Harness the Power of Religious Symbols for Unrivaled Protection and Strength

Protection religion symbols

Religion is both the great divider and the great connector of human history. It has started wars, helped people find answers to life's greatest questions, and it has given hope for salvation from darkness. In all religions, God, in any form, is seen as the protector. However, in every faith there are many religious symbols for protection too.

The Star of David, for example, is believed to protect Jews from evil spirits and bring peace into their homes, while the cross is a sign of protection for Christians. The use of protection religious gemstones symbols is prevalent in various religions around the world and are used to ward off evil, bring good luck, and offer increased security.

These religious symbols for protection may vary by culture and belief, but they all provide a shared sense of security and safety to those who use them. The symbols and totems have been utilized for centuries as a way to ward away evil, protect one from the dark forces of nature, and bring prosperity into lives. 

There are numerous manifestation symbols of religions that are used for protection. People of all different faiths use these as a way to bring a sense of security and safety into their lives. These important symbols hold sacred significance and have been used for centuries.

In this article, we will explore the different religions and their varying protection symbols. If you would like to learn more about the religious symbols, types of symbols, and the significance they hold in various cultures, then read on.

Every Religion is Unique

Religious symbols for protection will vary depending on the religion and the culture. Protection symbols for the religions of Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism all have their own unique representations of protection.

These different emblems of protection come from the cultures and beliefs throughout history, and it is important  to recognize and understand the meaning behind these symbols, so as to avoid offending or misunderstanding people of other faiths.

Understanding the significance that these symbols for good luck and fortune hold for the people who adhere to a certain faith is an important step before purchasing or wearing any religious symbol.

In Buddhism, a symbol for protection is the dharmachakra, or the wheel of dharma. This symbolizes one’s dharma and is often used as a protection symbols. The dharmachakra, also known as the wheel of life, is typically drawn with four or eight spokes. 

Symbols of the religions for protection

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With its negative connotation in today’s world, many are surprised to know that a powerful and sacred symbol of Hinduism is the swastika, which actually signifies well-being. 

Protection symbols of Judaism are called mezuzah, and are hung on doorposts of homes protection crystals to state their adoration for God and to request protection from evil.

The symbols that are used throughout religions will vary, yet seeking protection is one thing they all have in common. The world is full of dangers and fears, but religion gives faith to its believers that they will be protected and saved. Here are some commonly used religious symbols:


In the Jewish faith, the Kabbalah is an important symbol. The Kabbalah represents tradition, acceptance of teachings, and the openness to receive. This mystical looking tree of life is said to represent the relationship between the finite and the infinite. The six pointed Star of David jewelry is another important emblem for the Jewish faith. The hamsa, shaped like the palm of a hand, is commonly used in jewelry designs, but has an important meaning of protection for those of the Jewish religion.

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The most commonly used jewelry protection symbol for Christians is the cross. This emblem, representing the crucifixion, demonstrates unwavering belief in God and Jesus. Representing the holy spirit, the dove is another Cross mens jewelry symbol promoting peace and serenity. On top of this, the Bible is said to protect against any evil or ill will.

Cross symbol jewelry


The crescent moon, star, and star-and-crescent symbolize purity, honesty, beneficence, courtesy, and victory. Some believe that these stars can protect children from evil forces. The hamsa, also known as the hand of Fatima, is recognized as a jewelry symbol of protection for followers of Islam, as well as Judaism.

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Hinduism has many deities, from the elephant Ganesha to the blue-skinned Krishna, and each one has a different protective symbol. It is believed that wearing or carrying the totems associated with these Gods will offer protection from danger, evil, or illness.

The swastika is also a common Hindu protective emblem that wards off negative forces. There is also the shiva lingam, a phallic shaped stone, and the yantra, a sacred diagram, which are said to ward away bad spirits and protect positive energy.

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Religious Symbol Used Through the Ages

The ancient Roman religious symbols for protection were the Emperor and the Empire. These two figures represented the religion of Rome, especially in war times. The Emperor was a protector of his people, and the Empire kept their people safe as well. This relationship is similar to that between a religious leader and his followers, as believers look to leaders for guidance and support.

In ancient Rome, religion was an important part of life and many symbols were used to demonstrate their faith. One of these symbols was called the "Sigilla Solis"; also known as the sun disc. Eagles were also considered to be important symbols of defense. Sacred to the god Jupiter, eagles and eagle insignia were carried into battles as a means of protection.

The Mesopotamian religion was actually one of the first cultures to use protection symbols. They generally placed them on doors and entrances to buildings or homes. The ancient Mesopotamian religion’s symbol for protection is the Eye of God.

This symbol protected them from evil, and it was used in many amulets and seals. It was thought that if this symbol was drawn on something, it would protect the object from evil. The Mesopotamian religion’s protection symbols are also the cuneiform symbols, which are used to protect against witches and demons. 

Protection symbol of the religion jewelry for mens

China also has a long history of using religious symbols that are generally attached to the Buddhist faith or Taoism. Some examples of ancient Chinese religious symbols for protection are the canopy, golden fish, lotus, infinite knot, and the wheel of dharma. These symbols can be seen throughout Chinese seal carvings, artwork, and patterns. 

In ancient Egypt, symbols were widely used to express religious belief and provide protection. The main symbol is the ankh, also known as the key of life. The ancient Egypt religion symbols for protection include the Eye of Horus and the Hand of Fatima, both of which are said to ward away evil.

Powerful Protection Symbols

The most common protection symbols across religions are debatably the cross and the Star of David. The cross is a symbol that has been used for centuries to represent Christianity. It is a symbol of faith, hope, and love. The Star of David is a six-pointed star that has been used as a symbol for Judaism since the 12th century. It is also known as the Shield of David or Magen David.

Jewelry protection religion symbols

Harness the Power of these Symbols

A Religious symbol for protection can also be called an amulet, especially when they are worn around the neck. Amulets have been used for centuries to protect people from evil forces, both inside and outside the body. There are many different protection symbols of religion that can be used as amulets against evil forces, but they all have one thing in common - protection and security.

Many people believe in the power of these religious symbols. Said to ward away evil and bring about good energy, they are excellent pieces to add to one’s life - so long as the meaning is understood. In today's world, there are many women's amulets and jewelry options available in different shapes, colors, sizes, and prices.

Individuals seeking to use spiritual symbols of protection should look into the religions they originate from and then decide which resonate with their own beliefs. It is best to truly understand the powerful meaning behind the symbols you choose to wear and purchase.

Jewelry protection symbol of religions

Find your Symbol

Although there are many differences that separate the world’s religions, one thing that unites them is the use of ancient protection symbols and the significance they hold for their believers. Many religions and cultures around the world believe in the power of emblems to ward away evil spirits and bring protection.

While some might scoff at this idea, the faithful will swear by their power and abilities. In this article, we have tried to cover all the basic religions and their symbols, but there is always still so much to learn and uncover. If you  are looking for your own protection charms or symbols, please visit our website today!

Jewelry protection symbol of religion

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