17 Best Xmas Gifts for Women, Men, Kids & the Home

Best Xmas Gifts

Shopping for everyone on your Xmas gift list can get challenging in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. But still, you want to buy meaningful gifts because you care.

However, this year, Xmas gift shopping is under strain from material shortages and supply chain delays caused by the global pandemic. So now you're under even more pressure to spread holiday cheer.

When in doubt, give a gift card!

All the items in our vast catalogue are handmade by artisans worldwide, and nothing is mass-produced. As a result, we're not affected in the way other retailers are.

Selecting Xmas gifts from our online store not only gets you complimentary shipping on all US orders and special promos, but you're also assured that your loved ones will actually get the Xmas gifts you ordered.

Here are some fabulous gift ideas to convey your love and appreciation this Xmas season.

Árbol de Símbolo Feng Shui Chakra Fuerza y Crecimiento
Árbol de Símbolo Feng Shui Chakra Fuerza y Crecimiento
No te quedes en el pasado, no sueñes con el futuro, concentra tu mente en el presente. Convierte tus momentos y tu atención total en algo...
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Xmas Gifts for the Women in Your Life

Every time the incredible women in your life wears one of these stunning Xmas gifts, she'll know how much she means to you.

Bathe Her in the Purple Light of Spirituality & Wisdom

Raise her vibrational energy to seek guidance within and connect with the pure bliss and joy of living. When it comes to enlightenment, only our intuition can guide us. The Spiritual Transformation – Amethyst Butterfly Charm Bracelet becomes her greatest ally in times of transformation or emotional turmoil.

This beautiful stretch bracelet has Amethyst stones for healing, calming, stress relief and good health. The butterfly charm set with Cubic Zirconia crystals is a symbol of spiritual renewal, transformation, and playfulness.

Bless Her With a Balanced Life

Show your love when you bless her with a life of creativity, strength and wisdom. Balanced spiritual energy centers or chakras lead to a life that resonates with our higher purpose. Mindful living evokes clarity and moments of true joy, leading to personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Our Invigorated Life – Multi-Stone Chakra Lotus Charm Bracelet has authentic gems that align with each of the seven main chakras to strengthen and maintain them. Nestled in between is a lotus charm representing new beginnings, fertility and enlightenment.

Protect Her Dreams

No matter how sincere our hopes and dreams are, external forces can throw us off course, leading to self-doubt. The Hamsa Hand is a timeless symbol of protection that wards off obstacles and negative thoughts and illuminates the path to an abundance of all kinds.

Make her more resistant to unnecessary distractions by gifting her a gold plated brass Vigorous Defense – Hamsa Double Chain Bracelet. It raises her vibrational energy and encourages pure thoughts, allowing her to hold on to her dreams.

Acknowledge Her Loyalty & Wisdom

When it comes to spiritual jewelry, elephants are renowned for their innate wisdom and sense of loyalty to their family. All families thrive in the protective and spiritually enlightened energy of their divine feminine matriarch.

Show the queen of your home how much her strength, determination, and love means to you with a Wise Counsellor – Gold Plated Charm Necklace. Wearing this lovely crystal-studded elephant charm close to her heart each day will remind her of what her strength, loyalty and wisdom mean to her family.

Subtle Balance - White Enamel Multi Charm Bracelet

Karma and Luck  Wall Blessing  -  Growth in Grace Wall Blessing
Decoración De Pared Para El Crecimiento Y La Gracia
Cuando empiezas a contar tu fortuna, tu vida entera dará un giro. Nuestra genuina decoración de pared hecha a mano tiene los valores arra...
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Xmas Gifts for the Men in Your Life

Let the magnificent men in your life know how much you appreciate their strengths and values with a Xmas gift that has profound meaning.

Keep His Courage Grounded

When we're grounded, we're fully aware and in touch with reality. With eyes wide open, there's little that can disturb our peace, and we can take mindful and bold action.

The Powerful Thrive – Hamsa Tiger's Eye Matte Onyx Bracelet is the perfect Xmas gift to protect the courage of a fine man with solid spiritual principles. While matte Onyx stones bring grounding, endurance and perseverance, the Tiger's Eye add balance, courage and protection. Uniting the two stones on this stretch bracelet is a Hamsa Hand charm, a powerful symbol of protection for millennia.

Show Appreciation for His Wisdom

Without divine masculine wisdom, a family can feel lost trying to make their way through life. He's the pillar of strength, teaching us to respect our instincts, to turn inward for guidance and to listen to our souls.

But he too needs support, and wearing a Wise Leader – Lapis Lazuli Evil Eye Charm Bracelet on his wrist gives him what he needs. The peaceful energy of Lapis Lazuli stones heightens his awareness and truth, feeding into his wisdom. At the same time, an Evil Eye charm deflects all negativity, and a Hamsa Hand sign brings ongoing protection from all harm.


For the Man on a Mission

He lives his life with purpose, and he knows where he's going. His compassion, strength, wisdom and endurance guide him through thick and thin, but always he remains committed.

Reinforce the inner light that he so gladly shines on the world with our Wise Purpose – Elephant Head Ganesha Necklace. Wearing the Hindu god of beginnings, Ganesh, on his chest, he carries with him the embodiment of wisdom, remover of all obstacles and the pathfinder to success.  

He Walks in Gratitude

Guide him towards the infinite divine light so that his light, too, many shine.

Protect his beautiful spirit as he learns to walk in gratitude. An Endless Gratitude – Antique Bronze Evil Eye Pendant Necklace deflects negative thinking with every heartbeat and maintains the balance and integrity of his mind and being. As intentions and actions get realigned, the path to higher consciousness is cleared, allowing divine light to flood in.  

Endless Gratitude - Antique Bronze Evil Eye Pendant Necklace

Subtle Balance - White Enamel Multi Charm Bracelet
Subtle Balance - White Enamel Multi Charm Bracelet
Balance is a feeling derived from being whole and complete; it's a sense of harmony. Cease the search for the ultimate spiritual relic, a...
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Xmas Gifts for the Kids You Love

The souls of little people need love, protection and acknowledgement too. Yes, we all know that kids love toys, but they really appreciate spiritual nourishment just as much.

Ladybug Luck

See that cheerful little face light up with joy as it sees the Vivacious Spirit – Multi-Stone Lady Bug Evil Eye Kid's Bracelet. Kids will be in awe of the brightly colored multi-stones and the jolly red ladybug good luck charm. When you explain to them that the Evil Eye symbol on its back keeps all negativity away from them, they won't want to remove their bracelet.

Xmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Growing Wings to Fly

Anyone who loves a little guy gets a knot of apprehension in their stomach as they see their beloved small one start spreading his wings. Ease your fears and bring joy to a growing kid's heart with our Cheerful Interior – Tiger's Eye Onyx Evil Eye Boys Bracelet.  

Matte Onyx stones make up one half of this striking stretch bracelet and Tiger's Eye the other. Combined, they bring the energy of protection, healing, calm, balance, courage and self-confidence. A black and white enamel Evil Eye charm deflect negativity from him and keeps him safe when you're not there.

Flowers Say it All

Just as flowers are the epitome of beauty and purity, so too in the innocence of a child. As much as we want to capture and retain that virtuous goodness forever, the natural cycles of life tell us otherwise.

Invariably your little princess will encounter different types of people and challenging life situations that she'll have to learn to cope with. Bless her life withclism of flowers.

Gift her with a pair of Youthful Innocence – Enamel Flower Stud Earrings and a Blooming Playfulness – Flower Charm Necklace this Xmas.

Free Them From Fear

Children are naturally curious but also inclined to unnecessary fear. You want them to develop their curiosity but still be protected from the evils of life.

The Joyous Destiny – Safety Pin Multi Evil Eye Brooch protects your little one from harm so that they can explore life with an open mind. Fear holds back development while freedom from fear opens up a world of wonders. This unique brooch has five Evil Eye charms for protection on a safety pin.

Safety pins themselves are a symbol of protection, and if worn over the heart, they can make wishes come true.  

Xmas Gifts for the Home

There’s no place like home! It’s our safe harbor, our happy place and where we can sit back and be ourselves. It's also a place where we can grow individually or as a family, sharing our hopes and dreams or expressing our fears and anxieties.

Spiritually-based Xmas gifts add an array of positive and protective energies to the home, making it a warmer, more loving and safer space.

Growth in Grace - Tree of Life Wall Blessing

Love & Harmony in the Home

Whether you live alone or with a large family, everyone wants a home filled with love and harmony. Sadly, we sometimes don't realize that the reason it's lacking is that we've not let go of past painful events.

Rose Quartz is renowned for its potent properties of unconditional love, friendship and romance. You can restore love and harmony in any home with a Xmas gift of our Love Harmony – Feng Shui Rose Quartz Tree.

The Tree of Life is an everlasting representation of deep grounding, growth and fertility. This one is rooted in a base of agate that brings balance, harmony, stability, and grounding.

Rose Quartz Xmas Gifts for Her

Happiness Now & Always

Happiness is sure to come this Xmas season, and all year round, when you give someone you love a Happiness Evoker Citrine Feng Shui Tree as a Xmas gift.

Made the centerpiece of a room, the tree attracts energies of growth, grounding and fertility. At the same time, lively Citrine leaves draw positive energy, happiness, creativity and abundance of all kinds. The golden light of citrine resonates with the solar plexus chakra as well - the spiritual centre of self-confidence and self-esteem.

Keep Them Safe

Add spiritual protection to the home you love with our unique Dazzling Safety – Gunmetal Evil Eye Wall Blessing.  

While bars and locks can keep the external world at bay, we need more than that to secure negative thoughts and evil intentions. This striking Evil Eye symbol raises the vibrational energy of the space it occupies and encourages purity of mind to allow opportunities to flow.

Business Prosperity

The global pandemic has seen many businesses run from home environments. If you know someone with a home startup, they'd greatly appreciate your blessing on their venture.

We've got the perfect Xmas gift to ensure success at every level. From maintaining courage and productivity to attracting customers and boosting cash flow. The Prosperity Magnet – Hamsa Multi Stone Business Blessing is shaped as the ever protective Hamsa Hand, set with an array of crystals that manifest prosperity.

Christmas Gifts

Summing it Up

We're so used to the endless days of trawling malls to buy Xmas gifts that it might seem strange to buy all the gifts on your gift list from one place and online.

The truth is, it's not!

When we struggle to get what we want, and we're exhausted from tramping from one store to another, we mostly end up buying what we can get. And frequently, that's not what our loved ones really want.

That's why it makes perfect sense to buy genuinely meaningful Xmas gifts from the comfort of your home. That way, you can take your time and buy Xmas gifts with loving intention for everyone.

Whether you're looking for unique gifts for women, men, or children, Karma and Luck has something for everyone. 


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