Special Christmas Gifts: Your Guide to the Best Gifts for Everyone in Your Life

Special Christmas Gifts

The festive season is a time of giving, but why do we share our love by giving special Christmas gifts?

It turns out it all comes down to our primal need to communicate.

Yuletide celebrations go back thousands of years. Back then, it celebrated midwinter, when things were scarce and life was harsh. Coming together wasn’t easy, so people gathered in community groups over several days, sharing what food they had and enjoying each other’s company.

Sharing is a form of communication that reinforces and strengthens connections. What we share and the way we do it tells the receiver how we feel about them.

Gifting is a form of sharing, and it's a way of communicating our love and appreciation to others.

Giving is actually good for you. Giving and receiving gifts causes feel-good chemicals to be released by the brain, giving rise to a spontaneous feeling of euphoria and joy. These are feelings that draw us closer to one another.

The significance attached to the Christmas season over millennia means its importance has spread across the globe and is celebrated across cultures. Passed from parent to child over many generations, it’s become deep-rooted.

In truth, we’re almost hardwired to accept that Christmas is a special time of celebration. Christmas festivities have become a time for meeting up to enjoy each other’s company and giving gifts to convey our feelings.

Both celebrating and gifting are communications of caring, love, gratitude, and joy.

So there it is ‚Äď our instinctive desire to communicate makes us love giving special¬†Christmas gifts.

Chirstmas Gifts

Our Pick of Special Christmas Gifts

We can’t wait to spread Christmas cheer and joy with you, plus some good karma and luck as well.

In this guide, we'll share our special Christmas gift picks, but remember there are plenty more available from our online catalogue.

Yes, we know there’s a lot to choose from and that you might not be able to pick between the gifts in the fabulous array. Just remember, you can buy gift cards for those difficult to please people you love so they can make their own choices.

When in doubt, give a gift card!

Kid’s Christmas Gifts

Think of Christmas and the holiday season, and we can’t help seeing excited happy little faces.

While toys indeed spread Christmas joy, it’s primarily short-lived as kids outgrow them or they break. In contrast, a token of your love and greatest blessings for your little ones last a lifetime.

Kids are very perceptive, and when you explain the meaning and significance of their special Christmas gift, they’ll love it and won’t want to be without it. Your gift will become a keepsake for a lifetime.

Matching Necklace & Earring Set

Watch your playful little adventurer’s eyes light up when you give her a Forever Playful Fish Kids Charm Necklace and matching earrings.

When she wears her necklace and Adventurous Nature Turquoise Enamel Fish Stud Earrings, she'll know you want her to be happy. Secure in your love, she can spend her days in cheerful freedom as the radiant sea creatures do.

Kids Special Christmas Gifts

Father-Son Bracelet Combo

The idea of a like-father-like-son Christmas gift combo is just brilliant. Kids love following their parent’s lead, and giving both of the extraordinary men in your life matching bracelets is a super cool notion.   

Your little guy is kept safe and protected on his journey to manhood when he wears a Caring Union Lapis Lazuli Evil Eye Boys Bracelet. Exquisite deep blue Lapis Lazuli stones imbue him with healing spiritual powers and teach him about universal truth. All the while, an evil eye charm deflects negativity away from him.

He won’t want to remove his bracelet when he sees dad’s matching Mind of Wisdom Lapis Lazuli Bead Bracelet. Bless his father with the endless wisdom to love, nurture, and guide his son with kindness and compassion throughout his life.

Mother-Daughter Bracelet Combo

Make your little princesses heart jump with joy when you give her and mom each a red string scarlet heart bracelet. Steep both daughter and mother’s lives in love and protection with these fiery, refined pieces.

The Wonderful Moments Enamel Evil Eye Heart Red Bracelet lets your little girl know she’s loved beyond words and always protected. Watch her bloom and grow with confidence and faith in the divine love around her.

Mothers devote their lives to love, compassion, and caring for their kids. Mom will know her love and devotion don’t go unnoticed when she wears her Devoted to Love Evil Eye Heart Charm Red String Bracelet. She'll also knows that she, too, is deeply loved and protected. 

Citrine Gifts

Appreciation of Those Who Paved Our Way

No matter how close or far apart we feel from our parents and grandparents, they brought us into this world and deserve gratitude and appreciation.

Special Christmas Gifts for Mom or Grandmom

Celebrate the divine feminine that’s flowed through generations of women in your family. Celebrate your mother or gran’s remarkable limits of creativity and endurance with a Mystical Intuition Moonstone Dragon Charm Bracelet.

The dragon charm will bless her with courage and power, while delicate Moonstones will tenderly embrace her, enhancing her intuition, bringing her balance, and drawing in the divine.

Gifts for Dad or Grandad

Your dad and grandpa have never hesitated to protect you either. They stood tall and strong over you when you were knee-high, and now you can wish them everlasting courage with a Courageous Soul Tiger’s Eye Black String Necklace.

With the pendant sitting close to his heart, he'll know how much he means to you. A glowing Tiger’s Eye stone reinforces his courage and brings him balance. It’s also a protective stone that creates an indomitable safety shield when coupled with the hamsa hand symbol.

Tigers Eye Gifts

Blessings for the Home

Bless the home that raised you this festive season. Wall blessings that reflect the heart and soul of a home make special Christmas gifts that become treasures.

Double up on protection and spiritual peace with the Omnipresent Protection Wall Blessing. In the shape of an upright hamsa hand for protection, it has an upside-down hamsa hand as well to welcome abundance.

Multiple authentic gemstones each bring their own energy, making this an extraordinary gift to touch the heart and soul of the home.

Celebrate the many generations past and those yet to come with a tree of life. The tree is a timeless icon of the circle of life, death, and rebirth. It also represents change, growth, grounding, and fertility.

This striking Rooted in Spirituality XL Tree of Life Wall Blessing continues the blessings of joy, friendship, love and prosperity for all who stem from your family home, now and always.   

Radiant Happiness - Citrine Feng Shui Tree

For Friends & Family With Love

Meaningful gifting comes not only from knowing and loving people but from hearing what they have to say and what is close to their hearts.

We’ve got a spiritually centered gift to suit every hope, dream, path, and personality.

For Worriers

Since we’ve just looked at Wall Blessings in this guide to special Christmas gifts, the Holy Light Wall Blessing is perfect for a home that carries the burden of worry. Worrying solves nothing but robs us of our happiness. Bring more love, compassion, and joy into your loved one's home and encourage them to grow in faith.

For Divine Love & Protection

Actions say more than words, and our Protected by Love Red String Charm Bracelet immediately conveys your feelings. Ideal for an adult child, sibling, or best friend, they’ll know right away that near or far, the divine love of the universe protects them.

Special Holiday Gifts

For Anxiety

There’s a red string to soothe an anxious mind as well. All red string carries the energy of kindness and compassion. You can express kindness and compassion when you give someone a Beat Anxiety Red String Amethyst Stone Bracelet.

The evil eye keeps them safe by deflecting all negativity. At the same time, an Amethyst gently calms with healing energy, relieving stress and improving wellbeing.

For Travelers

Keychains might be small but make useful and practical gifts. All the more so when they’re charged with positive spiritual intentions. The Bless the Journey Traveler Keychain is perfect for somebody who’s always on the road.

Keeping it close, they’ll be ever protected by the hamsa hand and encouraged by powerful gemstones to follow their heart and go where the road takes them.

For the Dreamer

If you know a lady with big dreams and determination to match, we’ve got an special Christmas gift for her. Intention Enhancer Clear Quartz Gold Stud Earrings will illuminate her visions and bring the divine guidance, strength, and clarity she needs to manifest them.

For a Simple Man With Ambitions

For the man with an uncluttered style and heaps of ambition, you can ensure his prosperity and success by gifting him a Lush Presence Jade Stone Necklace. A single, cleansing Jade stone on black string gleams with simplistic style, attracting abundance, luck, and good fortune.

Jade Gifts

Feng Shui Tree of Life

The tree of life is a profound image of the endless cycle of life. It reminds us to stay grounded while living life to the fullest, releasing what’s done and embracing each new opportunity.

Anyone can benefit from a Feng Shui Tree of Life, and our collection has one to match every situation.

For Love & Harmony

One thing everyone wants is love and harmony in their lives. You can gift a Love Harmony Feng Shui Rose Quartz Tree to anyone, and they’ll feel blessed. Gentle Rose Quartz resonates with unconditional love and friendship and encourages unreserved positivity, care, compassion, and purity in friendships. We also love multi colored trees and want to share some with you...

For Bringing About Your Destiny

Such as the multi-benefit Spiritual Destiny Multi Stone Feng Shui Tree. Not only is it exciting to look at when we spend time in its energy, it also teaches us that destiny is a two-sided coin.

As much as fate steps in, we need to step up with perseverance, open-mindedness, and clear thinking. Each gemstone on this tree radiates the wisdom to guide us to the prosperity of every kind.

For Chakra Balance

Another multi stone stunner that deserves a place in a list of special Christmas gifts is the¬†Strength & Growth Feng Shui Chakra Tree. It‚Äôs the ideal companion to keep you grounded in the now. You can use the energy from its vibrant gemstones to keep your spirit centers, or chakras, balanced ‚Äď enhancing every aspect of your life experience.

For Mindful Awareness

Before we go, there’s one more multi colored tree we wanted to wow you with. Gift a dear one with the mindful awareness to calm their thoughts and improve relationships.

Our High Awareness Feng Shui Tourmaline Stone Tree vibrates with the energy of Tourmaline in many shades, attracting unconditional love, romance, and friendship.


Final Thoughts

Keep on spreading the festive cheer! Did you know that while you’re shopping for special Christmas gifts from our catalog, you’re giving back, too?

We spread love and joy all year round, and for every red string bracelet purchased, we give three meals to needy families. Plus, when you buy a Feng Shui Tree of Life, we donate a portion of the proceeds to the Make A Wish Foundation.

When you shop and give back in this way, you get to buy special Christmas gifts and know that there’s much more to the gift of giving.  Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Holiday Gift Guide


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