Rose Quartz – A Secret Lure to Love and Lust

Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz crystal is the ultimate gemstone crystal that manifests love, connection, sexual desire, and drive. Rose Quartz is the crystal gemstone we use to open our heart chakra to purposely “receive” unconditional love, friendship, and intimacy.

By wearing rose quarts necklaces and rose quartz bracelets, our chakra systems activate instantly - almost creating a pheromone attraction of lure that brings in love and the potential of soulmate connections. It’s a silent mating call that travels through the ether and into the sphere of those around us.

Its vibrational power is compelling and is the one gemstone that grounds us into complete conclusion of self-love, self-care, self-reliance and self-nurturing. It is the stone of pure, unconditional and unbridled love – inside our minds and what we also give to the outside world..

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