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Home Gifts

Whether you live in a house, apartment, cabin or castle, it's not a home until it's filled with love.

Part of making a home, too, is filling it with things that warm our hearts and brighten our souls. There's nothing more fulfilling than seeing the your loved ones' eyes light up when you give them a meaningful home gift.

The energy of homes vary as vastly as the people who live in them, but within each one exists hopes, dreams, efforts, successes and disappointments. 

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Our Favorite Home Gifts for the One You Love

We appreciate the depth of love and how dearly people want to express it when they give something to someone they love. That's why we've hand-selected some of our prize items to convey your sincerity and illuminate home and hearth.

Gifts to Bless a New Home

Moving into a new home is always an exciting adventure, regardless if you're just starting out, up-sizing, or down-sizing.

Taking a bland brick and mortar space and converting it into a loving home gives us so many opportunities to express ourselves.

One of the first things any new home needs is a blessing.

The energy we bring into a house becomes the energy of the home. When you live with love in your heart and peace in your soul, the same will touch the lives of those around you and who stop by to visit.

Blessings of Protection

Protective Wall Blessing

Make a new home a place of happiness and joy by gifting your loved one with the¬†Protective Shelter ‚Äď Hamsa Wall Blessing for the Home. Your blessing comes in a beautiful wall plaque shaped as the ever shielding Hamsa Hand for protection. The prayer is topped by an array of healing crystals, each with its own properties to deal with situations.¬†

A happy home is a successful home that attracts and manifests good intentions. Frequently, we think that we must want something huge to work on manifesting it, but it's not like that. We can manifest everything we want with enough confidence and positive intentions, from enjoying daily life to attracting wealth and good fortune.

Blessings of Abundance & Good Luck

Aventurine Tree of Life

Aventurine is a potent manifestor of all kinds of abundance and bringer of good luck and optimism into your life. White crystal is a master healer and amplifies energy by absorption and transmutation.

Our Manifestor Feng Shui Aventurine Crystal Tree combines the compelling properties in the shape of an awe-inspiring tree of life, making a superb gift for a new home. Firmly rooted in a white crystal base, all trees symbolizes grounding, growth and fertility. Soothing and relaxing green Aventurine leaves draw you in, absorbing your intentions and invigorating your aura.

Blessings for New Beginnings

Each new home comes with faith and visions of new beginnings. But to make these a reality, we need to follow our passions, which can get tough when life's responsibilities weigh us down. Gifting a Pursuit of Passion Feng Shui Garnet Stone Tree to a special person brings their dreams closer to fulfillment.

Set on an Agate base to bring harmony, balance and stability into a new home, this majestic tree is crowned with a profusion of glistening garnets. Their fiery, red vibrant energy boosts vitality, improves health, promotes creativity and encourages us to blaze a path to success.

Blessings For New Beginnings

Raising a Young Family

Strong spiritual values begin in the home of our birth. Every parent should strive to impart these on their family from babyhood.

Parent-child communication begins at birth, and one of the greatest gifts you can bestow on a child is the commitment to truth. When we're raised in truth, life is clear, we have the confidence to express ourselves truthfully, and we're aware of the truth of others.

Healing Sounds

Sound is an essential part of communication, and frequencies from a singing bowl reach our auditory senses and travel beyond realms. Our¬†Truth Lullabye ‚Äď Blue Throat Chakra Singing Bowl subtly guides us to living a life of truth by activating the throat chakra and stimulating all our senses.¬†

Healing Communications

A home filled with the hustle and bustle of little people, developing minds, and endless curiosity is an extraordinary place. It also has its challenges as different personalities need to learn to understand one another and get along.

Thankfully we have astrology to give us a helping hand through insight and guidance. If you want your beloved's home to reverberate with joy and laughter and hold endless possibilities for all, we've got it covered. 

Gifting the¬†Divine Light ‚Äď Zodiac Hamsa Wall Blessing on a young family channels astrological wisdom into the home. Flood their space with the positive energy of healing crystals and bring ever-vigilant protection from the Hamsa Hand.

Healing Family Stress

Aquamarine Feng Shui Tree

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Despite all the enjoyment and rewards of parenting, it can become exhausting as well. That said, we can choose tranquility above anxiety. Give the one you love a helping hand by gifting them the Relaxing Lullaby Feng Shui Aquamarine Stone Tree.

A few deep breaths in its calming presence washes through the soul like gentle ocean waves, bringing soothing tranquility. When left in a room, it creates a balanced, safe haven for peaceful relaxation, free of stress and anxiety. 

Strengthening Faith

A home that prays together stays together, so giving your loved one a home gift to reinforce faith is a gift from the soul.

Mind-Body-Spirit Alignment

Our¬†Spiritual Awareness ‚Äď Yoga Chakra Evil Eye Hamsa Blessing transcends religion and opens the home to blessings of every kind. When body, mind and soul are in alignment, anything is possible.

Seven sparkling crystals resonate with each main chakra to keep them balanced, and the Hamsa Hand symbol ensures protection. Knowing that we're living in harmony with ourselves allows us to spend time in quiet meditation to receive the abundant gifts of the divine.

Calming Buddhism

Reinforce the serene spirit of Buddhism within the home with the Serene Journey Amethyst Wall Blessing. Set with a healing and calming rough Amethyst stone, it's a source of peace, purity and wisdom. In addition, its mere presence in draws divine consciousness into the space it occupies.

Christian Support

To strengthen the energy of the Christ spirit within a home, our¬†Leap of Faith ‚Äď Amethyst Cross Wall Blessing makes the perfect gift. The combination of the Cross and rough amethyst are a source of calm, clarity and spiritual insight. Time in quiet prayer in its company opens awareness of divine energy.

Judeo-Christian energy within the home gets enhanced by the Sacred Unity Wall Blessing. Fashioned in the shape of the protective Hamsa Hand embellished in the tradition of the 12-tribes, it's a blessing for a stable home. Extol your love with tradition, faith and sacred virtue for a firm and unwavering family life.

Christian Support

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Healing a Home

Pain is a reality of life, and few homes escape times of sadness or endings. Illness, separation, loss of income and trauma, for example, are painful, but they're also opportunities for spiritual growth and strength.

When a shadow has fallen over the home of some you love, reassure them that the light will shine again with a healing home gift. Nothing helps overcome hurt and suffering more than love. Where love is present, faith prevails.

Love & Forgiveness

While people can betray us, we can also feel betrayed by life in times of ill health or misfortune. Forgiveness is often a painful process, especially if we don't understand why something happened.

But without forgiveness, we can't heal, and gifting your beloved with a¬†Love Enhancer ‚Äď Green Chakra Singing Bowl shows your understanding.¬†

Used in prayer, meditation, and healing rituals, it opens the heart chakra and resounds to the divine realms. Time spent in its company makes healing more accessible and opens the way to acceptance, love, inner peace and joy.

Connecting to Higher Self

Broken relationships and lost dreams can bring an energy of sadness into a home. You can help the person you love to believe in themselves again by giving them a¬†Trust Yourself ‚Äď Lapis Lazuli Medium Size Feng Shui Tree.

Standing on master white crystal, the Lapis Lazuli tree top nurtures awareness, truth and wisdom. Spending time in its grounding presence will connect them to their higher self, encouraging them to make decisions that serve them best.

Personal Power

Crystal Singing Bowl

Sometimes we need more than faith alone to get through the hurt, though. That's where willpower comes in. By focusing on our solar plexus chakra, we can stimulate and reinforce the energy of resolve. The more we develop it, the stronger it becomes.

Our¬†Power to Heal ‚Äď Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra Singing Bowl is there for support.¬†

Healing sound frequencies balance and open the solar plexus chakra, as it strengths the resolve to heal and restore body, mind and soul. The more time is spent in meditation with the singing bowl, the stronger the vibrational energy. 

Health & Protection

We still need love and reassurance, however, once healing begins and way beyond.

Align your heart with a heart that's endured ill health with dignity and grace by sharing a Soothing Repair Amethyst Stone Wall Blessing with them. Keep them safe with the Hamsa Hand imbued with healing crystals and a divine blessing.

Protecting a Home

Every home needs some added protection, and when you love those who live there, you want it even more.

Amulets of protection draw different protective energies into the home. You can safeguard those you love with these beautiful items.

Protecting Innocence

Maintain the safety of beauty and innocence with this¬†Pure Break ‚Äď Feng Shui Pearl Stone Tree. Just as Pearls are birthed from a shell, these immaculate Mother of Pearl stones ensure virtue will bloom unhindered. Coupled with white crystal, grounding and future growth are assured.

Universal Protection

We all have access to the joyous blessings of the universe, but occasionally it slips away. Keep your lover's home shrouded in joy by harnessing and protecting their life-force with a Powerfully Protected Wall Blessing. Dazzling crystals within the defending Hamsa Hand each resonate with distinctive energy, sealing in the good and repelling the bad.

Protecting Luck & Happiness

Wall Blessing Home Gift

Hard work and the best intentions are what leads to a successful life, but a little luck takes us even further. The universe wishes a fruitful life upon us, but sometimes we're so busy we miss the lucky breaks.

Keep the energy flow of luck and good fortune guarded within the home you love with our Protected with Positivity Horseshoe Wall Blessing. What better combo than a protecting Hamsa Hand bordered by a lucky horseshoe and studded with various crystals?

Slowing down and appreciating the small things in life allows us to see opportunities we would otherwise overlook.

In Closing

Buying home gifts for the one you love is about much more than being generous.

It's creating a soul connection that demonstrates your knowing and appreciation of who they are and the oasis of love they create within the home. 

If a picture says a thousand words, a mindful home gift conveys a thousand loving emotions.

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