7 Mother’s Day Gifts to Awaken Her Inner Spirit

Mother's Day Gifts

Your mom is your bright shining light. She’s the one who’s always there for you, the one who has guided you throughout your life. When you’re with her, you feel her love and admiration, and you know there aren’t words for how much you appreciate her.

That’s why finding the perfect Mother’s Day gifts can be such a challenge. Not only do you want something that demonstrates how special she is to you, but you also want to give her something that will make a difference in her life.

If you’re seeking a gift that awakens her soul and helps her manifest her dreams, we have the perfect list of Mother’s Day gifts for you!

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7 Mother’s Day Gifts That Will Awaken Her Inner Spirit

With precious gemstones, healing crystals, spiritual symbols, and thoughtful, handcrafted designs, these gifts for mom will wow her, bring meaning to her life, and help her enjoy the peace, joy, and inspiration she deserves.

Tree of Life

What better way to brighten your mom’s world then with a Tree of Life handcrafted with a beautiful display of gemstone leaves and copper wire branches. This is a gift that is sure to delight her.

Not only will this piece make a stunning addition to her home, but it will also fill the atmosphere with healing crystal energy and help her manifest her dreams.

Each bonsai tree comes with a Manifestation Card that she can fill out and place under the tree for amplification. Even the high-quality packaging makes opening this gift a memorable experience.

Choose from 20 different Tree of Life varieties to match her personality, style, and intentions.

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Guided by Grace Bracelet

We can all use a little reminder that the grace of the Universe guides us, and theGuided by Grace Bracelet is the gift that will do that for your mom.

She’ll love the Rose Gold charm and accent pieces, and the Tourmaline beads will help to release tension, enhance self-understanding, and nurture her relationships. The Hamsa Hand charm is an ancient symbol of protection, health, and good fortune, and as it sits on her wrist, it will serve as a gorgeous reminder to live her best life.

Supreme Love Rose Quartz Necklace

If love is the single most expression you associate with your mom, then the Supreme Love Rose Quartz Necklace will allow you to reciprocate that love to her. This unmistakably feminine piece will help her to feel her best and remind her of your love and appreciation every time she wears it.

From the Gold-plated heart charms to the baby pink Rose Quartz beads, she’ll be surrounded with the energies of hope, compassion, and eternal love. And if she has lingering heartache or emotional wounds, this necklace will help her resolve them.

Are you looking for Mother’s Day gifts for your wife? Then enlighten and inspire her with beautiful jewelry with meaning and intention.

Gradual Enlightenment Lotus Earrings

Whether your mom is on a spiritual path or if she just appreciates pretty things, the Gradual Enlightenment Lotus Earrings will delight her this Mother’s Day. The 18K Gold-plated medallions are imprinted with lotus flowers, which are symbols of spiritual awakening and new beginnings.

Adding to their stunning appeal are dozens of sparkling Cubic Zirconia Crystals, which work to purify and restore the mind, body, and spirit and to elevate her spiritual journey further. She’s sure to be complimented whenever she wears these little beauties.

Gradual Enlightenment Lotus Earrings

Graceful Flourish Ring

When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, it is possible to find one that truly makes her soul sing, and the Graceful Flourish Diamond Tree of Life Ring is that gift. With the Tree of Life symbol, she’ll be inspired to always strive for growth, wisdom, and new experiences. Her soul will feel as though it is set on fire as she pursues her passions and discovers her purpose.

The combination of 18K Gold-plated silver, white enamel, and the embedded Diamond chip bring out this ring’s unique and feminine beauty. And it’s adjustable too!

Divine Emotion Moonstone Necklace

Gifts that bring out her innate Divine Feminine are the best kind, which is just what the Divine Emotion Moonstone Necklace will do.

Moonstone is in touch with the cycles of the moon just as she is, and it’ll help to align her with her inner self. It’s a stone that supports emotional harmony and it will assist her in striking a balance between what she feels, what she wants, and the actions she takes to manifest those desires.

This stone can do all of that, but the necklaces design will make her feel her best as it is simply beautiful and unique.  

The Intuitive Eye Red String Bracelet

Looking for that perfect gift that will instill confidence, restore her compass of inner guidance, and provide ultimate protection from negative energy, thoughts, and bad karma? Then the Intuitive Eye Red String Bracelet is the perfect fit.

This piece provides protection on all levels, from the protective Red String to the Evil Eye symbol, as well as the Amethyst stone which further works to calm her mind, enhance her intuition, and uplift her.

There aren’t many single spiritual jewelry pieces that offer so many benefits, and your mom deserves the best!

BONUS IDEA: Mother’s Day Gift Cards

If you’re finding it difficult to make a choice, gift cards can be the perfect solution.

We might be a little biased, but we think Karma and Luck has the best gift cards for Mother’s Day. With so many inspiring collections available, you can let your mom explore the options and set her own path infused with the intention she has for herself.

Final Thoughts 

With these unique and enlightening Mother’s Day gifts, you can give your mom the gift of connection with her inner spirit. She’ll find it easier to lead a spirit-centered life in the midst of her modern lifestyle, so that she can experience more meaning and joy every single day.

Red String Collection for Mom

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