Moonstone Stones and Crystals Jewelry - Meaning, Properties, Benefits and Chakra


Shining with the opalescent light of the moon, the aptly named moonstone is a treasure that radiates with divine energy.

Occasionally going by the name hecatolite, this mineral is a member of the feldspar family. With its unique sheen and glimmer, moonstone has been captivating hearts for centuries. 

The radiant metaphysical properties of moonstone is an opalescent stone that comes in varieties of colorless, peach, pink, gray, green, yellow, brown, and blue. Moonstone’s distinct appearance is due to the adularescence it exhibits - a type of light play with a spectrum of transparency to opacity.

The most valuable moonstone specimens can be found in India and Sri Lanka. Due to their rarity, blue moonstones are especially prized, but only in Sri Lanka can one find such stones.

The production of Rainbow Moonstones, on the other hand, is renowned throughout India. The Adula Mountains of Switzerland are home to some of the most intriguing moonstone healing properties mines in history, with further mines being found in Myanmar, Brazil, Norway, the United States, Australia, Germany, Tanzania, India, and Madagascar.

あなたの心に夢のような州へ徐々に移行させてください;これらの盗まれた瞬間は、我々の魂に話します。我々明るい美しいReverie Freshwater Pearl Necklaceは光で否定的なエネルギーを囲んで、その結果、否定的な考えと感情を癒やします。あなたの雰囲気を積極...
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Throughout the ancient Roman and Greek empires, moonstone was cherished because it was believed to contain the moon's power. Moonstone is still commonly used and worn for this same reason. 

Regain your sense of direction and ability to flow through life’s changes with the moonstone crystal. This hazy, ethereal stone harnesses the sweet nature of the moon, pushing and pulling your emotions just as it does with the tides of our vast oceans.

Keep moonstone nearby to experience the moonlight's glorious white light filling your chakras with alignment. Moonstone's symbolic meaning of stability calls to mind the night sky and its dependable cycle of darkness giving way to light. This stone might be particularly helpful if you are struggling to maintain your equilibrium, whether emotionally or physically.

Helping us to be more open and in touch with our inner emotions, moonstone aids in opening the heart chakra. Get back into your natural rhythm and discover the things that bring your life into vibrant color.

Moonstone is a natural charm for creativity that works wonders at igniting your inspiration. It serves as a constant reminder of the incredible phenomenon of life and the universe's vast and limitless potential.

Swooning over moonstone? Read on to discover all there is to know about this luminescent crystal! 


栄養愛 - オパールムーンストーン邪眼チャームネックレス
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栄養愛 - オパールムーンストーン邪眼チャームネックレス
愛は治療法です。愛は力です。愛は魔法です。愛は神の美しさの鏡です。官能的な「栄養愛 - オパールムーンストーン邪眼チャームネックレス」、あなたの内なる自己、あなたの最も深い感情、そしてあなたの未確認の願望のために耳を傾け、気にかけます。 Moonstoneは、あなたが感じる...
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Dive into the Meaning of Celestial Moonstone 

In feng shui and many ideologies around the world, the moon symbolizes divine femininity. The moonstone, tied to this celestial force, reminds us that just as the moon cycles through phases, so do we. Moonstone fosters empathy and compassion, and can be used to access our innate intuition.

The shining moonstone stimulates the natural and intuitive potential of feminine energy. It can assist us in regulating our emotions and reducing stress. Additionally, it might help us connect to our more sensitive and feminine side. The energy of moonstone is yin - contemplative, receptive, and linked to our subconscious.

Moonstone's peaceful and calming energy promotes innovation, healing, and maternal protection. It also functions as a mirror, allowing us to perceive our reflection easily, thus showing us where our healing can take place.

Although the meaning of moonstone crystal varies from culture to culture, it is often said to stand for divine feminine energy. It is frequently linked to the immense power of the lunar cycle as it derives its strong, energetic power from the moon's phases of waxing and waning.

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Moonstone is believed to have remarkable healing properties by many different nations, tribes, and civilizations, mainly when used in conjunction with worshiping feminine deities.

Moonstone, with its lunar ties, is also said to stand for fresh starts. Moonstone links us to the process of starting over in the same way that the moon gradually grows and fades before being endlessly reforged in the night sky. It has the power to heal and direct you toward your own inner path.

It emits a radiant vitality that can energize the body and mind and wash away negativity. Moonstone is said to be always surrounded by brilliant white energy, making it a protective gem that will guide you along your way.


あなたは、開花への旅行において、ユニヴァースで支えられます。着る我々素晴らしいBrilliance Lapis Lazuli Braceletによる開花はあなたの認識を高めるのを助けます。そして、それは人生におけるあなたの精神的な目的の謎を解きます。あなたの環境に浄化された...
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Powerful Properties of Moonstone 

With the help of the moonstone's healing abilities, you can celebrate the divine feminine, receive abundance, and say ‘yes’ to more profound crystal healing. The moonstone is connected to our ever changing emotions, similar to the tides, the phases of the moon, or the light and dark.

This multicolored crystal works tirelessly to bring more light into your life. From the spiritual to the physical, this gorgeous stone is full of healing potential. 

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  • Physical Healing Qualities

It should come as no surprise that the moonstone, closely associated with Goddess energy and the divine feminine, could be your key to fewer symptoms and improved hormonal balance if you suffer from PMS.

The moonstone has a strong receptive influence and helps your body ease into its natural cycle. This glowing stone can also assist in resolving reproductive problems for women having trouble getting pregnant.

Mothers-to-be will also find courage and strength in the moonstone, as it can soothe the various bodily aches and pains frequently connected with pregnancy and childbirth.

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  • Emotional Healing Qualities

Have you ever felt a bit on edge or wired during the full moon? As humans, we are deeply impacted by the moon’s changing phases, especially when it comes to emotional balance.

Thankfully, moonstone is here to ease the symptoms. Moonstone will remove the darkness and amplify loving emotions. You may intuitively connect to the universe and control all those sporadic emotions by carrying this token of the moon with you or wearing it as jewelry.

Keeping this stone with you will ensure you move in harmony with the natural world. 

Sometimes referred to as the stone of fresh starts, moonstone opens the door to new opportunities. Nothing is permanent - everything changes, grows, or passes away, and the moonstone serves as a reminder of how crucial it is to accept the seasonal cycles of life.

It teaches us to not hold a grudge against the possibility of new chapters. Through the harmony of its natural healing abilities, the moonstone assists you in processing and accepting rather than falling overwhelmed by the transformations. 

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神の存在 - ゴールドロータスムーンストーンイヤリング
神の存在 - ゴールドロータスムーンストーンイヤリング
各魂はコスモスです。あなたはあなたの道の無限の可能性とオプションを尊重して尊重しなければなりません。私たちの親切な「神聖な存在 - ゴールドロータスムーンストーンイヤリング」の輝く光をあなたのオーラを照らしてください。Moonstoneは、あなたが感じるもの、あなたが望むも...
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  • Spiritual Healing Qualities

Moonstone encourages tolerance and sensible behavior. Instead of complaining about the sometimes slow pace of Divine timing, it teaches you the value of trusting in the process.

Moonstone enables comprehension of the appropriate action at the right moment, allowing us to nurture our creations with grace, and eventually reap their rewards.

A powerful stone for psychic awareness and intuition, moonstone encourages us to tap into our truth. With this psychic ability, you can then tune into the frequencies of higher guides.

Communication with the divine is made possible with the use of moonstone, reminding you that you are never alone.


Moonstone is an excellent tool for developing your psychic awareness and trusting in the process. The six sensory abilities, sometimes known as the Clair Senses, or psychic awareness, involve the capacity to employ any or all of the psychic sensitivities associated with the senses of sight, hearing, sensation, smell, taste, and touch.

The six psychic senses of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairscent, clairtangency, and clairgustance are all heightened with the use or wearing of moonstone.

To communicate with Auriel and Tzaphkiel, the archangels of the Divine Feminine, use moonstone.

This pearly stone is helpful for ceremonies honoring the moon, the Divine Feminine, and the Goddesses of all faiths. The moon goddess, Hecate of ancient Greece, is especially linked to the moonstone crystal.


フェミニンパワー - パール&ムーンストーン シルバー アンクレット
フェミニンパワー - パール&ムーンストーン シルバー アンクレット
あなたの想像力の炎を点火します。あなたの創造性は世界に祝福です。不均衡が起こった場合、私たちのユニークな「フェミニンパワー - パール&ムーンストーンシルバーアンクレット」の神性は、再びそれを整列させるつもりです。真珠と夢のようなムーンストーンの母を明確にする助けを借りて、...
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Therapeutic Benefits of Moonstone on Your Mind, Body & Soul 

The therapeutic powers of moonstone are said to awaken and strengthen the parts of ourselves that we associate with femininity. These include creativity, enthusiasm, wealth, nurturing energy, and more.

Whether male or female, if you feel that you are out of touch with your feminine side, moonstone is able to rebalance your energies. This is particularly crucial in the high-stress, career-focused society of today.

Perhaps moonstone might help you find the patience and care necessary to restore nourishment to your life. If you have trouble finding the time to practice some much-needed self-care, then moonstone is just the gem for you.

This nurturing stone offers countless advantages that can be enjoyed by anyone. The stone is regarded as the most valuable in astrology, as it positively affects a person's mental and emotional state. Some other benefits associated with this gemstone are:

  • Aids in spiritual growth
  • Increases optimism and mental serenity
  • Encourages inner peace and healing
  • Assists in calming the aggressive side
  • Helps one find stability and balance
  • Remove toxins, aids fluid retention, and improves issues with digestion
  • Provides emotional balance
  • Relieves menstruation discomfort and lowers obesity
  • Promotes the courage and resilience to face challenges
  • Creates new business opportunities and job chances

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Moonstone & the Chakras

The chakras are located along the spine and are the body's internal energy centers. Through the head (heaven), energy enters the body (earth).

These forces combine at the vortex points of the seven chakras, each of which creates a unique energy pattern. These chakras are responsible for absorbing, transforming, and distributing the body's internal energy, sometimes referred to as prana, life force, or chi.

Each chakra is linked to particular organs and parts of the body, as well as behavioral, emotional, and personality patterns. The chakras constantly interact with one another and cannot be divided, meaning that one is never more important than the other.

Moonstones are full of psychic powers and are excellent for aligning and balancing the chakras. They emit a fascinating and otherworldly aura.

moonstone anklets

When we look at this shimmering stone, it feels as if we are watching the moonbeams dance across the midnight ocean; it fills us with a sense of wonder and calmness. There is something otherworldly and spiritual about this stone. 

The heart chakra, the third eye, and the crown chakra are the three chakras that ask us to search deep within so that we can see far beyond the boundaries of our physical senses.

The moonstone creates a magnificent connection with all three of these chakras. When they are open and aligned, these three chakras assist us in locating our place in the cosmos and help us to feel a part of the expansive cosmic universe in which we reside.


Harness the Powers of the Moon with this Luminescent gemstone

Get in touch with your feminine side with the celestial moonstone. Deeply connected to the nurturing and loving energy of the moon, allow your life to flow through every phase with grace and ease.

As the moon pulls the tide, so too shall moonstone do for you in keeping you balanced and in flow with the universe’s rhythms. By wearing this stone on a daily basis, you can expect to discover greater intuition and a stronger connection with divine wisdom.

With moonstone, you will never be led astray, as this stone will constantly lead you towards your truth and your power. 

Interested in purchasing your own piece of moonstone? Visit our collections of jewelry and browse our collection of stunning moonstone jewelry and decorations. 

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