The Throat Chakra – The Chakra Of Truth

 Throat Chakra

The 5th chakra is the Throat Chakra, it is our center chakra and is associated with a sky-blue color. When this chakra is healthy, it is the direct relation to our honest expression when we use our voices to speak the choices that will have energetic consequences both positively or negatively.

By making the choice not to make a choice can affect the throat chakra’s well-being, such as repressing our anger can often lead to laryngitis. We experience a “lump in our throat” when we stymied or when we come to a crossroad and do not have the right words for the moment at hand. By being honest and open of ourselves, we maintain a healthy throat chakra.

Receiving and Assimilating Information

How we receive information and assimilate it depends on our throat chakra as well. This chakra is healthier when we are truthful to ourselves as well as others. When speaking the untruth, we infect this chakra and lose the energy intake as well as our authenticity. This leads to the throat chakra shutting down.

The throat chakra allows us to accept our originality when it is in alignment. We can express our authentic voice and speak the truth. We can seek true knowledge by going beyond the limitations of space and time. It allows us to go beyond the culture we live in as well as family conditioning.

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The Throat Chakra’s Challenge

The key challenge for the 5th chakra is doubt or negative thinking. By gaining knowledge and verifying that knowledge via meditation or direct experience, any doubt, and negative thoughts are removed.

The Throat Chakra” inspires creativity and seeks truth to share. It is what allows us to stand up for beliefs and know when to say no. It gives us the strength, to be honest, and open in what we say. The 5th chakra is directly linked to our personal integrity and gives us our sense of honor.

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