Get Ready for Soul Revival - The Top Capricorn Ring for Women

Capricorn Ring for Women

Born between December 22 and January 19, Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. Symbolized by the mythical sea-goat, these earthy women are ruled by the ever-disciplined planet Saturn. Thanks to Saturn’s energy of structure, organization, and determination, Capricorns are known for their hard working nature and extraordinary ambition.

Letting their head rule, rather than their heart, Capricorns are logical souls with a propensity for practicality. They like their lives and affairs to be in order, and avoid spontaneity. These stable individuals seek a life of comfort and great success. 

Slightly detached from their emotional side, Capricorn women appreciate a bit of warmth in their lives. Providing that fireside heat is Capricorn’s astrological birthstone, garnet. A stone of passion and energy, garnet keeps the busy Capricorn rejuvenated, so that they can keep reaching for their goals.


When these zodiac natives wear Capricorn birthstone jewelry set with garnet, they are encouraged to stay ambitious, but still make time for rest and recharge. Capricorn jewelry helps to keep these souls balanced and grounded - rounding out any hard edges. 

Designed with the driven sea-goat of the zodiac in mind, our collection of Capricorn zodiac jewelry is high-vibrational and balancing. Read on to discover our favorite Capricorn ring for women

Capricorn Ring for Women

Our Favorite Harmonizing Ring for Capricorn Women

  • Grounded & Ambitious - Capricorn Constellation Ring

Capricorn Constellation Ring

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Made with 18k gold-plated brass, this adjustable ring features the Capricorn constellation. Like stars in the sky, blue topaz, garnet, and cz crystals sparkle their light upon the wearer. As soon as she slips this Capricorn birthstone ring on her finger, she is reminded of her truth.

The Cap woman is a natural-born leader, and should she ever forget that, this piece of Capricorn healing jewelry will surely help her to remember. Fiery red garnet fills her with energy and passion, igniting her sense of self-confidence and determination. 

Her sense of purpose is reactivated with the help of Capricorn jewelry, revealing the direction she needs to take in life. Her path is cleared of any obstacles, allowing her to soar boldly towards the life of her dreams. Also featured on this women’s Capricorn ring is lovely blue topaz.

Capricorn Constellation Ring

Inspiring communication, wisdom, and love, this stone’s peaceful energy helps busy Capricorn to loosen up and take a load off once in a while. She is encouraged to forgive, letting her life fill more positivity and joy. 

Handmade in Bangkok, Thailand, this Capricorn ring is made with fair trade practices. Working with skilled artisans around the world, we cherish their incredible skill and eye for detail. Once finished, this ring is then blessed by the positivity frequencies of singing bowls to ensure optimal healing potential. 

Capricorn Constellation Ring


  • Reminds Driven Capricorn to Take Time for Rest & Relaxation
  • Revives the Soul with Purpose & Direction
  • Inspires Wisdom, Wit, & Intellect
  • Provides Grounding Energy
  • Encourages Leadership Qualities
  • Reignites Passions & Fuels Creativity
  • Boosts Physical Health 

Capricorn Constellation Ring

Shop Zodiac Jewelry for Your Beloved Capricorn

Wearing the birthstone attached to your birth month is believed to activate your highest potential. Carefully chosen and matched to each month and zodiac sign, these gemstones were not just chosen at random. Perfectly aligned to the energy of their zodiac sign, these stones provide the wearer with harmony and balance.

Any areas in life they are lacking, are filled in by the birthstone, while any areas in life they are particularly blessed and skilled, are enhanced. For all the Capricorn babies, garnet is their life force stone. Filled with warm, nurturing energy, this stone keeps Capricorn thriving - going after her goals, stepping into her power, and getting more in touch with her emotional side. 

Interested in gifting a Capricorn ring to yourself or a loved one? Visit our website and browse our full collection of Capricorn zodiac jewelry.

Capricorn Card Necklace

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