Everything to Know About Amethyst Care & Maintenance

Amethyst Care & MaintenanceKnown around the world as the signature birthstone of February, amethyst has left its mark on the hearts of many. With boundless benefits, this soothing stone can be appreciated by more than just February babies.

Found in hues of dark purple to lilac, amethyst’s rich and gleaming color has been associated with royalty throughout the ages. In fact, during the Middle Ages, this stone was exclusively for the wear of nobility. Luckily, these days, the amethyst crystal can be worn and cherished by all. 

Known as a “multi-purpose stone”, amethyst can help with whatever ails you. Regardless of what energies you are looking for, the amethyst crystal can surely help. Connected with calming powers, the amethyst meaning is all about inner-power, personal growth, and stress relief.

The amethyst stone’s nurturing purple glow instantly soothes the soul, filling the wearer with a sense of unshakable inner peace. Once found, the wearer can return to this state of bliss whenever needed, regardless of circumstances or events. 

If there is one gemstone to have in your life, amethyst is surely the one. Packed with love and healing powers, the amethyst stone is ready to amplify your existence.

To ensure that this stone’s properties and abilities are fully intact, as well as its stunning appearance, it is important to provide proper care and maintenance. Read on to discover the full guide to cleaning and caring for your amethyst crystal. 

The Importance of Amethyst Maintenance

Amethyst’s beauty is nothing short of mesmerizing. Anyone who wears this brilliant stone is instantly illuminated by amethyst’s stunning purple glow and magnetizing energy. Ranging from a dark purple hue to a light lilac, they often have secondary hues of red and blue.

The highest quality amethyst specimens can be discovered in Brazil, Uruguay, Sri Lanka, and Serbia. Known as the “Serbian color”, amethyst stones exhibiting this particular hue are the most prized of all the amethysts. The “Serbian color” is extremely rare and said to resemble the color of concord grapes. 

Providing your amethyst stone with proper care and maintenance ensures that your stone’s color remains bold and bright. Over time and with frequent use, an amethyst crystal, or any gemstone, is bound to gather dust, dirt, oils, and debris. Although this is normal and to be expected, it should be taken care of as a way to avoid causing permanent damage to the amethyst stone. 

Leap Of Intuition - Amethyst Cross Charm BraceletIf dirt and debris trapped within the stone is not cleaned, it can result in the amethyst crystal appearing cloudy or milky. If this milky appearance has taken over your amethyst stone jewelry, fear not! A little cleaning will go a long way in returning your amethyst to its natural state of radiance.

This common cloudiness of gemstones is usually caused by the accumulation of soap, dirt, or dust. When these things collect on your stone, it makes it quite difficult for light to shine through - resulting in a dull-looking amethyst. Luckily, though, you can avoid this problem by following some simple cleaning steps. 

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Caring for Your Amethyst Stone

Wondering how you can prevent cloudiness or dullness from affecting your amethyst stone? The easiest way to avoid this build-up is with regular cleaning and maintenance. The good news is that amethyst does not require anything fancy. In fact, simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to caring for a garnet crystal or garnet stone jewelry. 

Coming in at a 7 on the Moh’s hardness scale, amethyst is a pretty durable stone. This means that it can withstand a lot of wear and tear, making it a wonderful option for everyday jewelry.

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However, amethyst is still highly vulnerable to scratches and damage, which is why we advise not to wear your amethyst stone jewelry while swimming, cleaning, bathing, or exercising. Make it a habit to always take your amethyst stone jewelry off before any activities such as these. When not wearing, remember to always store your stone away in a safe place! 

It is best to keep your amethyst stone stored in a soft cloth or soft bag. This will help to keep your garnet safe from being scratched or harmed by other stones. It also ensures that you will not lose your prized amethyst! 

How to Clean Amethyst Stones - Step-by-Step

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Each year, you should plan on sending your amethyst to be professionally cleaned. This ensures its bright and shiny nature to be maintained throughout the years to come. In the meantime, however, make time for regular at-home cleaning. Listed below is a step-by-step guide to keeping your amethyst looking like new! 
Amethyst care

  • Polish

Start the cleaning process by giving your amethyst stone a good polish. Using a dry, soft cloth, to prevent scratching the stone, rub to remove dirt and dust. 

  • Soak

Next, get a bowl and fill it with warm water. Add a dash of mild dish detergent. Place the amethyst jewelry in the bowl and let soak for up to fifteen minutes. Soaking helps to loosen up any stubborn dirt or debris. 

  • Gently Scrub

Now that your amethyst stone has been thoroughly soaked, it is time to gently scrub away any left-over debris. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush, begin to scrub your stone. Take extra care for this part, starting at the bottom of the stone, and avoiding the top. 

  • Rinse 

Fill a new bowl with clean, warm water of the same temperature as the first bowl. Rinse your amethyst stone with the water. 

  • Dry

Lastly, it is time to dry your amethyst crystal! Use a dry, clean cloth - a microfiber cloth is your best best. Then let the stone air dry for a bit before storing it away in its safe spot.

How To Clean Amethyst Stones

Products to Use & Products to Avoid

Curious which products are best for cleaning amethysts? Read on! 

  • Products to Use

Simplicity is the key to amethyst care and maintenance. No fancy products are necessary for this stone. In fact, warm water and a mild dish soap will be your best friends. You may also be able to find non-toxic cleaners specifically designed for amethyst and other gemstones, but be sure to carefully research any products before use! 

  • Products to Avoid

There are many products out there marketing themselves as the best cleaner for gemstones and crystals. Use your best snooping skills to research them effectively before trying them out on your beloved crystals. As for amethyst, any harsh chemicals should be absolutely avoided while cleaning your stone. 

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  • Excessive Heat - Never use a blow dry machine to dry your amethyst. 
  • Steam Cleaners
  • Bleach
  • Toothpaste
  • Salt 
  • Vinegar 

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How to Spiritually Cleanse Amethyst

Owning gemstones and crystals means that you must make time for properly cleaning your stones. This is important not only for visual reasons, but also for spiritual purposes.

Amethysts should be regularly cleansed to ensure that they continue radiating at an optimal frequency. Packed with powerful healing benefits, amethyst has the potential to create an abundant and blissful life. However, just like all stones, amethyst’s energy has the potential to be thrown out of whack.

As this stone absorbs energy, it can often become out of balance. Cleansing your amethyst stone is essential in ensuring that this stone releases any built-up negativity, and provides you with the highest level of benefits.

If you worry that cleaning your amethyst stone will have a negative effect on its spiritual powers, then worry not. In fact, regularly cleaning and cleansing your amethyst stone will help enhance and amplify its abilities. 

Amethyst CareJust as the amethyst stone’s appearance can become cloudy and dull with wear, so too can its powers. To keep the stone’s properties and abilities operating at full charge, and to prevent them from becoming dull, you must cleanse it.

Aside from the cleaning guide listed above, you should also make time for the spiritual cleansing of your amethyst stone. Think about how over time your stone begins to accumulate dust, dirt, and debris; well the same is true with the energy it collects.

Your amethyst stone is constantly taking in new information and new energies from the world and people around you. To release that built-up, and oftentimes negative, energy, you must cleanse your amethyst.  

Here are some wonderful ideas for spiritually cleansing your amethyst:

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  • Water - Using rainwater, tap water, spring water, or crystal-infused water, you can deeply cleanse your amethyst stone. Simply run the stone under the water or let it soak. While in the water, begin to set your intentions and make it clear that you wish for its energy to be restored. 
  • Sunlight - The sun’s rays are packed with positive energy. Placing gemstones and crystals in this natural light is a great way to cleanse and purify. With amethyst stones, be sure not to leave them in the sun for long periods of time. Direct sunlight for a long time can cause damage to your amethyst. We recommend limiting sun exposure to thirty minutes tops. 
  • Moonlight - A source of divine feminine energy, the moon’s soothing light is a beautiful way to cleanse an amethyst stone. Remember to collect it in the morning!
  • Smoke - Using a smudge stick, you can put this ancient cleansing ritual into practice. 
  • Sound - Believed to be one of the best ways to cleanse amethyst, you can use the power of sound. You can use tuning forks, pre-programmed music, or singing bowls. 

Welcome Amethyst’s Energy Into Your Life

Amethyst Care & Maintenance

Invite the soothing essence of amethyst to penetrate the deepest layers of your soul. This nurturing stone serves as your most trusted companion throughout all of life’s ups and downs.

Its loving vibration is felt as soon you put it on. Inspiring self-confidence and igniting a sense of inner power, amethyst propels you towards the life of your dreams.

Any anxieties, worries, or fears are swiftly swept aside, allowing you the space to grow and thrive. So long as proper care and maintenance is taken, amethyst has the potential to bless you for a lifetime. 

Ready to add an amethyst to your collection? Visit our website to browse our stunning amethyst designs! 

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 Amethyst care

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