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Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese system balances our physical environment, promotes harmony, and offers a sense of well-being. It delivers all of this from the décor, furnishings, and natural surroundings of your home. It is the beliefs of those who have studied and follow Feng Shui, there is a certain “chi” aka energy in everything and everyone. Thus, how and where things are positioned affects every aspect around us.

Feng Shui is used not only to create a fuzzy, warm feeling in the home but also to address concerns of those living inside the home. Concerns of careers, healthy relationships, and wealth. For most people, Feng Shui is mysterious and mystical. But in reality, the guiding principles are simple.

Despite the world’s constantly changing, the one key aspect Feng Shui gives us is a balance. In a practical manner, each and every object in each and every room of your home has an optimal place.  From the bed and books to the desk and the laptop, even the trash can, there is a place for it all that will create a happy and harmonious room.

A Plan of Action

We can’t control all the forces in our lives such as ongoing piles of dirty laundry, stacks of dirty dishes, noisy traffic, etc. But we can make some changes of how those things affect the chi in our lives. The first place that a Feng Shui guru will recommend you start is in your bedroom, and with your bed.

If you are an early riser, your best Feng Shui room position is one that faces east. If you are a night owl, your best room position is west-facing. This will boost your energy level at the peak times of the day that you need it most because it is pulling in the natural energy. If bedroom doesn’t have much natural light, forgo the fluorescent lights and invest in an incandescent desk lamp and a floor lamp that provides an ambient light.

The bed is a magical place in a Feng Shui perspective, as such, it needs to be properly placed. Once your bed is in proper Feng Shui position, you will have better sleep and feel more secure, which will provide health benefits.

The Chinese tradition is to carry the deceased feet from the bedroom. As such, the ideal location for your bed is diagonally opposite the door, keeping the foot of the bed from directly pointing toward the door.  Your bed should be placed so that you have an unobstructed view of the door and the room. The head should be a solid mass, such as a wall to provide a solid grounding for sleep. If a solid wall is not possible, then choose a sturdy headboard.

Now with your bed in the right position, it is time to address the window treatments. Having a great view is just one part of the equation. You need to give attention and care on how you dress them. Rickety window treatments are an eyesore and a source of unrest.  Choose fabric shades and soft curtains to create a comfortable and intimate environment that provides privacy.   

More To Come In Creating The Perfect Feng Shui Bedroom

Our next blog will continue with harmonious ways to design the best Feng Shui for your bedroom. From artwork to electronics, color, mirrors, and plants all influence the chi your bedroom provides. And most important of all, we’ll address the number issue for a harmonious bedroom: Clutter.

As promised in our last blog, we’re continuing with harmonious ways of living, focusing on the bedroom, using Feng Shui.  The artwork and colors you use as well as placement of mirrors and plants and the trend of having electronics in the bedroom all can affect how your day goes. How? Because they affect how well you sleep. Because when we aren’t sleeping well, we aren’t as energized as we can be.

With all things considered, clearing your bedroom of everything and starting over is the best thing you can do. Let’s look at the artwork and color you choose for your room.

Let’s get the right colors first. Experts of Feng Shui recommend to begin the process of choosing a color by your birth date. This date will tell you which of the five elements you were born under:

– Earth

– Fire

– Metal

– Water

– Wood


If you were born under the element of fire – you are an energetic person, therefore green walls would bring balance in your life. The person born under wood would benefit from the color blue and the harmony it brings about. The colors of orange and yellow optimize cheerfulness and liveliness while blues and lavender are soothing. For the person needing peace and stability, the best color pallets are earth tones.

Now that you have the right color on the walls, what about decorating? Artwork is key to decorating and you should only use the items that are inspirational and meaningful to you.  Anything that reminds you of your failures, keep them out of the room.

Add some plants to the room now. Having a wisp of nature is beneficial to everyone. A bamboo plant will bring you energy and prosperity or a plant with rounded leaves brings about calmness.

What You Need To Leave Out

Clear clutter from your home will create a happier home.  When you live in disarray, it creates dead energy. Living in a clear space that is organized allows energy to flow and erases guilt and unrest. 

Electronics can disrupts your sleep, thus, they don’t belong in the bedroom. If you’re having trouble sleeping, remove one electronic item at a time until you have a better night of sleep. Any electronic that must stay in the room, i.e. alarm clock, keep it at least two feet from the bed.

The bedroom is not the place for vanity. Mirrors create energy and the bedroom is a place to rest. Your floor length mirror should be on the backside of the door and should not face your bed. 

Remember that Feng Shui is more than placing furniture, mirrors and plants. It is a way to use the space you have so that it creates balance in your life. It uses your décor, furnishings and the natural surroundings to promote harmony and offers a sense of well-being.

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