Star of David Symbol

The Star of David is a six-pointed, geometric shape known as a hexagram, which is formed when two equal-sided triangles are compounded into a single, star-like design. This symbol was first seen in the 12th century and was recognized as modern Jewish identity and Judaism. Its deeper meaning expounds that God is the ruler of the entire universe and the protector of everything within it from all the six directions namely: Up, Down, North, South, East and West, while the hexagonal shape formed at the center functions as a provision for the spiritual dimension.

Wear Star of David jewelry as a reminder that you are not alone; a symbol that you are loved, supported, and safe. These meaningful charms also signify unity and a divine shield of protection. Carrying a Star of David with you at all times is the way to stay assured that the force of good karma and unwavering faith is next to you.