How to Brighten Your Aura & Raise Your Frequency

Raise Your Frequency

The thoughts, interactions, and energetic exchanges we surround ourselves with all impact our vibration. Our frequency is always a reflection of our current state – emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Fortunately, since we always co-create with the Universe, we have the power to shift things and re-focus on what is beneficial for us, anytime and anywhere. Energy is always changeable, as are we.

Elevating your frequency isn’t a complicated task. On the contrary, it is always within your reach. Discover how you can shift your focus and raise your frequency with these simple yet powerful techniques. 

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It’s Easy to Raise Your Frequency!

Oftentimes when we are overwhelmed and drained from negativity, we feel like the energy of joy or love is hard to reach. Fortunately, that’s just an illusion of the conscious mind, and there are so many ways to change your focus in an instant.

All it takes is a subtle shift in your energy to change your vibration, eliminate negativity, and invite positive thoughts and experiences into your life. No matter how difficult that may seem, we are powerful beings, and we can always choose to connect to a source of positivity to lift our spirits.

The trick lies in mastering the techniques of raising our vibration. Your aura’s frequency shifts all the time, so a little conscious effort can go a long way and do so much for your wellbeing. 

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10 Ways to Brighten Your Aura Right Now

Spiritual exercises, potent jewelry, and home décor can do so much more for more our well-being than we may realize.

Here some are simple ways to raise your frequency today…

Practice Grounding Exercises

When we are overstimulated and stressed, our whole system is affected, and our vibration is lowered. When it comes to knowing how to brighten your aura, it starts with grounding your energy. Doing so helps to release pent-up tension and the accumulation of negative energies by connecting with nature.

The earth neutralizes the effects of stressors on the body, eliminates the build-up of unwanted energies, and gives us beneficial negative ions that contrast the positive ions we are continuously bombarded with. As a result, we feel more balanced and relaxed, and our aura is instantly cleared.

Wear Chakra Jewelry 

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Our energetic body has a few focal energy centers that need to be balanced for us to feel inner peace and equilibrium. Wearing chakra jewelry with resonating, high-frequency crystals and symbols, is one of the most potent ways to unlock, harmonize, and activate underactive chakras.

To find your perfect match and strengthen your aura, browse Karma and Luck’s Chakra Stones & Crystal Bracelets Collection, which features selected healing stones and ancient symbols to provide you with maximum energetic support. 

how to brighten your aura

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Do Some Cord Cutting

If you have ever felt energetically connected to someone, even after they are no longer in your life, it is because you still share an etheric bond with them, and their energy can still affect and drain you.

To raise your frequency, you need to release and cut etheric cords, so that they no longer affect your well-being. To do that, find the place on your body where you feel the connection the most, and envision a cord connecting that place with a person that drains you. Then, visualize cutting the cord and releasing it. You’ll be surprised how liberated you’ll feel.

Play a Crystal Singing Bowl

Sound frequency can be immensely healing and restorative. Crystal singing bowls produce healing resonance that can cleanse your space and your aura. By creating high-vibrational sounds, they help purify our energetic fields of weighty accumulated energy, allowing us to feel lighter. 

To find a singing bowl that resonates with you, browse our Crystal Singing Bowl Collection. All bowls are made of natural Quartz and are designed to help unblock chakra centers and raise your frequency.  

Eat Whole Foods

Processed food puts pressure on your whole digestive system, draining your energy and diminishing your vitality. Compared to processed food, which gives us a short-term energy high and depletes us in the long run, whole foods are rich in nutrients and are a sustainable source of energy.

Being mindful of your diet and selecting organic foods will help replenish and regenerate you on all levels. You will find that your mood gets better, and you’ll feel lighter and much more energized.

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Do Some Physical Activity

When we are physically stagnant, so is our energy. Exercise releases feel-good hormones, and as a result, it can help you raise your frequency. Physical movement brings focus onto the body and shifts our attention away from our inner chatter, helping us feel more grounded and present. Even a light exercise can stimulate blood and oxygen flow and bring countless benefits to our well-being.

So, when you’re in a rut, go for a walk in the park, do a yoga session, or do a gym workout. The energy in your body will start moving and you will feel like you’ve done something positive for yourself, which will further elevate your vibration. 

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Smudge Your Aura

Sage smoke has cleansing properties and is one of the easiest solutions when it comes to knowing how to brighten your aura. Home is our sanctuary, and when it’s filled with old, heavy energy, moving forward can feel difficult. Smudging your aura and your space allows you to lift the vibration and release what diminishes your shine, so that fresh, much more positive energy can enter your life.

Karma & Luck’s Sage Smudge Sticks can help you elevate your frequency. This will help you not only eliminate what drags you down but also protect your precious energy from ill will and all that threatens to disturb your equilibrium. 

Take a Salt Bath 

A salt bath can neutralize the effects of free radicals and positive ions that have accumulated in your system. It has a relaxing effect on the nervous system and muscles and can strengthen your aura, helping to draw stress and negativity from your body.

Just like clearing your electronic device of unnecessary files and viruses, having a salt bath once a week can help you reset and restart, freeing the energetic memory in your body and the mental space for new, beneficial energetic data to come in.

Happiness Crystals

Use Happiness Crystals

Our Happiness & Confidence Mineral Intention Box blends five powerful crystals, joined together to help you raise your frequency, connect with your higher self, and celebrate every day. Every crystal from the box has a unique vibration that brings a distinct healing experience. 

Here are some of our favorite ways to use happiness crystals to counteract darkness and bring love and abundance our way…

  • Connect With One Crystal - Your higher self knows what type of healing vibration you need the most, so when you are feeling low, choose the crystal from the kit that calls you the most. Tune into its energy to feel immediately lighter.
  • Practice Joy Meditation - Lay your crystals in front of you and set the intention to envision all that brings you bliss and joy. Meditate on the good feelings evoked and let the feel-good energy flood you.
  • Carry Crystals With You - Healing stones shield the aura and make us a magnet for blessings. Carry them with you wherever you go to stay focused, balanced, and safeguarded from malicious energy.
  • Practice Gratitude Journaling With Crystals - Hold one of the happiness crystals as you write in your journal about things you are thankful for.

Gaze Into a Tree of Life 

Our Feng Shui Trees of Life are some of the most powerful and stunning crystal décor elements in the world. To use one of these beauties to raise your frequency, take a moment to meditate on it every day. Sit calmly away from distractions and draw your focus onto the tree. Observe its delicate, hand-woven crystal branches, its copper wire trunk, and its delicate design. 

This simple meditation allows the positive frequency of the crystal leaves to penetrate your aura, make a positive shift in your energy, and bring you soothing and calming energy.

To find your Tree of Life and ensure what you are getting is a quality piece with authentic crystals, browse our Tree of Life Collection.

Final Thoughts

When things get difficult, we need to stay grounded and remind ourselves that we have more power than we realize. Spiritual symbols and crystals can be our first aid in igniting an internal shift and turning to positivity. With such help, positive shifts are more than possible. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Chakra Jewelry

Raise Your Frequency

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