Are You An Empath And A Spiritual Lightworker? Take these 2 Quizzes And Find Out

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The statement "we are all born with purpose" is so accurate; there isn't even a flaw behind that statement. Yet, there are plenty of arguments to be had about this topic.

A vast majority will seek out their life's purpose with frustration and anxiety, while others will swim through their path and live life with a few hitches that they have no issue getting through, while the rest of us are underwater struggling to float to the top.

Does that sound a bit depressing? It isn't. There is an excellent chance that you are an empath who feels everything to the core of their being and is affected by everything that comes their way.

So emotionally, at times, it can make you freeze in your tracks, and you may be so highly sensitive that your body, can reverberate with others' negative emotions.

Empaths are so compassionate that they can feel things even before they happen, especially for those whom they care about the most.

Let's start with Quiz 1 below and find out where you are as an Empath and Lightworker.

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Quiz 1: Signs of an empath. Are you? 

Put a Y or N next to each question. If you're on the fence, then answer Y.

  1. Highly intuitive & sensitive?
  2. More comfortable alone?
  3. Around like-minded, spiritually enlightened people?
  4. Having trouble fitting in, past and present?
  5. More vibrant outdoors in nature?
  6. Claustrophobic?
  7. Someone that sees the world far differently than most people?
  8. Able to feel things before they happen?
  9. Extremely uncomfortable and despise conflict?
  10. Having odd anger issues, you don't understand?
  11. Someone that needs to be isolated from people and the news?
  12. So overwhelmed at times that you need to shut down?
  13. A lover of all things ethereal?
  14. Happiest when you're around crystals and gemstones?
  15. A "fix it" person and feel the urge deeply when you hear someone is having a hard time, then you jump in to help them?
  16. So connected to the planet, you feel its plight?
  17. Euphoric when you've affected someone positively?
  18. Psychic, mystic, and even curious about Wiccan philosophies?

Did you answer yes to some, if not most, of these categories? Empaths are often misunderstood by society unless they're nuns, priests, or a religious worker within a denomination, where they've gone through a lot of schooling and training.

Thousands of years have prevailed where society has learned to look to organized religion for comfort, deemed them empathic or more appropriately sympathetic. 

But times are changing quickly. Spiritual awakening is upon us once again, more vital than ever. Millennials and Gen Z's are grasping it happily and rapidly and speaking out in volumes over injustices, the future of the planet, and so much more.

Welcome to the world of social media and viral spiritual manifestation. Even Karma and Luck has a huge hand in making a difference on this platform.

Empath and A Spiritual Lightworker

If Covid has taught us anything, it is that a vast majority of us can come together and light the way through almost unbearable and fearful darkness. We are the difference.

You don't need to be "religious" to be "spiritual." They both have a profound significance, but as a spiritualist, empath, and potential lightworker, you'll need to discover your truth, and once you do, it will be one of the most profound and moving moments in your life.

For that to happen, there will need to be understanding, studying, and acceptance of your truly benevolent and spectacular nature that you may not yet understand fully or tamped down when you were young.

You've probably grown up or heard over and over again "stop being so emotional," and now think it a curse. But it isn't, not even a little. There are many different ways we can signify ourselves as an empath, and this is only one of them, and we will cover more below on that topic.

What is essential to understand is when harnessed and understood, an empath can be one of the most influential people on the planet. You can evolve into becoming a lightworker and affecting change person by person, and that, in and of itself, is "purpose."

We are all a work in progress. Always. How we choose to hone it in and make the most out of it is up to the individual since each and every one of us is vastly different in our thinking and feeling.

The beauty is we can contribute separately and together. Once you do figure it out, even a little at a time, look out!! Mega Lightworker in action is a spectacular thing to behold.

Now, let's get to Quiz 2 and see where you are as a Lightworker.

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Quiz 2: Let's see where you fall in the empathic lightworker energy field, shall we? 

Again, answer Y or N and if so inclined, put your thoughts into these questions in your own words.

Take out a piece of paper and pencil (yep, going old fashioned here) and write down each one of the following that you feel strongest about below and can relate to:

  1. Growing up, you never quite fit in, and as an adult, you feel stuck in so many areas of your life. 
  2. Hearing someone lie is like getting hit with a hot poker, and you have a hard time with fake people's personalities. 
  3. You felt a jolt of spirituality hit and an awakening of sorts that you're working to figure out. But it resonates with you, albeit in a frightening way.
  4. You could have possibly been an indigo child (highly gifted psychically) and known that other spirits, angels, and guardians exist but were too afraid to talk about it. Now, as an adult, you have confirmation and a deeper understanding.
  5. You put others' emotional needs before your own and have an extreme affinity for helping. Listening to the news is quite jarring, and you can suffer deeply because of the plight of others.
  6. You are deeply compelled, even to the point of extreme anger, with the desire to create positive change. You have always felt this way but growing more anxious. You're curious about "how" to get in there and get your hands dirty.
  7. You have always been drawn to crystals, gemstones, and the mystical arts. But, now you are delving in headfirst, and as your curiosity grows and you learn more, you are beginning to feel a sense of relief and deeper understanding. It completely resonates with you on every level.
  8. People have always been compelled to tell you everything and feel so comfortable around you that their inhibitions even fall away. You are a trusted confidant and will hold a secret for eternity.
  9. You are exceptionally aware and in sync with your intuition. So much so that you have some fascinating and powerful manifestations in your life in many ways. The more you've become aware of this, the easier it is to understand that you aren't your childhood trauma but a spiritual gangsta that can take control and resonate with people on all levels. It is a superpower and one you're willing to fly with.
  10. You feel that you have work to do as a human being in your soul. That your path is laid out before you, and you're figuring it out.
  11. Becoming spiritually enlightened is time-consuming and needs a lot of love, nurturing, and development. This is your happy place. The more you adapt to your spirituality, either through books or classes, the more content you feel.
  12. You're eco-conscious and fully understand that nature is beautiful. This is where you thrive the most and as our planet is consumed with more, you want it to be less. 
  13. You are a visionary. In many odd and incredible ways, you see and understand ways to make a difference in so many respects with people and the world as a whole, but you are not quite sure how to go about it. 
  14. When people speak to you about their issues or problems, you are sympathetic and tend to give good advice.
  15. You tend to cry more than the average person.
  16. The more love you spread, the more joy you feel.
  17. You can envision yourself standing on a pulpit and spreading the word of God and eternal love.
  18. You tend to lean towards writing, art, teaching, and speaking in public.

    Whether you wrote down one or all eighteen and resonated with these questions, you are a lightworker. You're a natural empath and intuit with a deep and ardent zeal for connecting.

    You're a deep thinker and wonder, "what does all of this mean," and you want to find the solutions you're seeking. Yet, you've always known that there is something much more significant in the cosmos and Universe. You can feel it in every fiber of your being.

    When your friends and family hurt, you hurt, and you want to fix it. That is being self-aware and something to embrace. Most empathic lightworkers will feel more pain than the average person.

    The good news is that spiritual enlightenment and working on your path and depth of learning will take care of so much of that pain you harbor. You will know how to work with it and re-energize yourself.

    Would you like some even better news? Once you grasp and embrace all of your gorgeous differences, quirks, and innate needs to be that person who can put a stamp on this big world, the sooner you can hop to it.

    No need to ask, "why me? I'm not that significant." Instead, I think we've determined that you are not only significant but essential.


    Let's talk about what a lightworker actually does.

    While it may sound complicated, it isn't actually. Lightworkers are very dedicated to serving others (remember we said it's a natural process for you anyway) and embracing their self-love first and foremost, so they can expand that truth to others.

    The hardest part is getting one's ego out of the way. It tends to sneak in now and then, and that's perfectly fine. You'll be fully aware and able to swipe left and resume.

    As a Lightworker, you will be dedicated to and even yearn to be in a spiritually enlightened state for the most part. You don't have to give up your earthly desire, by the way, but Lightworkers are on 24/7.

    You know this to be accurate since it has probably been following you since you were very young. You'll find the balance as you grow, but "growth" is vital.

    Much like the movie "Mission Impossible," should you choose this Lightworker mission in life, you will understand that it is going to be super overwhelming if you bite off more than you can chew and swallow. Steady as she goes is the best route to take.

    How? By tapping into your higher self through prayer, especially meditation, and reading spiritual books that resonate with you, so you are informed and not only mentally educated but emotionally as well.

    Not only will that help you greatly in the long run when you get ready to rule the world and manifest significant shifts, but it will also guide you toward your specialty as a Lightworker.

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    You are exceptional, unique, gifted, talented, and have a lot to offer this world as an empath and Lightworker if you've come this far in the article. In addition, it means that you have a passion for making a difference.

    Be kind with yourself, please, above all else, as you venture out and begin to understand that Lightworker methods are unique to only you.

    Some of you will use it for your day-to-day with friends and family, and others will want to make a career out of being a professional Lightworker. Both are very important. Whether you only shift one life or a million, you've found your purpose.

    The power of crystals and gemstones can accelerate your spiritual path toward being a Lightworker and all of your guided meditations as well. Every stone has a specific vibration and depending on your course, you can choose what energy you need. Remember, they are interchangeable.

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    What intention would you like to focus on and feel most drawn toward to begin growing as an Empath and Lightworker? Each intention has several gemstones combined. You'll find which ones speak to you. You've so got this!

    Starting with Chakra Balancing would give you a true advantage in gaining perspective on your Empathic and Lightworker journey. Our 7 Chakra's Collection will definitely get you aligned. There is a Chakra Map and a video that can assist you in understanding how the Chakra's work.

    Red Ruby - Root | Orange Garnet - Navel | Yellow Citrine - Solar Plexus | Green Peridot - Heart | Blue Topaz - Throat | Indigo Iolite - Brow | Purple Amethyst - Crown.

    7 Chakras Jewelry Collection

    Our Protection and Peace Collection is also an excellent way to start.


    Our Love & Harmony Collection is also a great way to get balanced in self-love and surround yourself with harmonious gemstones.

    Love and Harmony Jewelry

    Any combination of these gemstones powerful intentions and energies will help you tremendously. Much love from your Karma and Luck family.

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