Make Dreams Come True with these Gift-Worthy Manifestation Earrings

Manifestation Earrings

Have you ever fumbled with finding the perfect gift? Trust me, we have all been there. This time, though, you are in luck because Karma & Luck has just what you need with our beautiful collection of manifestation earrings.

What better gift to give than the gift of manifestation - or  the process of maintaining positive thoughts as a means of bringing them into fruition. We all have hopes and desires that at times can seem unattainable, but really everything is within reach.

Remind your loved one of their innate power and the infinite blessings simply waiting to unfold in their life. One way to initiate manifestation is with the use of particular crystals, fine-tuned for opening wearers up to the vibration of receiving.

In fact, humans throughout the world have been using crystals to create the life of their dreams for thousands of years, so why not allow the ones you love the most to do the same. 

Ready to dive into the world of manifestation earrings? Read on to discover our top favorite gift ideas to bring your loved one’s dreams to fruition.

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The Significance of Manifestation

Manifesting has been proven to be a powerful strategy for reaching your goals, however it may be challenging if you have an emotional or energy impediment. Crystals are simply tools for removing this impediment and allowing you to manifest your wishes more freely and easily.

According to some experts, you can strategically use certain gemstones to manifest the energy you need to attain your goals. We can manifest anything, including money and prosperity, with continual focus and intention; therefore, the proper crystals may assist us by reminding us of our aims.

Since the beginning of time, people have worn and adored jewelry. If you have ever visited a Neolithic burial site, you will notice varying jewelry items were placed in the tomb alongside the deceased. Stone, bone, shell, or wood bangles and beads would be found in the oldest burials, and continued to change and evolve in style throughout time.

Manifestation Earrings

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Jewelry dating back to 11,000 BC has been discovered in the United Kingdom. More valuable artifacts were discovered and loved over antiquity, becoming more durable and vivid - the natural minerals we now call gemstones. The most valuable items have varied greatly across time, society, and trade. 

Many stones were employed by the ancient Egyptians in their exquisite jewelry, as well as powdered into medicinal medicines. Amethyst, chalcedony, feldspar, garnet, jasper, obsidian, olivine, and quartz were among some of the most popular choices.

This use of gemstones in a sacred way demonstrates that humans have been using stones and crystals for manifestation and healing purposes for ages. We can use the wisdom of our ancestors to discover the path of divine creation. 

Read on to see our favorite, giftable picks for manifestation earrings:

Manifestation Earrings

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#1 Gradual Enlightenment Earrings

From its original price of $69.00, the “Gradual Enlightenment” earrings are now only $41. These are a fairly classic pair of earrings with a subtle hint of unique modernism.

The lotus charm and zircon stones in the “Gradual Enlightenment” earrings are handcrafted with 18K gold brass and sterling silver hooks. This gorgeous and powerful pair of earrings are a must-have!

Manifestation Earrings

Crystals for Healers 

All of the chakras are linked to the zircon stone, explaining why crystal healers commonly utilize it to treat physical and emotional illnesses. It also reduces fevers and soothes pains, while relieving stomach cramps, asthma, lung issues, and menstruation pains, among other things.

Zircon is thought to stimulate the liver, making it beneficial to those detoxing from nicotine, alcohol, and other addictions. When pressured or overworked at work, it is claimed to help regulate the adrenal glands. Regarded as a treatment for nightmares and insomnia, in the metaphysical world it promotes restful slumber.

Mentally, zircon aids in the healing of loss and sadness, as well as increasing one's enthusiasm for life and work. Zircon is said to aid in the development of meditation practices and psychic intuition. It has a protective aura and is supposed to cleanse negative energy. Zircon is also thought to bring intelligence, success, honor, and riches into one’s life. 

Manifestation Earrings

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Deep in the mud and far from the sun, the lotus flower can be found. However, despite its dreary environment, the lotus blossoms and becomes one of the most beautiful and vibrant flowers on the planet. In eastern faiths, the lotus blossom symbolizes purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration, and rebirth.

Its inspirational attributes are a great analogy for the human condition - even when its roots are in the dirtiest waters, the lotus still produces the most magnificent blossom.

The “Gradual Enlightenment” manifestation earrings make the perfect gift. Not only do they have countless benefits to offer the body and soul of the wearer, but they also enable the wearer to rise above difficult times. Promising beauty and grace, these earrings will brighten the path towards the life of your dreams

Manifestation Earrings

#2 Soothing Remedy – Gold Plated Amethyst Evil Eye Pointer Earrings

    The “Soothing Remedy” is a dainty pair of purple, evil eye earrings that retail for just $89. They feature a 1.3 mm pointed amethyst gemstone. The evil eye charm has been added to it to enhance the protective properties of this unique pair. Handmade with impeccable quality in Bangkok, Thailand, these 925 sterling silver and 18K gold plated earrings serve as a soothing remedy and make a beautiful gift for those you love.

    Gold Plated Amethyst Evil Eye Pointer Earrings

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    Maximum Protection for Your Loved One 

    Amethyst is a protective gemstone that can help you cope with stress and anxiety, as well as the headaches, fatigue, and anxiety that come with difficult times. It is also said to improve your skin's appearance and promote cell regeneration.

    There are many legends and myths surrounding amethyst, including one about mental health. It is said that a giant named Rhea handed the God of wine, Dionysus, an amethyst to help him keep his sanity in Greek mythology. Indeed, the ancient Romans believed that amethysts could prevent them from becoming intoxicated, and kept them level-headed.

    The gemstone, amethyst, is no longer used for the same purposes as the Romans, though some utilize them to cure addiction. Amethysts are, however, supposed to enhance feelings of peace and tranquility. Those who work with crystals may be able to employ this gemstone to assist in lessening anxiety and pain perceptions.

    The evil eye charm featured on these earrings helps to deflect negative energies and shields against any harm or danger. Keep your loved one safe, protected, and calm with these soothing earrings.

    Evil Eye Pointer Earrings

    The Perfect Gift

    For any amethyst or purple lover out there, this is the perfect pair of manifestation earrings. Not only is the soothing remedy pleasant to the eye, but as the name suggests, they bring about serenity and tranquility while warding off any evil that may come the wearer's way. The “Soothing Remedy” is the ideal gift for a loved one who you wish to keep protected or who needs a bit of stress relief. 

    Evil Eye Pointer Earrings

    #3 Divine Understanding – Gold Plated OM Symbol Earrings

      If divinity was a pair of earrings, these would be it. The “Divine Understanding” is a beautiful pair of dangly manifestation earrings, retailing at just $35 from its original price of $59. The Om symbol, representing the whole of the universe, reflects serenity and peace. Handmade in Bali, the “Divine Understanding” is 18K-gold plated and made with sterling silver. 

      Gold OM Crystal Quartz Earrings

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      Om - The Greatest of All Mantras 

      Om is a sacred syllable that is regarded as the greatest of all mantras, or sacred formulas, in Hinduism and other religions, particularly in India. The three sounds, a-u-m, stand for the three worlds of earth, atmosphere, and heaven; thought, speech, and action; matter, goodness, passion, and darkness; and the three sacred Vedic books Rigveda, Yajurveda, and Samaveda. As a result, the word, Om, has come to symbolize the essence of the entire cosmos in a mystical and conjunct way.

      Gold OM Crystal Quartz Earrings

      The Perfect Gift

      The beautiful Om symbol, and all that it reflects, is what makes this pair of earrings such an extraordinary gift. This stunning pair of manifestation earrings will support your loved one on their spiritual journey towards peace, love, and contentment. They are sure to put their goals into motion by wearing these earrings. 

      Quartz Earrings

      #4 Sacred Sound – Gold Om Crystal Quartz Earrings

        The “Sacred Sounds – Gold Om'' crystal quartz earrings retail at just $59. Lovingly handmade in Bali, Indonesia, and made with 18K gold plated brass, these 925 sterling silver earrings feature the authentic and powerful clear quartz stones. Clear quartz is an excellent stone for manifestation, clarity, and focus.

        Quartz Earrings

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        Powerful & Versatile 

        Clear quartz is a gorgeous mineral that is found in nature. Sometimes known as the "Master Healer", clear quartz is a powerful and versatile stone. It absorbs frequencies quickly and amplifies magical intentions, making it ideal for healing or simply raising positive energies.

        With its deeply healing energy, and ability to amplify the power of other stones, clear quartz is one stone that everyone should have in their collection. Simply hold it in your hands, or wear it close to the skin as jewelry, and think about anything you want, whether it be protection, love, or abundance.

        Many ancient philosophical texts regard Om to be the sound of the universe, including all other sounds within it. Om is known in Sanskrit as Pranava, which means "to hum" and is thought of as an infinite or immortal sound.

        Om chanting is a spiritual practice that is inclusive of all conceivable definitions and interpretations of God, or Brahma, and transcends culture and religion. Although the phrase is linked with Indian culture, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism, it is a spiritual practice that is inclusive of all beliefs and ideas. Its power and loving energy can be harnessed by anyone. 

        Evil Eye Pointer Earrings

        The Perfect Gift

        The “Sacred Sound” manifestation earrings are truly one-of-a-kind. Unlike a traditional pair of earrings, these ones promise more than just beauty. The Om charm makes this pair particularly unique, and the dangling rose quartz adds to its elegance and style. The hybrid of the Om sign and the rose quartz crystal makes this beautiful pair of earrings dynamic in its strength, and unmatched in its aesthetic appeal. 

        Evil Eye Pointer Earrings

        #5 Divine Enlightenment – Lotus Travel Jewelry Case

          The “Divine Enlightenment” lotus travel jewelry case is a gorgeous, camel brown zip case. Handcrafted with eco-leather, it has a pink lotus blossom to symbolize renewal, purity, and joy. This gorgeous case is perfect for travel or general storage; keeping all your favorite gems and jewels safe and organized.

          It includes five necklace hooks with pockets, earring holes, and a ring holder. For just $49, this travel case allows you to take your most beloved treasures with you everywhere you go. 

          Lotus Travel Jewelry Case

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          Stylish Storage 

          Eco-leather refers to any leather substitute that is not derived from animals. The majority of eco-leather is made of vinyl or plant-based materials, and is generally more durable and long-lasting. It is also significantly easier to keep clean than animal leather.

          Animal leather can break over time if moisture stays in the material, while most eco-leather can be simply cleaned with a rag and warm water. With a grateful nod to Mother Earth, we can stay stylish while still being mindful. 

          Lotus Travel Jewelry Case

          The Perfect Gift

          Having a place to put all your treasured pieces of jewelry can sometimes be difficult to find. However, to avoid breaking or losing anything, it is so important to have a stylish and trusted case to keep your jewels organized and secure.

          This particular case makes the perfect addition to any of the above-listed earrings as a thoughtful gift. Not only will your loved one have a new, gorgeous pair of earrings, but also an adorable case to keep them safe in. You can even use the case as a unique alternative to wrapping paper! 

          Manifestation Earrings

          Give a Gift They Will Cherish

          Due to their countless benefits, gemstones and crystals should be incorporated into everyone’s life and added to every jewelry box. Particular gemstones are super-charged with the ability to help in manifestation. Whether you are looking to manifest love, a career change, a new home, or anything else, there is surely a gemstone that can help.

          By wearing these stones and intentionally vibrating at a higher frequency, we can put the manifestation process into motion and begin living the life of our dreams. Giving your loved one this ability is a gift that keeps on giving. 

          Ready to give the gift of manifestation? Visit our website and browse our full collection of jewelry specifically designed for this intention. 

          Manifestation Earrings

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