How to Wear Mala Beads & Use Them to Enhance Your Health & Happiness

how to wear mala beads

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Mala is an important part of Hindu tradition. It was first created around 3000 years ago, and since then has remained immensely valuable in spiritual practice.

Although it is worn as jewelry, Mala is much more than a pretty necklace. Among other things, it is an incredibly healing protection and manifestation tool, frequently used during meditation or yoga practice.

Let’s discover how to wear Mala beads for healing, grounding, and spirituality…

What is a Mala? Understanding Mala Beads Meaning 

Mala beads, or Japa Mala beads, are worn as a piece of ancient spiritual jewelry that originated in India. They are used during prayer sessions, yoga practice, or meditation rituals to increase the flow of energy during spiritual practice. So, exactly what are Mala beads?

They Have a Precise Number of Beads

Knowing how many beads in a Mala matters. Every Mala counts precisely 108 beads, which is a sacred number in Hindu practice, Buddhism, and yoga. It represents a circle of mantras.

The beads are meant to bring the focus onto the repetition of a prayer or mantra, helping the practitioner stay attuned to their body while chanting. Mala necklace meaning is associated with the idea that for every bead, there is one mantra repetition.

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They ‘’Hold’’ Positive Energy

One of the beads, known as guru, is always the largest and is in the center. It is believed that the central bead collects energy generated during meditation or prayer and then accompanies us when we wear it.

Before learning how to wear What is a mala bead, and for what purpose, it is important to know that they can be made of various healing gemstones, lava stones, or other spiritual elements. They all amplify the power of mala in unique ways.

They are Potent Spiritual Tools

Repetitively touching each mala bead helps ground the body and soothe the soul. Mala prayer beads are used to help practice mindfulness and strengthen our bond with both the spiritual and physical realm. As such, they amplify the power of mantras and strengthen our intentions.

Mala prayer beads are especially powerful when seeking wisdom, clarity, and guidance. Our Divine Contemplation Mala combines wooden Mala beads, three types of healing gemstones, and spiritual symbols to help you awaken and elevate your spiritual growth.

mala beads meaning

How to Wear Mala Beads 

Malas have been worn for centuries and were beloved by Hindu gurus, spiritual teachers, and yogis. Today, they play an important role in various spiritual practices across the globe.

Let’s dive into how to wear Mala beads now…

Wear Them as a Necklace

Because they are so gorgeous and powerful, Mala beads are frequently worn as necklaces. Wearing a women’s or men’s Mala necklace promotes an uninterrupted flow of prana through the body. It helps balance chakras and connects us with the higher realms.

Some suggest Mala beads should be worn under a shirt, in direct contact with the skin, in order to be in touch with their incredible power at all times. If a Mala necklace touches the ground, it should be gently cleansed with spiritual tools.

Our Blessings of Success Mala is a powerful necklace that contains Jade Mala beads. It will help you attract prosperity and abundance, while simultaneously purifying your energy field and keeping your frequency at an all-time high.

Wear Them as a Bracelet

The oldest traditions suggests that a Mala bracelet should be worn on the right wrist. Because it carries the energy of the wearer, it should only come in contact with one’s own skin, and no one else’s.

There’s really no right or wrong when it comes to how to wear Mala beads. They can be worn on either wrist, depending on what feels right to you. Mala beads are typically long, so to wear them as a bracelet, simply wrap them several times around your wrist.

White Jade Shoushan Stone Agarwood Mala

How to Use Mala Beads to Improve Your Life

Mala acts as a channel for connecting with spiritual energy and the Divine on multiple levels. It offers continuous energetic support during rituals and spiritual practices. 

When it comes to knowing how to wear Mala beads to improve your life, here are some different ideas…

Wear Them to Support Your Intentions

Wearing Japa Mala beads when setting intention amplifies the power of manifestation. As you chant and move your fingers across the beads, every bead will help you get in touch with your higher self and your purpose. This brings all the focus onto the ritual of intention setting, and helps send your intention out into the Universe.

Try this technique:

  1. Cleanse your space and your aura with incense, sage, or crystal singing bowls.
  2. Sit comfortably and away from visual and auditory distractions.
  3. Visualize a ray of warm sunlight surrounding you.
  4. Discover how to wear Mala beads during a ritual. Depending on what feels right, you can wear them as a necklace or as a bracelet. You can also simply hold them in your hands.
  5. Chant your intention as you move your fingers across the Mala beads, starting and finishing with the guru bead (large, center bead). 

Our Greater Focus Mala contains black Mala beads of grounding Hematite. Through powerful centering and rooting, this piece will anchor your visualizations and manifestations.

mala prayer beads

Wear Them to Protect Your Aura & Balance Your Energy

You can never go wrong when it comes to knowing how to wear Mala beads. Because they help nurture the connection with the Divine, and because they are charged with high vibration energy, Mala beads create a powerful protection field around your aura.

Malas help lighten the emotional and mental load, eliminating worry, anxiety, and stress. They balance our chakra centers and promote inner peace and harmony. 

If you are wondering where to buy mala beads, look no further… Check out our Mala Prayer Collection to find your perfect match.

Meditate With Them

Want to know how to meditate with mala beads? Grounding and soul-nourishing, Mala helps us become more centered. It clears mental space and calms inner chatter; it brings our attention to the present moment, our breathing, or a mantra during meditation. It brings enlightenment, awakens us to our true power, and helps us elevate spiritually and mentally.

Our I am Divine Mala has a particularly harmonizing influence. Authentic Amethyst Mala beads aim to elevate our consciousness, allowing us to Dive into a meditative state with ease. These crystals are the perfect recalibration tools, helping us immerse ourselves in reflection and contemplation. 

Lapis Opal Aquamarine Evil Eye Mala

Pray With Them

Although they don’t have to be a part of a religious practice, Mala beads can help strengthen our faith and hope. Therefore, prayer is one of the main purposes associated with how to wear Mala beads.

Mala beads help connect us with higher intelligence and Divine guidance during prayer. You can simply hold your beads in your hand as you pray to amplify your bond with higher spirit. 

Our Amethyst Pearl Evil Eye Mala contains authentic Mala beads that bring both peace and clarity of mind. Incredibly tranquilizing, Jasper Stones and a Thai Buddha Charm will assist your prayers, opening channels of communication with your guides and angels.

Recite Mantras With Them

Reciting mantras with meditation Mala beads helps rewire our consciousness, raise our vibration, and shift our perspective. As we focus on reciting a mantra 108 times, it enhances our concentration. By combining an auditory and tactile sensation, beads help accentuate the strength of a mantra, so it can become rooted in our consciousness and energy field.


Mantras for Mala Beads

Besides Sanskrit syllables which contribute to deeper grounding, there are numerous mantras that can help you along your spiritual journey.

If you are wondering how to choose Mala beads for the purpose of setting an intention, think about the type of mantras you want to work with.

Here are some mantras to choose from:

  • I am whole and limitless.
  • I am supported by the Universe.
  • I am divinely protected.
  • I attract love and prosperity with ease.
  • I am powerful.
  • I am protected with a Mala bead necklace.
  • I am divinely guided.
  • I am on the right path.
  • I achieve everything I set my mind to.

Final Thoughts

There is a long history of using Mala for spiritual and religious purposes. Today we can fully enjoy the benefit of incorporating these beads into our spiritual practice, to find protection, and to give us a sense of inner peace and tranquility. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Mala Collection

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