The Karma and Luck Guide to Buying Meaningful Gifts

Meaningful Gifts

There’s much more to buying meaningful gifts than most of us think.  We often mean well but end up getting it wrong (sometimes without even realizing it).

Maybe we leave it until it's too late, believe an impressive gift must have a high price tag, or buy what we “think” others want. That’s why buying gifts often leaves us stressed, tired, and unable to make good buying decisions.

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Did you know that around 61% of American adults say they received at least one unwanted gift in the past 12 months? That’s according to a recent survey conducted by, but that’s not all it revealed. About 31% of those individuals confessed to quietly passing their unwanted gifts on to someone else.

The analysis also showed that both sexes similarly experienced the problem and were equally guilty. Friends turned out to be the worst givers of unwanted gifts, followed by in-laws, parents and partners.

With a bit of insight and forward planning, though, you can get it right every time. Or when in doubt, give a gift card!


Our Guide to Buying Meaningful Gifts

Let's look at the secrets of buying meaningful gifts that convey your most genuine feelings and emotions and will be received with appreciation and joy.

Listen to Understand

Most of us listen simply to respond!

While we might think we’re paying attention and engaged in conversations, the truth is we mostly listen to say our bit. That means that while someone else is talking, our reply is already coming up in our minds.

As soon as a thought arises, we automatically stop listening to the conversation. This may only take a few seconds, but that’s how we miss out on vital cues and info from others.

Slowing conversations down and learning to listen with the intent of hearing to understand opens us up to a wealth of information. When we do this, other people feel heard, respected and appreciated as well.

Our listening takes on a whole new dimension that embraces observation and perception and frees us from our opinions. Once we’re aware of it, it becomes a way of life.

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Naturally, we need to do this throughout the year and not only a few days before a special occasion or holiday season. It’s unlikely that anyone would think to tell you their deepest likes directly. Usually, they tell us in general conversation when they’re relaxed and at ease.

Focused listening taps into the soul of others to hear their beliefs, hopes and fears. It exposes their feelings, dreams, and passions. By listening to their soul, we’ll know what they want way before gifting time comes around.

A perfect example is if a close friend leaves home for a while to work or study far away. They tell you how excited they are, but you sense some fear of the unknown by reading between the lines. You don’t say anything, however.

Instead of buying a fancy gift, you give him a token of your caring and concern for their welfare, like a traveler keychain. You tell them to use it as a talisman and keep it close all the time. In turn, they see you know them well, and they are comforted to know that home and love are never far.

Holiday Gift

Don't Focus on the Price Tag

“The more I spend, the more it shows I care.”

That's what we tend to think, but in reality, big expensive gifts are often as unwanted as cheaper ones. The only difference is that being the receiver may feel guiltier about passing it on, so it goes into the back of a cupboard to become another white elephant.

Spending more doesn’t always assure a gift will be well received.

There’s a psychological link at play here that allows us to fall into this trap. Possibly you really care deeply for the person and want to show them how extraordinary your love is. In our minds, big is large, but emotions aren’t objects, so we can’t compare them.

Buying a meaningful gift that comes from your heart will say so much more. Especially when it touches the receiver’s soul, and they radiantly say, “how did you know?”

True love and gratitude for another primarily come in small, intimate gifts, whether for him or her.

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Handmade Gifts Say Much More

Tying in with the concept that bigger is better is the notion that factory-made buys superior quality.

But not when it comes to buying meaningful gifts!

Knowing that a craftsperson spent hours designing something and then selecting items to bring their idea to life brings an energy of uniqueness and creativity into our lives. No techno designed, mass-produced item can match it.

Being given a gift that’s been handcrafted with love and passion and then explicitly selected for you opens up a floodgate of encouraging emotions. It can develop the bond between people, earn respect and deepen love.

These same positive emotions will come up whenever we look at the gift, and our appreciation is so much greater.

Artisnal Jewelry

Artisanal jewelry, in particular, holds special significance. The knowledge that each piece contains the intentions of loving energy and giving is twofold. It’s firstly channeled by the artisan and then by the buyer who holds the receiver in their heart.

Red string bracelets are a perfect illustration. Although they appear small and modest, their energy is elegantly potent. Not only are they handmade, but they’re crafted in the ambience of serene and exotic settings, far from the stress of modern-day life.

Channeling specific energies into each lovely piece, artisans weave the most beautiful intentions into each red string bracelet for women and red string bracelet for men.

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Fortify Hopes & Dreams

When we learn to listen to understand, we get to know people much better. We become aware of their innermost hopes and dreams. They might not share these openly but instead subtly weave them into their conversations.

We all do it. Whimsical comments like “I always wanted this…” pass quickly in lively chatter and can easily go unheard and unnoticed.

Yet others may openly tell us what their hopes and dreams are, but they and everyone else knows they’re unattainable right now. That doesn’t mean they’re beyond reach forever, though.

We can touch a loved one’s soul by buying meaningful gifts that not only strengthen their hopes and dreams but also show we support them. No matter how trivial or unattainable something seems, it’s precious to the dreamer.

When we align our wishes for them with their cherished desires, we connect spiritually.

Copper Bonsai Trees

Copper Bonsai Trees are perfect for these situations. They’re ancient, wise symbols of the natural and inevitable cycles of life. Nothing ever remains constant, and neither do we. Therefore, while a dream can seem hopeless now, we never know how circumstances will change.

Each type of bonsai tree also brings a different energy. We’ve done some research already to help you find the perfect bonsai tree meaning and benefits to make the best gift selection.

Support the Beliefs of Others

Just as fortifying hopes and dreams matters, so does supporting the beliefs of people we care about.

This can get tricky because often they don’t match with ours, or possibly even clash. However, when love and caring are present, there’s no room for judgement. We can give a meaningful gift with the deepest of love, even if it represents something we don’t believe in. The intention is what truly matters.

You don’t need to go into what your loved one believes in or even understand to show them you respect their freedom of choice. Religious beliefs, for instance, vary substantially, but they’re deeply personal and shouldn’t influence how we embrace others.

An ultimate believer cross symbol, for example, will be a profoundly symbolic gift to someone if you’re not of the same faith.

Another idea is gifting someone who holds the evil eye belief close to their heart. Giving them something as unique as an evil eye charm bracelet tells them you respect their beliefs and, consequently, you respect them.

Consider Personalities

Considering all of the above points, we must keep in mind that everyone is different, too. Each of us has unique personality traits that manifest in our character as well as likes and dislikes.

Some of us love fun and quirky things, even when we’re serious. Others are inclined to restraint and prefer more serene items. And then there’s the perfectionist who opts for straight lines, matching colors and flawless design.

Of course, none of these choices is wrong, and it’s not up to us to try to align another’s preferences with ours. The secret to meaningful gifting is acknowledging the taste of those we love and giving them what makes their hearts sing with joy.

By buying something you’d never buy for yourself and giving it with love, you’re saying, “I see your individuality and love you for it.” What could be more fulfilling?

If you’re at a loss, browse through our vast range of wall blessings. Everyone loves them, and there’s a color, intention and blessing to suit every personality type.

Meaningful Gifts for the Home

Buying Meaningful Gifts is Socially Responsible

While most of us are very conscious of the importance of social responsibility and ethical buying, it can get overlooked when rushing around to find the right gifts.

That can be a big mistake, leaving the receiver feeling uncomfortable and even guilty about the origins. No one wants to spoil the excitement and gratitude that gifts bring with an awkward aftertaste.

An online survey conducted by analytics company Certus Insights found that 70% of USA respondents want to know brands they support address social and environmental issues. Plus, consumers don’t just want to hear it from the brand; they want to see it in their products.

Proving your commitment to the welfare of others and our planet through conscientious gift buying transcends your love across time and boundaries. To know that a gift was intentionally bought from a company that supports small businesses, trades ethically and gives back to communities makes it more special.

Before You Go

Meaningful gifting is much more than just exchanging items. In fact, what we give is much less important than the intention with which it’s given.

Nobody wants to think buying their gift was merely another chore you ticked off your to-do list.

Gifts express our innermost feelings so you want them to be sincere. Yes, life can be a crazy rush from one place to another and good intentions can go awry. But buying meaningful gifts doesn’t have to be time-consuming.

When you know the soul of each one you love, you’ll know what they want and where to buy it. And if you’re really at a loss, a gift card given from the heart isn’t just money, it channels your intentions to their soul.

Karma and Luck understand the spirit of buying meaningful gifts. Our spiritual jewelry and home décor pieces are timeless, ethically sourced and handcrafted with love and care. Our catalogue is diverse with items to suit every occasion, age, personality and intention. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Holiday Gift Guide

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