Opal Stones and Crystals Jewelry - Meaning, Properties, Benefits and Chakra


The designated birthstone of October, opal, is a stone of unparalleled beauty and shine. With a variety of purposes and meanings, this stone is given as a token of luck on 14 year wedding anniversaries.

The name of the opal stone comes from the Sanskrit, ‘upala’, which means precious stone, and later the Greek, ‘opallios’, appropriately meaning “to see a change of color”. 

The opal spiritual meaning has a long and mystical history, with many myths associated with it. In fact, in medieval times, each and every blond maiden desired a necklace made out of opal crystals as they were claimed to prevent the gorgeous hair color from fading or darkening.

The opal birthstone is also mysteriously believed to have the power of invisibility, allowing someone to turn invisible whenever they want. For that reason, it is called “patronus forum” - the patron of thieves. 

When it comes to ancient times, opal stones were a symbol of fidelity and assurance, and as time passed, it was associated with religious and emotional prayers.

Apart from this, people wore it as an amulet for curing eye diseases. The most valuable varieties of opal gemstones are said to come from Australia, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, the Czech Republic, the USA, Britain, and Slovakia. 

Known as one of the most extraordinarily beautiful stones, the opal crystal meaning comes in a variety of amazing colors and has great healing powers. People worldwide wear black opal, and other opals, in jewelry pieces such as necklaces, bracelets, and amulets as a form of protection and healing. 

Interested in this stunning stone? Read on to discover all there is to know about the captivating opal.

Opal jewelry

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The Meaning of Opal Stones

The opal stone is a translucent to transparent semi-precious gemstone. For years, the opal stone's stunning and shimmery look has mesmerized the eye and captivated the heart.

Known as the birthstone for October, the opal stone is a luminescent stone belonging to the silica mineral family, which also includes quartz and cristobalite. 

The stone’s ivory white, pearly pink, or pale blue colors shimmer brightly with the light of the sun. Their stunning colors seem to change as you move the stone in different positions.

This incredible phenomenon is caused by the magical interplay of light and the mineral cracks in the stone. The spiritual meaning of opal stone is one of hope, truth, and purity.

black opal jewelry

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Opal is also known to  intensify one's emotional states, as well as helping them to release their inhibitions. 

Opal is a beautiful gift from Earth and has been used since ancient times for its spiritual properties and its stunning appearance.

Worn as jewelry, a gold or silver contrast will enhance the colors in the stone even more, making it the best option for luxury jewelry. However, it can also be worn as an elegant everyday option. 

Our October friends are lucky to have two charming birthstones, including the shimmery opal stones and the rainbow stone of tourmaline. As the traditional birthstone for all the Libras and Scorpios out there, the opal meaning helps their radiant spirits shine.

opal jewelry set

October babies are blessed in the variety of colors they can choose from in their birthstones, as both opals and tourmalines come in an array of hues. Opal comes in different colors, such as cloudy white, pinky pearl, and others.

However, the rarest of them all is the black color. It also comes in a fiery variety that seems to glow with the sun’s powerful rays. 

The enchanting stone, opal, is linked to love, passion, desire, and eroticism. The meaning of opal stone is also deeply connected to loyalty and faithfulness. Due to these beneficial meanings, it is a powerful stone for improving relationships.

By wearing this stone, you will surround yourself in radiant positivity, pushing negative vibrations out of the picture. 

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The Many Properties of An Opal

The opal stone is a hydrated amorphous silica mineral, and is softer and denser than quartz. It is typically definite and is known for the play of colors it demonstrates.

The stone is distinctive, and can be easily identified by its flashing array of colors. The stunning colors of the opal stone are similar to the changing and vibrant colors of fall, making it the perfect birthstone for October. 

The stone is unique among gems and its colors have long been prized in jewelry. The colors mainly come from the reflection of the light, as they are packed closely with silica spheres that combined make up the stunning opal.

The arrangement of the spheres comes in different sizes as well as patterns. One of the rarest of them all is known to be the Harlequin opal stones that come in color patterns similar to a checkerboard. 

Opal is a delicate and soft stone with a rating of 5.5 to 6.5 on the hardness scale. It is mostly milky and translucent and is a hardened silica gel with 5-20% water. Many opals end up cracking if they dry out too quickly from the mine.

opal necklace
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The properties of opal stone include their distinct level of porousness. Another property is that they are amorphous, meaning they do not have a crystal structure.

Only two gemstones are amorphous, including opal and amber. A very high quality opal is always translucent, and not milky. 

The metaphysical properties make it an excellent choice for igniting psychic abilities. This stone increases your spiritual awareness and plays a role in mystical visions.

It is known to be a supportive stone that represents art and poetry. The opal stone properties also make it a great tool for increasing confidence and self-worth. It will grant you spiritual light, consciousness, and intuition, helping you find the path to enlightenment.

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The Many Benefits of Opal

There are many opal benefits, and according to astrological wisdom, the stone is associated with Venus. This planetary connection will fulfill all of your heart's desires. It will also provide you with a comfortable and luxurious life. 

The benefits of opal are abundant. Equipped with many physical healing powers, it is known for calming fevers, fighting infections, and easing menstrual problems, menopause, and PMS.

Apart from this, it also plays a role in detoxifying the system, purifying the blood, producing insulin, and helping with water retention. Other opal stone benefits include helping with skin-related problems and kidney issues.

It also promotes healthier hair, nails, and eyes, as well as improving memory. The stone has also been said to help boost one’s will to live, which is especially helpful for anyone dealing with depression or anxiety.

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Explore The Various Types of Opal 

There are many different types of opal stones. Some of these include: 

  • Black Opal Stone

Black Opal is one of the most highly valued opals and comes from Lightning Ridge. These high-quality stones are extremely rare. Different from what its name suggests, this stone is actually not all black.

The name actually comes from the stone having a darker body tone as compared to the white opal. It can easily be distinguished by the stone's dark body color. 

  • White Opal 

White opal stone has a base tone that ranges from colorless to a medium gray shade, and is mainly called light opal. Referred to as “white opal”, this variety has a milky appearance.

The stone is commonly found, and has a less prominent color tone than other opal types.

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  • Boulder Opal 

The Boulder variety of opal is a naturally formed variety. It is a rare type that can mainly be found in Western Queensland. It occurs as the filling of cracks in ironstone boulders.

The color of the boulder opal is generally black, but can sometimes be found light as well. This hue depends on the appearance of the gem when viewed from the surface. 

  • Fire Opal 

Shining with solar energy, fire opal is a translucent opal with warm body colors, including yellow, orange, and red. When hitting certain lights, it will also give off extraordinary green flashes.

This variety is not commonly found in Australia, and is more often found in Mexico. Also known as “jelly opals” or “Mexican opals”, they are exquisite stones that radiate with mystical energy. 

  • Peruvian Opal 

The Peruvian Opal, also called the blue opal, is a semi opaque to blue-green opal stone found in Peru. In the more opaque stones, it is cut to include the matrix. 

  • Honey Opal 

Honey opal is clear and glassy in appearance. As the name suggests, it appears similarly to a chunk of golden dried honey.

Chakra Jewelry Symbol Collections

5 Beautiful Opal Jewelry Choices from Karma & Luck

Coming in stunning colors and full of  incredible healing properties, opal jewelry is full of extraordinary benefits. 

Take a look at five of our favorite choices from the opal collection:

Chakra Jewelry Symbol Collections

#1 Nourishing Love - Opal Moonstone Evil Eye Charm Necklace 

Love is truly the answer to everything. With this charming opal necklace, love will flourish in your life, opening the doors to true happiness and contentment. This evil eye charm necklace will keep you open to love, while guarding you from negativity or disappointment.

The opal will serve as a best friend, understanding your deepest emotions and helping you to effectively process them. The added moonstone will encourage you to find emotional balance, so that you can experience life from a more grounded mindset.

The evil eye charm will deflect negativity, and the hamsa charm will protect you. Moreover, the opal stone will help you heal from any trauma or past hurt. This beautiful necklace comes in a length of 18" - 20". With 18K gold plating, this necklace is handmade with love in Bali, Indonesia.

Style this piece with a variety of looks, and you are sure to receive an abundance of compliments!

Opal Moonstone Evil Eye Charm Necklace

#2 Inner Truth - Opal Lapis Lazuli Elephant Charm Bracelet

Men's opal bracelets will provide direction and purpose during times you feel lost or defeated. When paired together, the lapis lazuli and Ethiopian opal, will give you the energy and confidence to be your authentic self.

It will help you to live a life of motivation, keeping you directed towards your goals and dreams. This opal jewelry piece assists you in reaching your full potential.

Featuring a regal elephant charm jewelry in the center, this bracelet will provide you with unshakeable wisdom and remove the limiting barriers you have set for yourself. The stunning charm represents strength, wisdom, and new beginnings.

The lapis lazuli stones are a sign of truth and awareness, while the opal stones will provide you with intuition, protection, and healing energy. Fitted with a hook and chain closure, this gorgeous 18 K gold-plated bracelet can be treasured for a lifetime.

Opal Lapis Lazuli Elephant Charm Bracelet

#3 Spiritual Light - Ethiopian Opal Evil Eye Necklace

Only from within can you find true peace and harmony. This gorgeous necklace will encourage you to stop seeking outer validation, instead being content and confident in your own truth.

Radiating with positive energy, this necklace will ignite your intuition, empower you with creativity, and assist you in your healing journey. The sacred evil eye symbol will repel negativity from your life and create more positive energy.

This necklace is also an excellent choice for brightening a meditation practice, as it calms the mind and centers the soul.

Ethiopian Opal Evil Eye Necklace

#4 “I Am Enough” - Evil Eye Pink Opal Tiger’s Eye Bracelet Stack

This triple layer bracelet, suited with opal, tiger’s eye, and an evil eye symbol is a beautiful piece of jewelry that is ready to empower you. Inscribed with the words, “I am enough”, this bracelet serves a gentle reminder of your true inner power.

You are capable of achieving all of your goals and all of your dreams, and with this bracelet by your side you will be unstoppable. The powerful stones, along with the ancient symbol charms, will shine a bold and vibrant life upon your life. 

Evil Eye Pink Opal Tiger's Eye Bracelet Stack

#5 Love Generator - Triple Heart Moonstone Pink Opal Pearl Bracelet Stack

    Let love flourish in your life with this stunning bracelet by your side. In pearly pinks and whites, this piece shines with nurturing energy. The moonstone and opal encourage us to open our hearts to all of the love ready to enter our lives, and it works especially hard to help us find self love.

    Only when we accept love from ourselves are we ready to accept love from others, and this bracelet will help us do just that. The addition of the golden evil eye and heart charms will assist in releasing negative energy and protecting the spirit. 

    Triple Heart Moonstone Pink Opal Pearl Bracelet Stack

    Shop Opal Jewelry from Karma & Luck

    Coming in a variety of stunning colors, this mystical stone will propel you towards the life of your dreams. By wearing opal, you will glow with the light of the sun, reflecting that light upon everyone you meet.

    This stone’s magnetizing energy will ensure that all the blessings of the universe will be showered upon you as you step into your authentic self. Love will blossom and grow from the opal’s consistent compassion, reminding you to stay open to opportunity and give love to yourself as well.

    However you choose to wear this stone, as a ring, necklace, or bracelet, you will surely see the wealth of benefits begin to unfold in your life.

    Ready to add an opal jewelry set to your collection? Visit our website and shop our gorgeous and unique jewelry collection of opal necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more! 

    Opal Jewelry

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