Chakras Meaning, Appearance, Benefits, Location & Powers

Chakras Meaning

There are 7 major Chakras related to our emotional, mental, and physical interactions. They are the openings that allow our energy to flow through our aura. Chakras are the center of our energy and located in various areas of our body.

The root chakra which is the first chakra is positioned on the outside of the body, between the thighs, halfway between the knees and the physical body.

The Crown chakra is the 7th one and is located on the top of the head. Between those 2 chakras are the others. They are in alignment, positioned in sequences long the skull, neck, and spine.

While we cannot see chakras with our eyes, the trained energy worker sees them intuitively. Each of the 7 major chakras has a function and a purpose. When all 7 chakras are in line and working together, we are at a best.

Chakras Meaning
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A Chakra’s Appearance

In drawings or paintings, chakras are depicted as lotus flowers or wheels with each chakra from the others. However, if they were visible to the human eye, you would seem them blended together.

The energy of chakras is centered with a constant flow, providing us with a living pulse. They open, close, expand, and retract. As a chakra expands its boundaries and becomes separated from the other chakras, they become blurred.

But when they are interacting and moving together, the visual would be that of a colorful imagery that you would see through a kaleidoscope.

For image sake, picture when the root and Sacral chakras intermingle, they create a bright blood-orange color. Whereas when the heart and throat chakras merge, the shade is a blue-green.

When one of our chakras shuts down, a healthier one will expand and compensate the lower energy level for the stressed one.

The chakras are team players, but as in any other aspect of team players, a healthy chakra can only put out extra energy for a period. After a while, the relationship between the healthy chakra and the stressed chakra becomes strained and all the chakra suffer. For a healthy you, each of chakra must work together to defeat diseases and illnesses. Сheck how to balance your Chakras with crystals.

Chakras Meaning

The Crown Chakra

This chakra is located has 960 spokes and is located above the head. When awakened, it is the most magnificent of all and holds a secondary central whirlpool. It is predominately a violet color with the center whirlpool a golden sunlight in color.

This chakra is your spiritual connection and is where life-force enters your chakra system. Before it becomes developed, it is the same size as the chakras.

However, as it grows and opens, it consumes your entire head, thus creating the tradition of why kings were crowns. Its symbol is traditionally a fully active and open crown that indicates the person rules with God and not just human.

When this chakra is misaligned, one becomes self-centered, spiritually broken, will have a loss of energy and lose control of reality.

The Brow Chakra

This chakra has 96 spokes and is positioned between your eyes. Dark blue in color and may or may not have the color of violet or pink-rose coming from it. It is your third eye’s Chakra command center, enabling you to see things past the normal physical senses. It gives us intuition.

It is one of place where our spirit can leave our body, giving us an out of body experience.

When this chakra is misaligned, we suffer from high blood pressure, memory problems, insomnia, and a low immune system. We may experience neuralgia, lumbago, and sciatica as well as acute sinusitis.

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The Throat Chakra

There are 16 spokes on the Throat chakra which is located at the neck. While it may alternate between blue and green, it is predominately blue and is key for external and internal communication. This chakra is the translator of our internal feelings to expressions and external words.

When this chakra is misaligned, we have continuing issues with colds or flu, never becoming completely well. We suffer from acute infections, tonsillitis, thus making it difficult to communicate. We suffer from an under-active thyroid, and our endocrines, sternum, and throat are affected.

Chakras Meaning

The Heart Chakra

This chakra is a golden color with 12 spokes and may change to various shades of light oranges, golden yellows or pink. Located close to the heart, it’s optimum location is center of the hara line but sometimes it will float a little off-centered.

This chakra importance is giving us a high-vibration energy from the upper three chakras that our body can use on the physical plane.

This chakra is used by healers to transmutes their patient’s illness to a dense form. It then passes to the Foot Chakra onto the earth.

The phrase ‘a broken heart’ is a reference of this chakra being broken off at the stem which connects the front part to the back. When broken, this chakra shuts down and causes the empty feeling.

When this chakra is misaligned, we experience angina, asthma, chronic bronchitis, claustrophobia, depression, epilepsy, fibrosis, and other heart and lung issues.

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The Naval Chakra

This chakra is also known as the Solar Plexus and has 10 spokes. It is found midway between the belly button and bottom of the rib cage. Like the Heart Chakra, it too has a tendency to float out of line to the left or right. When centered, it is at its optimum position and is found in various shades of red with random green spokes.

This is the other chakra where the spirit can leave your body, giving you an out-of-body experience or an astral projection. Of all chakra, it is the most sensitive and the easiest chakra for sending energy.

When it is misaligned, we can suffer from adrenal, kidney, liver, pancreas, and spleen issues as well as have issues with our nerve tissues and skin disorders. We suffer from anorexia, arthritis, diabetes, and menopausal flushing.

The Spleen Chakra

There are 6 spokes for this charka, each one being one of each color in blue, green, orange, red, yellow, and violet and is situated above the sex organs. Some of the energy for sex is supplied by this chakra and when it is misaligned, our endocrine system is imbalanced, our muscles become tense and our bodies can’t absorb Vitamin C. We experience problems like bed-wetting, nervous depression, and thyroid problems. Here is Guide to Chakra Balancing and Healing.

Chakras Meaning

The Root Chakra

The 4 spokes of the Root chakra are dark-orange to red hue and are positioned at the spine’s base. Our kundalini energy comes from this chakra, the mystical energy that escalates upward through the spine and energizes all the other chakras to their full potential.

This chakra is our animal instincts, our survival instincts. It is powerful because the energy it gives us is raw, a closed form of physical energy.

When it is misaligned, we experience problems with our sexual ability, reproductive problems and blood deficiencies, circulation problems, bladder, and constipation problems as well as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

The Foot Chakra

This chakra is also considered a root chakra and may have one, two, or three spokes. Because of its location, it is difficult to determine the number of spokes, but we do know that it is just as important as the other chakras. Each foot has the chakra in the arch and is in a deep brown or deep green color to a pale yellow.

Energy is passed with his chakra to the entire energy system and into the earth. It is our grounding point that transforms our body energy into earth energy and the other likewise from the earth to our body.

When the foot chakra is healthy, we can manifest things easier physically. We can stay focused physically and task-wise.  When this chakra isn’t aligned, we become clumsy and may fall frequently.  Taking a walk along the beach or having a foot massage can help this chakra.

Much love from your Karma and Luck family.

Chakras Meaning

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