Blessings For The Home: Where Did These Originate?

Blessings for the Home

Maybe you’ve seen them on display in a store or at a friend’s home you’ve noticed “blessings” hanging upon the walls. They have varieties of verbiage upon them from blessing the home with good luck, health, healing, prosperity, and more. They may be centered on one or these wall hangings may have several blessings. There aren’t any specific details as to where these hangings originated, but it is obvious that the occupants of the home feel they are blessed in one or more ways.

Or perhaps somebody has bestowed a gift of blessings upon them. In most circles of life, these things are appreciated and the beliefs are strong that these hangings bring about the blessings that are inscribed. Such as the Natural Stone Jesus Savior Cross Blessing that is made of gold tone metal with a turquoise stone cross with the words Savior Jesus. This is the perfect gift or wall adornment for a home that believes Jesus is their Savior.

Growth in Grace - Tree of Life Wall Blessing

Karma and Luck  Wall Blessing  -  Growth in Grace Wall Blessing
Growth in Grace - Tree of Life Blessing
When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around. Our genuine, handmade Wall Plaque has the entrenched values of the Tre...
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Or the blessing wall hanging Multi-Stone Blessing for the Home that is providing blessings over many different areas of the home and the lives of those who live within. Each stone is a representation of different powers and the emblems that adorn this Blessing wall hanging each has a meaning as well. Another popular wall hanging Blessings is the Cross Blessing with Holy Water and Soil from Jerusalem for those that have a family history from Jerusalem and follow the beliefs of their people.

This wall hanging reminds them of the sacrifices of their people and the land from where they came from. Or the Square Zodiac Stone Blessing Clock has each of the 12 Zodiac symbols matched with the color of stone that coincides with them while it keeps time.

As the holidays are coming soon, the variety of Blessings wall hangings we have can be the answer to many, if not all, your gifts! For the perfect setting, you can choose of our several lamps to match a wall hanging as well.

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