Frosted C Note Root Chakra White Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl - Meaning And Uses

Singing Bowl

What is a crystal singing bowl?

Originating from China, it is commonly known as the Standing Bell of Resting Bell. This instrument is used for spiritual healing in the Buddhist culture. 

What are the benefits of using crystal singing bowls?

Music has been a healer for the mind at all times - crystal singing bowl.
Music and pleasant sounds give harmony to the body in various spiritual, emotional and physical ways. When the sound reaches a normal or healthy organ, it creates a frequency that harmonizes with the rest of the body.
Discomfort may be caused if the body-part is out of harmony with the rest of the body.

Various healing methods involve sound. For thousands of years, many different mantras and sounds have been used to heal the human body.
With varying instrumentals and rhymes included, the most powerful of all healing sounds is the human voice.

Tranquil Spirit - White Crystal Heart Chakra Singing Bowl

The working of a white quartz crystal singing bowl.

To produce sound, the outside of the bowl should be hit in an upright position. The wand or mallet should be in half length to the bowl surface. To enhance the duration and loudness of the sound, the sound should be followed.

Each practitioner has a unique style of producing sound. Some might strike it in a clockwise direction for a specific reason, some in anti-clockwise or in a combination.

The Chakra and the Crystal Singing Bowls:

Chakras may also be referred to as the "energy facilities" of the body. Each singing bowl produces a frequency along with a specific note that helps align the Chakras. 

Singing bowl

Crown Chakra (7th Chakra)

Starting from the Root Chakra, the 7th and at the top of the "chakra ladder" is the Crown Chakra. The Root Chakra is on the base and it connects us to the earth and goes up to the Crown Chakra, which is the highest level of Chakra and connects us to the universe and the godly source of creation. 

The Root Chakra has the color red and its note is C and C#. Selflessness and the realization that everything is connected to a basic level is the gift of this chakra. It is about attaining unity and is located at the crown of the head.

It has such a powerful energy that it allows us to experience mystical oneness with everyone and everything in nature. There is a deep serenity, joy, and peace of life experienced at this level of chakra. Intellectual knowing is lesser, yet the tranquility is what defines it. It gives you the sense of orderliness of existence and a deeper sense and meaning to each and every existing entity around you.

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