Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is an omnipresent symbol throughout spirituality and science, across cultures and dating back to ancient times. Understanding the power of the Tree of Life can help us reach a deeper sense of self understanding. It represents the ongoing cycle of death and rebirth, of our rooted connection to Mother Earth, and our energetic connection to each other.

Tree of Life

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Fame and integrity

Reach your genuine potential with the uplifting vibes of the Feng Shui tree. By respecting your own integrity, you are bound to reach the pinnacle of your community status and receive authentic acclaim for the great person you strive to become.


Through the gentle fluidity of the Tree of Life, learn and maintain the respect for your partner in the most caring manner possible. Appreciate every moment that is cherished for a lifetime, as it will never be forgotten. Remove any hindrance through this vibe, as it is unnecessary when it comes to love.

Children creativity

This placement is all about the spark and the joy of life. Nourish the child spirit we all have inside of us, and let the creativity flow seamlessly. Yes, we should all be strict at some point, but not let that aspect become restrictive. The Feng Shui tree will give you balance in that area.

Travel people

Deepen your understanding for all things related to different value systems and cultures. Explore what the world has to offer without any fear of the unknown or different. The Feng Shui Tree will empower you in the sense that your curiosity will be healthy addressed.


Pinpoint the steps you need to take to reach your true potential when it comes to work life. By boosting your energy with exceptional strength found in our Feng Shui trees, unstoppable will become your day-to-day attitude.


Curiosity is one of the best traits of the human race. By proper nourishment, our knowledge and philosophy excels over time, and we start to realize the connected meaning of everything. Let the Tree of Life tickle your curiosity and let it mingle!

Family and friends

The most important relationships in our lives have to be cultivated and looked after. Of course, friends and family are the pillars of our spiritual health and our key social driver. By strengthening our bond, we regain our zest for life.


Only by creating a balance between our projections regarding spiritual and material wealth, we are able to reach both. Yes, material wealth is as important, however, it is definitely reached the easiest when it is seen as just a helpful hand on our spiritual journey, not the destination itself.


The basis of everything, health is something often overlooked. Being the most important pillar, it is something to be worked on spiritually, with all the intention you could possibly gather. Embrace the healing energies of the Feng Shui trees and fully immerse into the energy of each crystal.

How to use the tree of life

Choose the tree that calls out to you. Bring its energy into your home by placing it in an area that needs it most, using the Feng Shui Energy Map as a guide. The map shows how different types of energy move and flow through space. Place the Tree of Life with the intention to revitalize the energy and increase the flow of abundance in your life. Bringing these spiritual treasures into your home or office can transform the time you spend there.

How to use it
Set Your Intention

Set Your Intentions

Write down your dreams, visualizing your goals as if you have already obtained them. Place these writings under your tree so that your dreams can take root. Every time you see your tree, you will be putting your energy towards your dreams and they will be achieved.

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