Our Black Friday Shopping Guide for Spiritually-Centered Gifts

Black Friday Shopping

What does Black Friday mean to you?

It's right on the horizon, and once again, there will, no doubt, be bargains and rip-offs in the isles and at the tills. Recently many people have expressed their disappointment at how Black Friday plays out, viewing it as greedy and excessive.

While that rings true to an extent, how you experience Black Friday depends on your objectives and buying choices.

Done thoughtfully, it's an excellent opportunity to get your festive season gift lists successfully sorted. Plus, mindful shopping involves giving careful consideration to the origins of each item you purchase.

Choosing to only buy things that are aligned with your moral and spiritual conscience and values means you won't get caught up in the hype. What you purchase will bring joy because it comes from a good place in your heart.

When in doubt, give a gift card!

When you opt to purchase our spiritually-centered gifts, they impart a sacred blessing on the receiver.

All of our pieces are carefully curated and have origins that cause no harm to humankind or mother earth. In addition, they're handcrafted with love using only authentic, natural materials, and they're charged with divine intentions. By supporting artisanal ventures, you're supporting the crafter and giving back in so many ways.

The gift comes to life radiating positive vibrations when you add the love that comes with gifting to the crafters pure intent.

Seen that way, Black Friday shopping take on new meaning.

We want to make Black Friday weekend an exceptional gifting opportunity for you, so we're offering an incredible 35% discount on ALL items in our online store.

And it doesn't end there!

You will get up to 50% off selected items. Both deals run from November 25th to 28th.

We can wait for these deals, so we're sharing our guide to Black Friday shopping guide with you now!

Black Friday Sale

Success - Feng Shui Jade Feng Shui Tree
Árbol Feng Shui de Piedra de Jade Éxito
Permanece tranquilo, sereno y siempre en control de ti mismo. Descubrirás lo fácil que es llevarte bien contigo. Este Árbol Feng Shui te ...
Precio habitual $109
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Whether you want to set new goals, change your lifestyle or heal from pain and trauma, keeping Amethyst close by provides strength and divine wisdom.

Amethyst has a very high spiritual vibration that fortifies faith and divine connection.

It is linked to the third eyecrown and higher chakras, encouraging dedication, wisdom, and guidance through surrender to life as it is. When we let go of resistance, we become more focused. Then, we start making decisions with confidence, knowing that we'll be guided towards what's best for us.

Let's look at some of the ways you can include Amethyst in your Black Friday shopping spree...

Oasis Amethyst Tree of Life

True happiness comes when we access the peace and harmony of the soul. Keeping an Oasis Feng Shui Amethyst Crystal Tree of Life in your auric space imbues you with spiritual confidence and tranquillity.

Its leaves shimmer in hues of purple, protectively surrounding you with a mantle of clear insight. With this tree nearby, stress and tension dissolve and you'll feel more relaxed, balanced, and productive.

Amethyst Tree of Life


Relaxing Lullaby - Aquamarine Feng Shui Tree
Árbol de Piedra Aguamarina Feng Shui Canción de Cuna Relajante
La tranquilidad es una opción. También la ansiedad. El mundo entero que nos rodea puede estar en agitación, pero si queremos, podemos log...
Precio habitual $109
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Soothing Repair Wall Blessing

Wall blessings are a fantastic way to bring the healing, calming energy of Amethyst into the home, and they make Black Friday shopping fun.

Placing a protective hamsa hand Soothing Repair Amethyst Stone Wall Blessing in your living room spreads its vibrations throughout the home. It's the perfect gift for a home that's experienced heartache or trauma recently.

Peace of Spirit Amethyst Wrap

Spiritual bracelets are fabulous for bringing the vibrational energy of Amethyst close. Combining Amethyst with the compassion and protection of red string makes it even more potent.

Our Peace of Spirit Amethyst Red String Wrap ensures that your healing and growth are protected by sporting both a hamsa hand and evil eye charm.

Soothing Protection Charm Bracelet

You can also double up on calming energy to beat stress by wearing a Soothing Protection Amethyst Matte Onyx Evil Eye Charm Bracelet.

These two master healers come with the ever-vigilant evil eye to keep you safe. While Amethyst soothes, stills, and teaches, Onyx absorbs negative energy and repurposes it.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold is a blend of gold and copper that creates a warm, welcoming metal with unique properties. It brings balanced but compelling healing and guiding energies into our lives.

Gold shines with the masculine energy of the sun – supreme and invincible. Used sensibly, gold brings us wisdom, spiritual strength and endurance.

In contrast, copper radiates the commanding feminine energy of planet Venus and the Roman goddess of love, beauty, desire, fertility, prosperity, and sex. As with the sun, use the power of Venus wisely.

Here are some Rose Gold choices for your Black Friday shopping adventure...

Spirit Warden Charm Bracelet

The stunning Spirit Warden Hematite Evil Eye Charm Bracelet is Rose Gold perfection. Keep your mind calm, clear, and balanced by drawing on the wisdom of your celestial companions. A sparkling evil eye charm deflects all negativity that threatens your inner peace.  

Spirit Warden Bracelet

Pulsera de hematita del ojo maligno del guardiane del espíritu
Pulsera de hematita del ojo maligno del guardiane del espíritu
Aprende a ponerte en contacto con el silencio dentro de ti mismo y sabe que todo en esta vida tiene un propósito. Nuestra poderosa pulser...
Precio habitual $59
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Spiritual Energy Sutra Bracelet

Your mantras are always with you when you wear a Spiritual Energy Rose Gold Plated Sutra Bracelet. Stacked mantra barrel charms focus your mind and boost spiritual energy.

It's like having a best friend for coping with the mix of a modern-day and spiritually-centered lifestyle. Use it to set reminders for future objectives and to access the guidance you need.

Stay Positive Hamsa Necklace

Suppose you feel as though you're continually dodging obstacles. In that case, the Stay Positive Rose Gold Hamsa Pendant Necklace will keep you on track, safe and grounded.

Let the striking Tree of Life symbol keep you grounded and mindful that life is always in a state of fluidity. Its tiny leaves of pearl stone open you to innocence, beauty, and foresight. Simultaneously, the prominent hamsa hand charm shrouds you in a shield of protection.

Stay Positive - Rose Gold Hamsa Pendant Necklace

Collar De Oro Rosa Con Colgante De Hamsa Para El Optimismo
0% OFF
Collar De Oro Rosa Con Colgante De Hamsa Para El Optimismo
Mantén tu cara al sol y no podrás ver una sombra. El crecimiento nunca es fácil, especialmente el crecimiento espiritual. Nuestro exclusi...
Precio habitual $179 Precio de oferta $161
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Red String

Anyone on a spiritual journey must have a red string to keep them company. Its main associations are compassion and protection, but when you buy a red string, hold it in your clasped hands and hear what it tells you.

Despite many different interpretations of the red string, they're all positive and enlightening.

Let's look at some of the red string pieces you might want to pick up when you're doing your Black Friday shopping...

Red String for Black Friday

Red String Bracelets for Kids

You're never too young to wear red string! All children exude innocence and purity and gifting your little one a red string preserves their virtuousness.

Our Joyous Youth Evil Eye Red String Boys Bracelet blesses your little prince with happiness and contentment in life. Moreover, as he laughs and plays his way through the day, an evil eye charm rebounds any negativity approaching him.

Girls love red string too. With a Delicate Longevity Flower Evil Eye Red String Girls Bracelet on her tiny arm, your princess will continue to bloom with divine light and joy. The delicate flower charm invites love, hope, and fortune into her life while the evil eye guards over her.

Delicate Longevity - Flower Evil Eye Red String Girls Bracelet

Delicate Longevity - Flower Red String Bracelet
0% OFF
Delicate Longevity - Flower Red String Bracelet
Children show us in their playful smiles the divine in everyone. Soft as the Flower, yet strong as the power of the Evil Eye is the ultim...
Precio habitual $59 Precio de oferta $47
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Red String Anklets

Wear your red string discreetly or flash it in style. Red string anklets look amazing, and you get all the benefits of their distinctive energy.

Regardless of what you're looking for from life or spiritually, the Watchful Gaze Evil Eye Red String Anklet has got your back. Comfortable in knowing you're protected by the evil eye, you can pursue your fortunes and follow your dreams.

Conversely, if you're a serenity-seeker, you'll love the Uplifting Protection Red String Pearl Stone Anklet. Gently tantalizing Pearls acquaint you with your own beauty and bring foresight, loyalty, and spiritual awareness into your life.  

Watchful Gaze - Evil Eye Red String Anklet

Men's Red String Bracelets

Sometimes less is more, and our Guardian of Blessing Men's Red String Bracelet is the perfect example. A simple red macrame string with a bronze evil eye centered hamsa hand charm is all it takes to keep you protected from any evil lurking around.

Knowing you've got divine protections lets you forge ahead to achieve your aspirations without care.

Red String Bracelets

Red String Bracelet & Feng Shui Tree Bundle

When red string meets the tree of life, expect great things to happen!

Anyone seeking to turn up the glow of inner light will really appreciate the Inner Light Limited Edition Fire Element Eco-Friendly Bundle. A red string bracelet set with a tree of life charm brings kindness and compassion to everything within the circle and flow of life.

Pair that with a vibrant multi-stone Feng Shui Tree, and you've got the perfect pair to light your way. When kept close, anticipate your motivation and value to soar as good fortune finds you and paves the way to great opportunities.  

The Tree of Life

The tree of life is a widely recognized universal symbol of growth and connection to all that is. It reminds us that we are not alone in this world and that life is in constant motion. 

Although it is featured in many cultures and religions, its symbolism transcends specific meaning, and you can use it in any way that resonates with you.

At its core, the tree of life is a reminder of the inescapable unity of all of creation. It conveys the message that although we're born into this world as seemingly unique individuals, spiritually, we remain connected to all that is.

You can decorate each room in your home with a tree, keep one in your workspace, or place it near the entrance and exit of your home. The branches and roots of trees spread far and wide. A feng shui tree disperses energy in the same way.

Here are some Tree of Life beauties you might find useful for your Black Friday shopping weekend...

Black Friday Shopping for Crystal Trees

Loving Vibes Rose Quartz Tree

Let the energy of love flow with a Loving Vibes Feng Shui Rose Quartz Tree. Gentle on the eyes but potent in loving and healing energy, this tree floods your spirit with compassion, love, and understanding.

Whether you need healing or just want to revive yourself from a hectic paced life, spending time around this tree will let you attract and spread unconditional love.

Unlimited Opportunities Jade Tree

No matter what your life ambitions are, you're going to face challenges. Especially if you like to control everything. While we're busy trying to control life, life can pass us by.

If that sounds familiar, the Unlimited Opportunities Feng Shui Jade Stone Extra Large Tree is here to teach you. Jade stones are cleansing, teaching you to let go and allow the universe to guide you. As you do so, standing grounded in reality, abundance will find you opening the path to your greatest dreams.

Jade Tree of Life

Aligned in Harmony Tree of Life

Many don't realize how vital it is to keep our spirit centers or chakras balanced. Frequently, we focus so much on physical health and wellbeing but overlook the spiritual aspects.

Luckily we've got the Aligned in Harmony Multi Stone Chakra Feng Shui Tree as a reminder and tree companion. Its shimmering canopy is packed with authentic gemstones that resonate with each chakra, keeping them balanced and charged.

Trust Yourself Lapis Lazuli Tree

Sadly, life can be painful at times, leading to feelings of self-doubt and a lack of confidence. That's okay; it's part of the journey.

You don't need to stay feeling down, though. A Trust Yourself Lapis Lazuli Medium Size Feng Shui Tree can bring comfort and help you connect to your inner wisdom, guided by the Divine. Accessing this inner source will help you heal, grow in confidence, and make decisions for your higher good.

Lavish Blessing Red Tourmaline Tree

Finally, who doesn't want to be extravagantly blessed in life? Gift yourself or a loved one with this exquisite Lavish Blessing Red Tourmaline Feng Shui Tree.

When you open yourself up to abundance, an abundance of all kinds will flow into your life. Often we want these blessings but we block them with doubt. Red Tourmaline helps us develop self-love, positivity, and strength, so we're not only hoping for but also manifesting our dreams.

Final Thoughts

Black Friday shopping needn't be a time of splurging or hiding away from the crowds. You can make it a fun time of saving money and getting meaningful gifts.

That's why we've got such magnificent deals for you!

Dodge the mall-crush and long queues and shop online this Black Friday weekend. You'll have enough time for all of your holiday season gifts to be delivered in time, and you'll have some extra cash to spoil yourself too!

Black Friday

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