A Taurus Man Loyalty, Strength, Confidence and a Little Bit Submissive. And That’s No Bull

A Taurus Man

Want the finer things in life? Want to experience a life of rich and royalty? A Taurus man provides all of that, and the special romantic gestures that go along with all of it that are not only imaginative, but also leaves his counterpart feeling significant.

The Taurus man is a planner, a good listener and one that will search high and low for a gift or an experience that will be memorable and life changing.

A Taurus man is one that romances down to the detail. It’s the date that not only brings you chocolate covered strawberries, but the platter also has white chocolate, dark chocolate, curacao and mint chocolate chip strawberries.  They are overachievers in business and success, but extremely overachieves in the department of love, romance and sexual desire.

A Taurus man is noted as being the “bull” or stubborn.  There are many definitions of the bull as a totem spirit animal and several discuss the Bull and the Ox as interchangeable – both are males, but the Bull is fertile, and an Ox is castrated. The Ox, because of lack of testosterone are more docile, and safer to cattle and range. Bulls are smaller in size but have a fiercely angry side that makes them erratic, bullish and aggressive.Steadfast Patience - Taurus Zodiac Onyx Necklace

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The Ox, or Oxen, are much larger than an average bull and seemingly are more intelligent in the wild.  Both cousins of the bull represent the sign of Taurus – most likely from Greek mythology as Zeus often shapeshifted into a bull when he needed a hard-hitting lift of destruction and strength.  But in modern day Astrology both animals represent the two innate sides of a Taurus man, a tough negotiator, business leader, disrupter in the field of business and money while on the inside being a family man that adorns structure, routine and traditions within the home. 

A Taurus man loves his routines and tradition as a leader of the family, so you can expect the same menu at Thanksgiving, and perhaps the same type of Christmas tree each year.  Traditional songs are a must, and a Taurus man might wear that superstitious T-shirt repeatedly at his favorite basketball or football team adventures, washed and pressed, of course at each game.  

A Taurus man is allured by the sensuality of a Scorpio woman, who might omit all her fears and anxiety and place a false mask of her level of confidence. A Scorpio woman rules the hips which often sway and are noticeable when she walks.  It acts as an aphrodisiac and a temptress to the Bull, who will follow a Scorpio woman to hell and back to win her love and admiration.   

While a Scorpio woman uses fashion, lipstick and sultry eyes to win the affection of a Taurus mind, a Virgo woman, although equally as beautiful, tries to lure in this man with intellect, structure and balancing sex appeal with educational advancement, knowledge of the most intricate facts, a memory like an elephant and being the queen of factoids and trivia.  The rival between a Scorpio and Virgo women – attempting to magnify a Taurus man - is amusing to watch from the outside.  It is the age of sultry sophistication versus the girl next door – both are sexy, both are smart, both are cunning signs – but who is the Bull going to pick?Determined Spirit - Taurus Zodiac Medallion Necklac

The physical traits of a Taurus man are over average in height, with a prominent face (sometimes square shaped) and a very pronounced chin. Taurus men enjoy working out, for the physicality of it and for the extra bullish energy it produces, so a brawn physique is not out of the question.  Born in May, and leading into the summer, a Taurus man is one that likes to tan, have an equal tan across his entire body and let’s not forget that Venus is the ruling planet, and physical appearance is aligned with that planet.  A Taurus man is one to visit the tanning beds, not letting anyone  - not even in his inner circle – know - that he might have gotten a little artificial help with his body bronzing.

A Taurus man is all about the neck, the nape and it is most definitely a key erogenous zone for the divine masculine of this sign. They are all about the kisses on their Adam’s apple, and sometimes encourage their mates to leave marks (hickeys) as a sign of ownership and possession. Between the sheets, a Taurus male plays both sides of the fence, on any given day his confidence and buoyant side might be the initiator for sex, and there are other times (like the Ox) he is enthusiastic about his partner taking the lead and enjoys the passivity of it all.

In business, however, it is a different story. The Taurean male is a leader – all the time, a disrupter, a change agent.  He is creative in finances and taxes and learning how to take a dollar and turn it into $100. He is not afraid of taking risks on the stock market floor and in horse racing or sports betting and is the first to take a chance to promote an employee that might not the key player but is showing strength for a long-term career.  The Taurus man is the first to raise their hands in class, the first to gamble on a lottery ticket and the first to get the newest in technology an dissect its advantages and disadvantages. In business, they often combine their innate senses of fashion, creativity and lure with the art of making money.  Many fashion and jewelry designers, architects and interior designers find themselves with Taurus heavy in their charts.Taurus manA key loving trait of a Taurus man is how defensive he is and protective towards his family and loved ones.  A Taurus big brother is the authoritative figure for his younger siblings, and a Taurus father will go face-to-face, sometimes a little too over-heated, with anyone (friends, family, teacher, coach) that even slightly puts down their kin.  The more a Taurus man loves, the stronger the need to protect what is his. But if you lie to a Taurus man, it is final destination, the end.  It is internally shattering to a Taurus man when someone he loves betrays or lies, or even white lies something little.

In fact, the smaller the lie to a Taurean male, the stronger the impact. It’s the little details of life that matter mostly to this guy, so even the smallest of lies has a quiet, but profound impact.  I say quietly, because he will never come right out a call his mate, or family member or colleague, a liar. He will keep that information inside (Such as the Hierophant card in tarot – the one that knows all, harbors it and tells no one…) and will bury that intel deeply. But once he knows you are capable of sidestepping, the trust is broken, and he might never act the same or as open as he once did before. Taurus, perhaps because of the amount of testosterone in the bull, have memories that span back years, decades and sometimes, lifetimes. They know what they know, without letting those around them know how much they know. 

A Taurus male is loyal, confident, stubborn with a little bit of pig-headed combined with sensuality and comradery – he is a perfect blend of strength and initiative, and devotion.Taurus man

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