How to Improve Your Office Space: Bring in Positive Energy at Work

How to Improve Your Office

October 4th is Improve Your Office Day, which offers an opportunity to bring awareness to how the environment we work in impacts our productivity, efficiency, and fulfillment. It is a chance to declutter, reorganize and arrange the office in a way that supports, rather than detracts from our lives.

When a space has a positive vibe, the environment is harmonious, tranquil, and filled with love and joy. But an office is a busy space, and can quickly become agitated with stress, pressure, and burnout. Thankfully, little meaningful changes can elevate inspiration and motivation that are much needed for conquering our goals.

To mark and make the most of “Improve Your Office Day,” explore how to improve your office and make it a space where you can thrive.

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How to Improve Your Office Space & Bring in Positive Energy at Work

Adding key decor pieces and using all the right spiritual tools in the office is a key to transforming your work environment into something that nourishes and inspires you.

Here are some improvements you can make to elevate the energy in your office today…

Make a Feng Shui Tree Your Focal Point

Feng Shui Trees bring balance into any space and provide soul nourishment and energetic support. Created to generate good chi in your living and working space, they act as magnets for positive vibrations and can be a potent tool when you want to know how to improve your office.

As powerful energy transmuting tools, crystal bonsai trees replace all that’s harmful with harmony and bliss. Placing one of the trees in the center of your office will have a purifying and refreshing effect, both for your space and your wellness.

Being so highly charged with positive energy, they replace low vibrations with beneficial forces, accumulating abundance and prosperity. Because they include numerous tiny crystal pieces, Feng shui trees are extremely beneficial for shifting the energy in the room and creating positive energy at work.

Karma & Luck’s Tree of Life Collection features copper bonsai trees that blend the energy of powerful healing crystals to help multiply the effects of positive influences in your home and office.

Besides having a universally beneficial effect, each crystal has unique properties that support positive intentions, whether that’s to bring more love, peace, harmony, or liveliness and joy into your environment.

positive energy at work

Keep a Stash of Small Crystals on Your Desk

When stress becomes overwhelming, a crystal can offer an instant remedy and soothe your soul. Every stone has a unique vibration that targets specific energy centers within the body. Creating your SOS kit of healing crystals is energetic self-help that will help you stay balanced, grounded, in your lane, and focused. 

Knowing how to improve your office space starts with the right crystal in your hand to counterbalance negativity and instigate a release of tension. Keep them at hand to mitigate stress when the path becomes rocky and use them to tune into yourself, reconnect with your surroundings, and find clarity and peace. This will help you stay productive and feel aligned.

To choose your perfect kit, browse Karma & Luck Minerals Collection, which includes sets of crystals curated by intention and purpose. Each has a different purpose, so select those that resonate with your energy and will give you the type of healing you crave the most.

Connect to your inner guide and reach for the crystal that calms and balances you when confusion and chaos plague you. Holding it in your hand will instantly connect you to its healing vibration.

Crystals on Your Desk

Create Good Vibes With a Singing Bowl

No one can thrive in a space that is filled with outdated energy, toxicity, or negativity. To know how to improve your office, you just need to be able to change the frequency and become more mindful of the space you work in.

Singing bowls are ancient tools for meditation and cleansing that have been used for ages for elevating frequency. By creating sonic waves, they use the power of frequency to raise the vibration in the immediate environment and help us realign. This helps eliminate stagnant energy from the space and replaces doubt and tension with inspiration and good vibes.

Crystal Singing Bowls from Karma & Luck are made of authentic Quartz and are designed to unblock and stimulate chakra centers within the body. They encourage the release of stagnant energy, preparing us to welcome high vibrations into our sphere.

When in doubt, confused, or overwhelmed, use your bowl to clear up mental space and get centered. The beautiful healing frequency they emit will provide instant relief.

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Smudge the Space

When your work environment is filled with low vibrations, cleansing the space becomes an essential step in maintaining productivity and being fulfilled.

Sage sticks are one of the most important tools for knowing how to improve your office space. Using them in daily spiritual practice in the office will help banish negative thoughts and confusion, abandon pessimism, and release what hinders your progress. They purify the space from what’s outdated and invite the new, allowing you to set and go after fresh goals that align with your vision.

Karma & Luck’s Sage Smudge Sticks are selected and packed to bring solace, clarity, and tranquility, even when peace seems unattainable. Smudging the space banishes old, accumulated energy, allowing you to tap into the potential of today, instead of feeling restricted by limiting circumstances.

Sage cleanses not only the physical, but also the spiritual, emotional, and mental space. Light it in a time of emergency to stay calm and focused, and to cast out what causes distraction, brain fog, and chaos.

Smudge Sticks

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Bless the Walls in Your Office

When pondering how to improve your office, start with a blessing, because a blessed and inspiring office is where you can truly explore your full potential. Wall plaques with potent spiritual meaning are decorative additions to an interior that can shield you and elevate your aura, allowing you to tap into your power and employ your gifts to get maximum output.

No matter how unbalanced or distracted you become, a wall blessing is a reminder that you are ever protected and guided on your path. 

To protect and elevate your work-space, opt for time-honored symbols, written guidance, and healing stones that make up our Wooden Blessings and our Ceramic Blessings. Hang the plaque of your choice to invite positive karma, auspicious events, and bliss into the work environment. This will help you generate a positive mindset and manifest the success you deserve. 

how to improve your office space

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Wear Protection Jewelry

When you take your protection with you wherever you go, you are always supported to stay in your lane and excel. 

When in the office, protection jewelry will shield you from the envy and evil eye of competitors, while clearing your path to success. Thanks to mighty ancient amulets, charms, and authentic stones, protection jewelry offers solace for burnout and prevents negativity from interrupting your flow.

Wearing a chosen piece is a simple way to know how to improve your office long-term and become a magnet for the opulence and career manifestations you aspire to attract.

Karma and Luck incorporates high vibration symbols and quality design to help you create a perfect environment for positive energetic exchange. Each piece of jewelry blends spiritual symbols with potent healing beads, charms, and pendants with a mission to upgrade style and vibration.

  • For her, try our Women’s Best Sellers. Each piece contains selected details that help release control, embrace uncertainty with ease, and keep us protected from malice.
  • For him, browse the Men’s Best Sellers collection. You’ll find empowering and supportive pieces that match his authentic style. 

Protection Jewelry

Final Thoughts

Spiritual jewelry, tools, and decor have the power to transform your office space so that it becomes an environment where you can flourish, grow, and shine. Their healing energy and protection will invite supportive energies that prompt you to move forward gently, yet boldly towards your destiny and goals. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Feng Shui Trees



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