Fill Your Life with Beauty with These 5 Protection Aquamarine Necklaces

There are few things in this world which evoke a deeper sense of peace and tranquility than the sea. Floating upon the ocean’s embrace is the ultimate relaxation and a certain path to healing. Aquamarine gemstones are frequently free of inclusions and as pure as water, signifying spiritual and emotional purity. Thanks to aquamarine stones, we can harness that same sense of peace even when we do not live near the ocean.

With their blue-green sparkling color, the spirit of the sea is immediately invoked within anyone who sets their eyes upon this natural treasure. Wearing aquamarine necklaces is an excellent way to harness the powers of this ocean-like stone. Jewelers are increasingly using Aquamarine to create the most delicate and most expensive jewelry pieces for both men and women.

The necklace is an excellent high-end present for your dear ones. These lovely aquamarine pieces are usually a nice present for individuals born in March! March birthdays should be commemorated with the gift of Aquamarine March birthstone jewelry. It's not just a timeless fashion trend; it's also a gesture of thanks and a reminder of life's most precious moments. Karma and Luck is indeed a brand that guarantees quality and creates one-of-a-kind masterpieces. This article discusses the numerous pieces available at Karma and Luck, how to style them, and their healing abilities and advantages.

Let’s take a look at 5 of our top choices for beautiful aquamarine necklaces!

Table of Contents

1. Profound Joy Lapis Aquamarine Triple Protection Necklace

This Karma and Luck creation is truly one-of-a-kind. The Profound Joy Lapis Triple Protection necklace features aquamarine and lapis lazuli faceted rondelle beads. Both stones hold their own unique set of powers. March's birthstone Aquamarine exudes the gentle spirit of the sea. Not surprisingly, old voyagers and mariners are responsible for much of the interpretation and significance affiliated with the sea-blue stone. This necklace is handmade in Bali, Indonesia, adding to the exquisiteness. The necklace Is perfect for your outfits and protects one from negative energy and evil eyes. 

The Profound Joy - Lapis Aquamarine Triple Protection Necklace will give you a more optimistic outlook and a clearer mind. Lapis lazuli promotes happiness and optimism, driving you to achieve your objectives. Aquamarine, on the other hand, opens you up to a deeper realm of the subconscious, a realm where human creativity has no bounds. According to crystal specialists, this sea-inspired stone allows us to reach our deep inner knowledge. As a result, we can stay loyal to our core principles, express our emotions honestly, and communicate with people from the heart. This brings forth our inner strength, encourages us to express ourselves creatively, and improves our artistic abilities. Traits of empathy and kindness are enhanced.

Aquamarine is an especially stunning stone, however its significance and meaning are what truly set it apart from the rest. However, this necklace is made up of not only one powerful stone, but two. With the addition of lapis lazuli, the properties are maximized. It is believed lapis lazuli provides the wearer with vitality and positivity. It benefits a person's life not only psychologically, but also physically, as it is said to help relieve symptoms of diabetes and improve mental health. It can also help people who have trouble concentrating and will boost creativity and inspiration. This stone is ideal for those who have trouble communicating effectively.

Lapis lazuli is thought to have medicinal benefits as well. It is believed to help in the treatment of heart disease, jaundice, epilepsy, and skin diseases. Young children can benefit from this stone, because it can relieve any emotions of fear, worry, or doubt, and makes for an excellent nighttime protector. Lapis lazuli is also an ideal stone for meditation as it opens the third eye chakra, allowing one to delve deeper into their subconscious mind. Lapis and lazuli and aquamarine combine to create a necklace that not only connects you to your spirit but also promises a beauty that will elevate any outfit.

Profound Joy Lapis Aquamarine Triple Protection Necklace

Necklace Aquamarine Exceptional Shipping Time

Karma & Luck provides customers with the best quality products, and ensures that they arrive on time. With our fast and efficient delivery system, our customers are never kept waiting for their beautiful treasures to arrive. So that you know what to expect, here are some delivery estimates:

  • Standard Delivery - Delivery in 4-7 Business Days. Cost varies depending on location. (All transactions over $75 in the United States receive free standard shipping).
  • Priority Shipping - Delivery in 1-3 Business Days. Cost varies depending on location. 
  • Express Shipping - Delivery in 1-2 Business Days. Cost varies depending on location 

    The Highest Quality Guaranteed for Aquamarine Necklaces

    Karma and Luck will ensure that customers are getting the highest quality aquamarine necklace possible. At Karma and Luck, we ensure that our customers receive only the highest quality necklaces and other jewelry items. With top notch customer service, we are always here to help should a question or concern arise. Each item is handmade by highly-skilled artisans, guaranteeing a product that is not only unique and made from the heart, but is also durable. The "Profound Joy - Lapis Aquamarine Triple Protection Necklace" will give you a more optimistic outlook and a clearer mind, with lapis Lazuli promoting happiness and optimism. You will be inspired and motivated to make even your wildest dreams a reality. Each lapis lazuli and aquamarine stone is energetically charged with powers to instill clarity, joy, patience, and balance within those who wear them.


    Aquamarine Birthstone Necklaces Healing Properties

    Lapis Lazuli and aquamarine create a sense of joy and optimism within the wearer that encourages them to achieve their goals. They are potent stones that can help one see life in a more positive light. This triple protection necklace is a joyous reminder of the infinite possibilities available to one in this life. It will bring a sense of true healing on even the darkest of days.

    How to Wear and Care for an Aquamarine Birthstone Necklace

    Spiritual jewelry establishes a bond between the person and the object. These stones can collect energy over time, and as a result, should be regularly cleaned. Depending on the stones within the jewelry, the cleaning routine will vary.

    Be sure to research the appropriate care for your particular stones, in order to maintain your jewelry looking bright and new. It is advised to keep the jewelry in a softly-lined bag or jewelry box. This protects them from sunlight, chemicals, and getting scratched by other jewels. When putting on the necklace, one should set an intention for the stones. Consider what you would like help with and then send that wish to the crystals. Wear your necklace with confidence, knowing that the energetic healing properties are hard at work providing you with your desires.

    Profound Joy Lapis Aquamarine Triple Protection Necklace

    2. Bold & Strong Aries Constellation Necklace

    This gorgeous Aries constellation charm necklace is made with dedication and love in Bangkok, Thailand. The pendant is adorned with moonstones, aquamarine stones and crystals. This zodiac necklace is a unique find with its multiple stones, white enamel, and 18k gold plated brass.

    Aries is a natural-born leader who exudes charisma, boldness, and self-assurance. The ram leads with the head, and those born underneath this sign frequently walk ahead of the rest of the pack. They are loyal, intelligent, and spontaneous, and are always working on multiple projects. An Aries will never be fully content until their work, social lives, and personal lives are all perfectly aligned and they are living the ideal life they have always imagined. The "Bold & Strong - Aries Constellation Necklace" gives Aries more adaptability and flexibility, allowing them to attract more abundance into their lives.

    Moonstone, one of the stones featured in this constellation necklace, is deeply connected to its namesake, the moon. The moon is beloved for its immense amount of healing powers, and this stone offers the same promises. Not only does this stone offer the same shimmering beauty as its celestial counterpart, but it also holds similarly unmatched powers. It is particularly helpful for women, as the moonstone is a feminine stone. It is believed to have a positive effect on hormone balance. It can also help with menstrual cramps, delivery discomfort, psoriasis, hair loss, and a variety of emotional wellness concerns.

    This stone promotes and nurtures intuition, tenderness, and compassion by focusing on the  feminine side of life. Although these stones are renowned for strengthening the feminine, that does not mean that moonstone is only for women. In fact, any man can benefit from standing more firmly in balance of their femininity and fostering these feminine traits. This balance of masculine and feminine can help one achieve harmony with themselves. 

    Bold & Strong - Aries Constellation Necklace

    The other stone featured in this exquisite necklace is the aquamarine stone. Aquamarine, also known as the Pisces birthstone, is a powerfully intuitive stone. This semi-precious gemstone is able to improve the wearer's financial situation, relationships, and overall behavior. Aquamarine can balance, stabilize, and regulate a person's mental, emotional, and physical well-being. It relieves the wearer of material wants, uncertainties, and mental tension.

    Aquamarine assists people in becoming more grounded, loving, and selfless. This ethereal gemstone, blessed by the powers of planet Neptune, can promote loyalty, faithfulness, and eternal love in relationships. It also helps those who have difficulty connecting with others, due to introvertedness, shyness, or a lack of confidence. Aquamarine encourages them to freely express themselves with no worries of judgment or criticism. Aquamarine boosts self-esteem and improves communication skills.

    When rapid and positive replies are required, the Aquamarine gemstone aids in providing the owner with a clear vision and allowing them to make the best possible decision. This stone makes a person clever, good at making decisions, and an excellent judge of character. The healing qualities of the aquamarine gemstone are used to alleviate the anguish and pain caused by past lives or experiences.

    Excellent Shipping Time

    Have you ever ordered a piece of jewelry online and had to wait weeks or months for it to arrive? With Karma and Luck, you will never have to wait like that again. With our quick, effective, and low-cost shipping options, you can be sure to have your new jewelry as soon as possible.

    Aquamarine Birthstone Necklaces Highest Quality

    These lovingly handcrafted necklaces are created with gold-plated brass and high-grade, authentic crystals. At Karma and Luck, each piece of jewelry is unique to suit one’s individuality, and is guaranteed to be long-lasting. Every necklace offers beauty and durability, all at affordable and accessible prices. Karma and Luck aquamarine jewelry are perfect gifts for loved ones, friends, significant others, and yourself. Our items are an ideal choice, offering the perfect, high-quality everyday wear and remarkably affordable.

    Necklaces Essential Healing Properties

    Moonstone is revered as a stone for "new vistas". It is a stone of internal development and recuperation. It reduces emotional trauma and instability while also soothing and stabilizing emotions. Moonstone enhances intuition, encourages success, and brings good fortune in relationships and business. Moonstone aids in digestion, the assimilation of nutrients, the elimination of toxins, and the lowering of fluid retention. It also treats degenerative skin, hair, and eye disorders, as well as conditions of the liver and pancreas. By stimulating the pineal gland and harmonizing hormonal cycles, it works wonderfully for menstruation, pregnancy, conception, delivery, and breastfeeding. Moonstone can also assist men in more effectively and empathetically expressing their emotions.

    Wearing & Caring for This Necklace

    This necklace exudes the energy and spirit of Aries. As a bold sign of the zodiac, this necklace should be proudly worn and showcased for its beauty. Enhance your self-confidence by putting this delicate, yet powerful necklace on.

    Be sure to care for this zodiac necklace and the healing crystals featured on it. Regularly cleaning the necklace with gentle soap and water will keep it shining and bright, while leaving it in the moonlight’s glow will cleanse it of any negative energy.

    Bold & Strong - Aries Constellation Necklace

    Delicate Touch - Aquamarine Pearl Labradorite Lotus Charm Necklace
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    Delicate Touch - Aquamarine Pearl Labradorite Lotus Charm Necklace
    Your truth radiates from within, enlightening those around you. The gentle caress of the Lotus is empowered by the robust and grounded st...
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    Check it out

    3. Vigorous Spirit Star of David Chakra Necklace

    This one-of-a-kind chakra necklace features the powerfully illuminating Star of David. This necklace also has a one mm aquamarine stone, boosting its exceptional healing properties. At 18mm, this Star of David necklace ensures unity, optimism, connection, and good fortune. The multicolored chakra enamel adds to this necklace’s significance by bringing balance and vitality to the wearer's life. The combination of healing symbols and colors, set this necklace apart from the rest. Made of the highest quality, it is composed of 18K gold coated brass and is handcrafted in Bangkok, Thailand.

    This necklace reminds the wearer to connect with present moment awareness, allowing them to clear and align their chakras. Karma and Luck's "Vigorous Spirit - Star of David Chakra Necklace" assists you in connecting with your higher purpose so that you can live a life that is both fulfilling and inspiring. Use it as a symbol of love, support, and safety; and also as a reassurance that you are never truly alone.

    The Star of David is a holy symbol in the Jewish religion and many other religious belief systems worldwide. It is among the most sacred emblems in human history. The hexagonal form represents the coming together of opposites, which is what gives birth to life - females and males, heaven and earth, light and darkness, etc. The Star of David is a multifaceted vehicle used to improve our relationship with the creator. It is sometimes referred to as the "merkaba vehicle", or the holy light utilized by ascending masters to interact with and reach individuals in the spirit world. It enables incarnation from the spiritual level to the physical plane.

    Aquamarine is a blue-ish to blue-green variant of the beryl mineral. It is named after the Latin phrase "water of the sea", due to its sea-like colors. Although all its hues are beautiful, the most sought-after shade is a dark aqua. Its metaphysical powers help with enhancing psychic abilities, fortitude, connection, serenity, and a deep sense of cleansing, among other things. It is especially helpful for timid and introverted people who are hesitant to communicate, because it gives them confidence and better control over their emotions. Wearing this stone can help you cope with anger and stress by attracting fresh, positive vibes into your life. It is also thought to be a beneficial stone for the throat chakra and thymus gland. 

    Aquamarine is a potent stone that is known for opening up communication and clearing emotional issues from the past.

    Wearing an aquamarine stone is thought to minimize fluid retention in the body while also calming the nerves. It helps the wearer overcome materialistic urges and insecurities, while also relieving mental and physical stress. Placed within the evil eye, this stone’s immense properties are elevated and enhanced.

    Excellent Shipping Time for Aquamarine Necklace Birthstone

    At Karma and Luck, we are dedicated to providing our customers with fast and reliable shipping. With a range of shipping options available, you can have your new necklace in no time!

    High-Quality Materials

    Lovingly handcrafted by skilled and talented artisans from around the world, the jewelry form Karma and Luck guarantees beauty, individuality, and durability. The materials used in the creation of this Star of David necklace are top notch with the authentic aquamarine stone and the 18K gold plated brass adding to its value.

    Healing Properties of This Aquamarine Necklace

    The Star of David Symbol has been used for centuries. It represents the merging of the upper and lower dimensions, allowing us to connect with eternal life and elevating our spiritual progress. The star is made up of two triangles - one pointing up and the other down. The Star of David is a powerful instrument for lightworkers, as it acts as a receiver and amplifier of the energies of the universal life essence. It also strengthens the bearer's bio-field or aura. The Star of David combined with the aquamarine stone and the evil eye, create a truly unique and exceptionally protective piece of jewelry. The wearer can go confidently about their day knowing they are safe from harm’s way.

    Wearing and Caring for This Necklace

    The feminine side of the Star of David necklace should be placed near to your heart, while the male side should be pointed outwards, away from your body. In this way the female, or receptive side, will pick up energy from your soul. The stone will then instantly transform that received energy into a much higher-frequency, while the pendant’s male side will emit that high-frequency vibrations and fill us with cleansing energy. By wearing this necklace, we can increase our aura and shield it from all types of harmful energy that surrounds us.

    This necklace, as with any jewelry item, should be cleaned regularly. It is advised to keep the necklace tucked away in a softy-lined bag or jewelry box.

    Vigorous Spirit - Star Of David Chakra Necklace

    4. Delicate Touch Aquamarine Pearl Labradorite Lotus Charm Necklace

    The lotus flower grows from deep within the muck, far from the sun. Nevertheless, from the darkness it blooms, becoming one of the most vibrant and beautiful flowers in the world. The lotus blossom is a sacred symbol representing fertility, wisdom, rebirth, and reincarnation in many civilizations, but particularly in eastern faiths. Its resilient qualities are a perfect analogy for the human experience - creating the most beautiful blossom even when its roots are those of darkness and muck.

    In Buddhism, the lotus flower has a particularly special meaning. Every person, according to Buddhism, has the capacity of becoming flawless and awakened, and it is only a matter of time before they do. Buddhists believe that being reincarnated countless times and polishing one's existence through a myriad of incarnations is essential until one achieves nirvana, the highest state of awareness that humans can achieve.

    For this reason, the Buddha can sometimes be represented seated on a lotus flower. This signifies the one who transcended the anguish of the physical realm and attained enlightenment, much like the lotus flower, which grows from filthy, muddy water but eventually rises above it to produce a perfect blossom. For the same reason, numerous Hindu gods are depicted seated or resting on a Lotus blossom.

    Necklaces aquamarine for womens

    This Delicate Touch - Aquamarine Pearl Labradorite Lotus Charm Necklace perfectly  represents the beauty and complexity of a lotus flower. The necklace is adorned with aquamarine, labradorite, and pearl faceted rondelle beads and is handmade with love in India. The lotus charm allows your inner truth to shine brightly, inspiring everyone around you, while the labradorite and aquamarine stones work to strengthen and ground its wearer. The dynamic pairing of pearl and aquamarine also delivers the kindness and tenderness that we need in our daily lives.

    Aquamarine is renowned as a gemstone of the breath. It aids the respiratory tract, the lungs, and can help with sinus problems and coughing. Hay fever and other chronic allergies, including the common cold and bronchitis, respond well to it. It is a soothing stone that can help with laryngitis, strep throat, and sore throats. Balancing hormones, this stone can efficiently heal the pituitary and thyroid glands. It can also soothe tooth and gum problems, eczema, hives, rosacea, shingles, and psoriasis. When placed on the eyelids for a few minutes each night, it has a relaxing impact on fatigued eyes. This practice is said to relieve spasms and visual issues. Aquamarine also has a beneficial effect on a person's nerves by strengthening them.

    The labradorite stone, also featured on this gorgeous necklace, can help you uncover your inherent magical abilities and powers. This gemstone is often called the "stone of magic", as it awakens spiritual abilities and encourages deeper connections with the spiritual world. With its kaleidoscope hues, this vibrant stone is believed to hold unmatched powers. Labradorite can assist in reflecting your inner light and interacting with unseen worlds. It can help you develop psychic talents, improve your vision, and boost your intuition. It is commonly utilized in sacred rituals and serves as a form of mental protection.

    A Promise of High Quality

    This unique and handcrafted aquamarine necklace promises a beauty that will last a lifetime. Each necklace is lovingly made with high intentions and blessings.

    Aquamarine Stone Necklaces Healing Properties

    Labradorite possesses two significant qualities: magic and protection. It is said to be a protector of the mineral realm by aligning the chakras, strengthening the aura, and shielding you from negativity. Here is a non-exhaustive list of labradorite’s prized properties:

    • Protects from both the self and the outerworld.
    • Treats eye or vision problems. 
    • Lowers blood pressure and regulates blood flow. 
    • Allows you to move on from past disappointments or insecurities. 
    • Boosts confidence and faith in yourself. 
    • Heals all wounds from the inside out. 
    • Strengthens the physical, intellectual, and spiritual lives of those who use it. 
    • Enhances self-determination. 
    • Improves psychic powers and intuition. 
    • Increases your ability to stay safe and prepared 
    • Helps ease feelings of self-doubt, fear, discouragement, and sadness.
    • Creates a flow of positive energy within the body, resulting in increased happiness and contentment.

    Aquamarine, on the other hand, is a versatile gemstone with numerous applications. It has long been thought to have highly therapeutic powers. Aquamarine is especially beneficial for people who have difficulty communicating effectively. The stone emits a powerful energy that improves one's public speaking ability, as well as boosts their confidence. The use of aquamarine can be extremely beneficial for anyone who feels shy or hesitant to speak their views. The stone also has a relaxing and soothing effect that can assist a person in times of stress.

    How to Wear and Care for a Necklace with Aquamarine Birthstone?

    Aquamarines are adored for their gorgeous sea-inspired blue hue with a hint of green. This  gemstone does require special care, but its shine and healing properties are well worth the time and effort. The hardness of the stone is one of the most essential elements to consider when caring for an aquamarine. Aquamarine is a hard stone that can withstand a lot of abuse, however keeping it away from chemicals or alcohol is advised. Another suggestion is to keep gemstones safely protected and separated within a jewelry box, so as to avoid scratching or damaging them.

    Here is a simple routine for cleaning aquamarine:

    • Fill a small basin halfway with warm water. Add a drop of dish soap. 
    • Leave your stones to soak for about 10- 30 minutes. 
    • Gently clean the stone with a soft-bristled toothbrush. 
    • Rinse the stone under water to remove any leftover dust or debris.
    • Dry with a soft cloth.

    Delicate Touch - Aquamarine Pearl Labradorite Lotus Charm Necklace

      5. Joyous Hope Lapis Opal Aquamarine Evil Eye Mala

      The mala necklace is truly distinct and special. Handmade in Jaipur, India, this evil eye mala is made of 18k gold plated brass. The mala is adorned with multiple semi-precious gemstones, such as white opal, aquamarine, rudraksha seeds, and lapis lazuli. It also features a dark navy blue tassel encompassed by golden string. The darkness of the tassel is a beautiful complement to the golden chain and the multiple colors of the stones.

      Positivity and joy are emitted whenever your thoughts, heart, and soul are all connected in love. The "Joyous Hope - Lapis Opal Aquamarine Evil Eye Mala" has a high vibration that will give you a clearer mind and a more cheerful outlook. Lapis lazuli promotes happiness and optimism, giving you the drive to achieve your objectives. Aquamarine & white opal open you up to a realm of deep internal cognition, a realm where your imagination is limitless. Rudraksha seeds are thought to form a protective barrier of someone's energy to sustain harmony and internal peace. Furthermore, the evil eye symbol acts as a true warrior,  providing all of the defense your soul requires and fighting any negative energies.

      When a person is wearing or carrying an evil eye, it protects them from misfortune and adverse events in their lives. It helps maintain a sense of equilibrium in life and shields you from "bad karma" or suffering, thus promoting overall well-being. It nourishes the bearer's thoughts and sentiments, keeping them free of negativity and self-doubt. An aquamarine stone or jewelry item can also boost your self-esteem. If you lack the motivation and assurance to complete complex jobs and tasks, an aquamarine amulet can swiftly help. By allowing us to see the positive in every situation, we are more apt to stay focused and driven to our goals. A pleasant mood and an attitude of positivity can make all the difference in life.

      The benefits of lapis lazuli are immense. This powerful bright blue stone is said to awaken minds and provide much-needed insight. It is worn to promote self-awareness, self-confidence, self-knowledge, peace and unity, compassion, and morality. It also assists in keeping the wearer in a pleasant mood. Lapis lazuli is also physically beneficial in reducing inflammation and aiding the nervous and immune systems.

      It helps clear the throat and the thyroid, making it ideal for people who have vocal problems or sore throats. It can help to strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation, relieve insomnia, and alleviate depression and vertigo. This is a valuable tool for intellectual examination, problem-solving, and new concepts. This stone is helpful in generating fresh thoughts, improving academic talents, and activating and sharpening the memory.

      Crystal Aquamarine Necklace Excellent Shipping Time

      In order for you to enjoy your new jewelry and start taking advantage of its healing properties as soon as possible, Karma and Luck works to provide quick shipping to all of our customers.

      A Guarantee of Quality for Women's Aquamarine Necklace

      These malas are carefully handcrafted with love and care by our talented, traditional artisans. Not only is this necklace beautiful, but it is also comfortable to wear and a powerful tool for setting intentions. These necklaces are handmade and of the highest quality, ensuring a piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime.

      Mala Aquamarine's Necklace Healing Properties

      The healing crystal, lapis lazuli, is believed to reduce anger and evil thoughts. It is an exceptional tool for those who have emotional breakdowns, because it soothes the senses and allows the mind to open up to self-awareness. This gemstone protects against worry and psychological attacks. It also encourages curiosity and inspires new, creative ideas. It promotes objectivity and clarity, allowing one to speak their truths and feelings. Lapis lazuli is believed to harmonize the masculine and feminine elements of your personality, as well as to vibrate with the spirit of the innermost king or queen. Lapis lazuli's mental mending is not just for inner concerns; it may also help you set objectives and be more determined in your life. It can rid your mind of negativity, allowing you to lead a life of positivity and joy.

      Wearing and Caring for This Mala

      Take special care for this delicate and powerful mala necklace. Be sure to store it, when not being worn, in a softly-lined bag or jewelry box. This will protect the chain from tangling and the stones from getting scratched.

      Be sure to energetically cleanse your mala as soon as you receive it and regularly throughout its life. Cleansing it will remove any built-up negative energy, allowing it to work in turning your dreams into reality.

      Joyous Hope - Lapis Opal Aquamarine Evil Eye Mala

      Start Your Healing Journey with Aquamarine Necklaces

      Each of these dynamic and dazzling necklaces hold their own unique set of powers and properties. No two are alike in appearance or in abilities. What they do all have in common is the powerful addition of aquamarine. This stone is revered for its nurturing and soothing nature, and its graceful assistance throughout the healing process. Add one of these necklaces into your life and feel the calming energy begin to flow. Interested in purchasing one of these aquamarine beauties? Visit our website and browse our collection of high-quality, authentic gemstone jewelry!

      Aquamarine stone women necklaces

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