Things You Need to Consider when installing a Buddha Statue at Home

 Buddha Statue

There is no path to Happiness, Happiness is the path! Truly said Gautama Buddha, when he so wanted the world to know the real meaning of happiness. And, guess what, even today most of the population follows his priceless messages, which he once shared with the world. Also, it is no more startling if you see the cute statue of Buddha in every home, be it Buddhists or not, everyone loves to place it in their abode. Because the statue is believed to bring positive chi energy into the dwelling, everyone ensures that at least one resides with them.

Today, it has become a common phenomenon to bring Buddha’s Statues in the dwelling. Be it your relatives or friends, you will see that endearing laughing Buddha in some corner of the domicile, for sure. While some bring it home for sprucing up the beauty of their residences, others keep it because of their belief in what Buddha gives when placed in their homes or workplaces.

Well, no matter what the reason to keep it at your place is, there is some sign of bringing home Buddha statue. Yes, there are some dos and don’ts, following which you can successfully install your favorite Buddha statue for a better space.

So, here we have some of the best things to know about the Buddha statue installation.

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1. Placing a Buddha Statue Matters, a lot!

This is something that no one should do when installing a statue in their homes. In fact, the statue should always be kept in the opposite direction of the main door of the house. Moreover, it should be placed on a clean table, which is at least thirty inches high. The reason behind it being thirty inches away from the floor is interacting with negative energy that comes into the door and turning into lucky one for the people residing there. So, never place such a priceless thing on the floor.

2. Facing the Front Door- The Best Position

Are you keeping the statue in your living room or any other room? If yes, make sure that it only faces the front door. Because this is the best position for placing it in a home, you should also be doing the same to your statue. Never ever keep the precious Buddha statues facing places like laundry or toilet, which are dirty. So, the only place where the statue should be kept is on the table kept facing the front door.


3. Postures Portray Different Meanings

Yes, there are different types of Buddha postures available in the market these days. For example, Buddha in standing position means bringing wealth and happiness into the home. On the other hand, Buddha in a sitting posture indicates tranquility of thoughts and life stabilizer. Buddha wearing a fan that shows an abundance of good luck and enjoyment in life. So, it completely depends on you, what do you want in your home.

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4. Pacify the Stress at the Workplace

If you often feel stressed and worried at the workplace, keep a Buddha statue there on the table and all your worries will be gone soon. Placing a statue at workplace helps in clearing the mind, reducing stress, and even protects you from the competitors or rivals troubling you. Not only this, it even enhances the personal ambitions and luck in your life, when you keep it at your personal desk in the workplace. You can even wear a Buddha Bracelets for a calm mind and stress-free office life.

Buddha statues are one of the best things that anyone can bring to their homes and workplaces. Yes, it will bring joy, contentment, and the peace that you always wanted. Just keep in mind a few things and all your life will become calm and stress-free just like one Gautama Buddha lived himself once.

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Things You Need to Consider when installing a Buddha Statue at Home

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