Labradorite Stone & Crystal Jewelry - Meaning, Benefits, Properties and Chakra


A highly intuitive gemstone, labradorite is a glowing treasure of the gemstone world. This stone is classified as a crucial feldspar mineral, and interestingly enough, feldspar minerals account for approximately 41 percent of the total weight of the earth's continental crust.

The labradorescence that characterizes labradorite stones is the very trait that gives rise to the mineral's eponymous designation. This indicates that these kinds of crystals most commonly take the shapes of narrow tubes.

Although the most common colors of these stones are white and gray, labradorite properties can also be found in blue, green, yellow, and brown hues. Often, the stone seems to magically change colors based on how the light hits it.

The schiller effect can be seen in certain examples of these crystals, which also have a pearly gloss to them. This indicates that as a result of the stone's interaction with light, they display a dazzling array of colors that give off a shiny appearance.

The term of the effect comes from the German word “schiller”, which can be translated as either sparkling or gleaming. It is a term used in gemology to refer to the phenomenon known as aventurescence, which happens when light is refracted by microscopic mineral platelets that are embedded within a stone.

Labradorite jewelry

Innate Wisdom  -  Aquamarine Labradoriteハムサチャームブレスレット
Innate Wisdom - Aquamarine Labradoriteハムサチャームブレスレット
あなたの魂は真実と思いやりがあると振動します。あなたの知恵は世界を照らします。私たちの「先天性知恵 - Aquamarine Labradorite Hamsa Charm Bracelet」の刺激があなたのエネルギー供給を強化するという信頼性は強化されます。それは存在す...
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Labradorite, with its pearly sheen of iridescent blues and greens, appearing to be the color of water, can harness the life-giving elements of the planet.

They are said to open up the mind to multiple levels of consciousness that go beyond everyday reality and our antiquated belief systems.

Related to the healing capabilities of the third eye chakra, labradorite is said to ignite spiritual expansion and help you reach higher levels of the mind and soul. 

Through meditation with labradorite, you can establish a stronger and deeper connection to higher realms of consciousness - a place of unfathomable possibilities. This can help you broaden your mental horizons and advance your spiritual development.

This powerful stone reawakens you to a state of profound inner consciousness, a universe in which the scope of your creative potential is virtually limitless. With this stone by your side, you will experience great adventures, particularly as you gain the courage to follow your dreams. This expansive stone encourages you to dance to the beat of your own drum, rather than following the pack.

精力的な精神 - ヘマタイト黄鉄鉱Labradoriteトリプルプロテクトラップ
精力的な精神 - ヘマタイト黄鉄鉱Labradoriteトリプルプロテクトラップ
幸せで通電を感じて、成功を達成し、目標に達するという鍵です。 「エネルギースピリット - ヘマタイト黄色ドライトトリプルプロテクトラップ」は、あなたの精神を陽性で最高振動で満たします。それはとても多目的で、ブレスレットやネックレスとして着用することができます。ヘマタイトはあ...
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The Meaning Behind The Majestic Labradorite Stone 

Labradorite is a semi-precious plagioclase stone with a feldspar component. This stone typically flashes a range of colors when exposed to light, which is a phenomenon referred to as "labradorescence" or "adularescence". This brilliant stone is also sometimes known as spectrolite.

The labradorite stone is as magical as its iridescent, shifting colors suggest, and has been correlated to the shimmering gold and green lights of the Aurora Borealis.

The therapeutic powers of Labradorite stone are all about connecting with higher consciousness and drawing from your own magnificent well of creativity. It was created beneath storms of the Northern Lights and was discovered in Labrador, Canada.

A variety of blues, greens, flaming golds, and smoky sheens can be seen glimmering on the surface of labradorite. It serves as a reminder that the most potent healing stones frequently have a connection to every element, including the ground beneath your feet, the raging ocean, the broad sky, and the stars above.

Due to its powerful shamanic energies and extensive history, labradorite is often associated with Inuit myths. According to legend, an Inuit warrior once noticed that the Aurora Borealis had become imprisoned in a chunk of stone.

labradorite stone
Divine Happiness - Citrine Labradorite Moonstone Wrap
神の幸せ - Citrine Labradoriteムーンストーンラップ
幸せで保護されている気分は、成功を達成し、目標に達するための鍵です。 「神の幸せ - シトリンラブラドリットムーンストーンラップ」はあなたの精神を陽性と最も高い振動で満たし、その放射エネルギーで閉塞を除いてください。それはとても多目的で、ブレスレットやネックレスとして着用す...
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He used his spear to pierce the rock and release the light. Back in the 18th century, Moravian missionaries visited this remote area of Canada and were so intrigued by the mysterious stones that they brought them back to Europe.

Further research reveals that Labrador is separated from the earth not just by Canada but also by the winter winds of Finland and the former Tsar kingdoms of Russia. This stone was given the name "Spectrolite" in Finland because it appeared to contain every color of existence.

This stone has always been associated with creativity and magic regardless of its name.  For people who wish to understand their own place in the world while embracing the mysteries of the universe, this stone is for them.

men's labradorite bracelets

最高級 -  Onyx Citrine Labradoriteドラゴンチャームブレスレット
最高級 - Onyx Citrine Labradoriteドラゴンチャームブレスレット
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Along with the swirling arrays of hues that give it its gorgeous appearance, it is blessed with a magnitude of powers. This stone has the ability to unleash a wealth of hidden magical abilities, which is why this crystal is often referred to as a "stone of magic".

It concentrates on spiritual capacity and deepens connections with the divine. Wearing this stone allows you to connect with unseen dimensions and reflect your inner light.

Labradorite is said to encourage psychic abilities, improve your vision, and help you connect with your third eye. It serves as mental protection and is typically used in ritual activities.

labradorite crystal

The Properties of Labradorite 

Although labradorite is often thought of as a stone brimming with mystical energy, it is also an excellent stone for grounding in physical healing. 

This stone is all about promoting total health and well-being, allowing you to take a deep breath calmly as you calm your nervous system down. It also promotes blood circulation, improved breathing, and strengthens the lungs.

The respiratory system is one area where labradorite excels as a healing gem. The healing powers of labradorite might be beneficial for those battling with bronchitis and other respiratory conditions.

Despite paying particular attention to the lungs, labradorite also has other benefits. It promotes healthy digestion, as well as regulates and maintains a healthy metabolism.

This stone can also help keep pain and tension under control for people who experience PMS symptoms and unpleasant periods. Additionally, it relieves gout-related issues and aids in the recovery of rheumatism.

The loving characteristics of labradorite can work to dispel any form of tension and worry. It is a stone known to promote clarity of the mind, assisting you in clearing mental fog and maintaining focus. With this clarity, you will be able to make better and more responsible decisions.

labradorite gemstone
放射性格 - シトリンLabradoriteブレスレット
放射性格 - シトリンLabradoriteブレスレット
他の人があなたを見ているとき、彼らは幸せになります。 「放射性パーソナリティ - シトリンラブラドリートブレスレット」は、陽性と最高振動であなたの精神を満たし、その放射エネルギーで閉塞を除いてください。 Citrineはあなたの先天的な喜びと楽観主義と直接あなたを接続します...
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Emotional Healing Properties of Labradorite

If you are going through a time of transformation, or looking to shake things up in life, labradorite might just be the healing stone for you. 

With its brilliant and glowing color schemes, labradorite is far more than just a pretty face. It seems to vibrate with healing energy. When it comes to struggles of the mind, you will surely want labradorite on your side.

The primary benefit of this stone is that it relaxes a worried mind and prevents your thoughts from running a million miles a minute. Aside from calming the mind, labradorite can also stimulate it depending on your needs.

The celestial swirls of labradorite will boost you with the creative energies needed when you are feeling uninspired.

There are countless ways that these stones can be used, but one of their most potent abilities is helping to replenish energy after it has been drained. The daily grind, the dramas of others, and uncertainty about one's future and self can make it easy to feel weighed down.

labradorite birthstone
うれしそうな生活 - ラブラドライトシトリンの英久チョーカーネックレス
うれしそうな生活 - ラブラドライトシトリンの英久チョーカーネックレス
幸せで保護されている気分は、成功を達成し、目標に達するための鍵です。 「うれしそうな生活 - ラブラドリ派のシトリンのヒスチョーカーのネックレス」は、あなたの精神を陽性と最も高い振動で満たし、その放射エネルギーで閉塞を除いてください。それはとても多目的で、ブレスレットやネッ...
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By clearing out all that clutter and reviving the spirit with a sparkling flash of energy, labradorite prevents you from becoming bogged down by world events and other obligations.

Labradorite is always willing to serve as your supportive cheerleader if you are ever in need of a little extra encouragement to take on the challenges you face.

For those who experience depression, labradorite is not afraid to absorb negative emotions. It will fill you with positivity and inspiration. No matter how far your mind can soar, it will always keep you grounded in the world below your feet, making it a fantastic balancing stone.

It illuminates your path towards enlightenment, taking inspiration from the milky moonlight and the swirl of stars. Labradorite will encourage you to examine any deeply buried memories or emotions that need to be revealed, thus assisting you in seeing the lessons you need to learn.

However, in its gentle manner, it will never overwhelm you by trying to unearth everything that should remain buried, but will help you to focus on one piece at a time. You can rely on its intuitive strength and power to bring out the best in you when you are prepared and ready to meet the challenge.

Citrine Labradorite Moonstone Wrap

The Numerous Benefits of Labradorite 

Labradorite is a stone of transformation, ready to help you create the life of your dreams. Illuminating the path, this stone will assist you in becoming the person you were always meant to be.

It will purify your aura and work with your chakras to eliminate negative behaviors, ideas, and emotions that are holding you back from realizing your full potential.

The labradorite crystal helps hone in on your intuition and enhance your psychic abilities. You will have an unexplainable inner knowing that will increase your self-assurance in taking action, expressing your emotions, and following your inspiration.

While keeping you secure and rooted in the present, labradorite can assist you in developing your sixth sense. If you are looking to expand or awaken psychic gifts such as these, then labradorite is an excellent choice.

Once you begin to dive into the world of possibility, there is so much to be discovered. It has a very calming presence and aids with the expansion of the mind.

labradorite crystals jewelry
接続エンハンサー - パールラブラドロアライトアクアマリンネックレス
接続エンハンサー - パールラブラドロアライトアクアマリンネックレス
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Anyone wishing to enhance their psychic skills must focus on quieting the mind and believing in their power, with which labradorite can help.

Staying present in the moment can be quite difficult in this busy and modern world. However, with labradorite by your side, you may be inspired to stop and smell the roses.

It will help you to not dwell so much on the small things, knowing that everything is just a part of the greater plan.

Along with its gorgeous appearance, this stone has the capacity to improve your focus and willpower. You may feel more purposeful as a result of its motivating energy. Labradorite benefits will also support you in creating fresh concepts and discovering enthusiasm in your work.

labradorite chakra

Labradorite is a stone of magic that can help you develop your mystical, psychic, or magical powers. As it does this, your aura will be cleansed and sealed to prevent negative energy from entering.

The stone's powerful vibrations might also shield you from dark or harmful energy. It can pique your imagination and calm your racing mind, especially if you are constantly occupied at work or home.

If you need a boost of energy, but to stay calm and mellow at the same time, then labradorite is the stone you seek. We use power of data analysis to research this data for you.

jewelry labradorite
なだめるような暖かさ -  Labradorite Moonstoneのアクマリントリプルサマースタック
なだめるような暖かさ - Labradorite Moonstoneのアクマリントリプルサマースタック
私たちの平和の探求では、より魅力的な存在を生きることを学びます。 「なだめるような暖かさ - Labradorite Moonstone Aquamarine Triple Summer Stack」は、あなたがあなたのエネルギーを集めてあなたの楽観的な修復に焦点を当てて...
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Labradorite Chakra

Labradorite helps us to distinguish what it is we need on earth and what can help us leap higher. It is connected to the third eye chakra, our connection to the spiritual realm, as well as the throat chakra, the tool of communication.

The throat chakra assists us in maintaining our identity and speaking our truth. It serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of speaking up, being transparent in expressing our demands, and being independent in the world.

When the throat chakra is blocked, we may find it challenging to be heard or understood, our relationships with others may become strained, and we may lack the courage to speak up for what is best for ourselves.

Our higher purpose is aligned with the third eye chakra, enabling us to see more deeply internally and externally.

labradorite jewelry for women

When we open that chakra, we can better navigate the world consciously and let go of outdated beliefs that no longer serve us in favor of choosing fresh, exciting paths that align with our true, limitless purpose.

This is why shamanism, mysticism, and magic are constantly connected with labradorite. It has long been a tool used by healers, and many are drawn to it because of its heavenly aura.

It has the capacity to access these many realms of consciousness, which opens the doors to once believed to be impossible opportunities.

women's labradorite jewelry
Fierce Spirit - Tiger's Eye Labradorite Pyrite Triple Protection Bracelet Stack
激しい精神 - タイガーの目のLabradorite Pyriteトリプルプロテクションブレスレットスタック
勇気を出して、堅実な滞在 - あなたはあなたの本当の道にあります。 「激しい精神 - タイガーの眼の模様のトリプリープロテクションブレスレットスタック」は、陽性で最高振動であなたの精神を満たします。タイガーの目はあなたに頑張っています。 Labradoriteはエネルギーで...
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Find the Perfect Piece of Labradorite Jewelry from Karma & Luck 

Labradorite, with its shining array of colors and entrancing glow, is just as mystical and magical as it appears. Connecting us to our intuition and reminding us of our truth, it allows us to communicate with the divine realms.

With this stone by our side we are able to access new realms and reach new heights within ourselves. When worn as jewelry, the stunning labradorite can uncover hidden abilities of ours, especially in terms of psychic talents.

Once we are connected to this higher guidance, we can never be led astray. Your path will be clearly illuminated, so that every step can be taken with confidence, assuredness, and courage. Your life purpose will become crystal clear with the help of labradorite. 

Ready to purchase a piece of labradorite jewelry and experience the multitude of benefits it provides? Visit our jewelry catalog and browse our labradorite collection! 

Labradorite Jewelry Collection

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