Yoga: What Is It And How Does It Work?

Yoga is an ancient spiritual science that offers the way to still the body’s restlessness and thoughts. It is believed that the natural turbulence of our body is what keeps us from really knowing ourselves and what we’re capable of.  Because ordinarily, we direct our awareness and energies outward in regards to the world, relying on the things our physical senses tell us.

As such, we strive toward attaining those things that are beyond our reach, being caught up in ‘doing’ instead of ‘being’. We chose to act instead of being aware. For most of us, is difficult to picture being completely calm and relaxed in our feelings and our thoughts. Our bodies are constantly in perpetual motion.

Yoga teaches us to find our quietude from within. And it is health and balance yoga jewelry that can help us ease into that calmness, quietness, that inner peace, such as a mala. With 108 beads of a mala, we can turn to meditation state to find our inner peace that has gotten lost in today’s world.

A Mala consists of a guru bead and 108 additional beads. Those beads are assorted gemstones that are that infused with potent energies with sacred meanings. These beads are counted as one repeats their mantra as they find their inner peace. Why there are 108 beads on a mala has various reasons. The number is sacred in Hinduism where the number 1 is for God, the 0 is for emptiness and humility and the 8 is for infinity and timelessness.

Some believe that 108 stands for the number of lies that are told by humans or that there are 108 delusions. Some believe it represents 108 forms of ignorance. A Harshad is Sanskrit and the number 108 which can be divided by the sum of its digits. Sanskrit means “great joy”. However, regardless of why a mala has 108 beads, using them to count your mantra will allow you to have full attention, count with devotion, feelings, and sincerity.

The Significance Of The Assorted Beads and Gems

Not every Mala will consist of 108 beads. Some have 54 beads, 27 beads, 21 beads or 19 beads. Since the 10th century, they have been used for meditation, allowing one to focus on a single task, usually to find peace and to relax. It is believed the mala can bring one to have a clear understanding and find internal wellness.

Choose a mala that is right for you can be challenging. There is a large variety of products available with the traditional mala being made of Bodhi seed, Rudraksha seed, or yak bone. These are the less expensive products and more affordable, making them the most popular.

There are gemstone Malas which those who have practiced yoga for some time will tell you they have more advantages in regards to the perspectives physically and spiritually. They are heavier and smoother beads which can help with holding the mala during meditation. The mala made of gemstones will glide easier through the middle finger and thumb because they are smoother.

Each gemstone of a mala has a meaning and they should be chosen based on your emotional or spiritual needs. Many people will choose a mala that will clean their mental and spiritual issues during the spring – the time of the year for clean, new beginnings. A winter mala may be to detox and purify the body.

The amethyst gemstone is said to provide protection and purify the soul, detoxing the body by clearing out any bad habits and negativity. The pearls used on a mala are symbols of grace we can create for ourselves and those around us.

The beads of a mala reflect our individual journey, ultimately meaning whatever we want it to mean. They engage the energy from each one and along with our hopes and our prayers, can help us find peace, relaxation and find our dreams. The stones of a mala should reflect the person’s journey that is wearing it.

Mediation and Yoga Jewelry

Yoga helps one to be more conscientious which leads to being happier which leads to being more productive. By living in the spirit that yoga gives, positive energy is initiated and creates a positive chain of effect. Those who practice meditation and yoga will find that it not only benefits themselves but those around them too.

Yoga is a way to heal the body and mind, it is not a religion. There is an art to yoga and a science about it that brings us inner peace. Yoga is more than just physical positioning. It is a lifestyle and a philosophy. It is a system that leads us to live conscientiously and ethically. The meditation that is done through yoga with a Mala helps us clean out the impressions that cause us strain or stress. It becomes a mental vacation for rejuvenation.

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