Auras and Chakras – What Are The Differences, Or Are There Any?

Aura and Chakra

If you’re new to the world of aura and chakras, you’re probably amazed what they are and how they affect your life. This is an intriguing area and more people are looking at these things for better health and better living.  But you may not realize the differences between the two. Let us take a moment to review them and hopefully clear any confusion or misunderstanding you may have.

Auras – Your’s and Your’s Alone

Think of your aura as a halo that surrounds you made of luminous energy. It is detected or seen by others that have an intuitive ability using their mind’s eye, which is referred to as their third eye.

There are various colors within your aura and each color has a different meaning, which we will cover in another blog. The person that has mastered intuitiveness can detect the dominant energy of another person simply by their aura’s color.

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Your aura as a child may have been yellow – the color of inquisitive, logical, and smart. But as you grew into adulthood, your aura could change to blue, green, or purple. You can even have more than one color, meaning you have more than one aura about you. Your aura is akin to that of a mood ring, changing colors based on your emotional state.

The energy of those around you can be affected by your aura. For example, if you are feeling full of power, you will have a strong aura about you. But if you’re feeling intimidated, your aura will shrink, allowing the other person’s aura to push yours back.

The person with a powerful aura has an abundance of charisma, such as celebrities and politicians. They have a thick aura, a strong presence that draws a crowd. The person that is anxious, fearful, or she has a thin aura and an unhealthy person’s aura is black.

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Auras Can Be Manipulated

We are able to manipulate our aura with practice by injecting colors into our aura as needed. By doing so, we can send out clues, off subtle, and not so subtle, into the atmosphere around us. Whatever aura we emanate will influence those around us.

In Summary

There is an energy field created by our aura. It is the indicator or our mood and state of being. With practice, we can adjust our aura, but it can also be changed quickly from things around us.

Your Chakras and Your Energy

Within your body is chakras, they are energy centers that are anchored in place and each aspect of your life is represented by a chakra in various colors. For example, your root chakra is red and is related to abundance, security, and stability. Whereas the heart chakra relates to compassion and your connection with others and is represented by the color of green. The blue chakra is the throat chakra and relates to communication and being able to express one’s self.

The chakras tell your story. A person that sees chakras can tell if a person is happy or sad. The person that has anchored and rooted chakras is a well-adjusted person. Your chakras reflect the situation of your life.

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Auras and Chakras – What Are The Differences, Or Are There Any?

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