Does Your Root Chakra Need Healing?

As we recently discussed here, the root chakra is the one that helps us survive. It is the one that provides us the mystical energy powers through our spine and feeds the other chakras.

When the root chakra is misaligned, we are likely to have problems with our bladder and sexual, thus reproductive issues. We experience blood deficiencies and circulation problems. We suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

The good news is that your root chakra can be healed. Start with this mantra: “I am a soul and therefore I am safe.”   Simply existing and being aware that you existing will help you know that you are never disconnected from the Divine or the source energy.

We can do this by meditating and praying, release our hold on the items and people around us that are tangible. We can find the comfort that we’re missing in our lives when loose our anxieties about what’s on the surface.

We Turn To Mother Earth To Balance Our Root Chakra

To find the support we need for our physical symptoms is to turn to Mother Earth and we do this by becoming grounded. To balance your root chakra, grounding is essential. We can accomplish this by imagining roots pending out of our Root Chakra and the soles of our feet, going and growing deep into the surface of the earth below us. These roots are attaching us securely to Mother Earth and through these roots we can absorb her loving energy.

Closing your eyes, picture your Root Chakra, it is a clear red. If you have any other color in your picture, remove it and replace it with the clear red that represents energy.  Now imagine your space spinning clockwise, faster and faster while you are filling it with red energy.

Chakras can be balanced in many ways. Such as carrying crystal gemstones in our pockets, wearing a bracelet or necklace so that it is closest to the chakra that needs balancing. By grounding our root chakra, our autoimmune system will strengthen and our inflamed joints will be soothed. Our moods are boosted as our fears calm.

The Great Outdoors

The outdoors isn’t for everyone, but by disconnected with Mother Earth, you will never have a complete feeling of safety, thus your body will over-react.  You don’t have to spend hours outside; a simple 10 minutes can be soothing from your head to your toes.

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