How to Bring Good Energy Into Your Home - 5 Crystal Trees to Boost Feng Shui

Mastering Feng Shui

Our homes should be a sanctuary - a place to enjoy spending time in and a place you feel most comfortable and relaxed. A home should invoke feelings of peace and serenity. So, what's the best way to infuse a home with positive energy? Feng shui is a good place to start. 

Feng shui, commonly referred to as Chinese geomancy, is an ancient technique used to harness energy forces in order to balance people with their surroundings.

Feng shui is a Chinese phrase that literally means "wind and water".  This idea was originally inspired by an ancient poem that spoke of the intertwining of human life and the need to move with the environment, as opposed to against it. Feng shui considers the natural orders and systems of nature so that humans can live more peacefully and in tune with the world around us.

Feng shui has its origins in Taoism and Buddhism, However, it remains relevant to cultures and civilizations around the world today.

In the following article, we will dive deeper into feng shui and explore how to use the power of aquamarine to harness the benefits of feng shui in your own home.

Wire wrapped crystal trees can add a touch of elegant beauty to any room, and support feng shui by providing positive energy to the home. Let’s take a look at some trees to boost the vibration in your abode! 

Tranquil Spirit Feng Shui Aquamarine Stone Tree

This crystal gem tree is  a tiny tree composed of numerous semi-precious stones and crystals. It is advised to place it  in the southeastern corner of the house to boost luck and generate wealth.

You can also put it in the northwest area of the house to help enhance and grow careers. Aquamarine gemstones have been prized for their dazzling blue, precious beauty for centuries.

They are, however, much more than just a gleaming stone -  this fascinating gemstone has a wide range of advantages and applications. It is said to heal emotional traumas, relieve stress, and instill a sense of peace in the soul. Aquamarine is even believed to help treat illness, purify water, and relieve allergies; all attributes that make this stone the perfect addition to any home.

Strength & Growth Feng Shui Chakra Tree

Árbol de Símbolo Feng Shui Chakra Fuerza y Crecimiento
Árbol de Símbolo Feng Shui Chakra Fuerza y Crecimiento
No te quedes en el pasado, no sueñes con el futuro, concentra tu mente en el presente. Convierte tus momentos y tu atención total en algo...
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A Peaceful Home  

Aside from boosting one’s confidence, aquamarine stones have various other advantages. The stone's color evokes feelings of peace and happiness and can improve energy and mood levels. The aquamarine gemstone is supposed to help wearers recover from emotional trauma more thoroughly and comprehensively by calming tempers and conflict.

Wearing Aquamarine can also aid in stress alleviation, resurfacing buried emotions, and fostering a greater sense of tranquility. It has long been believed that wearing aquamarine jewelry would provide the blessings of a clear-thinking mind and a tranquil heart even through difficult circumstances.

Wearing aquamarine crystals clearly has numerous advantages, and they are beautiful too, making them an ideal accent piece to any room design.

Where to Place this Tree

Where to Place this Tree

Feng shui is all about  recognizing the importance of where objects and other items are placed. Following the guidelines of feng shui,  can assist in selecting the best place to put art, photos, and furniture throughout the home.The dining area is an essential component of your feng shui harmony.

This is the chamber that brings prosperity to the whole family. Some items are considered to be especially auspicious when placed in the dining room, while others are not. Follow a few feng shui recommendations for this key space and embrace all of the benefits.

The ringing of a dinner bell three times before a meal is regarded as particularly lucky, as it attracts positive energy and abundance. The bell can be placed on a nearby table, cabinet, buffets, or perhaps even the dinner table. A crystal chandelier is another excellent piece to add to the dining room. These dazzling, refractory adornments can attract copious and fortunate luck energies, while adding beauty to the room.

For optimal effect, hang the chandelier straight over the dining table as chi energy travels constantly. As for your dining table,  round or oval eating tables are the most ideal shapes. You may also put a feng shui tree in the middle of your dining room table for good luck and aesthetic appeal.      

Lavish Blessings Red Tourmaline Feng Shui Tree

Árbol Feng Shui de Turmalina Roja Abundantes Bendiciones
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Árbol Feng Shui de Turmalina Roja Abundantes Bendiciones
Hay infinidad de  bendiciones a nuestro alrededor; sólo necesitamos abrir nuestros corazones y mentes para recibir su abundancia. Atrae c...
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Cleansing is Essential 

Crystals are a powerful way to call in certain energies and desires. In order for them to work, you must first determine what it is that you would like the crystal to accomplish. Then get specific and imagine vividly this wish as a reality. 

For example, if you wish to advance your career or get a promotion, imagine yourself seated at your new desk with a plaque stating your rank or status.

Or, if you want to bring more joy to the family, you can imagine the whole family laughing and smiling together, with everyone in good health, and all adorned in beautiful jewels. 

Practice this vivid imagery until you can effortlessly generate the image in your mind. When you are ready, take the feng shui gemstone and place it in your left palm and conceal it with your right.

Visualize the practiced image and hold it in your mind for at least ten seconds. With this ritual, the gemstone can focus its energies on achieving the goal that has been set for it. Readers familiar with Reiki can take this a step further using Reiki and its symbols to enliven the crystal.

Aquamarine Copper Tree

8 Inch Aquamarine Copper Tree with Fluorite Geode Base 

Karma and Luck is a meaningful, spirit-centered modern lifestyle collection of jewelry and home decor inspired by the timeless traditions of eastern cultures. Crafted with powerful gemstones, crystals, and symbols to awaken deeper awareness, we hope to empower our customers and help them to manifest their wildest dreams. 

Life has been far from easy for many these past couple years and the need for tranquility and positivity is more important than ever..  It is important to remember that our outer environments can greatly affect our inner environment. Creating a positive space to live and work in can greatly assist in promoting serene vibes and can help to relieve stress, anxiety, and nerves.

During these challenging times, it is more important than ever to take care of your spiritual and mental health, and this aquamarine tree can help do just that.

Feng shui is the Chinese practice of organizing & arranging things in a way that encourages the flow of peace and positive energy. Every home may benefit from a little more serenity in these difficult and unpredictable times. Karma & Luck, as  a purposeful, spirit-driven  line is constantly inspired by the ancient customs of eastern civilizations.

We offer handcrafted jewelry made of all-natural crystals, stones, and icons to help our customers awaken to a deeper consciousness and actualize their greatest desires. With a special interest and affinity for Feng shui, our trees of life were created to be potent alchemists for positive transformation. 

The Trees of Life, also referred to as Feng Shui Trees, are lovingly and thoughtfully handcrafted in the far east and are created with the intention of  assisting you in the manifestation of your dreams and desires, as well as creating calm, peaceful environments perfect for unwinding, relaxing, and inspiring.

Feng shui is a Chinese philosophy that acknowledges the connection between our dwellings and the cycles of the natural world. Incorporating pictures and symbols of nature, such as trees or the ocean, is one method to bring aspects of the natural world into the home.

Gem trees, often referred to as crystal trees, are aesthetically pleasing pieces that look like miniature trees and are ideal for adding a touch of nature indoors. They are constructed of metal wire, including gold or copper, with leaves made of semi-precious jewels or crystals.

The Tree of Life can provide a "feng shui remedy" that aids in transmitting positive, flowing energy. If the energy surrounding a particular part of one's life does not appear to be freely flowing in a harmonic and balanced manner, an aquamarine feng shui tree can assist.

Budding Spirituality - XXL Multi Stone Tree on Quartz Base

Budding Spirituality - Feng Shui Tree
Budding Spirituality - Feng Shui Tree
The colors of the rainbow balance your chakras and your life. Lively moments and total mindfulness become a common thing with our one-of-...
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Bring Harmony to the Home 

Peace, serenity, purity, and harmony are all associated with the crystal aquamarine. This sea blue crystal represents transition and rebirth. It symbolizes youth, innocence, faithfulness, optimism, and honesty. The Tranquil Spirit- feng shui aquamarine stone tree is elegantly hand-wrapped with copper wire and adorned with aquamarine gemstone leaves.

It is believed to welcome serenity and sunshine into any home. Gem trees are intrinsically valued, as they are made of costly elements such as gemstones and crystals. They are generally shaped like a jade plant, which can symbolize riches and good fortune.

Natural crystals are increasingly popular, and many feng shui practitioners choose to employ them for their powerful energetic characteristics. If crystals and their properties appeal to you, then they could be a great new tool for promoting feng shui in your home.

Bring Harmony to the Home

Where to Place this Tree

The master bedroom provides an opportunity to encourage love and respect for a couple. When choosing decorative items, be sure to decorate in pairs to symbolize the duality of the partnership. For example, in the southwest corner, set a pair of night tables or a combination of coordinating chairs.

To promote romantic love, the symbols of mandarin ducks and rose crystals can be incorporated into the room.  The dragon and the phoenix, the indomitable duo, is another fantastic emblem to support a loving relationship. As for the southernmost point of the room, it is advised to place a table here or hang wall art.

Placement of the bed is another important thing to consider. Be sure that the bed is never directly in line with a door. It should face the door, but never have your feet pointing directly out the door. These placements should encourage greater peace in relationships.

 A clock should not be kept in the bedroom. This location, according to feng shui, disrupts the calm atmosphere.  Instead of a disruptive clock, consider placing a lovely Aquamarine Feng Shui Copper Money Tree in the bedroom. This 8-inch tall tree is supported by a gorgeous blue and green geode made of fluorite quartz.

A hand braided copper cable with aquamarine gemstone leaves make up this feng shui-inducing copper Tree. The tree of life aids in the balancing of all aspects of life and in the home.

The lovely aquamarine leave-shaped stones will fill your life with beauty and light.  Along with your purchase, you will receive a Manifest your Dreams card and envelope, ensuring your dreams come true.

The Wisdom Keeper - Lapis Lazuli Feng Shui Tree

Pursuit of Passion - Garnet Feng Shui Tree
Árbol del Feng Shui de Piedra Granate La Búsqueda de la Pasión
Ahora es el momento de perseguir tu pasión; con cada paso, acercate a la realización de tus sueños. Siente el poder que viene de concentr...
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Cleansing is Essential 

Fluorite makes up the base of this aquamarine feng shui tree. Fluorite purifies and balances the aura, while negative vibes and stress are absorbed and neutralized by it. Fluorite is said to improve concentration, self-confidence, and decision making abilities.

It promotes happiness, harmonizes energies, and improves physical and mental balance. Fluorite strengthens the immune system and promotes cell regeneration and DNA rearrangement, especially inside the skin and respiratory canal, and aids in the treatment of ulcers and wounds.

Fluorite relieves rheumatism, arthritis, and spinal injuries by strengthening bone tissue. It also reduces the pain of shingles and some other nerve-related conditions. Be sure to cleanse your fluorite in order to take full advantage of its many spiritual and physical benefits.

Relaxing Feng Shui Aquamarine Stone Copper Tree

Relaxing Feng Shui Aquamarine Stone Copper Tree

Trees are associated with wood, one of the five components used in feng shui. Wood represents friendliness, flexibility, and expansion.. If you wish to foster these traits in daily life, it would be wise to incorporate more wooden elements into the home.Trees also produce fruit, which symbolizes abundance, sustenance, and the completion of tasks.

Consider how a large apple tree may nourish and support a large number of people - with abundance comes the need for greater generosity.

Your gem tree, like any other feng shui object, requires attention. This entails cleaning it regularly and ensuring that it is not ignored. Because of their intricate design, gem trees can collect a lot of dust.

Pursuit of Passion Feng Shui Garnet Stone Tree

Grounded in Spirituality - Amethyst Feng Shui Tree
Árbol Feng Shui Piedra Amatista
Este árbol de 8 pulgadas de altura se asienta sobre una base de cristal blanco. El árbol está hecho de alambre de cobre envuelto a mano c...
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You should check on them frequently and brush away any dirt particles that have accumulated. As gem trees also include crystals, they should be energetically cleansed on a regular basis. Cleansing can be accomplished by exposing the tree to direct sunshine for several hours.

Sunlight offers a very bright, clear yang spirit that can assist in the removal of any blocked or stagnant energy that has gathered in your tree over time. The trees are composed of agate crystals, a Chalcedony variant that comes in a range of colors and forms.

Agates are usually striped or speckled, and they are translucent. Agate is an excellent gemstone for harmonizing the brain, soul, and essence, as well as for assisting in slowing down and centering.

Negative energy is transformed into positive energy. Agate helps to boost mental function, concentration, perception, and analytical abilities. It is a tranquil and soothing gemstone that helps heal inner anger, anxiety, and can enhance relationships. Agate is a stone of protection and security.

Agate helps with ocular, digestive, and uterine functions. It helps cleanse your respiratory system and the pancreas, as well as strengthen blood vessels and repair skin problems.

The Many Benefits Of Aquamarine

The Many Benefits of Aquamarine 

Like water, aquamarine's metaphysical properties make it an exquisite crystal for tranquility and calmness. It clears up ambiguity, brings closure, and allows you to better express yourself. It calms the mind and alleviates anxiety and is an excellent stone for those who are emotionally sensitive.

Aquamarine helps with hormones and growth on a physical level. If you are expecting a baby, it can prevent miscarriage and protect the unborn child from any problems. Helping with respiratory infections, allergies, and thyroid instability are some of the other benefits of aquamarine.

If you are drawn to aquamarine, it means you need some quiet time, peace, and relaxation. Integrating or wearing Aquamarine into your life will help you achieve a sense of calmness, balance, and peace.

Glorious Light - Garnet Feng Shui Tree Of Life

Cornalina Árbol Feng Shui Ser Creativo
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Cornalina Árbol Feng Shui Ser Creativo
Toca en el poder de tu chakra sacro y conéctate a tu creatividad y sensualidad. Además de su llamativa apariencia, nuestro Árbol Feng Shu...
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Where to Place this Mystical Tree

Per feng shui, these trees should be kept indoors in the southeast corner of the living room or hall. Lord Ganesha is the proprietor of the Vastu Southeast direction, and Venus is the ruling planet, which is why Vastu specialists recommend placing the tree in this location. Venus increases prosperity, and Ganesha removes ill Luck.

Place aquamarine in the northeast side of your room, study, or whichever part of your home you use most for meditation, in order to reap the benefits of aquamarine.

Cleansing is Essential

Aquamarine’s healing properties are seemingly infinite. Howerer, in order to harness these benefits, one should cleanse their crystals and tree of life regularly. Over time, the crystals will be collecting a lot of energy surrounding them - both positive and negative.

In order to rid the crystals of any stagnant, bad energy, one should energetically cleanse them. The best way to do this, as to not harm the tree, is to place it in direct, bright sunlight for at least a few hours. That sunny yang energy will quickly clear away any unnecessary or heavy energy.

Cleansing is Essential

Aquamarine's healing powers are perfect for psychological, spiritual, and physical recovery. The stone's soothing and calming properties aid in uncovering hidden anger and phobias that are at the root of all emotional pain, and assisting in effectively dealing with them. Aquamarine's cleansing powers can help to let go of any emotional wounds blocking you from moving forward in life.

Feelings of inadequacy and lack of self-worth can lead to abusive relationships and unhealthy friendships. Aquamarine, however, can allow us to perceive the genuine nature of our issues more accurately and act accordingly. Even if you have been a victim for a long time, you can still start your journey towards health and healing.

Once your inner truths are exposed, your exploitative relations will be simpler to handle and end. Aquamarine helps bring these truths to light.  The blue gemstone's therapeutic powers also make it easier to interact with people.

As we said previously, the stone makes it easier to sort out conflicts in a calm and peaceful manner. Aquamarine's benefits help you to handle every quarrel with compassion, reason, and intelligence.

Aquamarine can also help youngsters; particularly those who have experienced a traumatic event in the past and have developed aggressive behavior as a result of that trauma.

Parents who have excessive aspirations and a judgmental attitude frequently, and often unknowingly, harm their children. Aquamarine can significantly aid in repairing this emotional and psychological injury in both children and adults.

Hold an aquamarine gemstone with you during times of stress for the best outcomes in dealing with emotional distress. Aquamarine jewelry, such as studs and necklaces, is especially beneficial since the gems should be kept close to the head and neck.

The physical therapeutic qualities of Aquamarine are thought to be directly linked to breathing. Aquamarine, often known as the "breath stone", is said to help with sinus, lung, and breathing problems. Bronchitis, colds, hay fever, and other allergens are thought to improve from it.

The physical therapeutic qualities of Aquamarine

Soothing Sound Limited Edition Water Element Eco-Friendly Bundle 

When analyzing stones, we always examine the “four Cs”. These are:

  • Color: The more profound the aquamarine's blue, the better the stone's quality and the greater its worth. 
  • Clarity: Clarity is determined by how translucent and clean the aquamarine gemstone appears to be.
  • Cut: Stones that are appropriately cut display the greatest luster and brilliance. 
  • Carat size: As with any other gem, the larger the carat, the more costly and coveted the aquamarine stone.

The "Soothing Sound - Limited Edition Water Element Eco-Friendly Bundle" checks all the boxes for making this a one-of-a-kind, imperial aquamarine specimen. Looking at or even just being near the tree makes one feel like they are floating on calm ocean waves.

This therapeutic duo rinses stress and worries away, making room for serenity and tranquility to flow in. Touch the tiny aquamarine leaves to connect with your heart and avoid irrational emotions.  The water element signifies the inner self, divine female energy, fluidity, adaptability, and metamorphosis.

Grounded in Spirituality - Amethyst Stone Feng Shui Tree

Relaxing Lullaby - Aquamarine Feng Shui Tree
Árbol de Piedra Aguamarina Feng Shui Canción de Cuna Relajante
La tranquilidad es una opción. También la ansiedad. El mundo entero que nos rodea puede estar en agitación, pero si queremos, podemos log...
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Mystical Benefits of this Dreamy Tree

The way the sky is mirrored on the ocean's surface is similar to the reflective qualities of this translucent blue mineral. Due to its reflective characteristics, the stone is believed to discern deeper meanings and realities. The aquamarine stone gazes into the soul's deepest depths and addresses any issues left dormant.

The stone's capacity to soothe one's dread of public speaking is also an essential aspect of its significance. This is a beautiful gemstone for teachers or anyone who gives public presentations. It promotes reflection, which give the speaker greater wisdom and demonstrates the speaker's knowledge while expressing facts and sentiments.

Communication improves as anger and fear are replaced with clear and calm thinking. This gemstone provides an opportunity to learn about the wider world, as well as yourself. Your altruistic qualities improve, and your desire to help & heal people glows more brightly.

Aquamarine is also said to encourage a greater sense of responsibility, sensitivity, and friendliness. It can also help improve patience, time management skills, organization, and problem-solving skills. This tree would be excellent placed on a work or study desk!

The Best Places To Place This Tree For Maximum Restfulness! 

Aquamarine stones can assist in strengthening a person's relationship with their guardian angels. Wearing a light aquamarine can improve your connection to Vehujah if you were born between March 21 and March 25 and wearing a light aquamarine can strengthen your relationship to Haaiah if you were born between July 28 and August 1. Aquamarine is said to convey water vitality in Feng Shui. This form of energy fosters serenity, quiet strength, and cleansing. It is associated with regeneration and rebirth.

Place aquamarine gemstones near the north side of your room, office, or whatever part of your home you utilize the most for meditation, rest, and quiet reflection. A work or study desk would be an excellent choice, as aquamarine is known to help with focus, inspiration, and organization.

I am Creative - Carnelian Feng Shui Tree

Aquamarine Feng Shui Tree
Árbol Feng Shui Cobre Aguamarina
Este árbol de 8 pulgadas de altura se asienta sobre una base de cuarzo fluorita. El árbol está hecho de alambre de cobre envuelto a mano ...
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Cleansing is Essential 

Associated with the sea and water, aquamarine has a spiritual meaning of cleansing.

Aquamarine symbolizes the clarity of crystal blue seas and the relaxation and sense of serenity that the ocean provides. Aquamarine is a spiritual stone related to trust and letting go. Aquamarine was said to be the jewel of mermaids in prehistoric days and was used as a charm by sailors to bring prosperity on the open seas.

The stone was also seen as a representation of protection and bravery. Nowadays, the gemstone is thought to offer safety to anyone who travels near, over, or through the water. Be sure to properly cleanse your crystal in order to reap all of its many benefits. Once in a while, be sure to place your tree in direct, bright sunlight for at least a few hours. That bright yang energy will swiftly cleanse any stuck or heavy energy. 

Balance Harmony Multi Stone Chakra Feng Shui Tree of Life

The "Balance & Harmony - Multi Stone Chakra Feng Shui Tree" is unique to say the least. This tree is made out of semi-precious stones like clear quartz, amethyst, citrine, carnelian, sodalite, aquamarine, aventurine, and a white crystal base. Incorporating various gemstones enhances the beauty of this feng shui tree and provides numerous benefits. This one, single tree, retailing at $1,159, is capable of providing a lifetime of healing and positivity.

Aquamarine has a wide range of applications, many of which are connected to transparency and interaction. This stone is regarded as a gemstone of courage, and it aids people in overcoming communication-related fears.. According to crystal healers, aquamarine assists in staying calm and not getting too overwhelmed. Aquamarine gemstones also provide physical health benefits like the  treatment of sore throats, swollen glands, and thyroid issues.

Spiritual Harmony - Amethyst Chakra Feng Shui Tree Bundle

Add Comfort to the Home

The soothing properties of the aquamarine stone can help with psoriasis, rashes, and eczema. When used in conjunction with standard medication, it can significantly minimize or prevent herpes breakouts, and help with shingles. Aquamarine's "cooling stone" characteristics can help with laryngitis and sore throats.

Teeth and gums are frequently relieved with correct use of this stone as well. It is believed to support optimal pituitary and thyroid gland growth and hormone production. Wearing aquamarine jewelry near the problematic region of your skin can aid in recovery from ailments.

For instance, try rubbing aquamarines on your lids for 20 to 30 minutes every night before bed to relieve tired eyes and inflammation. Or, place an aquamarine gemstone on the solar plexus, directly below the center of your breastbone, to ease anxiety spasms and heart palpitations.

Aquamarine teaches us the power of gentle strength. Through truth, grace, and a peaceful spirit, we can live empowered and whole lives, without the use of violence or aggression.

Relaxing Lullaby Feng Shui Aquamarine Stone Tree

Divine Inspiration - Tourmaline & Jade Feng Shui Tree
Divine Inspiration - Tourmaline & Jade Feng Shui Tree
Embrace the abundance you deserve. It is your responsibility to make sure that positive emotions constitute the dominating influence of y...
Precio habitual $259
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Women are more likely to discover the bravery and fortitude to express their actual sentiments and ideas and feel more at ease using their powerful intuition. On the other hand, men have an easier time breaking through their emotional numbness, allowing for even more precise communication via free emotional expression.

Spiritual healing becomes considerably more straightforward when communication barriers and gates are removed. aquamarine's reflective properties allow buried truths to be uncovered, resulting in self-awareness and empowerment. 

The healing characteristics of aquamarine assist us in improving our communication with ourselves, each other, and, most importantly, with the Divine. Signals and guidance from  the Divine become more lucid and potent when aquamarine is present. Aquamarine, which is often referred to as a spiritual gateway crystal, can assist you in establishing a stronger connection with your spirituality's outer expressions, as well as your inner self.

Choose an aquamarine feng shui tree, prayer beads, earrings, or a pendant to connect and communicate with the higher, Divine powers.. The spiritual meaning of aquamarine is to go with the flow of life and trust whatever is thrown your way, rather than waiting for the perfect timing or opportunity. Aquamarine dreams are also frequently viewed as an indicator of a budding friendship on the horizon.

Where to Place this Colorful Tree

A crystalline gem tree is a miniature tree composed of numerous semi-precious stones and crystals. This would be the feng shui guarantee of riches. For maximized benefit, this tree should be placed in the southeast part of the house to boost luck in wealth and abundance. You can also put it in the northwest area of the house to help advance careers.

Live, organic plants emit ‘yang’ energies and therefore should not be kept in the bedroom, as this energy is lively and energetic; and would prevent a good night’s sleep. Artificial flowers and plants can be utilized, but only if they are dusted regularly.

Many feng shui practitioners dislike artificial plants because they collect dust quickly, resulting in clutter and bad stagnant chi. A better option is the crystal tree of life, which can be easily cleansed and dusted.

The trees are connected with the element of wood. Both the eastern and southeast direction is governed by the wood element, as they known as the potential growth directions.

Health and family are governed by the eastern sector. The southeast sector is in charge of riches. To take advantage of both these benefits, riches and growth, here are some ideas:

  • The wood element can be used for more than just furniture. and-carved figures can be placed on shelves or decorative wall carvings can be hung on the wall. Create a cluster of wooden decorations on an eastern or southeastern wall or area if you choose.
  • As water nourishes wood and encourages development, a countertop water fountain in any sector is appropriate.
  • To bring chi spirit to this area, place a Wu Lou, gourd-shaped table light signifying longevity,  in the eastern sector of the home.
  • The Karma and Luck gemstone trees of life are beautiful decorations that will support both riches and growth.

Divine Inspiration - Pink Tourmaline Jade Feng Shui Tree of Life

Cleansing is Essential

It is believed that a person's aura is closely linked to their physical health. In contrast to an unhealthy individual, a healthy person's atmosphere (physically, psychologically, and emotionally) would be very bright, colorful, and clean. Crystals can assist you in cleansing your aura, increasing your energy, and allowing you to be a much more stable individual in terms of  health, emotions, and thoughts.

Amethysts assist in the detoxification of your spirit, almost like taking a pleasant energy bath. Some people use these stones to help them recover from addiction. Many folks recommend waving this crystal around like a magic wand to purify your aura.

If you try this, you may feel emboldened and free of the energies that have been holding you back; and your chakras will also be aligned. Keep this stone with you at all times, including under your pillow at night, in order to reap all of its benefits. 

Celestine is another crystal making up this powerful tree.  With a pale blue tint, you can utilize it for instilling serenity and tranquility into the mind and body. It will assist you improving your mood and bringing about significant lifestyle changes.

Be sure to cleanse your tree regularly. Once in a while, place the tree in direct sunlight for at least a few hours. The bright yang energy will masterfully get rid of any toxic or negative enrgy that has gathered.

Feng Shui Trees

Are You Ready To Feng Shui Your Home? 

Feng shui concepts and symbolism can be used in various ways while designing and rearranging the home. Choose items that represent energies and attitudes that you wish to instill into your home and family. Incorporate elements of nature, to bring balance and grounding into the space and be aware of certain placements that encourage a more postive flow of energy.

Try it out and you will be amazed at  how much these feng shui modifications and suggestions can assist in creating a more mindful and peaceful home. Earth, fire, wood, water, and metal are the five essential elements of feng shui, and one should try to incorporate each element throughout the rooms of the home to encourage balance.

For example, wood can be incorporated with the placement of Karma and Luck’s feng shui crystal trees or painting an accent wall blue to incorpate the water element.

Feng shui is all about maintaining balance and using the order of nature to guide us. . Pay great attention to the literal and symbolic meanings of the objects surrounding you, and consider if those energies you wish to be present in your home or not. 

By interacting with the world in a more holistic and connected way, we make room for good energy and good vibes to flow freely into our lives and into the spaces we inhabit. Looking to add touches of feng shui into your home? Browse through our selection of feng shui crystal trees today!

Start Your Journey Here: Browse Our Tree Of life Best Sellers

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