How to Choose the Best Crystal Necklace for Men

Crystal Necklace for Men


Throughout history, crystal necklaces for men have been worn as a symbol of high-standing power, prestige, and stability.

Today, wearing a necklace still speaks volume about a man. However, when stones are included, there’s always more to a necklace than meets the eye.

Psychology Today research highlights that embracing personal authenticity leads to better functioning in groups, so why not fully express it?

A necklace that incorporates stones maximizes who a man is, both in terms of style and vibration. What's important to know, however, is that stones like Tiger's Eye, Onyx, and Jade can never lower your vibration. They simply strengthen you and help you reach your full potential.

How to Choose a Crystal Necklace for Men

Whether you’re seeking out a necklace for a man in your life or if you’re a man on the hunt for a personal piece, here are some tips to guide you along your men's jewelry hunt…

Energy Crystal Necklace Style

Personal preference is always the starting point when choosing a piece of jewelry. Wearing a crystal necklace for men is a method of authentic expression.

Selecting a style is not only about personal originality, though. Since stones are part of the design, it is also about maximizing your potential and what makes you, as a man, unique.

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Pendant Necklaces

Classic and timeless, pendant necklaces exude raw masculine power and blend it with aesthetics. Stones are often embedded in pendants and incorporated in the chain for added strength and power. Shop crystal pendant by Karma and Luck.

Beaded Necklaces

Beaded pieces often adorn even the most masculine spiritual enthusiast. Authentic gemstones are carefully selected for their healing properties and are shaped and lined to form a perfect line for added power.

Chain & Bead Combinations

Combining two powerful elements, chain and bead combinations make a bold statement. Stones are often included in the chain or partially blended with other elements. Rich in design, they have an incredible potential for transforming both your energy and your look.

eye of tiger jewelry

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Real Crystal Necklace and Minimal Design

Minimal, modern design calls for simplicity and creates endless possibilities for combining multiple pieces. One stone hanging off a simple chain can present the statement with simplicity and high frequency.

Mala Necklaces

Ideal for prayers, meditation, and centering, a crystal necklace meaning of this sort is eye-catching and unique. If you like to express yourself creatively, exotic mala-style necklaces will prove to be a perfect match.

Mala-Style Necklaces

Shop Crystal Necklace by Color

There’s a valid reason why experts have developed color therapy. Each color affects body, mind and aura differently, and each has a therapeutic effect. They affect mood and have a real capacity to lift your vibration or lower it, energize or calm you down.

Selecting the crystal necklace for men that resonates with you can be done solely by becoming more aware of how colors make you feel. Let's discover what your color is...

Red Crystal Necklace for Men

Red draws attention to your personal power, strength and assertiveness. It’s bold and motivating. It activates the brave spirit within, energizes, and helps us assert our will with confidence. The power of Red String and rituals, conjoined with the vibration of stones can strengthen your aura and ward off what takes your energy.

Red String

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Blue Crystal Necklace for Men

Blue has a soothing effect. Through bringing greater clarity, it calms an anxious mind and helps us overcome inner turmoil. As it stops the inner chatter, blue gradually gears mental activity towards contemplation and greater awareness.

Green Men Crystal Necklace

Green activates our potential for growth. Deeply nourishing and rejuvenating, it supports health and helps establish a firmer connection with nature.

Yellow inspires creative thinking. Since this is the color of personal expression, it encourages mental expansion and can help you get in touch with your inner child.

Orange Crystal Necklace

Orange awakens creative spirit and helps instill a greater sense of optimism. When choosing a crystal necklace for men, this color is an ideal pick for overcoming a pessimistic and cynical attitude.

Purple Crystal Necklace Meaning

Purple is highly spiritual and is often associated with mysticism, higher knowledge, and psychic powers. Choosing purple helps deepen the relationship with the spiritual realm. This can instigate powerful awakenings and life-changing revelations.

Black Crystal Necklace for Men

Black shields us from and wards away negative energy. More than any other color, it calls for confidence and bridging the gap between the light and the dark. When drawn to it, black invites you to explore your shadow side and strengthen your character.

White Crystal Necklace Men

White is here to cleanse and provide enlightenment. You’ll likely be drawn to white stones if you crave peace and clarity in your life. White is eternal, inspires clearing of outdated patterns, and acts as a purifying force.

Brown Necklace With Pendant
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Brown Men Crystal Necklace

Brown re-establishes a connection with the Earth, helps us lay firm foundations, and balances energy. A sublime grounding force like the one this color creates is undoubtedly helpful when you're looking to establish a sense of inner security.

Grey Crystal Protection Necklace

Grey is a profound neutralizer of energy. Since it blends the energies of white and black, it symbolizes balance and is used to help bridge the gap between polar opposites.

Pink Crystal Necklace

Pink is associated with matters of the heart and unconditional love. Although not typically linked with masculinity, a pink crystal necklace for men brings about a sense of tranquility every modern man needs. It deepens self-love, empathy and the ability to connect with others on a soul level.

Shop Crystal Necklace for Men by Intention

As a stone forms, it takes on a specific energetic blueprint or frequency that is used for healing and intention-setting. When we tune into a stone’s frequency, manifestation becomes almost effortless simply because we become much more aligned with what we desire.

That’s why it’s easy to shop by intention when you’re looking for stone jewelry. Here are some examples…

Harmony & Abundance Crystal Necklaces

Instead of seeing present circumstances as limitations, these majestic pieces can help you align with the abundant life you dream of.

The Harmony & Abundance – Matte Onyx Jade Mala is a perfect example of a potent intention-setting crystal necklace for men. This piece combines Onyx and Tiger’s Eye, and instigates a deep shift within that makes you a perfect match for prosperity.

Men's Mala Necklace

Balance & Faith Crystal Necklace

The Balance Faith Rosary Necklace, among other powerful elements, also includes the Onyx stone. Onyx is immensely calming and will help you meditate and bring more peace and serenity into your life. This gemstone clears the path to personal transformation, which shifts how you deal with stress and hopelessness.

Success & Stability Spiritual Stone Necklaces

Certain types of stones are great catalysts for embodying personal power and ditching limiting beliefs about what is possible. For instance, Tiger’s Eye beads are part of the Courage & Valor Necklace and are incredible tools for attracting success.

Wearing them, you’ll soon discover how effortless manifestation can be. It can be astonishingly potent when combined with practicing 30-Day Money Mantras.

Spiritual Growth with Real Crystal Necklace

Jade quickly responds to negative energy sent our way and sends it back to its source. Because it both protects our aura and opens us up to new insights, it is frequently used for transcendence and spiritual growth.

The Lush Presence Jade Stone Necklace includes this stone, and is an extraordinarily powerful piece for opening doors to greater clarity and deeper understanding.

Healing Crystal Necklace for Men

The Spiritual Nurturer Lapis Lazuli Hamsa Pendant Necklace is a crystal necklace for men with incredible healing properties. Lapis Lazuli transforms pain and fear. It helps speed up recovery from setbacks that have been difficult to leave behind.

Confidence and Empowerment Energy Stone Necklace

You are capable and more powerful than you deem yourself to be, and the Take Courage Necklace can help you get to that revelation. Including mighty Tiger’s Eye, it will serve as an ever-present reminder that you have all it takes to grab the bull by the horns.

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Choose the Stones You’re Drawn To

Before you become consciously aware of what you need to move forward, your higher self already knows the answer. Therefore, an essential step to choosing a crystal necklace for men is to tune in to your intuition.

The stone that resonates with you will naturally call you. Here are some ways to tap into that power…

Meditate on the Stone Necklaces

A stone has an energetic language of its own. When you stop and listen to what it has to say, you’ll find that you either speak the same language, or you don’t quite match. Absorbing the energy of the stone you are browsing and really feeling it reveals important clues. If its energy feels right, you've found a match.

Don’t Fret From Heavy Feelings

Internal wounding and blockages naturally call for healing, which is why stones will naturally send energetic hints to your higher self. If a necklace makes you feel triggered, it’s pointing to a deeper issue that is blocking your growth. Embracing that stone may help you resolve it.

Use Visualization When Choosing Men Crystal Necklace

A crystal necklace for men has its persona. Tune into visual information you’re receiving. Observe the piece, and particularly focus on the stones it incorporates. Set the intention or simply focus on the necklace. If visualization comes effortlessly and you can see yourself vibrating higher when wearing it, it’s for you.

Rely on Tactile Sensation

Hands give out and receive energetic information. Therefore, warm, expansive sensations in your hands are a clear indicator that your necklace of choice will serve its purpose. A piece of jewelry that is energetically compatible with you will instantly elevate your mood, making you feel calmer or lighter.

Final Thoughts

A wisely chosen crystal necklace for men is an incredible energy-shifting tool. Selecting the one that aligns with your personal style and soul desires will serve to ignite powerful transformation and growth.

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