The Crown Chakra – The Seventh Chakra

The Seventh Chakra

At the top of our ladder is where we find the Crown Chakra,  the seventh chakra. It begins at the root chakra that keeps us grounded and reaches up to connect us to the Divine Source, the creation of the Divine Source, and the universe.

This is where Sahasrara is found, at the crown of the head. This chakra’s gift to us is the ability to experience unity and the selflessness. It helps us realize that all things are connected on a fundamental level.

Violet or white are the colors associated with the Crown Chakra, a matter of personal choice. Some see violet to be the flame of transmutation because it never extinguishes the life within us or our lifetime.

While a chakra may be blocked, or become misaligned, including the crown chakra, it doesn’t die. We all can gain higher knowledge, but whether we discover truth and wisdom will depend on our crown chakra’s health.Vigorous Support - Gold Plated Chakra Choker

The Communication Center

Our seventh chakra is a communication tool for our spiritual nature. It is through this ambitious notice that the life force is spun out from the universe to our lower six chakras. It is sometimes referred to as our “GOD SOURCE” which is terminology that can confuse one that equates God with religious views.

A Well of Wisdom and Higher Knowledge

In various artworks, this chakra is often depicted as a lotus flower that is opening. It is believed that it means an individual is having a spiritual awakening. The crown chakra energy allows us to experience spiritual oneness with everyone and with everything in nature.

The7th chakra doesn’t give us an intellectual knowing, but a deep peace about live, an internal joy and serenity. It allows us to find the deeper meaning of life and see that there is order in all of existence.

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