Discover The Spiritual Meaning Of Om Symbol

The meaning of the Om symbol is rooted in oriental religions such as Hinduism and Buddishm. This potent sound can be heard in all spiritual settings around the world, representing the connection between the body, mind, and soul.

The enlightened masters claim that if you pronounce this sound out loud, you can recover the pieces of your soul that have been scattered as a result of painful experiences or emotional wounds.

Nowadays, the om symbol meaning can be used in our everyday jewelry for a spirit-centered modern lifestyle.


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What is the Meaning of Om Symbol?

Legend has it that Om was the first sound to appear when the Universe was created. Therefore, the symbolism of Om represents our spiritual roots and our connection with higher consciousness.

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Five States of Consciousness

When it comes to the visual symbol of Om, its lines and curves symbolize different states of consciousness.

  • The lower left curve symbolizes our waking consciousness.
  • The top left curve symbolizes an unconscious state.
  • The lower right curve is between the two other states—the dream state.
  • The semicircle at the top is known as the “illusion” or Maya state. This is the illusion of the ego, the most prominent obstacle in our spiritual development.
  • The dot at the top represents the purest state of consciousness and spiritual bliss.



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Om Symbol Meaning Throughout History

The mantra, sound, or syllable “Om” dates back to the beginning of humanity. It originated in Hinduism and later became part of the Buddhist religion.

It is thought to correspond to the three stages of the creation of the Universe, celebrating the creative powers of Divine Consciousness.

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The Om Symbol in the Upanishads

The origin of the Om symbol is uncertain, as is its original meaning. However, the syllable “Om” was first recorded in the Upanishads.

These sacred texts are associated with Vedanta philosophy, which states that the meaning of Om symbol implies that the Divine is always present in our lives.

Om Symbol

3 Ways to Use the Symbolism of Om in Your Everyday Life 

You can bring the meaning of Om symbol to your everyday life by wearing it as part of your jewelry. Our beautiful and stylish Infinity Collection features necklaces and bracelets with sacred symbols to infuse authenticity and deeper meaning into your life.

#1 Wear an Om Symbol Necklace

Our Om collection brings the mystical guidance of our higher self into our mundane experiences. Each piece is rooted in ancient concepts yet entirely modern, ensuring our peace of mind amidst our everyday challenges.

If you are a sensitive soul longing to block all harmful vibrations in your surroundings, the Grounding Serenity Necklace will help to protect you.

The Hematite stone keeps our worries and fears away from our spiritual core, grounding our energy and keeping us focused on our self-development journey.

There’s no better blessing than overcoming our obstacles and achieving our innermost objectives while feeling a sense of calm and stability within our hearts.

The meaning of Om symbol takes a more transcendent turn with our Fearless Spirit - 3 Symbol Tiger's Eye Onyx Necklace. It is accompanied by the Hamsa Hand and Evil Eye charms, two powerful protective symbols that deflect negativity and shield your aura from harmful vibrations.

At the same time, this necklace is surrounded by Tiger's Eye and Onyx Stones, two healing gemstones that infuse our hearts with courage while working to relieve emotional burdens.

Amethyst OM Mandala Necklace

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#2 Wear An Om Symbol Bracelet

Wearing spiritual symbols of protection like our Supreme Spirit - White Enamel OM Red String Bracelet inspires a profound sense of serenity and balance on-the-go.

You don’t need to withdraw from society to live a conscious existence. This delicate bracelet could be your constant reminder that your mind, body, and spirit are constantly fueling each other.

Another mystical, potent, and soothing option is our Leader of Courage - Tiger's Eye Pyrite Om Charm Bracelet. This empowering peace reminds us that we don’t need to be in a constant state of caution to achieve our most ambitious goals.

The Tiger Eye and Pyrite Stones help to activate our bold and autonomous spirit while relieving our heart of the shackles of anxiety.

Amethyst Stone OM Charm Bracelet

#3 Adorn Your Pet With the Om Symbol

Our pets are our spiritual masters, the wisest and purest souls we have the joy and honor of accompanying. The meaning of Om symbol can also benefit our dogs, cats, or any other creature that makes our life more rewarding.

The Lively Emotion - Bronze White Enamel Om Zen Woof Dog Tag helps our furry companions navigate their fascinating adventures without letting a single worry take over their inner selves.

Bronze White Enamel Om Zen Woof Dog Tag

Final Thoughts

The meaning of Om symbol dates back to the creation of the Universe, as it was the sound that created life.

This Divine symbol represents our different states of consciousness, reminding us that we are not only here to live an ordinary life but to move forward in our self-development path.

The pieces featured in our Om collection ensure we never give up on our spiritual quest. There will always be challenges, obstacles, and insecurities along the way, but the Om symbol infuses us with enough serenity and confidence to move forward. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Om Collection

OM Upper Arm Cuff

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