Explore The Power of Manifestation Symbols & How to Use Them in Your Life

Powerful symbols for manifestation

The practice of "manifesting", or thinking aspirational thoughts with the intention of making them real, has become increasingly popular. Google searches for the term grew by 669 percent between late March and mid-July, and the iconic "shut up I'm manifesting” image is one of the year's defining memes.

With the growing interest in wellness and self-care, coupled with the stress of the pandemic, manifestation quickly took center stage. It comes as no surprise that the practice of manifesting has exploded at this time; when everyone is dreaming of a more care-free and relaxing time than the one we are living in.

In an era when we feel helpless to influence genuine change, manifesting feels like something we can control in our lives. The fact that it is an accessible practice helps too - all you need are your dreams and the intention to realize them.

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The Symbols of Manifestation

Depending on who you ask, manifesting entails a complex set of rules or can be anything you want it to be. One popular TikTok user claims that simply watching their video you are already creating. They also state that you have unwittingly manifested everything that has ever happened to you and every experience you have had in your life.

Some say that there is no "right" way to manifest, while others argue that it will not function unless you first connect to the spiritual realm. Others adhere to the practice of "scripting", which can mean writing down your desire 33 times for three days and concluding it with "all this manifests and better", just in case the universe decides to send you more than you asked.

For others, manifesting has a mathematical face to it. Manifestation is said to be associated with special numbers, also called "angel numbers". For instance, 1111 and 444 broadcast from the cosmos, as well as sound frequencies, like 528 hertz, for manifesting certain goals.

Regardless of how you do it, manifesting has truly stood the test of time. The law of attraction has been around since the 19th century's New Thought spiritual movement. It asserts that all ideas eventually become reality and that if you think positively, wonderful things will come to you.

New Thought popularized terms such as "creative visualization" and spiritual healing, as well as the divisive concept that illness is created by the mind. According to a 2018 Pew Research study, about six out of ten American adults believe in at least one New Age idea from the 1960s and 1970s, such as reincarnation, astrology, psychics, and spiritual energy, with women being more likely to believe than men.

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When beginning to manifest, the most important step is knowing precisely what you want. Regardless of your aspirations, one thing is required: make your objective as specific as possible (think: qualities, characteristics, values, etc.). Once you have identified your objectives, dreams, and goals, it is time to send your wishes to the Universe.

Prayer, meditation, visualization, simply saying your objectives out loud, building a vision board, or creating a "future box", which is a container filled with photos of products you intend to manifest, are all great examples of how to do this.

If you have ever used TikTok, you are most likely familiar with the 369 method, which entails writing a letter to the cosmos three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times at night for 33 or 45 days. It may sound complicated, but the practice is actually quite simple once you get the hang of it!

It is important to remember that manifestation is a joint effort between you and the Universe, which is why it is often referred to as co-creating. So, knowing what you want is just half the battle - you cannot expect to see any results until you take action as well.

The Universe will do its part, but you must do yours too. Set aside some time to think about what steps you can take on your own to achieve your goals, and then start incorporating them into your daily routine. For example, if you are looking to make a major career change, you can start networking with people in your new sector and prepare for a job interview. Another way to be 'in action' when manifesting is to ask yourself, “What would my future self be thinking?”.

By stepping into the mindset of your future self, you start the process of manifesting. You can become that person you wish to be by imagining you already have, do, and feel your goals, hopes, and wishes. This is a similar concept to the old adage, "fake it till you make it."

The Law of Attraction in Symbols of Manifestation

You have probably heard of the law of attraction and the power it can hold in manifesting the life of your dreams. Let’s dig a little deeper into this concept and explain why manifestation is worth your attention.

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Although manifestation is a rather broad term, it is often defined as what you bring into your physical reality simply through your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. This means that anything you concentrate on becomes your reality. You can focus and materialize these wishes by using meditation, visualization, or just your conscious and subconscious mind.

The most important piece of setting manifestation in motion is making a list of specific wishes and desires. You must be very particular about the manifestations you want. For instance, "I would like to have a larger home", "I am looking for a new designer bag", or "I would like to have more money" are great wishes but they are not quite specific enough.

It is critical that you take charge of your manifestation process. One great way to do this is by constructing vision boards, either digitally or physically, with the exact house you desire, the specific color, size, and design of the purse you want, or the details of the career you have always wanted.

Pinterest is an excellent place to go for inspiration. Take as much time as you need to figure out what you truly desire, then make it as authentic as possible so that it feels like it is already yours.

Another important reminder is to ask for what you want in as concrete a manner as possible, without any hesitation as to your abilities in making it happen. In everyday life, if you want a coffee, you order it; and manifesting is really not much different.

You can begin by repeating affirmations in the shower about what you truly desire. Make this a habit in your morning and evening routines, and most importantly, believe in what you are saying - this will make all the difference.

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Apart from that, it is critical to actively strive for your goals rather than waiting for a miracle to happen. Journaling is one of the most effective ways to work toward your goals. Start small and try not to get too overwhelmed; this is a journey you should enjoy and take gently.

You can journal in the morning by writing out how you want your day to go, or just before bedtime by writing down everything you are grateful for from the day.

According to the law of attraction, you attract what you give out. To attract more of what you want, all you have to do is boost your frequency. These vibrations will serve as signals to the universe that you are open to receive.

Once your frequency is tuned to a higher channel, you will most likely start receiving signs from the cosmos. Particular numbers, for instance, may start popping up more often.

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Angel numbers, also known as manifestation numbers or recurring numbers, are numerical sequences that contain repetition and/or patterns. These numbers usually contain three or four digits, with 1111 and 444 being quite common. Even if they appear in the most common of places, these numbers usually attract our attention and inspire a sense of connection, even if only for a brief while.

We are drawn to these sequences because of their divine symbolism; these numbers are believed to be messages from the spiritual cosmos, bringing insight, knowledge, and guidance. Whether you attribute them to angels, guides, ancestors, spirits, or simply a higher state of consciousness, angel numbers can affirm that you are on the right track or provide invaluable insight into a complicated situation.

The Relationship Between Symbols for Manifestation and The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction and manifestation go hand in hand. According to the law of attraction, you create your own reality. What you focus your attention on attracts more of the same into your life.

It signifies that what you anticipate in your life will eventually happen. To apply the law of attraction to your own life, be appreciative, visualize your goals, search for the positives in a situation, learn how to identify negative thinking, use positive affirmations, and reinterpret unpleasant events in a more positive light.

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While the law of attraction may not be able to solve all of life's issues right away, it can help you adopt a more positive outlook. It does this by helping to keep you motivated on the path to achieving your goals. As you start taking these steps towards a better life, you improve the inner workings of your soul as well.

The law of attraction also creates a deeper sense of spirituality in the lives of its practitioners. Spirituality has been correlated with a variety of health benefits, including less stress, better health, reduced depression, and greater overall well-being.

Many people feel this approach works because it aligns God, or the universe, with our aspirations. This concept says that we are all made up of different frequencies of energy. As a result, replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, particularly gratitude, is crucial in raising our vibration.

By adopting thankful, optimistic thoughts and feelings, and focusing on our ambitions rather than our disappointments, we can change the frequency of our energy. This allows the law of attraction to bring wonderful things into our lives. Where and how we direct our focus determines what we attract, but we must believe that it is already ours or will be soon.

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Using the law of attraction to improve one's mental health is another added benefit. When we focus on achieving a new reality and thinking it is possible, we tend to take more chances, notice more opportunities, and open ourselves up to new possibilities.

On the other hand, when we do not believe that something is possible for us, we tend to miss out on amazing opportunities. By believing that we do not deserve wonderful things, we act in ways that harm our chances of happiness. It can be helpful to change our self-talk and feelings about life to replace negative patterns in our lives with more positive, productive, and healthy ones.

One positive thing can lead to another, and a person's life can shift from a downward spiral to an upward ascension. Changing your self-talk can have a positive impact on your life, and it is one of the foundations of many types of treatment.

CBT, a widely used and effective treatment for a wide range of problems, is founded on the idea that detecting and changing automatic negative thoughts can have positive repercussions and help patients achieve better mental health.

There are several exercises that can help you learn how to use the law of attraction in your own life. Here are a couple of ideas: 

  • Journal or write down your thoughts. This can assist you in better understanding your typical thought patterns, identifying moments of gratitude, determining if you are optimistic or pessimistic, and learning how to change negative thought habits. 
  • Make a mood board as a visual reminder of your desires. 
  • Stay inspired and stay focused on your goals.
  • Practice acceptance by working on accepting things as they are rather than focusing on what is wrong with the present or what has to be changed. This is not to say you will not work toward a better future; it just means you will not be so caught up in wishing things were different. 
  • Positive self-talk is a beautiful practice to engage in. If you suffer from excessive self-criticism, make it a mission to engage in positive self-talk every day. This may become simpler over time, and maintaining a negative attitude may become more difficult.

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It is important to remember that manifestation and the law of attraction, as with any practice, are not without their drawbacks. The law of attraction has one flaw - it implies that we should think that good things will happen to us and that we will obtain all we desire without doing anything to reinforce that belief.

However, the optimistic outlook is what drives proactive actions, which results in such wonderful outcomes in their lives. Optimists' gains are not just based on their beliefs, but rather the activity that these beliefs inspire that leads to real change. In order for beliefs to influence behavior, they must contain aims, mindfulness, commitment, motivation, timelines, challenges, and support.

According to detractors of the law of attraction, people may begin to blame themselves for bad circumstances beyond their control, such as accidents and injuries, layoffs owing to a financial recession, or catastrophic illnesses.

Even if we do not always have control over our circumstances, we do have influence over how we react to them. In this vein, the law of attraction can provide the optimism and proactive attitude associated with resilience in difficult situations. Still, it should never be used as a weapon for self-blame.

The Many Symbols of Manifestation

On the journey of manifestation, there are many tips and tricks to guide and assist you. Symbols can provide a wealth of power in creating the life of your dreams.

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Working with symbols such as the eight-pointed star, the octagon or octagram, the cross, the square, or the runes Gebo and Fehu can help you materialize your wishes into reality.

Fehu, for example, is especially good when dealing with financial matters. It is also advised to surround yourself with green, brown, golden, and yellow tones to promote the process of manifesting.

Archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Ariel, goddesses Isis and Lakshmi, gods Hermes and Mercury, and many others, including your spirit guides, are among the many deities who can provide you with tremendous guidance and support. Let’s take a look at the 5 runes best equipped for manifesting!

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Reading Runes as Symbol of Manifestation

Runes can be utilized as manifestation symbols to help you manifest your wishes. Each rune is called by the themes it embodies. Rune reading, also known as rune casting, is a type of divination that uses symbols on stones to answer questions about the past, present, and future.

Runestones can also assist you in obtaining clarification or guidance on how to approach a problem or situation. Begin by acquiring rune stones and selecting a comfortable, sunny location. Then, perform a rune reading and interpret the results so you can figure out what the stones are trying to tell you.

Where Do Symbols for Manifestation Come From?

Runes are an alphabet rather than a language. A sound was represented by each sign. Runes were created around the time of Christ's birth, most likely in Scandinavia. They were used by people in Germany from the Black Sea in the south to Norway and England in the north by the year 500.

There were originally 24 runes in the alphabet which were based on writing symbols common throughout the Mediterranean, primarily Latin letters. Each sign had a name and was assigned to a specific letter of the alphabet. The futhark is the name given to the runic alphabet after the first six runes. Runes have an angular appearance and are made up mostly of vertical 'staves', and diagonal 'branches’.

Runes were used in England until circa 1000 when many more letters were introduced to the alphabet. In Scandinavia, runes were used frequently and for many, many years. Around the year 700, the alphabet was shortened and modified, most likely in response to dramatic changes in the language throughout the 500s and 600s.

The runic alphabet comprised just 16 letters in the Viking Age, with some runes expressing several sounds; for example, k stood for k and g, and for nk and ng. Many runes' forms were also simplified. New runes were made in the 1000s and 1100s, sometimes simply by adding a dot to an existing runic sign.

The outcome was a more complex writing system in the High Middle Ages, which corresponded better to the sounds of the language. Runes were last used in Norway in the late Middle Ages, most likely around the year 1400. These historically-used manifestation tools are quite rare, but still used by some spiritual seekers today.

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How To Read Runes and Symbols of Manifestation

The majority of rune stones are sold in sets of 24 to 33 stones of the same size and form. Symbols are printed on the stones, which are usually constructed of wood or stone. Once you have your stones, you can follow this practice:

  • Choose a peaceful and private location in your home or yard. A bright, cheerful environment for reading can be created in an area with abundant light. If possible, face north, since this will situate you in the direction of the gods of Norse mythology, which will enhance the potency of the reading. 
  • Some individuals prefer to undertake rune readings late at night, around midnight, as this is the ‘witching hour’. Or, choose a time of day that is pleasant and relaxing for you so that you may complete the reading in a positive frame of mind. 
  • Jot any question down on a piece of paper and keep it in front of you. You can also state the inquiry out loud or close your eyes and concentrate on a problem you are experiencing.

Symbols of manifestation jewelry

  • Spend 1-2 minutes concentrating on your topic or issue before transferring this energy to the stones. For example, you might ask a general question such as "What does my future hold?" or a specific query such as "Will I meet my soulmate within this year?”
  • Concentrate on just one subject or issue at a time. If you have more than one topic or issue to address, you can undertake many rune readings. 
  • Place all of the stones in the bag and shake them around. As you shake them, keep your attention on the subject or issue.
  • Wait until you feel prompted to take a stone from the bag and then put it on the cloth. 
  • Remove the stones one by one, flipping them over as you go. The first rune stone should be on the right-hand side, the second runestone in the center, and the third runestone on the left-hand side of the circle.
  • Place the first runestone in the center of the circle. The center stone will be surrounded by the other four stones, forming a cross shape in the process. Placing the second runestone to the left of the center stone and the third runestone on top of the middle stone will complete the circle. 
  • The rune stones that fell face down as you scattered the stones are concealed from you and have a connection to your future, or the unknown. Turn these runes over and read the symbols to find out what your future might contain. 

Trust in the messages that the symbols contain. It is possible that the symbols will make more sense to you as time goes on. Any rune stones that fell to the ground on the edges of the circle when you scattered them are symbolic of persons or situations that are having an impact on your actions or thoughts.

The outside influence can be a good force that aids you in achieving a goal or aim by providing guidance. Occasionally, it is a bad influence that is weighing you down or that you need to deal with in order to move forward.

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The Five Most Powerful Rune Manifestation Symbols

Runes can be utilized as manifestation symbols, which means they can assist you in bringing your dreams to fruition. Each rune reflects one of the notions for which it was given a name. The five most powerful rune manifestation symbols consist of Fehu, Raido, Wunjo, Gebo, and Jera.

Each has a unique and special part to play - Fehu symbolizes wealth, Raido symbolizes journey, Wunjo symbolizes joy, Gebo symbolizes gift and Jera symbolizes harvest.

Fehu - The Wealth Symbol

Fehu is an Arabic word that literally translates to, "mobile riches", and is a cognate of the English word fee, which originally meant, "sheep", or "cattle". The most basic meaning is that the possession of cattle symbolizes riches and prosperity, but the deeper and more subtle meaning may be found in its traditional interpretation.

In order to manifest our wishes, we must first enter into a mindset of abundance rather than one of scarcity. Fehu is also seen as the rune for 'luck', according to certain sources. The universe is not so much created by chance as it is by good fortune. Fehu is in charge of the power to cling on to good fortune and use it as a magical tool for manifestation.

The fundamental energy, which you have gathered through your life's experiences, serves as the foundation for your wealth and power. A person's 'luck' can be increased by performing courageous acts. The movement of power and riches, as well as the mobility of all things, is essential to Fehu's existence.

Manifestation Symbols

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Keep in mind that there are no genuine new beginnings or endings, only the conscious traces of transformation and that these are coupled with new beginnings and endings as well. While studying the runes as a cycle in and of themselves, this can be most effectively grasped as a circular formation.

Under the supervision of the forces inherent in Fehu, money will operate to your advantage. However, food, water, housing, clothing, subsistence, and movable assets are all examples of riches that are preferable to unneeded luxury when thinking about wealth. 

Fehu will assist in the activation of the will, the restoration of self-confidence, and the creation of goals, which will then be followed by prompt action when beginning new initiatives. Procrastination can be defeated by employing the symbol and its teachings. Working with the runes serves as a reminder to think for oneself, which is essential to the process. 

Manifestation symbols jewelry

The vibrational frequency of this rune is compatible with the concepts of sexual attraction, first impressions, and young love. Fehu serves as a gentle reminder to us to live in the present now. Fehu's area of expertise is the purposeful use of money for the advancement of good causes.

In today's world, it is critical that we examine alternative meanings of wealth and come to terms with what is genuinely worth our time and energy. Every aspect of wealth creation is a creative process, not a static and quantifiable accumulation of goods and services.

Raido - The Journey Symbol

The Raido reminds us that on our journey through life, we accumulate and gather the majority of our mistakes, development, and experiences. It encourages us to take pleasure in the journey, rather than becoming attached to the end result. You can use the energy of Raido to detect the direction in which your daily life is pulling you.

You already have a compass within you, but it can be re-discovered by channeling the energy of this rune. To read the Raido compass of the inner world, the most effective method involves following your hobbies and your love, as well as your deepest aspirations and dreams. When you meditate on Raido, you will begin to see time and space as personal realities you create, rather than as something forced on you from the outer world.


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Wunjo - The Symbol of Joy

Joy is the true goal of any manifestation. The Wunjo sign indicates joy. This serves as a gentle reminder to be grateful for all of life's events, both the pleasant and the unpleasant. It is the inner drive to constantly seek perfection in consciousness, and the aspiration to achieve this realisation within your lifetime.

It protects you against adversity and sadness, making it easier for the many treasures of the multiverse to be bestowed upon you. In Wunjo, we can find the harmonic energies that are indicative of functional families, thriving communities, healthy societies and nations, and eventually, the entire globe.


Gebo - The Gift Symbol

Gebo is a representation of the abilities we already have, but may not always acknowledge. Sometimes we overlook the small things in life, but this emblem encourages us to notice everything - from the very small to the very grand.

The giving and receiving of presents, whether real or intangible, is a very important act, as is the concept of trading. The rune Gebo is based on the idea that transferred energies and powers must remain equal in terms of their amounts exchanged.


Jera - The Harvest Symbol

The Jera sign indicates that a harvest year has come to an end. This sign motivates us to put in the effort year after year and to never give up. While the season's cycle is related to time, it is more closely associated with the inflow and outflow of the land's breath.

The rhythms of sleep, dusk, morning, the heartbeat, and the breath are all connected to the Jera's subtle nature, and they can all be used to unlock it.

Jera has the ability to accelerate or decelerate time, and the manipulation of subjective time in this manner is governed by this runic symbol. This rune represents the popular Western adage, "time is an illusion".

A person must plant seeds of desire and put action into their dreams, otherwise Jera will bring about conditions that mirror the lack of effort. Jera also has much to do with being at the right place at the right time.


Which Manifestation Symbol Will You Use?

Never forget that the life of your dreams is at your fingertips. By putting a manifestation practice into place, and utilizing the tools available to us, we can turn any wish into reality.

Stay patient and consistent in your goals, and you will be sure to achieve anything you put your mind to;  transforming your life into one of pure fascination.

By manifesting, you become the creator of your own life. Using the powerful and ancient symbols mentioned in this article, along with many more, can help you on your journey towards joy! Interested in learning about more spiritual practices to elevate your life? Visit our blog for all things manifestation, astrology, and crystals!

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