5 Essential Tools For The best Meditation Kit

It’s true that traditional meditation doesn’t require many materials, but there are many instruments available today that can help improve your meditation.

Source: Experience Life

1.Yoga Mat

This is the perfect yoga mat for anyone, especially since it offers longer yoga mats so you don't need to sacrifice your form. It's very sturdy and of good quality that can weather any type of environment so you don't need to worry much about its upkeep, and focus on your meditation and healing. The Deluxe Yoga Mat With Elephant symbol is the longest yoga mat available at Karma and Luck!

2. Meditation Cushion

Your buttocks shouldn't take all the heat, and in this case, a meditation cushion will help your posture and your bottom to stay as comfortable as possible during the long time you spend meditating. Just position your hips at a higher elevation than your legs, and you can put one cushion on top of the other to achieve the elevation you desire.

3. A Yoga Book

Not everyone is born a yogi, and even then there is still much to be learned about meditation. Fortunately, in 'The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali': A commentary by BKS Iyengar, BKS Iyengar collected all the information you will ever need and put it in a book for your reading pleasure and convenience. With a comprehensive summary of ancient Eastern yoga, you can master the Eastern spirituality in a matter of pages.

4. Integrative Nutrition Course

What you do on the outside is just as important as what you put inside, and a few tweaks to your diet can significantly improve your mediation. Not only that but, you can also boost your productivity by allowing a couple of extra minutes to focus on your spirituality. You can rely on this course to maximize the return on your meditation and your overall well-being.

5. A Meditation Retreat

Not only are meditation retreats spiritually transformative in and of itself, they also provide a takeaway: meditation retreats can help you start on the right foot, as it teaches you how to craft a meditation practice that is fit for your lifestyle.

Incorporate A Little Spirituality Into Your Every Day

When you're not meditating, you can bring your spirituality with you everywhere you go. With Karma and Luck's accessories, you're sure to find something that will match your wardrobe and enhance your meditative moments every day.


5 Handy Tools and Essentials for An Improved Meditation Kit

Jasper Coin Donut Necklace

Keep calm and sport this necklace with the jasper stone, which symbolizes courage, strength and wisdom.

5 Handy Tools and Essentials for An Improved Meditation Kit

Spiritual Sutra Blessing with Lotus Sterling Silver Ring

This ring engraved with the Buddhist Sutra blessing also has a lotus flower which represents fortune and spiritual enlightenment.



Matte Onyx and Tiger Eye Silver Buddha Charm Wrap Bracelet

The Buddha in this piece reminds the wearer that wisdom comes from experience, while the Tiger Eye stone provides balance and harmony. Finally, the Hamsa gives protection.

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