How to Move Through Obstacles: 9 Empowering Tips to Overcome Life Challenges

How to Overcome Obstacles

In the past two years, obstacles and delays have become a new reality, testing our mental, physical, and emotional health. In times like these, it may seem like our manifestations are slow to come and our long-awaited progress is put on hold. 

Carrying out the responsibilities a modern man faces requires exquisite determination, the strength of will, and a powerful mind to endure all that is thrown on his path. There’s a lot on the plate, stakes are frequently high, and he is faced with a new set of obstacles every day. 

The way to strengthen our spirit when the path becomes rocky is through techniques and tools that help us discover how to overcome obstacles in a healthy way. 


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How to Overcome Obstacles: 9 Tips to Empower You 

Obstacles and setbacks are an integral part of life. While we can’t always control the outcome, we can control how we choose to react and whether we will rise above the chaos and step into our power.

Here’s how…

Look for the Lesson in the Challenge 

Blockages and limitations are lessons to learn from and they are the ultimate tools for personal transformation and empowerment. In its essence, a setback is merely an opportunity to shed old skin, change, and grow at cellular level.

It may seem like the whole Universe is against you. However, a challenge is just a nudge from the Universe that it is time for you to grow and evolve into the empowered person you are destined to be.

Set Intentions A LOT

Setting an intention is the first step to success, and focus is the key to making that intention come to fruition. Every change starts with you desiring to move forward and shifting your vibration.

By setting a clear intention, you do two important things. One, you mindfully gear your attention towards the object of your desire, and two, you communicate to the Universe what your vision is so that it can manifest in your reality.

Discovering how to overcome obstacles starts with our focus. Setting the intention is directly connected to the inner power and our ability to create the life we desire. What we think, we become and create.

Overcome Challenges

Wear Stones & Symbols That Empower You 

Spiritual symbols and stones are tools for elevating your frequency. They are used to unblock you and help you realize your true purpose. Using them, either in meditation or during personal rituals cleanses the aura from fear, doubt and self-limiting patterns.

Certain stones and symbols have the power to awaken the lion within, illuminating you to the fierceness and potential you carry, and wearing them throughout the day helps you carry out your intentions. Shop our ever-expanding collection of men’s spiritual jewelry here! 

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View Obstacles as an Opportunity to Break Through Your Limits

The path to achievement is never a straight line and obstacles and failures are merely a chance to revise your strategy and test your determination. Every setback you overcome can become a powerful confidence-booster and a force to power through trials boldly and fearlessly. 

Breaking through your limits, despite the challenges, is a reminder that you can do anything you set your mind to, regardless of how trying the path seems. 

Every time you can’t seem to figure out how to overcome obstacles, remind yourself that a blockage is an opportunity to discover your true potential and talents, test your limits, and find the path to absolute self-actualization.

Break Out Some Creative Problem Solving

Every time we step out of our ordinary way of thinking, we come closer to new possibilities and solutions. Sometimes the key to rising above a pitfall lies not in forcing old ways, but in leaving the old patterns and paradigms behind and trying out a fresh hypothesis.

Exploring different options and approaches will help you shift your focus towards the solution instead of staying in the old energy of defeat. 

Testing unexplored waters and brainstorming solutions not only proves to be fruitful for the current problem we are facing but also helps us find a whole new way of thinking and problem solving.

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Don’t Let Obstacles Stop You – Keep Taking Action Steps

Hardships and impediments are always difficult to deal with but can be equally rewarding if we know how to use them to discover our strength.

Knowing how to overcome obstacles lies in our ability to see an obstacle as a temporary setback, not a final destination. It is meant to test your passion, ambition, and perseverance and then level up your game and your confidence.

You can use the mix of adrenaline, uncertainty, and fear to transform your sense of defeat into empowerment and confidence. Just move forward, despite how slow the progress may seem.

Remember, with every new step you take, you’ll get better at dealing with life challenges and you’ll be more confident that you’ll be able to handle life with wisdom and maturity tomorrow. It is in moving forward, despite how difficult it may seem that we gain wisdom and expertise.

View the Situation From a Different Perspective

A hardship pushes us outside of our comfort zone and urges us to find new ways of adapting to a new problem. Every time we face a challenge, we are given a choice between different perspectives and an opportunity for learning important life lessons that we can use to our advantage.

We don’t choose the difficulties we face, but we can always choose our perspective and discover how to overcome obstacles in new ways. In every one of us live two wolves. One is called fear and the other strength. In the end, we can always choose which wolf we will feed.

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Cultivate Self-Confidence & Clarity of Thought 

Reflection, meditation, and grounding exercises are powerful techniques for attaining mental clarity and razor-sharp focus. When we take a step back and observe the problem with a cool head and collected attitude, we take back our power over the problem.

Take a moment to think about all the times you had to overcome life challenges. Give yourself the credit for how far you’ve come and let that be your source of confidence and proof of your skills and abilities. 

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Equally empowering, the Sacred Trust Necklace can help you cultivate unshakable self-confidence, motivation, and inner strength.

Similar pieces that can help you in discovering how to overcome obstacles can be found in our Men’s Happiness & Confidence Collection.

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Take Responsibility as the Creator of Your Life

We are all conscious creators of our own reality. Not only do we model our reality through decisive action, but we also do it through thoughts and feelings. Many times, the root of the challenges we face can be found in our mindset, our way of thinking, and coping.

The route to taking the responsibility for your life lies in self-discovery. Ask yourself:

  • How can I take charge in times of hardship?
  • How are my beliefs affecting my ability to rise above the impediment I am facing?
  • What thought pattern or limiting belief is preventing me from owning my strength when faced with a challenge?

As much as we can put blockages in our own way, we also have the power to shift our reality and make admirable breakthroughs.

Being able to work through mental blockages and change our thought patterns can be immensely empowering and can quite literally transform your reality. Discovering how to overcome obstacles and feel empowered lies nowhere else but within.  

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Final Thoughts

When things get rough, it is not the obstacle itself that determines whether we fail or level up, but how we choose to perceive and deal with adversity on the spiritual, mental, and physical planes. 

We are more powerful than we think we are, and it is in the hardest of times that we start to see the greatness of power we have within.

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