Free Your Inner Goddess With Evil Eye Rings

Evil Eye Rings

As you tap into your divine feminine, you may need some protection along the way. Invite the healing light of evil eye rings to wrap you in their protective and loving embrace.

While you blossom and grow, your energy becomes more magnetizing, but be sure you are welcoming the correct energies, people, and experiences into your life.

Wear an evil eye ring for protection, ensuring that negative people and vibes are blocked from your shining path. As these dangerous vibrations are repelled, there will be more space for goodness and brilliance to flow right in. 

Coming in an array of stunning designs, you can choose from a variety of evil eye rings featuring different stones, crystals, symbols, and colors. Take the time to get quiet with your soul, and decide which design resonates most with your preferences, needs, and intentions.

Vivid Personality - Chakra Evil Eye Ring
Vivid Personality - Chakra Evil Eye Ring
Aligned in mind, body, and spirit, you welcome the opportunity to live your real purpose. Joyful moments and total mindfulness become a c...
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Slip on your new ring and ignite the powerful potential lying dormant within you. Diminishing fears, worries,and doubts, the evil eye ring liberates your soul - propelling you towards new heights of being. 

Wear an evil eye ring on your right hand for help with business and educational endeavors, or wear an evil eye ring on your left hand for emotional matters and relationship protection. Whichever you choose, rest easy knowing that the evil eye is ever ready to step in. 

Interested in learning more about evil eye rings? Browse our full collection of women’s evil eye rings, and discover a bit more about their history and meaning. 

 Evil Eye Rings

Evil Eye Rings 

Worn on the finger, evil eye rings allow each woman to regain her power. Supportive and encouraging, they help you to see your full potential and remember your true purpose. 

  • Meaning of Evil Eye Rings

Designed with the evil eye symbol as the focal point, these rings are blessed with supreme powers of protection. Created as a way to defend against the same-named curse of the evil eye, the symbol was born to repel danger, harm, and negativity.

As you rise to the top, you may feel the unwanted attention of hateful or envious eyes. These malicious stares can be more powerful and serious than we realize, and should be defended against.

This is where the evil eye ring steps in. This dynamic and all-seeing eye gazes right back in the face of danger, dispelling the negativity before it has a chance to even reach us. 

Evil Eye Rings

  • Evil Eye Ring Protection

Serving as your security guard, the evil eye works vigilantly and dutifully to protect you from harm’s way. Its mesmerizing and potent gaze stares back at anyone who tries to hurt you, whether that be physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

An evil eye ring’s defensive abilities are seemingly limitless in potential. You are protected from any problem, no matter how big or small it may seem to you. Infused with ancient wisdom, the evil eye packs a serious punch when it comes to Universal powers. 

Womens New Arrivals Collection

  • First Known Use of the Evil Eye 

Believed to have first been created over five thousand years ago in the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia, the evil eye has left a significant mark on history. Spreading its reach far and wide, the evil eye amulet has ties to just about every continent, as well as a variety of cultures and faiths.

Painted on ships in Egypt, decorated on cribs in Turkey, and adorned on homes in Greece, these are just a few of the ways that the evil eye has been used and revered throughout the globe. 

Evil Eye Rings

  • Modern Use of Evil Eye Rings

Today, evil eye rings are just as important, if not more so, than ever before. Still used as a protective amulet, they keep us safe from the negativity that abounds in our modern day world. Helping us vibrate at higher levels of consciousness, we can stay uplifted and motivated towards our dream of a better planet for all. 

Nowadays, we are also blessed with a variety of stylish options when it comes to evil eye rings. In fact, they have made quite a big impact on the fashion world, and are often spotted on big name celebrities - owing to their proven potential and limitless properties. 

Evil Eye Rings

Women’s Evil Eye Ring Collection 

Women’s Evil Eye Rings with Other Symbols

Complementing the energy of various other sacred symbols, the power of the evil eye is enhanced.  

  • Protective Tenderness 

Pretty in pink, this evil eye ring for protection circles the finger in a shield of loving defense. New paths present themselves to you, opening you up to higher realms and more beautiful experiences. The hamsa works in conjunction with the evil eye to provide you an other-worldly experience. 

Pink Enamel Evil Eye Stretch Ring

  • Sparkling Protection

Providing protection from the evil eye, this white and blue enamel evil eye ring joins forces with the cosmos to bring you ultimate healing power. The moon and stars light the way towards your true purpose. 

  • Gentle Spirit

This evil eye pearl ring gleams with the light of the Universe. Surrounding you in the protection of the evil eye, this ring also blesses you with the love of the moon, a lotus, an OM, a heart, and a star charm. Imagination blossoms. 

  • Blissful Experience

In stunning white enamel, this real evil eye protection ring stretches in size - making it perfectly versatile. Shielding you from bad luck, this ring opens you up to the abundant gifts of the divine. 

Blissful Experience - White Enamel Evil Eye Stretch Ring

GP Classic Navy anillo pequeño ajustable de diamantes de ojo malvado
GP Classic Navy anillo pequeño ajustable de diamantes de ojo malvado
Amazing things happen when you distance yourself from negativity. Hold onto the good vibes only. Our mighty "Forever Safeguard - Gold Nav...
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Gemstone Evil Eye Rings

Paired with the healing energy of different stones and crystals, the evil eye’s protective properties are amplified. 

  • Nurturing Protection

Promoting intuition and balance, this evil eye moonstone ring connects you with the divine feminine. Infused with lunar energy, you are safely guided towards your higher purpose in this life. 

Nurturing Protection - Evil Eye Moonstone Ring

  • Blissful State

This striking evil eye tourmaline ring showcases the stone’s deep red sparkle. Filling you with gratitude for this blessed existence, you are led towards joy, peace, and contentment. 

  • Genuine Peace

Exuding pure love and compassion, this evil eye tourmaline ring strikes a stunning balance of deep red and fiery gold. As your protection is ensured, you are free to find true inner peace. 

Genuine Peace - Pink Tourmaline Evil Eye Ring

Gold, Diamond, & Colorful Evil Eye Rings

Artisanally crafted with stunning materials, these evil eye ring designs promise supreme protection and ultimate style. 

  • Mindful Presence 

Circling the body in protective energy, this 18k gold evil eye ring is your trusted companion. You are blessed with positive vibrations, an optimistic outlook, and a cleared path towards your dreams. 

  • Vivid Personality

Colorful and vibrant, this real gold evil eye ring incorporates the seven colors of the chakras to create more balance in your life. You are aligned with your truth, pointing you in the direction towards new levels of expansion. 

Multicolor Enamel Chakra Evil Eye Ring

  • Gentle Expression

In light pink and white hues, this subtly beautiful gold evil eye ring works around the clock to deflect negativity from your surroundings. You are encouraged to meet and release your full expression of being. Soar to new heights with this evil eye protection ring. 

  • Eternal Light

Find true peace and joy within yourself, and you will never have to search for it again in others. Everything you seek is already inside of you, just waiting to be discovered. This gold ring with evil eye designs introduces you to your full potential. 

Eternal Light - Green & White Enamel Evil Eye Ring

  • Delightful Peacefulness

With a 1mm cz crystal serving as the pupil, this white and gold evil eye ring gazes right back in the face of danger. Negativity is swiftly dispelled, inviting peacefulness and joy to take its place. 

  • Royal Protection

Wrapped in sea-blue turquoise enamel, this diamond and sapphire evil eye ring encourages you to see the world from a more loving and optimistic viewpoint. You are blessed with supreme protection, liberating you from fears and doubts. 

  • Divine Spark

Keeping stress at bay, this gold evil eye ring welcomes profound joy into your soul. Positive thoughts replace the negative, opening you up to the many opportunities and blessings that await. 

Divine Spark - Turquoise & White Enamel Evil Eye Ring

  • Dazzling Safety

This evil eye diamond ring sparkles with divine energy. Your aura is cleansed and purified, removing any toxins or blockages that have been created. Shining brightly with peaceful energy, positive experiences are magnetized right to you. 

  • Forever Safeguard 

Maintain your own energy, without absorbing the energy of others, with the loving support of this gold evil eye ring. Dotted with a cz crystal, this ring is not only protective and helpful, but also incredibly beautiful. 

  • Sparkling Positivity

Inner peace prevails with this gold evil eye ring.  Sparkling with a cz crystal and shining with gold, you are wrapped in positive energy and good vibrations. 

Sparkling Positivity - Gold Navy Enamel Evil Eye Ring

  • Basic Security

This gorgeous evil eye ring with diamonds serves as your trusted and protective bodyguard. By repelling danger, you are filled with a sense of true ease and comfort as you move about the world. 

  • Holistic Immunity

Turquoise enamel stuns in this gold ring with evil eye protection. Take risks and push your limits, knowing that you are always being watched over and safeguarded from harm. 

Gold Turquoise Enamel Evil Eye Ring

  • Fierce Spirit 

Meet your true, bold self with the help of this evil eye diamond ring. You are supported and held as you let go of the things that no longer serve you. In your newfound freedom, you are encouraged to soar. 

  • Fiery Glance

Stay mindful in the present moment, but stay hopeful for an even brighter future. Let this evil eye gold ring light up your passions and guide your way on the path to enlightenment. 

Fiery Glance - Gold Green Enamel Evil Eye Ring

Invite Divine Protection with Women’s Evil Eye Rings

Step into your full potential with these evil eye rings guiding the way. Not only extraordinarily beautiful, these unique accessories serve as your forever bodyguard. Walk through life with bold and fearless confidence, knowing that you are always protected and that you never walk alone.

With an evil eye ring worn on the finger, you are unafraid to speak your mind, express your true emotions, or take necessary risks. You are empowered to leap into the unknown, flying bravely towards your wildest dreams. The evil eye keeps protective watch over you, ensuring that you are safe to chase the life you desire. 

Ready to add an evil eye to your collection, and welcome in a life of courage and confidence? Visit our website and browse our full collection of stunning evil eye designs. 

Evil eye rings are a powerful accessory for anyone seeking protection and good luck. Learn more about the rich history and meaning behind these pieces in our fashion guide to evil eye jewelry.

Evil Eye Rings

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