Gemini Season: Let The Controlled Chaos & Communication Commence

Usually, Gemini Season is one of the most communicative and fun times of the year. With Gemini's natural dualistic, versatile, curious, and optimistic attitude, how could it not? Whelp, the fact that it's happening during both Mercury retrograde and eclipse season means it will be more intense and emotional. 

Oh, and let's add a lunar eclipse and full Super Moon in Sagittarius on May 26th, and every sign will feel feelings of wanting to conquer the world and an ardent desire to cleanse and make a change. 

What Can We Do With All of This Energy?

A whole heck of a lot! Let's show you how to channel this time to benefit your sign.

From May 20th to June 20th, expressive, fun-loving Gemini's mutable air sign will have you wanting to connect and communicate with everyone. This is a far shift from our recent experience with Taurus Season's slow and accessible energy. 

It's like someone shot you out of a cannon, and you're flying through the air. But come down and land on your feet. Don't get too lost in Gemini's chaotic, two-sided personality. Take this time to enjoy the feelings of connectedness, reach out to friends and family, and go hang out (keeping Covid conscious). 

Use this time of spontaneity to make new friends, go walking, hiking, biking, barbequing, the 'ings' have it. Find like-minded people to play with and release any pent-up energy during this month.

Let's go back to retrograde and get that out of the way. While it certainly gets a bad wrap and tends to send people flying in the other direction, retrograde is the perfect time to tie up loose ends, get moving on projects you've put off for way too long, and then take a much-needed break. 

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Let the Feng Shui Begin

The best way to combat chaos is to control it. Get to those areas of your house that you've neglected. Clean, organize, and move things around a bit (or a lot) and recreate the positive energy in your home. Bring on the Feng Shui. Yummy.

Anyone who knows or has spent any time with a Gemini knows that they love, love, love to talk, chat all hours of the day, constantly communicate, and are highly animated.

One of the most creatively energetic of all signs, Gemini's love to hang out with friends and socialize while brainstorming ideas. All eleven signs will feel this for the next month. Even conservative Pisces and Cancer will want to get out a bit more than usual. 

Look out, Scorpio and Capricorn, don't get too aggressive right now. Keep it low keyed and enjoy. Taurus, Aries, Leo, be extra vigilant this month about work and take advantage of Gemini's talky energy to bring in more business.

Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, your normal tendency to be the “host with the most” will be amplified tenfold right now. Your sparkly personality will shine, so party on, but be safe. Gemini and Virgo... What can we say? This is your time of the month, so have fun while keeping retrograde in mind.

One of the best things to do during Gemini season is to get physical and pick up healthy habits. Make exercise a priority and put on that Gemini energy to get you more motivated to move. What does this look like for you? Walking, running, yoga, weights, or something fun like dancing perhaps. 

Also, make sure you eat clean and healthy, so you'll be clear-headed and feeling great by June 10th, when the solar eclipse and new moon happens in Gemini. You may start to have epiphanies about new directions you would like to take. Make sure to write them down, so you can commit to your new path.


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Ready for Some Romance?

Ready for some love and romance? Who isn't? All hopeful romantics remember this day: June 2nd. That’s when Venus, the planet of love, will move out of the crazy, zealous Gemini and into the domestic, sensitive, emotional and protective Cancer, and it will stay there until June 26th. 

Coupled up peeps, get cozy, hang out together, and create fun times as your feelings toward each other will be stronger. All you single humans, get flirty. If you have your eye on someone, take a leap of faith and ask them for coffee or to take a walk together and talk. No matter where you are in a relationship, find creative ways to make date night extra special. 

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One of the most important things to remember during Gemini season is to release that which does not serve you and tap into your free spirit because anything tying you down isn't worth losing your sense of self. 

Lunar eclipses help us to shed the shadows and shine a light on what is true. Stay grounded in your spiritual connectedness. This is the perfect time for self-care, a bit more pampering, and starting a journal. 

Respect retrogrades craziness by backing up your computers and charging your phones. Don't download anything you're not 100% sure about and leave early for work or meetings. 

Remember, life is what you make it, so make it marvelous and grab hold of that Gemini energy.

Every season and every sign affect each other in positive and negative ways. Stay connected to your birth sign and what it has to offer you specifically with our Zodiac and Constellation Collection.  Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Zodiac Constellation Collection

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