Essential Oils For Calmness In Meditation And Yoga


It has been proven that meditation and yoga both offer health benefits. The breathing, posing, stretching, allow the body and mind to relax. Both methods are helpful for anyone, regardless of age, athletic ability or gender.

But finding the time to practice both is what holds most of us back from discovering the health benefits. If we find the time to practice yoga and achieve the meditation state of mind, it is hard to let our mind relax, thus, our body really isn’t relaxing either.

The use of some fragrances can help bring a calmness to our mind so that our body can relax. There are some essential oils that are used for both meditation and yoga that calm the body and the mind and help you focus on your thoughts.

No, this is not anything “new” either. For centuries, aroma, fragrances, and scents have been used. Different civilizations and religions used incense and oils when it came time to meditate and pray. And you can do the same thing today as well.

By using aromas, fragrances, and scents, it will help your thoughts to slow down so that you can meditate. You will find yourself focused on your breathing and becoming grounded within yourself. Your mind will concentrate on you and then your body can then relax and get the benefits of yoga.  Here’s a closer look at how you can use essential oils in your modern day practice of yoga and meditation.

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Using Essential Oils for Meditation and Yoga

There are different ways that essential oils can be used for yoga and meditation. The most effective way is to diffuse them in one of these methods:

•    Purchase an aromatherapy diffuses that will gently diffuse the flavor of essential oil you choose into the atmosphere.

•    Purchase an aromatherapy roll-on applicator or balm stick and apply a tiny amount of your chosen blend to your forehead, temple, and wrists. These are your pulse points and with a diluted essential oil applied, it will soak into your skin and relax the body.

•    Purchase an aromatherapy candle in the flavor of essential oil blend and burn it gently in your practice area.


Essential Oils Suitable for Meditation and Yoga

Every experienced meditation and yoga expert will have their favorite flavors and scents. They are usually chosen by the perceived therapeutic properties and the aroma they provide. Some of the most common favorites are:

•    Vetiver: This is a deep and smoky, earthy aroma that provides calming properties.

•    Sandalwood: A deep balsamic aroma with a hint of woody that has proven to be an anti-depressant sedative.

•    Frankincense: Providing a deep, balsamic, spicy aroma that slows the breathing.

•    Cedarwood: Providing a sedative property in a warm, woody aroma.

•    Hemlock Spruce: A balsamic, fruity, and fresh aroma that is known to open and elevate grounding within yourself.

•    Citrus Essential Oils: Your focus will improve during your yoga session when you combine any of the essential oils listed with a citrus flavored essential oil like lemon, lime, or sweet orange.

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Single Essential Oils

Clary sage is an essential oil with an herbal scent that is mellow and warm. It relaxes the body and mind and uplifts the spirit.

Frankincense is an aroma that elevates and stimulates the mind and is used for improving the spiritual connection and helps you to visualize your peacefulness. It helps you to center yourself so that you can focus and overcome despair and stress.

Hinoki is an essential oil with a woody aroma that energizes and uplifts the mind. It is said to bring calmness to the center so that you can relax when agitated.

Orange is a scent that provides a spiritual lift while calming the body. It is said that orange brings happiness and peace to the mind.

Myrrh has a balsamic, rich, smoky, aroma that is purifying and restorative. It revitalizes and uplifts the mind and soul during meditation.

Palo Santo is spiritual oil that is traditionally used to cleanse and purify the negative energies from the spirit.

If you are practicing meditation and yoga now, are you using essential oils as a part of your routine? If not, shop for some today and give them a try. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much more you’ll benefit from your sessions.

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