy and reliable nature. 

As for the worst match for Cancer men, we can turn our gaze towards the fire signs. For this zodiac sign, fire and water just do not mesh well. Cancer is seeking a laid-back partner, happy to chill at home and cozy up, while the fire signs, Leo, Sag, and Aries, are bursting with energy and a need for socialization. A partnership between these signs and a Cancer can, of course, work, but sacrifice, commitment, and a general understanding between the two signs will have to be found first.Cancer man

How to Attract a Cancer Man

Being a water sign, the Cancer man needs a partner who is willing to go deeper and connect on an emotional level. If you want to attract a Cancer man, and keep him in your life, you have to open up and wear your heart on your sleeve. He finds vulnerability very attractive, and will be drawn to your bravery in expressing yourself through words and communication. On a date with him, be sure to ask meaningful and thoughtful questions, encouraging him to dive deeper as well. He can be a little shy at first, but seeing your interest in his life will help pull this crab out of his shell. 

Another key to winning Cancer’s heart is to be trustworthy and honest. He is not interested in playing silly games while dating. If he likes you, he will want to be with you, and that is it, and he expects the same sentiment from you. The Cancer man will be instantly repelled by wishy-washy vibes, ghosting, or purposefully late responses. He is looking for somebody that is as ready to commit and settle down as he is, so let him know that you are in it for real. 

Fall in Love with Cancer

The Cancer man offers a world of beautiful emotions to explore, and he is more than ready to dive into the depths of your soul. Exceptionally caring and sweet guys, they will always make you feel like the most important person in the room. He may not be the life of the party, but he sure will be the rock that you can always lean on. If you find a Cancer man, we say hold on tightly to him - these guys make loving fun. 

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