Libra Season: Let’s Plan A Party


Libra's crave a social life, and from September 23rd until October 21st, all 12 signs will experience the fun energy in the air, and some a wee bit of intensity. But that won't stop you. :)

Hello, lovely Libra season. Let us get our party hats on and celebrate. For what, you may ask? For 'whatever,' says a Libra. The host with the most, 

It also happens to fall close to the holidays, so you will feel like you want to connect and have Zoom parties, happy hours, show off your Halloween costume, or, again, for no reason at all, this is the time.

All signs, take advantage of this time and energy to crush projects, do overtime at work to impress the boss, and push your career forward. Some of you, Aries, Gemini, and Pisces, will have an odd feeling of wanting to clean your space, file away what you don't need, and cleanse the aura around you.

Since Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, Sagittarius, Taurus, and Scorpio may want to make sure to go the extra mile in your relationship. If you're not in one, then it is the PERFECT time to pamper yourself and check things out online on matchmaking sites.

Since Mars is in retrograde (ugg), you may feel like being a bit more physical than usual with your workouts and even try something new and artistic. Zumba, online belly dancing classes, yoga, or check out some fun dance party videos on YouTube. Libra's are sensual, after all, the perfect month to explore and get out of the mundane workout routine.

Scroll down and see what is coming up this month for your sign during the Libra season.

Fiery Soul - Aries Card Necklace
Fiery Soul - Aries Card Necklace
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Mars goes retrograde on September 9th, which marks a critical phase for Aries, especially as Mars is in Aries. You will find that life stalls and projects start to encounter problems, your usual way of doing things becomes ineffective, and there is some deep thinking; I would not go as far as saying soul searching, as it is not that deep, but you will have cause to reconsider and deconstruct the issues to find better ways of dealing with them.

There is a strong link between money and creativity this month. Projects you initiated recently or long ago that have a robust individual flair and which are highly original can now pay off, often unexpectedly.

Getting more rest and avoiding unnecessary stress is vital, and so don't put yourself at the mercy of people who are demanding emotionally or in terms of being authoritarian. Do not take on more work than you need to. This is not a good time for a strenuous new endeavor.

Aries enjoy a touch of romance this month, but you only dip your toe in; you are not ready for anything too heavy or intense. You tend to develop an interest in new partners quickly and are drawn to air signs as you enjoy the banter and the conversation. However, even though you get interested in potential partners rapidly and want to take their number, you may also ignore their calls and cold-shoulder them. You do not want to encourage anything to develop right now. It's a classic case of leaving them hanging; you want to do enough to maintain the flirtatious friendship, but you are not sure you are engaged yet on an emotional level, and so you want to preserve freedom while you stay in touch for the odd date.

This month you come closer to the truth about your relationships, things come into focus, and you may be surprised at what suddenly dawns on you. These realizations come quietly and often unexpectedly. It is time to separate what you feel you should be doing in love and what you want to be doing. How much of your desire is fulfilled, and how much of your partner's desire do you fulfill, has the relationship become unequal, and could this be at the root of a dissatisfaction that is coming to light.

The Mars retrograde period is not the wrong time to start a new job, a new project, or apply for new jobs. However, you may find you feel less confident, and you may even short change yourself by accepting lower pay or less favorable conditions. You also feel more anxious about making big decisions, although you can also be more thoughtful and strategic in your choices, and you are more likely to cover the downside.

The moon wanes between the 2nd and the 17th, making this a time for reaping rather than sowing, and so use this time to get the most from ongoing projects before you start anything afresh or draw a line of completion under something.

Remarkable Persistence - Taurus Card Necklace
Remarkable Persistence - Taurus Card Necklace
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Jupiter goes direct in Capricorn, bringing both abundance and positivity; however, this does not bring about luck; you have to apply effort and forethought. You cannot get what you want if you don't know what it is, and while this is an expansive month with new opportunities and things going your way, nothing much may happen at all if you are passive or have no particular aims.

This month is significant in terms of money; you may deal with big sums or important accounts at work, or a home sale may come through or even a divorce settlement, which means you have a large figure in your history and are faced with a 'what next feeling.' In some cases, you may get a redundancy or retirement payment or even some compensation. You should pause and consider your next step wisely.

Don't let pride or stubbornness stop you from talking honesty to a health professional about any symptoms or problems you are having; you need more information about your health. You should seek confidential and professional advice.

An excellent month for new romantic relationships. You are far more positive and gung-ho in love; you embrace new experiences on the dating trail and will not take any rejection or setback seriously.

Internet dating, dating colleagues, and dating folks you meet while walking the dog are all promising avenues for finding a new love interest. Open-minded and happy go lucky types attract you, and you seek fun and adventure, rather than a serious and structured relationship.

It can be hard to be direct in September with Mars retrograde in Aries. So after the 9th can be a tricky time in relationships as you have this vague anger and irritation, not unjustified as you can sense something is wrong. Still, you don't know how to deal with it.

It's tough to know who is wrong and who is right in love relationships; at times, you assert yourself and express needs or concerns, but then you feel guilty and back away, perhaps even apologizing and further undermining your position. If you are not careful, a dominant partner could increase their control right now

Watch out for partners who seek to apportion blame or are passive-aggressive, don't be coaxed into acting out their anger, and do not allow your needs or feelings to be minimized.

The moon wanes from the 2nd to the 17th, so this is a period to complete and concentrate; however, after the 17th, you can go wild with brainstorming and heading off on some tangential ideas and initiatives. Think out of the box and take advantage of your luck. Be creative, use your ability to charm, and use your imagination to envisage positive outcomes as creative visualization works brilliantly this month—pursuits involving music, museums, galleries, and libraries farewell.

Witty Mind - Gemini Card Necklace
Witty Mind - Gemini Card Necklace
Gemini Healing Mantra - "Life is my favorite adventure and I shall try it"
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With Mars going retrograde in Aries this month, it is hard to predict how large scale events will pan out. Organizing large groups of people can be like herding bees, as people tend to want to act in their interests rather than the team's, or they are just numb, so they do very little.

If you want to achieve something, set the wheels in motion and do it yourself, as you will not rely on support from the usual places. It is best to avoid crowds, protests, or group activities as these can be frustrating and pointless.

You may need to indulge or spoil yourself just a little to get over a particular hump. Money can get spent on frivolous things in September, but hey, what's it all about if you deny yourself spontaneous fun.

Travel can be draining, and you may experience many delays. So on all trips, even if routine, make sure you have loads of food, water, shakes, and remedies like paracetamol anti-nausea pills with you. Make sure to take walks on plane trips to avoid DBT or purchase appropriate socks.

This is one of the best times in 2020 for a budding romance. Still, there will be bumps in the road and so pay heed to the saying, 'the course of true love never runs 'smoothly as early problems may not be a cause for concern about lack of compatibility, quite the opposite, they may indicate a fast-developing depth of feeling and passion.

This is an excellent month to talk about matters connected with children or have children. Yet, if you and your partner have very different values regarding rearing or disciplining children, there could be a stalemate. This could be the month you discover that you have very different ideas regarding when to start a family. Thus it could herald a new period of 'cold war' where you both understand that there is a fundamental disagreement, but you decide that you will keep pressing for what you want and win out in the end.

It's not easy this month to stay motivated about longer-term goals, and you may feel you need a little instant gratification in the form of making an immediate goal reality, even if it is at the expense of a longer-term goal. Money invested now may not yield benefits for a long time, and that is why you may choose instead to enjoy your money right now and not to invest.

After this phase, the moon wanes from the 2nd to the 17th are best for new ventures and important decisions. After the 17th, public appearances, leadership, and career achievements are favored. The last fortnight is excellent for achieving recognition or acclaim and favors all careers where you are in the spotlight. Progress after the 17th is slow and steady, but determination brings tangible results. It's not the best month for picking up new skills as you are more mentally exhausted and not that receptive to further information.

Genuine Emotions - Cancer Card Necklace
Genuine Emotions - Cancer Card Necklace
Cancer Healing Mantra: "Intuition is my Superpower"
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With Mars retrograde in Aries, success in September is a lot about staying power. It would help if you had stamina and patience rather than to be forceful and hard working. Of course, hard work permits, but instead of long hours, work smart, and make sure you know when to sit something out and conserve energy. It's about choosing when to act rather than just throwing the kitchen sink at every activity, hoping to get results.

Money tends to accrue via traditional and rather conservative methods. So while you can have an excellent month, success comes by doing the basics right and not trying anything too outlandish or risky. Look after your regular clients, and they will look after you. Don't waste money chasing something disconnected from your current line of work.

This month is ideal if you are convalescing after a health concern, especially one to do with an accident or flu. Your health is robust, and a positive attitude will help restore your vitality fast. Fresh air and being outdoors are essential for all Cancerians his month, but even more so if you have felt run down or unwell.

In new relationships, you will seek partners with whom you feel immediate chemistry – it will feel right away, or it won't; if that instant spark is not there, forget it. It may even be that the 'instant spark' is an intense feeling of annoyance or anger for a person, which later becomes lust as you realize that you are attracted to them. 

Love and hate are so closely intertwined this month; you can go from one to the other rather quickly, and it will lead to exciting and dynamic relations in love whether you have just met or have known each other for a long time.

More time spent at home offers a chance for a more in-depth conversation. Yet, being very busy, it's easy to get distracted by guests, family events, or even by ongoing decorating. To forget about grabbing those private moments to say the words of appreciation and love that can be healing and often fail to tell.

It is vital to mention, just briefly, as it does not have to be sentimental and cringe-worthy, why you love your partner, and how grateful you are to have them in your life. Take time out for a special glass of wine before the guests come, or a late-night nightcap in the bedroom to reaffirm your love and celebrate your relationship. Intimate conversations and verbal affirmations of approval, i.e., telling your partner they look nice, and acknowledgment, i.e., I know how hard you've been working lately, are better than 100 roses, so be thoughtful and say the things a partner would love to hear.

You should be careful not to let competitiveness get out of control to the point it poisons the atmosphere. This month your own desire to win or achieve a target, even if you are aiming with others for a joint target, can become overbearing, and you may lose sight of what is essential. You have to temper enthusiasm and ambition with humility and diplomacy and avoid seeking to win or succeed at all costs.

The moon waxes from the 17th, making this an ideal time for new starts and firing the starting gun on new projects. This is not a good month to change career or embark on a new life direction. Local travel for business or pleasure is much favored, as are sales, communications, associations with the press, web and app launches, press releases, and taking exams.

Royal Presence - Leo Card Necklace
Royal Presence - Leo Card Necklace
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Leos can often idealize what others have and obsess about it to the point that you allow yourself to feel inadequate. You should use that envy as a springboard for action, and perhaps you should make a move to initiate a new relationship, a hobby, or a career move. It would be best to compare yourself to others, as we all have our unique life timetable.

You have an excellent appreciation for the innate value and can make purchases at bargain prices as you may see a value in something that others miss. This means that September is excellent for auctions, boot sales, buying collectibles, buying art, or property. You may inherit something like a painting or jewelry.

Take on board plenty of Vitamin C and fluids this month, and do not forget your fruits and vegetables. You are likely to eat loads of junk food in September as you have quite an appetite, which can impact your immune system, making you vulnerable to fevers.

Take responsibility for your happiness this month and do not be reliant on your loved one's emotional responses for your inner well-being, or on being flattered by suitors or would-be admirers.

New relationships can get off to a fast start with chemistry that gets sparks flying; however, if you are emotionally needy right now, the relationship may not be fulfilling for you, and you may click into a people-pleasing mode, which can set a wrong tone for the relationship, as you will be starting on the back foot. This can be a perfect month for relationships as long as you are allowed a degree of freedom. You need quite a substantial amount of space this month, not only in a physical sense but in an emotional and intellectual mind, as this is a year of learning to understand yourself better, and you cannot do that when you are always putting your needs second.

With Mars retrograde in Aries from September 10th, this is a month of hard work, which can also be rewarding, but which requires patience as results may be slow in coming. Your boss's actions may leave you demoralized and a little under-appreciated, but this should only inspire you to go that extra mile to show your levels of professionalism. Holding your head high and not letting things get you down is where you can set yourself apart this month – it is not just about trying to impress colleagues or superiors, you will be very proud of yourself, and for every seemingly impossible hurdle you jump over right now, you will gain confidence.

The moon waxes from the 17th, making this your fertile patch for new activities, especially in connection with money, investing, networking, politics, group endeavors, science, and humanitarian work—an excellent time to buy a car or invest in precious metals. A good month to work with larger groups, attend conventions, or arrange large get-togethers.

Earthy Wisdom - Virgo Card Necklace
Earthy Wisdom - Virgo Card Necklace
Virgo Healing Mantra- "I stay grounded, I stay aware" 
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Control and security are at the heart of your motivation this month, and you are more stubborn and change-resistant. You may try and micromanage or steer events, but you will be missing an opportunity, as if you are open to learning more and looking to be expansive rather than clinging onto a stale status quo, you can make much progress.

With Mars retrograde in Aries, this is not a good time to apply for a loan or borrow money at all. It's also not advisable to accept gifts or favors and you should be careful of how an added benefit from work, i.e., a company car, affects your tax position.

Be scrupulous about record-keeping for tax purposes and where you manage other people's money or act as purser. This is not a good month to take up a treasurer position for any organization or be a proxy or counter signatory. Avoid getting into conflicts over money with people who you do not know well. Do not stand surety for anyone or pay bail for some else. Any problems which arise over money right now are highly complex and contentious and so prepare well and don't try and wish or rush the pain away.

Often, we adopt a way of thinking appropriate to our situation and give meaning to our struggles. Still, time gives way to new scenarios and new efforts, which need unique philosophies and beliefs to help us cope.

Privacy is vital for love to flourish, forget what your friends or parents say or are doing, make your love life a bubble where only the two of you count. Right now, you may need some insulation from outside distractions to be able to focus on your new relationships. A great time to fall more deeply in love and to experience emotional satisfaction. However, some sacrifice is needed in love, as it's not all easy, and the test may well be what the gifts are, and if you are prepared to make them.

A search for deeper meaning in love relationships can either bring you closer to your partner or tear you apart. This can make you realize how compatible or incompatible you both are – perhaps you superficially match, but maybe your actual needs and goals or divergent.

Sex is a flashpoint, and yet it's not always sex, which is the issue; it's just an excuse. This can be a very transformative time in love when you have a chance to understand what makes your relationship tick and to get to grips with crucial problems that niggle year after year. Marriage counseling or joint psychotherapy can be beneficial in relationships and can bring them back from the brink. So, if you feel like you can't take anymore, try counseling as it may be essential as this month is ideal for tackling complex emotional issues at the heart of the relationship.

It's all about motives and underlying driving forces this month, and it's a time to be patient and understand what is at stake for the individuals or companies you work with. You may be dealing with more companies on the edge of default or bankruptcy and do not extend credit to a company or individual without assurance.

The moon waxes from the 17th, making this your fertile patch for new activities, especially in connection with the medical field, education, business administration, and the service sector. An excellent time to buy a car or invest in precious metals. A good month for getting engaged and planning a wedding. This is another good month for legal matters and employing an advisor, i.e., a tax or accounting advisor.

You may be involved with the winding up of a business or a management buyout.

Balanced Growth - Libra Card Necklace
Balanced Growth - Libra Card Necklace
Libra Healing Mantra- "I find my calm even in chaos"
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Mars going retrograde on September 9th indicates that your one to one interaction with others, both in business and socially, need more powerful understanding. It's not enough to debate, discuss, and reach conclusions together; you have to question the whole ethos or basis on which the relationship is built. Perhaps it's time to realize that you need to ask whether the relationship's assumptions still hold water. While this period does not indicate the end of reliable working or romantic relationships, it does show the need to understand what drives both parties to stay in this relationship and if those drives are healthy relationships which are founded on a campaign for revenge, denial, or desire for control often face challenges and are forced to find more positive foundations or to dissolve perhaps.

You tend to spoil others and want to treat your friends right now, and money is spent on entertaining, often in your own home. Be careful that you are not trying to buy friendship or buy your way into a clique. A strong need to belong or fit in often informs the way you spend this month. You may also spend more on activities related to bucket lists or pursuits that add a new dimension to your life.

What out for pollution and avoid activities which involve being in environments where there is a great deal of dust or particles, not a good month to clear out a lift or garage. Hay fever and asthma are triggered more quickly and so be careful.

In new love, Libra wants to talk about sex, and you are willing to open up about what you want and even how you would like to experiment. You can enjoy sexual banter, and saucy exchanges over instant message or text can be very arousing. You can be a little impatient with partners who are coy and evasive. New relationships must offer some adventure and something a little exotic and daring; this is not a time where Libra goes for the girl/boy next door.

You and your partner tend to be working at cross purposes; this is because understanding runs broad but not deep, and when you agree, you tend to you do it half-heartedly, which is why you quickly run into trouble. The problem is that you feel obliged to be conciliatory this month, and you often agree to go along with things just for the sake of a quiet life. Yet, since you are silently not committed to these agreements, you subconsciously undermine the effort. So, there is a lot of unconscious interplays that determines events without you making direct decisions.

Give your partner some points for trying; with Mars going retrograde this month, sexual advances tend to go haywire, and you guys may hit the wrong notes with each other, and yet the intentions are usually pure and good-spirited and so forgive and laugh about it. Sex right now can be clumsy and awkward; it's more Woody Allen than James Bond.

With Mars retrograde, business negotiations that hit a brick wall or agreements made are broken relatively quickly. There is little appetite for compromise, and you may haggle over meaningless details.

The moon waxes from the 17th, making this your fertile patch for new activities, especially in connection with the hospitals and places of retreat and recovery, social work, and the public service sector—an excellent time for long haul travel, publishing, advertising, an achieving academic honors. The sports competition is also lucky for you after the 17th.

Unlimited Potential - Scorpio Card Necklace
Unlimited Potential - Scorpio Card Necklace
Scorpio Healing Mantra - "I am born with a killer instinct, I am a real scorpion"
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Mars goes retrograde on September 9th; this means that you have to know how to pace yourself as there is a great deal of pressure, and it's easy to go into overkill, i.e., to apply more effort to a task or chore or even a favor than is necessary. This month you have to ensure you do just enough to get things over the line and no more. Don't try and be the hero who over-delivers and saves the day, as you will only exhaust yourself.

Jupiter, the ruler of your finances, going direct, brings a sense of clarity in money matters, especially related to your longer-term goals. It's easier to understand how the pieces fit together and how your plans, the broader economy, and social trends are moving. You may have more understanding or confidence in your country's political situation, helping you feel bolder about longer-term prospects.

Health is a crucial area of concern; you may have headaches, migraine, nose bleeds, or high blood pressure. It's essential to have a routine and eat regular meals. Take magnesium supplements, most importantly, but also increase potassium, manganese, and vitamin B complex.

Unrealistic expectations can mar your love life as you are in a somewhat romantic zone where creatively, anything feels possible; coming down to earth with mundane relationship issues can be challenging, and you may be less patient or tolerant.

This is a perfect month for new same-sex relationships, partly because same-sex relationships are often transformative and part of a significant life theme about identity.

In some cases, Scorpio may get together with an ex and find out that the passion is still very much there, and a relationship can be built and even better than the first time.

Mid-month sees some unexpected events which may cause temporary separation or distribution in your marriage. One of you may have to go away for work or family reasons, meaning that you were apart when you didn't expect to be. This can be a refreshing period, and a chance to have your own space should be embraced.

Your partner may be more erratic or even distant this month; you have to resist the tendency to be suspicious or jealous, it's just a phase, and it's encouraging you to explore your own goals and interests more. There is no 'I' in TEAM this month in love; it's all about you both as individuals.

Be patient and take your foot off the gas and have a pit stop, as a stop-go, stop-go motion gets the job done rather than going flat out.

People you work with can be reactionary and are easily flustered, and so be the cool, calm head and do not get sucked into an office hysterics, it's just a storm in a teacup, and you need to identify what is essential and hone in on it.

Mars retrograde makes this a tricky time to work with animals, be careful around them as they are more unpredictable.

The moon waxes from the 17th, making this your fertile patch for new activities, especially in connection with joint ventures, financing, audit, and investment management—an excellent time for networking and attending seminars and events where you connect with industry professionals.

This is an ideal month for political activities and group endeavors. Scientific matters and research and development are favored.

Philosophical Thought - Sagittarius Card Necklace
Philosophical Thought - Sagittarius Card Necklace
Sagittarius Healing Mantra- "I fall, I rise, I am a warrior"
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Your drive to learn and make inventive and original choices is high this month, but tension as elements of your subconscious could be undermining you. You want to be more expansive, open, and take more risks in life, especially when it comes to defying convention, and yet some part of your ego is clinging to the past, and that needs to be dealt with.

This month is uphill when it comes to money-making and reaching targets. You have to put a great deal of effort into keeping your targets, deadlines, and goals in sight, as it's slow going. While short-run results can be disappointing, you have to keep going; you also have to understand why it's so hard right now and what you can do in the future to avoid similar problems or issues.

A good month for team sports and social sports. Health is about being active and being included, and you enjoy activities in which you contribute to a successful outcome more that you enjoy being successful as an individual. A sense of belonging, having a purpose, and being needed by the group is rejuvenating and inspiring to you.

With Mars retrograde, this is a month when the foot is off the gas in romance, and you get cold feet. The wind goes out of your sails, and you feel the need to reflect and mull over where you are now, and if it's suiting you. In September, you will reconsider and perhaps choose a new direction for your romantic life or call for a cooling-off period. You won't necessarily have the power to change the order as the dye may already be cast. If expectations are already too high on your partner's part, it can be difficult for you to have this thoughtful cooking period without putting the relationship in jeopardy. 

However, honesty and truth cannot be avoided now and so be diplomatic and explain yourself, but do not necessarily expect understanding back, at least not quite yet.

You are rather passionate this month, and you seek stimulation on a physical level, not necessarily sexual, but you enjoy a massage or even something like dancing with your partner. Sagittarius is a star sign that thrives mainly on communication, freedom, and optimism; however, this month, you are more aware of how good it feels to have bodily closeness with your partner in various ways you enjoy getting close.

If you are establishing a new business, this can be a very productive phase where you quickly discover resources (both physical and in terms of information), which will be critical to your future success. The difference between those in a regular job or with a business and those establishing one is that you don't expect fast results when starting. You are alert to everything; however, when you are established, you expect it to flow, and you may stop innovating or observing, so the message is that even if found, there is still plenty of room for improvements.

The moon waxes from the 17th, making this your fertile patch for new activities, especially in connection with hospitality and catering—a perfect time to start working from a home office or on a community project. Work in social services and family law is favored.

Ambitious Mind - Capricorn Card Necklace
Ambitious Mind - Capricorn Card Necklace
Capricorn Healing Mantra - "Never give up is my survival code"
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Mars goes retrograde on September 9th in Aries, and this can put a damper on your plans, things slow down, but the message is to be more thoughtful and considered in your approach. Tearing things down may have felt like a release, but now you need to be sure that what you are building up will be a true reflection of what you need. Now is the time to let the dust settle and take a moment of calm to reflect. It's a great time to utilize the imagination as a tool to envisage options; speed is not the be-all and end-all, nor is progress; what matters is getting your emotions, needs, priorities, and aims aligned.

Money spent this month should be on goals and projects already in progress rather than on anything new. Focus on your most important priorities and get those done first; chances are you will have ample time to check out new opportunities and avenues for your business and hobbies outside of work.

Psychotherapy can be beneficial right now, and this is an opportune time to deal with anger issues. If you find that problems you had with your parents resurface with other authority figures, especially about bullying, now is an excellent time to address that.

Love relationships that begin now are more intense, and feelings run high; romance has a greater hold on you. It can tend to dominate your life and your thoughts, which can be quite distracting, but you are compelled to continue as a new lover holds a fascination for you. 

New love relationships have ups and downs from the start, and they tend to impact your life in strange ways. You may experience sudden jealousy and even possessiveness as this new relationship gets close quickly, and you may become quite irrational and easily threatened by potential problems that arise.

You are more aware of the factors that have shaped your relationship. Attitudes and ingrained behavior that tend to steer the relationship, which often determines outcomes, is more evident as it filters to the surface and is better understood by you. It is a time when suddenly things click in terms of your more in-depth understanding of your partner, and this can help you to navigate the tense and awkward moments which arise more strategically and not so much in a knee jerk way.

Now is an excellent time for creative writing as Capricorn enjoys the solitude of writing as a pursuit and your imagination is very active. You may find writing fiction or writing on emotional and psychological issues interesting.

Your ability to negotiate, communicate, and coordinate others are enhanced. This month is excellent for team leadership and organizing group initiatives. September is ideal for those involved in careers where the ability to find solutions by balancing needs and extracting compromises is vital.

The moon waxes from the 17th, making this your fertile patch for new activities, especially in connection with the arts, music, design, and alternative field.

Charitable Spirit - Aquarius Card Necklace
Charitable Spirit - Aquarius Card Necklace
Aquarius Healing Mantra - " I am worthy enough to follow my dreams and manifest my desires"
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Mars goes retrograde from the 9th in Aries. It's much easier to work independently as coordinating others and leading a team is filled with pitfalls and people working at cross purposes. This is a month where tempers flare, and there are more contentious issues arising. Feelings tend to run high and bubble over, and emotion often wins the day over objectivity.

This month addresses long-term financial issues, i.e., pensions, property, education funds for your children. Suppose your current income is not growing or has hit the ceiling. In that case, you may need to take this more seriously and begin to review options available to increase your financial prospects via further education or training or new initiatives. You may also need to contemplate how secure your income streams are, what are your job security prospects in the next five years? 

Take account of any tax changes, increases in medical and other insurance contributions, and inflation. You may soon need to make some big decisions to increase your ability to meet the financial challenges of the next few years, and these will be more fundamental than just cutting back in a few areas. While you may not take immediate action, this is a perfect time to begin adjusting rather than just coasting along month by month.

For some Aquarians, you may be the healer or therapist, but working with people going through grief, stress, or trauma can benefit your understanding in ways that allow you to grow and achieve awareness.

You are keen to be pleasant and easygoing, and you often do more than your fair share in the relationship. You will do what you can to avoid arguments. However, this often leads to resentment and an eventual explosion, which is more severe than necessary.

Your people-pleasing has two core aims. You desire enjoyment, and you have a greater psychological need for harmony and affection, which means you become malleable, easygoing, and avoid conflict. 

However, you are also quite possessive, and you seek to cultivate a close relationship where your partner either relies on you or becomes addicted to your attention. So, the people-pleasing has an element of need and an aspect of control. However, you can only people please for so long, as it never is a viable option longer term and so be aware of what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Aquarians have to be watchful for bullying and manipulation in love. As a sign, Aquarius tend to attract dramatic and emotionally expressive characters who have strong views on things; you value intensity and enjoy it. Still, you cannot be subdued by it. Please do not allow a dramatic partner to rule the roost via their temper or outbursts; you have to resist the emotional pressure that a tantrum creates. It's easy to agree to bring the temperature down, but this creates a bad precedent and further encourages this behavior. Avoid confrontation as you will come off worse; even if you stand up for yourself, you may feel bad later. It's best to walk away and not allow yourself to get heated when perhaps it's not even your issue in the first case.

Job satisfaction is a crucial desire this month. Aquarians who work in fields about numbers and paperwork may be so disillusioned that you may resolve this month to redirect your future towards something more rewarding where you get immediate feedback from real people.

The moon waxes from the 17th, making this your fertile patch for new activities, especially in connection with money, investment, savings plans, and income. Money should come in faster, and debtors will pay up improving working capital. Sales are improved, and you should be more profitable—an excellent period to reach sales targets.

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This is a perfect month for winning approval, and you are a welcome voice when it comes to team initiatives. Your popularity is high. In any new situation, you can make friends quickly; you should welcome opportunities to be more social and attend meetings or weigh in on negotiations, as your pennies' worth goes a long way.

Now is a perfect time to hold celebratory events for family and friends in your home. If you have started a business that you run from home, this month is excellent for promoting it or holding an event.

Mars goes retrograde on the 9th in Aries, which indicates that you should take the foot off the gas when it comes to your financial strategy. Ease up on any business spending and be more reticent about investing. Reduce risk financially, hedge your bets, and play it safe.

Try not to get into conflicts about money or resources; it may be worth compromising rather than fighting for your rights. Often this month, being "right" is no guarantee you will come out on top, and it's certainly not worth fighting over matters of principle. If you can take a loss on the chin, do so, and move on.

This month, especially the latter part is ideal for healing on a psychological level. Therapy, counseling, and hypnosis or past life regression can be beneficial. Look at addressing the root causes of anxiety and deal with any residual guilt which undermines you. It's good to speak to a professional who is expert at steering you towards key trigger issues that require greater understanding and resolving.

Love is a learning experience, and you tend to learn a great deal about yourself through new intimate connections. Relationships that start now have a high probability of success. Often, there is a religious or cultural element where you both come from totally different backgrounds, which is part of the fascination and broadening of your perspectives.

After the 17th is the best time of the year to meet a new partner and so attending social events, double dates, or singles nights is a great idea, put yourself in places where Cupid is likely to strike.

This is an excellent month to get engaged or married; you are more eager to share your life with a special someone and to take commitment to the next level. Marriage this month is linked to prosperity; your partner may be wealthy or about to become successful in both material terms and in terms of being a valued member of society.

There are opportunities to expand your contacts, and somebody may introduce you to influential people who may offer advice or practical assistance in the future.

It's an excellent month to do research; you may have to look through old paperwork, newspapers, or manuscripts to resolve a problem or get to the heart of an issue. It's a great time to seek answers in obscure places, and unorthodox methods often bring results.

This is an excellent month for creative writing, especially in children's books, fantasy, dystopian, and sci-fi.

The moon waxes from the 17th, making this your fertile and prosperous patch for activities, especially in connection with the property, home improvements, decorating, or moving home. Creative projects are favored. Work in libraries, archives, and with anything arcane is preferred. Family decisions can be made successfully—charitable and humanitarian work is selected as is green activism.

Here are some excellent strategies for your signs, what to look out for, and tips and hints for a new direction. 

Don't forget; you can sign into Karma and Luck, go to Horoscopes and read what your sign is up to every day. 



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