8 Sapphire Jewelry Pieces to Cherish for a Lifetime

Sapphire Jewelry

Sapphire, and the jewelry containing this royal blue stone, continues its reign today as one of the most coveted accessories in the world. The timeless sophistication of the sapphire has a universal appeal, and any jewelry showcasing this beautiful, durable, and meaningful stone is sure to capture the hearts and attention of everyone around.

More than just a pretty face, this stone holds a wealth of benefits and healing powers. This gorgeous gemstone represents eminence, as well as being an impeccable symbol of love, fidelity, and devotion. Sapphire is the birthstone of April and is associated with the zodiac sign of Aries.

It is believed that birthstones can help you and someone you care about develop a profound spiritual relationship, protect you in overcoming anxiety and tension, and harmonize your zodiac sign with your personality.

Sapphire, a natural mineral and the birthstone for people born under the zodiac sign of Aries, generally has a rich blue color, often symbolized as a color of wisdom and intelligence. Let the deep hues of this dreamy stone enrich your life with new vitality and grace by wearing jewelry adorned with sapphire. 

Intrigued by sparkling sapphire? Keep reading to discover our eight favorite jewelry pieces featuring this stone from Karma & Luck! 

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Spiritual Power - Sapphire Mix Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
Spiritual Power - Sapphire Mix Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind. Sapphire stone helps balance the emotions. It brin...
Precio habitual $79
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Sapphire & the Zodiac

These precious stones of sapphire can be found in an array of different colors - from pink to yellow or black to green, and most commonly blue. Depending on the hue, the birth month associated with it will change.

For instance, the blue sapphire is a December birthstone, while the black sapphire is a July birthstone. The name, sapphire, comes from its close resemblance to the blue sky and sea.

The sapphire stone has been used since ancient times as decoration for jewelry and armor, which shows that this radiant gem has truly stood the test of time. 

Sapphires have been worn by Aries women for centuries as their birthstone, and are considered to symbolize loyalty and wisdom. Buddhists believed that the sapphire brought spiritual enlightenment, and Hindus used it to elevate their practices of worship.

Early Christian kings believed in sapphire’s powers of protection - using it in ecclesiastical rings, and ancient Hebrews believed that the Ten Commandments were engraved on tablets of sapphire. This stone’s ancient ties explain why the precious blue stone has been associated with honesty, trust, purity, and loyalty throughout history.

It is said that the Aries person is born with a strong will and the energy to get things done. The power of sapphire can support them in their endeavors by amplifying this willpower and helping them succeed.

Its purity stimulates our higher consciousness and spiritual awareness, creating inner peace. Sapphires are also believed to be one of the best gems for boosting mental clarity and promoting spiritual protection. They also help with creativity and dreaming, which can be helpful for Aries who is always ready to chase their dreams.

8 Striking Sapphire Jewelry

8 Striking Sapphire Jewelry Pieces

#1 Vigorous Life - Ruby Sapphire Mix Mantra Wrap

    If you or someone you know loves sapphire, then you have got to get your hands on this stunning, vibrant bracelet from Karma & Luck. The best part is that it can be worn as a necklace too!

    Treat yourself with the 3 mm ruby sapphire stones that will encourage the wearer to release any toxic emotions holding them back from their natural state of joy and vitality. This modern and elegant bracelet, versatile and straightforward, can be paired with pretty much any outfit – instantly elevating a look.

    There is nothing else quite like this stunning triple wrap bracelet/necklace with gold-plated details and a length of 19’’ to 21”. With its unique look, you are sure to gain quite a few compliments. This piece retails at just $99.

    Ruby Sapphire Mix Mantra Wrap

    The Versatility of a Bracelet & a Necklace 

    This wrap features a variety of sought-after qualities! Let’s take a deeper look. With its mystical mantra barrels, the “Ruby Sapphire Mix Mantra Wrap” can help you channel your thoughts and manifest them into your reality, which is an ultimate way of karmic action.

    For this purpose, they have 4mm mantra barrels that provide mind protection, deep concentration, and profound spiritual energy. It also features a lobster clasp closure to complete the look. Celebrate your zodiac sign and show yourself some serious self love. Wear it as a necklace or a bracelet and elevate any look in an instant!

    Sapphire jewelry is known to be timeless and glamorous. It is generally worn in bracelets and necklaces as a way to add a touch of elegance and beauty to the wearer.

    These gemstones are used in jewelry pieces to enhance their aesthetic appeal and increase their monetary value. This particular wrap has so much more to offer than solely its magnificent beauty and captivating charm.

    Aside from its healing properties, it  is also made out of natural materials that are entirely safe for your skin. People with allergies can wear it without any worries. It is also highly durable and fashionable. 

    This sapphire piece looks great with other kinds of jewelry, as it can easily be layered and paired. It is one of those fashion accessories that could complement any attire as it is a durable, stainless gold that suits all tastes.

    Wear it with any outfit and you are sure to rock the look! Karma & Luck is constantly striving to provide stylish and comfortable jewelry to people looking for unique and powerful jewels.

    Due to its elegant and delicate look, this wrap piece has the unique ability to be paired with other healing gems and still look great. The “Vigorous Life Ruby Sapphire Mix Mantra Wrap” pairs wonderfully with other precious gemstones such as emeralds and diamonds. It also looks beautiful with jewelry made of amber, coral, emerald, rose quartz, and diamond, just to name a few.

    By pairing this piece with other stones, you can elevate its already high positive energy, clean your aura, and call in the benefits of these other stones as well. Whether you wear it alone, or wear it with other jewelry, this wrap bracelet will fill the soul with joy. 

    Womens New Arrivals Collection

    The Ruby Sapphire Mix Mantra Wrap’s Power to Heal

    Did you know that the ancient kings and queens of Greece and Rome believed that sapphires protected their owners from envy and harm in the Middle Ages? Sapphires were often worn by royalty as defensive amulets to ward off evil. For centuries, the sapphire has decorated the robes and regalia of the royalties.

    With colors ranging from celestial blues to fiery padparadscha, it has been attributed to bringing harmony between lovers and peace between adversaries.

    It is the perfect birthstone for September. In Ancient Persia, rulers believed that the sky was painted blue as a reflection of sapphire stones. Kings and queens often wore this precious stone as a necklace to protect them from harm. Such a strikingly blue color made sapphire a symbol of heaven by the clergy during the Middle Ages.

    Wearing the ruby sapphire stones featured on this piece comes with seemingly never-ending benefits. It is a fact that when one's body, mind, and spirit are aligned in truth, they radiate health and happiness. Thus, this wrap is meant to help you clear, energize, and balance your main energy centers one by one, making you feel more balanced and aligned.

    Birthstones are far more than just a collection of jewels that correlate to each month of the year. In reality, each one has a therapeutic quality related to the zodiac sign on which it is placed.

    Womens New Arrivals Collection

    It is possible to use these stones to cleanse, purify, and revitalize the body's aura. With the natural energy hidden inside birthstones, you can reduce stress, boost confidence, and build relationships.

    It is essential to note that different stones need additional care because some are more fragile than others. For example, sapphire requires lower intensity lighting because they can become cloudy when exposed to high-intensity, ultraviolet light.

    The first step to caring for a sapphire jewelry piece is to make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned it. You can do this with soap, water, and an old toothbrush. You should then dry the item with a soft towel and ensure that no noticeable water spots remain.

    The best way to do this is by using a soft cloth and dipping it in distilled water or rubbing alcohol, or rinsing the item in clear, cool water from the faucet. You should not use harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia to clean your sapphire jewelry because these chemicals can damage the stones making them less valuable.

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    Karma & Luck - The Modern Spiritual Lifestyle Brand

    Inspired by timeless traditions, Karma & Luck is a spiritually-minded lifestyle brand with the hope to awaken deeper consciousness and purpose in our customers every day.

    Our jewelry is 100% authentic, which guarantees the potency and power of our products. Each and every elegant and thoughtful piece is created to promote happiness, health, and success, while also assisting you in achieving your goals.

    This beaded wrap by Karma & Luck is a beauty of its own. It is embellished with 3 mm ruby sapphire stones and 4mm mantra barrels that speak of health, faithfulness, fertility, and a comforted and soothed mindset.

    The wrap is handmade in Bali, where the island's craftsmanship is regarded as one-of-a-kind, high-quality, and meticulously detailed. This versatile piece retails for just $99 and makes for a perfect gift for someone, as it would quickly adjust to all wrist sizes. 

    Every Karma & Luck piece is designed to bring good fortune to your home and to surround you with protective energy wherever you go. Learn more at www.karmaandluck.com or on Instagram at @karmaandluck, and get your hands on this unique and beautiful wrap today!

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    #2 Spiritual Power - Sapphire Mix Evil Eye Charm Bracelet 

      The top priority in life should be to surround yourself with positive thoughts, people, and attitudes. Who knows when good things may happen and new opportunities may knock at your doorstep? This “Sapphire Mix Evil Eye Charm Bracelet” is mesmerizing and valuable.

      The evil eye charm it contains can help one stay protected,  balance their emotions, and assist them in calming down.

      Wearing an evil eye necklace may protect a person from misfortune and danger occurring in their lives. It protects you against evil spirits and hostile forces - particularly the envious stares of others. With this piece from Karma & Luck, we help you stay protected, while staying stylish too.

      The “Spiritual Power Bracelet”, which has a 10 mm mighty evil eye symbol deflecting negativity, also has a distinct and beautiful appeal. Handmade in Bangkok, Thailand, it reminds one to silence their mind. Sapphire is known to positively affect mental clarity and focus, while also having a calming influence and helping with stress relief.

      With its many benefits, this bracelet is not just a piece of jewelry, as there is so much more to it. This all-seeing evil eye bracelet is adorned with 4mm sapphire mix faceted rondelle beads equipped for your protection. It is said to provide calmness, wisdom, and significant protection to the wearer.

      This 18k gold plated brass bracelet is an extraordinary gift for your loved ones, demonstrating just how much they mean to you. This bracelet best fits a wrist size of 6.5”.

      This sapphire bracelet, perfect for deflecting negativity, is lovingly handmade in Bali, Indonesia. Putting mysticism and emotional strength aside, returning to the basics with gemstone bracelets is the ultimate gift for yourself or somebody you love.

      A thoughtfully hand-crafted stone bracelet will never lose its sentimental value and can be a treasure to cherish for years to come. A bracelet, such as this, can connect your love of color with any needs for healing you may have.

      Sapphire Mix Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

      Why Not Pair it?

      Regardless of when you were born, each gemstone can be adored and worn by all. Brands like Karma & Luck consistently work on creating unique and spiritually-minded gemstone jewelry that calls to every style and every vibe.

      Why not try pairing your “Spiritual Power - Sapphire Mix Evil Eye Charm Bracelet” with other gemstones such as ruby and emerald? The colors green and blue, which are the hues of emeralds and sapphires, really balance each other out and are complementary when paired.

      Also, white, from white diamonds, white sapphires, and white topaz, is a highly versatile color and can be paired with every color on the spectrum. Pair your “Spiritual Power” bracelet with any piece of jewelry made of white sapphires or white diamonds, and radiate with a whole new level of vibrancy.

      This “Spiritual Power” bracelet is a multi-colored bracelet that thoughtfully features sapphire stones, representing unconditional protection, wisdom, and relaxation in every form. With these relaxing stones present, you can begin to strengthen your connection to the divine energies in the world.

      By opening your mind, body, and soul to new heights, your spiritual journey truly begins. The evil eye is an ancient symbol that promises deep tranquility and protection. The bracelet will keep you safe from harm’s way and make you stronger in the face of adversity.

      The showcased sapphire stone is a gorgeous gemstone that provides the wearer with positivity, spirituality, protection, and optimism. This well-rounded bracelet really does it all, making it easy to channel positive energy and healing vibrations. For just $79, this makes for a perfect gift for someone you love, as it allows them to transform their lives for the better.

      Sapphire Jewelry

      The Sapphire & Evil Eye Duo 

      Traditionally known as ‘the gem of truth’, sapphire symbolizes faithfulness, sincerity, trustworthiness, intelligence, wisdom, and strength. They have long been considered to be some of the most powerful protective stones in the world, and are believed to ward off evil and bring happiness and good fortune.

      This metaphysical trait may come from sapphire’s notable hardness and durability, as well as its ability to cut other stones. As sapphires are often more affordable than diamonds, people frequently choose to buy these sparkling beauties instead.

      Sapphire is said to protect wearers from the harm of the evil eye. Some people believe that the blue gemstone wards away bad luck and promotes good fortune. It is also thought to help the wearer stay calm and level-headed, as well as to keep them safe from harm.

      This stone is said to have a strong energy that can ward off any negativity or harm that may be sent in the wearer’s direction. If you are looking for a bit of protection, consider adding a sapphire ring, necklace, or bracelet to your collection.

      People have worn sapphire to protect themselves from the evil eye for centuries. The gem is thought to have spiritual powers that can ward off bad luck and negative energy. It is also said to promote good fortune and increase psychic abilities.

      The Greeks believed that the stone served as a protective shield against evil spirits, and the Romans thought it would help with defense in love or battle. In medieval folklore, it was a symbol of faithfulness, purity, and devotion, while in gemology, sapphire is often considered a symbol of purity.

      Sapphire Jewelry

      Sapphires are believed to have been worn by priests in temples to promote good luck and to ward off evil spirits. Some cultures say that a sapphire stone takes at least one year to transform from an impure stone into a pure one. This purification process gives the sapphire its magical powers and has made it one of the most prized gemstones in history.

      Sapphire is a precious stone and is one of the most expensive gemstones in the world. It is a powerful healing crystal, and it has many mystical properties. Among its many benefits, people believe that this stone can provide safety during travel, reduce anxiety, and help one find their purpose in life.

      It also helps with creativity and expression, while bringing strength and overall good fortune to those who wear it. Sapphire can last and be treasured forever, and it is believed that wearing this gemstone will protect you from harm or illness.

      This one-of-a-kind ‘Spiritual Power - Sapphire Mix Evil Eye Charm Bracelet’ is believed to increase strength and improve self-esteem. With a greater sense of self-understanding and further self-exploration of your finer qualities, self-confidence increases and general happiness ensues.

      The mighty evil eye symbol will ward off malicious intentions from your surroundings and protect you from harm and bad luck.

      Gift this beautiful bracelet to someone you loved and allow them to feel a renewed sense of optimism. Or, gift it to yourself to boost your own spiritual, mental, and physical healing!

      Sapphire Jewelry

      Make this Bracelet Your Own! 

      An evil eye charm bracelet is a must nowadays - living in a competitive world, one needs to protect themselves from the negative vibes coming their way. The best part is that, with Karma & Luck, protection comes in style.

      This evil eye charm bracelet is lovingly handmade in Bali, Indonesia, and adorned with our favorite sapphire stones. To add a luxurious touch to this bracelet, an 18K gold plated brass chain is used to securely hold the beads and the charm together. 

      In today's society, it's all too easy to let our thoughts and emotions wander, leading to feelings of overload and stress. However, wearing this one-of-a-kind ‘Spiritual Power - Sapphire Mix Evil Eye Charm Bracelet’  can provide you with an incredible sense of grounding, making you feel peaceful and in command.

      The emotional force of the sapphire gemstone will anchor you, while the substantial weight of the bracelet encircling your wrist will help you feel more concretely connected to Mother Earth.

      Ready to purchase? Click on this link below and get one for yourself or a loved one today!


      #3 Intuitive Leap - Blue Sapphire Moon & Star Cuff 

        Once in a while, we all need a day away. A day to get away from the difficulties or stress of life, where there is nothing to solve and nothing to decide. With this perfectly balanced ‘star cuff’ bracelet, turn this dream of getting away into reality.

        This vibrant bracelet will motivate you to fight through life's most challenging battles, coming out from them stronger and wiser.

        In fact, the sapphire stone has been a popular gift for centuries, especially among royalty, because it was believed to protect against evil and give its wearer strength, courage, and determination through all of life’s battles.

        The Karma & Luck shop has created the most beautiful sapphire bracelet for women. This celestial piece is adorned with a 10mm x 10mm moon charm representing intuition, balance, and progression. Made with a white and navy enamel base, the “Intuitive Leap'' bracelet is a unique beauty.

        This bracelet is thoughtfully handmade by artisans in Bangkok, Thailand. It features a star symbol that reminds one to remain positive during challenging times by inspiring motivation, encouragement, and acting as a spiritual compass.

        The sapphire stone is known to positively affect mental clarity and focus, while others say it has a calming influence and can help with stress relief. This “Intuitive Leap'' necklace is adorned with a 1.25mm diamond, encouraging you to move ahead in life by providing an abundance of strength, imagination, and courage to the wearer.

        The true star of the show are the 2.5mm sapphire stones, which are known to promote communication, endurance, and harmony in the life of the person who wears it. It is made of 925 Sterling Silver, and is an 18k gold plated bangle with a size of 7.6’’/19.5 cm.

        Intuitive Leap - Blue Sapphire Moon & Star Cuff

        Keep Your Sapphire Bracelet Shining

        The birthstone of April is the sapphire, and it was initially given to Aries as a sign of their bravery and strength. Hence, this bracelet containing 2.5mm sapphire stones would encourage one to be persistent in achieving their goals.

        The blue color of these sapphire stones are said to assist in creating more clarity and helping to make decisions easier for people that may have difficulty focusing on one thing at a time. Everyone can use this strength to go through life's ups and downs, eventually leading them to contentment and happiness.

        This bracelet can truly be worn for any occasion. For instance, it would look great on a night out paired with a fancy dress and heels, or even for a casual Summer day with cropped jean shorts and a basic tee.

        Karma & Luck’s “Intuitive Leap - Blue Sapphire Moon & Star Cuff” is the perfect accessory for any Aries. Show them how much you care by giving them this birthstone gift!

        Sapphire Jewelry

        Knowing how to keep your sapphire jewelry sparkling and pristine is important to know. If you are looking to keep your jewels in good condition for years and years to come, you must maintain them carefully. If it has started to smudge or starts looking dirty, simply place it in a container with warm water and gentle soap for a few minutes. Afterwards, dry with a soft towel.

        One should avoid shaking or touching the bracelet with sharp objects such as needles and hairpins, or it could be damaged. It is also advised to avoid wearing it while swimming, as it could be lost or damaged by salt and chlorine.

        It is important to store your jewelry in a dry place, to avoid it growing mold or becoming distorted. This “Intuitive Leap '' bracelet is undoubtedly unique and elegant, but if you want to maintain its good looks over time, then these above-mentioned steps should be followed.

        Sapphire Jewelry

        Healing Powers

        This sapphire stone is a beautiful variety of the mineral, corundum. The deep blue hue of the sapphire in this bracelet symbolizes faithfulness and sincerity, making it an excellent choice for someone who wishes to express their unconditional love or loyalty.

        Whether given in a friendship or a marriage, this bracelet would be an excellent gift to represent all forms of love.  

        The sapphire stones in this “Intuitive Leap - Blue Sapphire Moon and Star Cuff” make conquering thoughts, plans, and memories a lot easier than when the mind is filled with complex, intimidating ideas.

        As the name of this bracelet suggests, its blue sapphire moon brings a new lease of energy and positivity, motivating one to achieve their goals and take the leap!

        Sapphire Jewelry

        This supercharged bracelet comes with a multitude of healing abilities. It has the ability to amplify energies, as well as aid in meditation. It also creates an aura of oneness and unity with divine power. Sapphire is a calming stone that assists in calming the mind during meditation practices, helping you to reach closer to enlightenment.

        It is known to heal emotional wounds, and it can also be helpful in attracting love and happiness. This multi-talented bracelet calms the mind, decreases stress levels, and elevates one's mood. It provides for increased awareness of subtle spiritual energies and strengthens intuition.

        It encourages self-reflection, which may help you deal with emotional difficulties like anxiety or depression. Sapphire stones are known to protect from negativity. It may also promote success in business as it strengthens mental clarity and decision-making skills.

        Sapphire Jewelry

        The Karma & Luck Promise

        Karma & Luck have always taken their core values seriously. We have been operating for seven years, promoting diversity of beliefs and ideas through one element that brings everyone together and sets aside differences - jewelry. We strive to bring authentic gemstone jewelry to our customers, supplying them with potent healing energy.

        When everything else may feel negative or hopeless, Karma & Luck’s jewelry, like this blue sapphire moon and star cuff bracelet, make one feel alive again. The celestial star and moon symbols encourage new beginnings and enlightenment.

        A sapphire bracelet can be a thoughtful gift for someone as it symbolizes strength and endurance. It can assist anyone needing a bit of encouragement or who needs help becoming more confident in themselves. Sapphires represent the ability to attain instant gratification of the things we want or desire.

        Manifesting become easier, when motivation is increased, and that is exactly what this bracelet does. At times, it can be easy to get discouraged from your goals or feel like you do not deserve good things.

        However, having something tangible to work with, like a sapphire bracelet, can give you hope and courage to fight for what you want in life. For just $169, this is a perfect gift for someone you love, as it will instill a deeper sense of motivation and hope within them.

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        #4 Grounded In Wisdom - Hematite Sapphire September Birthstone Necklace

          Blue sapphires are historically one of the most beloved of all the gemstones. As the reigning birthstone for September, it has adorned the royal coffers as a symbol of loyalty, courage, and hope. Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is one of the most fascinating examples of a blue sapphire stone set in a band of white diamonds.

          Karma & Luck brings you this stunningly elegant hematite necklace, which is believed to help you trust your innate wisdom. Once you trust in yourself, you are able to reach your greatest and loftiest goals.

          When you find yourself in a problematic state, try bringing in a refreshing change and some serene energy. Even though some situations may leave one feeling hopeless and tired, know that healing and purity are just around the corner.

          The “Grounded In Wisdom - Hematite Sapphire September Birthstone Necklace” promises you a state of glowing peacefulness and tranquility. Acting as a true warrior’s necklace, it is deeply calming and aids in focusing. It can help you to receive the bundles of blessings, happiness, and gratitude that the universe has to offer.

          This “Grounded in Wisdom” necklace is unique and beautiful in its own way. It is embellished with powerful hematite stones to counteract bad energy with positive energy, cleaning the soul and providing insight to gain more wisdom. Its blue sapphire agate stone in the center has a distinct allure as it promotes focus, insight, and wisdom. 

          This particular necklace is skillfully handmade in Bali and is not just any old piece of jewelry - there is a lot more to it! The 18k gold plated brass necklace comes in a length of 15’’ to 18’’. This perfect piece is protective yet beautiful, making it an excellent addition to your, or a loved one’s,  jewelry collection.

          Hematite Sapphire September Birthstone Necklace


          The Specialties of this Sapphire Necklace

          The sapphire stone is a deep blue gemstone that has been prized for centuries for its beauty and symbolism. It is said to instill spirituality and wisdom in its wearer, which is why it is often given as a gift to mark important milestones like births, baptisms, and weddings. Many people believe that the blue color of sapphire symbolizes the ocean and the endless wealth it provides.

          Colors are a fantastic way to personalize your engagement and wedding rings. With a color that represents new beginnings, love, companionship, and trust, blue sapphire makes for the perfect choice.

          The rich color reflects the energies of the vast sky and the endless oceans. The stone helps in reconciling differences and embracing your partner’s perspectives with an open heart. These are imperative traits for any healthy relationship, making the blue sapphire gemstone a wonderful choice. 

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          Your birthstone has the power to reveal so much about you. While most of us know that our birthstones represent the respective months in which we were born, we may not realize that these precious gemstones can tell a lot about us and are even known to affect our well-being.

          Birthstones are said to help you, and someone you care about develop a profound spiritual relationship. Wearing this necklace may aid in physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. It will not only protect you and assist you in overcoming anxiety and tension, but also assist you in harmonizing your zodiac sign with your personality.  

          Let Karma & Luck bring your accessory game to the next level, with each contemporary birthstone necklace drawing in a wealth of compliments. This blue sapphire necklace is a beautiful way to express yourself while also connecting with the magic of the stars. Give it as a gift or keep it for yourself! 

          Sapphire Jewelry

          Healing Properties of this Birthstone Necklace

          Cultures around the world have historically used gemstones to heal, hypnotize, and win their battles. Blue sapphire, a beloved stone, is a treasure trove of metaphysical powers and healing benefits.

          Jewelry is one the primary ways to harness the benefits of gemstones, with necklaces being a particularly great option. Wearing gemstones close to your skin on a daily basis is an excellent method to connect with and tune into their natural healing abilities. 

          Multiple gems can be included in the design of a necklace, and they can all hum in unison, sending healing vibrations up the body’s pathways and into your entire body. When gems are held in the hands or placed on one's body, they are said to help physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

          To achieve this, crystals are thought to interact positively with your body's innate universal energy, or chakras. Some crystals are thought to aid in stress reduction, while others are said to promote concentration or creativity. 

          This necklace brings together sapphire and hematite - debatably the best combination out there. In fact, hematite's therapeutic powers are said to enhance when mixed with stones like sapphire.

          Mens Necklaces Collections

          This combination encourages positivity, and can be used to protect against negative influences. Hematite helps blood problems, including anemia, by restoring, strengthening, and regulating the blood supply.

          It enables the kidneys to function correctly and regenerate tissue. This stone also aids in iron absorption and red blood cell production. Leg cramps, nervousness, and insomnia are all treated with sapphire. 

          The complexity of the mind can be intimidating, but conquering your thoughts, plans, and memories will be easier with calming sapphire stones and earthy hematite stones.

          The blue color of sapphire in the necklace also helps clarify and make decisions easier for people who have difficulty focusing on one thing at a time. The deep blue sapphire also symbolizes faithfulness and sincerity, making it an excellent choice for someone who wishes to express their unconditional love or loyalty in friendship or marriage.

          Some say that the blue color of sapphire helps to open the throat chakra, which is associated with communication and self-expression. This gemstone is also known for its protective properties, ideal for shielding against negative energy.

          Sapphire Jewelry

          More About Sapphire

          With stores like Karma & Luck catering to global markets, the gemstone industry is every-growing, and blue sapphire is at the forefront.

          Today, sapphires are one of the most expensive gemstones in the world. On record, the world’s largest blue star sapphire has an estimated value of $300 million. Named the ‘Star of Adam’, it weighs an astonishing 1,404 carats and is a perfect reflection of a glistening star.

          The ‘Grounded in Wisdom - Hematite Sapphire September Birthstone Necklace’ is a prime example of the beauty that sapphire radiates. This piece has even been featured in all of the world’s most prominent magazines, such as Forbes, Vogue, and Glamor.

          A sapphire necklace is a must-have element to incorporate into your jewelry collection. Sapphires were not only used in ancient times, but with an increase in research and technology, gemstone jewelry has become extremely popular in today’s culture as well. 

          Hoping to purchase a sapphire necklace for yourself or your friend, but need it quickly? Visit Karma & Lucks’ website, as we provide options for fast shipping and free delivery.

          Sapphire Jewelry

          Do not let annoying delivery fees change your mind about this piece! Have beautiful, high-quality gemstone jewelry delivered right to your doorstep in no time.

          Karma & Luck is also proud to offer a money-back guarantee policy which lets you return or exchange products with proof of purchase, leading to a refund within thirty days.

          All of our products are not only delivered quickly and with complete safety at your desired locations, but can also be exchanged if you are not happy with the experience. Retailing at just $79, it makes the perfect gift for you or a loved one. 

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          #5 The Communicator Bracelet - September Birthstone

            As a somewhat rare gem, sapphires are usually mined in places like Sri Lanka, Thailand, or Kashmir. Sapphire is the traditional birthstone for September, which is a time when the weather starts cooling down and Fall is in the air. This stone has been noted for its beauty, durability, and scarcity.

            They are also known for symbolizing wisdom and love. For centuries, sapphires have been associated with nobility and royalty. It is also a very durable gemstone.

            Sapphires are considered protective gems or talismans that bring good luck and fortune to those who wear them, store them in their jewelry boxes, or carry them around in their pockets as amulets. 

            Considering that the month of September is approaching, showering us with positivity, prosperity, and self-awareness, why not look into the “Communicator Bracelet” introduced recently by Karma & Luck? Made with charming, black matte onyx stones that help with increased energy, stress relief, and protection.

            Sapphire's deep blue color and rarity makes them attractive and increases their value. This beautiful bracelet contains one blue sapphire solidate stone representing communication, endurance, and harmony. It is sure to vibrate with soothing energy.

            The Communicator Bracelet – September Birthstone

            There are a multitude of reasons for why one should wear sapphire jewelry. This stone is not only characterized as a symbol of love, but also its blue color represents life. Sapphires have been prized for their beauty and qualities, especially in comparison to other precious stones.

            They are regarded as sacred stones that help people maintain a positive state of mind. Some people also use them to boost their spiritual awareness. This unique bracelet is entirely multicultural, meaning it can be worn by or gifted to people of all faiths and backgrounds. Its size is 7.5’’ cm and is stretchable. The beads in the bracelet are a fascinating and eye-catching touch to the overall design.

            The stones in this piece represent unconditional compassion, love, vitality, and friendship. When everything else feels negative or hopeless, this bracelet makes one feel alive again. For just $69, this is a perfect gift for friends and loved ones!

            The Communicator Bracelet – September Birthstone

            Bracelet Qualities

            Sapphires hold a wealth of benefits and powers. These are natural gemstones that come in an array of colors from blue to green, and white to pink. They symbolize sincerity, provide protection against grief, and promote self-control.

            Sapphires are believed to be one of the best gems for increasing mental clarity and boosting spiritual protection. They also help with creativity and dreaming, which can be highly useful for anyone wearing this “Communicator” bracelet.

            Thanks to their close resemblance to expensive and sparkling diamonds, sapphire bracelets are one of the most luxurious and elegant choices. They sparkle and shine, giving your attire an elevated look.

             Sapphire Jewelry

            These bracelets are excellent choices for cocktail events or fancy dinners out with your partner. You can wear this stunning bracelet to enhance your natural beauty, and reel in a multitude of compliments.

            Generally, sapphire gemstones are added to jewelry pieces to enhance their overall aesthetic appeal, as well as their monetary value. Sapphire is a beautiful addition to any piece!

            There is so much more to this September birthstone necklace than just its magnificent beauty and captivating charm. For example, it is made out of natural materials that are entirely safe for your skin.

            People with allergies can wear it without any worries. Made from materials that prevent allergies to your skin, this bracelet is designed to be both durable and fashionable. 

            Sapphire Jewelry

            September Birthstones 

            Sapphire is the birthstone for people born in September. As one of the most prized gems, it is associated with royalty, nobility, and virtue. They are said to have the power to heal wounds if worn as jewelry.

            The beautiful and mysterious sapphire has attracted many believers and collectors to its enchanting allure. Sapphires are incredibly hard to find in nature, making them even more valuable to any collector. It was even believed to be the stone of love and inspire tender feelings in ancient times. 

            This particular sapphire bracelet is designed to deepen your bonds with the people who mean the most to you and, with the help of onyx, broaden your horizon to immense love and friendship.

            Sapphire stones are widely known to represent trust and loyalty, which are excellent qualities to have in relationships, friendships, business partnerships, or any type of partnership at all. The dazzling blue stone in this necklace can act as an expression of commitment to another person.

            Most people buy a sapphire as a gift for someone they love or want to fall in love with. Some even think that if they give their partner a sapphire, they will receive strength and power from them. Are you struggling with expressing your thoughts or feelings in a relationship? Don’t worry - the “Communicator” bracelet is here to help!

            As the deep blue sapphire symbolizes faithfulness and sincerity, this bracelet makes for an excellent gift to give for someone who wishes to express their unconditional love or loyalty in friendship or marriage. Full of mystical and powerful benefits, this gemstone is said to have magical powers that can ward off evil spirits and bring prosperity to those who wear it.

            Sapphire Jewelry

            Healing Powers of the Communicator

            Sapphire jewelry is not restricted to traditional or ornate designs. Karma & Luck constantly come up with new, trendy, and in-fashion jewelry pieces with a contemporary twist, such as this “Communicator” bracelet. 

            Each piece by Karma & Luck is made by our global partners of skilled artisans. Starting from braiding to enameling, each step is broken down into highly-detailed parts. The creators of these one-of-a-kind pieces pay close attention to the countless nuances of the accessories, ensuring that each piece is of the highest-quality.

            Birthstones can help you in a variety of ways. In fact, wearing them is believed to aid in the removal of physical and emotional obstructions, as well as helping with spiritual healing. They protect in overcoming anxiety and assist you in harmonizing your zodiac sign with your personality.

            A birthstone bracelet is a beautiful way to express yourself, while also connecting with the magic of the stars. They make for exceptionally thoughtful gifts for the people you love the most.

            This birthstone bracelet is said to cleanse and purify the aura and space it is around. Nowadays, people believe that beauty lies in transparency and this sapphire birthstone bracelet is all about it. It represents serenity, harmony, endurance, and a sense of calmness. It is indeed a highly versatile gemstone, as you can pair it with just about any other stone and any outfit.

            Sapphire Jewelry

            Let Karma & Luck bring your accessory game to the next level. This birthstone bracelet is a must-have. Visiting our website, you will come across a wealth of top-notch reviews. For example, Nico shares her experience in these words; “Exactly what I was looking for.

            I mix this bracelet with my other natural stone bracelets for unique style and looks. Great quality natural sapphire stones”.’ Jeremy praises our shipping methods in the following words; “Received the bracelet quicker than expected and have been wearing it regularly”.

            Karma & Luck believes in providing our customers with the best experience possible, and for this, we prioritize our customer-oriented policies. For example, you can easily enjoy free standard shipping for all the orders within the United States that are above $75.

            Or, if you live outside of the United States region, you can get free standard shipping on all orders above $200. With Karma & Luck, never let annoying delivery fees change your mind about the beautiful jewelry pieces in your cart!

            Lastly, Karma & Luck is extremely proud to donate a portion of each sale to charity. This initiative has helped around 37,000 kids and families so far. By buying a gorgeous piece of jewelry, you are also helping those in need - a true win-win.

            Sapphire Jewelry

            #6 Divine Brilliance - Black Sapphire Dragon Bangle

              Upon hearing the word “sapphire”, most people imagine a deep blue stone in color. But did you know that there is black sapphire as well? Many people are unaware that such an enchanting stone exists.

              With the increase in the popularity of black gemstones, black sapphires have begun to garner more attention. While not as valuable or sought after as their blue counterparts, black sapphires are increasingly used in jewelry. With durability and beauty, black sapphires are a perfect gemstone choice.

              Karma & Luck introduces the “Divine Brilliance - Black Sapphire Dragon Bangle” to bring out our mystical powers that may transform the world. This particular bangle consists of rose gold dragon charms that remind the wearer to deal with every situation and challenge with power and strength.

              Black sapphire jewelry pieces are widely known to help achieve happiness and purity, while some say they bring good luck and protection with their mythical origins. This charming bangle can be worn every day for the promotion of peace and harmony.

              The “Divine Brilliance” bangle is made with oxidized 925 sterling silver and is adorned with black sapphire crystals. It is said to provide strength, courage, and determination to the wearer and comes in the size of 7’’ to 9’’ cm. The dragon-themed dark bangle is an extraordinary gift for your loved ones as it would make them feel how much you love and care for them. 

              The beauty and value of this bracelet make it a worthwhile investment if you are considering purchasing one. Its unique symbolism makes it even more precious. Hoping for compliments? black sapphire is an excellent gemstone to wear if you really want to stand out in a crowd! 

              Black Sapphire Dragon Bangle

              Benefits of Black Sapphire

              The black sapphire is by far one of the most fascinating gems to exist in nature. Though there are many other sapphire colors, black is undoubtedly the most mysterious and mystifying varieties fogood reason.

              This bracelet retails at $369, and is worth every penny! When set in jewelry, black star sapphires are eye-catching and unique.

              They shimmer with movement and are more dynamic than solid black sapphires, making them a truly stand-out gem. Plus, with Karma & Luck, you can pay in four easy, interest-free installments of $92.25 too.

              Sapphires have always been associated with strength and power, but they are also known to calm the individual. Because of this reason, many people buy this “Sapphire Dragon Bangle” to feel that they are strong and powerful in their own way. It is said that it can stimulate the mind and make one feel calm.

              Sapphire Jewelry

              The wearer of sapphire can gather the courage to fight against bullying, danger, or any other threats. This beautiful, yet elegant, bangle can offer strength, power, and protection to the wearer as soon as they put it on their wrists.

              A sapphire is a natural stone that does not need the help of any artificial enhancements to increase its beauty, making it easier to maintain as well. It has been known for its protective properties for centuries, and this traditional belief still prevails today.

              Sapphire is a gemstone that was historically most sought after for its beauty and durability. Today, some of the qualities that make it so desirable are also what make this black sapphire bracelet exclusively valuable: a deep black color, satisfactory quality, and large size. 

              Sapphire Jewelry

              Healing properties of the Black Sapphire Dragon

              Black sapphire is known for its healing properties. The physical benefits of wearing this beautiful ‘Divine Brilliance - Black Sapphire Dragon’ are endless, but could include calming nerves.

              It makes for an excellent jewelry piece for meditation. It can bring peace to a wearer’s life, promote clarity of thought and speech, protect the owner against negativity or curses, and help travelers find their way in the world.

              In terms of spiritual healing properties, black sapphire is believed to be a stone that can help the owner get through any difficulties or issues they are having at the time and result in a heightened awareness of life.

              Karma & Luck’s “Black Sapphire Dragon” bracelet is the perfect choice for those who are hoping to think and act with intense clarity of purpose. Call in the mighty dragon as your power animal when you need strength as a leader. You can use the dragon that lives inside you for power in your thoughts, words, and deeds for the good of all.

              Sapphire Jewelry

              Generally speaking, the darker the color, the better, and the more opaque and flawless the stone, the greater its value. The presence of inclusions will lower its value slightly depending on their size, visibility, and number.

              If you are interested in purchasing a black gemstone, a black sapphire is an excellent option. Black sapphires, like the ones featured in this dragon bracelet, may seem expensive, but they are not as pricey as black diamonds and are full of healing potential.

              Another significant benefit of these bracelets is their durability. Sapphires rank nine on the Mohs scale, second only to diamonds in the gemstone world. They are extremely scratch resistant, and due to their crystalline structure, sapphires are also very tough.

              As a gemstone for everyday wear, the “Black Sapphire Dragon Bracelet” is excellent and can withstand daily exposure, although rough wear and tear may require minimal maintenance.

              Sapphire Jewelry Pieces

              The best way to clean this bracelet would be with warm, soapy water or a warm, soapy cloth. Start by filling the bowl with lukewarm water and some mild dish soap, then place the dragon bracelet into the mixture for a minimum of 1 minute.

              Next, use a soft toothbrush to remove the oils and dirt; however, remember not to brush directly on the top of the rose gold dragon charms. Then, fill a second bowl with lukewarm water, put your bracelet into it softly, and make sure no soapy residue is left. Lastly, dry it with a microfiber towel and tada! It is ready to be stored or worn again.

              When it comes to packaging, Karma & Luck provides thoughtful packaging for our jewelry. Carefully wrap your dragon bracelet up before placing it back inside the box that it comes with in order to preserve its energies. You may consider using silk, suede, or any other raw material.

              Your Karma & Luck ‘Divine Brilliance - Black Sapphire Dragon’ is a valuable keepsake that requires only a little care. Keep it safe and you are sure to treasure it for a lifetime!

              Sapphire Jewelry Pieces

              Add this Bangle to your Jewelry Collection

              Karma & Luck was founded by an artist who wanted to make it easy for people to find beautiful and unique jewelry pieces online. The founders understand the importance of quality craftsmanship, and we understand the importance of customer service.

              We are proud to have had many customers come back to us because they were so impressed with the work and how quickly they received it.

              Want to know more about the artisan process behind each Karma & Luck piece? Starting from the braiding to the enameling, each step is broken down into parts. The creators of these one-of-a-kind pieces pay close attention to the countless nuances of the accessories, ensuring their quality and beauty.

              This ‘Divine Brilliance - Black Sapphire Dragon’ is a fashionable item that complements any ensemble and helps generate a state of power and determination.

              It can help people cope with stress, anxiety, and everyday life problems through stress reduction, increased energy, and improved strength. Choose this sapphire bangle from Karma and Luck's vast collection and turn your life around for the better!

              Sapphire Jewelry Pieces

              #7 Analytical & Reliable - Virgo Constellation Necklace

                For Virgo season, you need a dainty, zodiac-inspired necklace from Karma & Luck. There is no denying the lure of zodiac jewelry. Astrological jewels, apart from being beautiful, are highly personal and whimsical.

                They feel timeless and possess a vintage appeal. This zodiac piece, whether a token of self-love or a gift to a cherished family member or friend, is an exceptional example of birthstone jewelry.

                The “Analytical & Reliable Virgo Constellation” pendant, which has a white enamel base and 1mm CZ crystals, has a clear-cut, well-defined appeal. This particular necklace is handmade in Bangkok, Thailand, where the craftsmanship is regarded as one-of-a-kind, high-quality, and meticulously detailed.

                The necklace reminds the loyal Virgo to remain positive during challenging times, and comes in a beautiful shade of gold and white. It has a 15mm Virgo Constellation charm to provide happiness, joy, and an abundance of light to the wearer. Also, it has an 18-inch chain with a lobster clasp closure to complete the look.

                Virgo Constellation Necklace

                This necklace features 1.5mm peridot stones inlaid into it, which promote joy, divine connection, and concentration in the life of the person who wears it. Celebrate your sign and be kind to yourself with this 18k gold-plated brass necklace.

                This unique accessory can be worn by any Virgo out there, or anyone who has a special Virgo in their life. There is nothing quite like this stunning Virgo zodiac bracelet with gold-plated details and 1.5mm sapphire stones.

                Explicitly designed for the Virgo sign, this is the perfect necklace for all occasions. It adds a hint of charm to any outfit or any look. For just $125, get your hands on this magnificent piece. After all, a Virgo deserves the best! 

                Virgo Constellation Necklace

                The Qualities of this Necklace

                This “Virgo Constellation Necklace”, depicting a Virgo’s maiden zodiac symbol, like a signet ring or charm, is a beautiful way to showcase their practical, kind, and humble star sign nature.

                Smart, sophisticated, and kind, Virgo gets the job done without complaining. Virgos expect perfection from themselves, and they may project those high standards on the other people in their life. For those moments when life is not perfect, your perseverance is unaltered with Karma & Luck’s unique "Analytical & Reliable - Virgo Constellation Necklace".

                You can also complement your sapphire Virgo necklace by wearing it with multiple stones, such as amber, coral, emerald, rose quartz, or diamond to fine-tune its sensibilities and elevate the look.

                You can access these combinations to gain an excess amount of positive energy, clean your aura, and receive boosted protection. Pairing your necklace with Quartz can come with many benefits. Nowadays, people want vibrant and flashy colors, but they forget that true beauty lies in transparency.

                Sapphire Jewelry Pieces

                Although it is an underrated gemstone, clear quartz represents serenity, tranquility, purity, and a sense of calmness. It symbolizes nature in its most proper form and is a highly versatile gemstone.

                You can easily pair your necklace with a clear quartz bracelet. This trusted duo can act as your guardian angel, help you in difficult situations, and elevate mental clarity. Imagine benefiting from all the emotional, spiritual, and physical benefits of both sapphire and clear quartz all at once!

                When styling your jewels, colors can be kept nice and simple or be combined to create a pleasing effect. With the variety of colors and gemstones available, it is possible to find almost any color on the wheel and have fun wearing pieces that would look great together.

                There is so much more to the Virgo constellation necklace, and it has even been featured in the world’s most prominent magazines, such as Forbes, Vogue, and Glamor. Head to Karma & Luck’s website, and you will find a wealth of positive reviews regarding this necklace.

                Sapphire Jewelry Pieces

                Virgo Necklaces 

                The spiritual benefits of wearing a zodiac pendant are numerous. Wearing this Virgo zodiac necklace is said to boost your self-esteem and confidence. When you wear powerful gemstone jewelry, you may discover that you feel more optimistic.

                You can easily tackle the obstacles and challenges that come your way, and it will improve your energy and inner strength. Apart from this, the magical healing powers of sapphire also allow a continuous flow of energy in the body and help to clear any energy blockages. Whether it is a physical ailment or a mental illness, the healing properties of sapphire are abundant and profound.

                The combination of sapphire and the Virgo zodiac sign in this necklace serves as a good luck charm for you. It can help you make great life changes. It is said that when we wear anything with our sign on it, we feel linked to our true selves and have the luxury of being clearly understood.

                Due to this, a person’s intellectual capacity can be enhanced and wisdom elevated. This Virgo zodiac necklace may help the wearer be more active and improve their creativity.

                Sapphire Jewelry Pieces

                Add this Necklace to Your Collection! 

                Are you Fire, Earth, Air, or Water? And what is your sun sign? Let the world know you are a Virgo by wearing this gorgeous zodiac constellation necklace. Candy for the eyes, wear this necklace solo for a casual and trendy look, or combine with other sparkles for a more festive look.

                No matter the occasion, this delicate and dazzling necklace by Karma & Luck can help to brighten up any outfits, and help you radiate with confidence. This necklace makes for a great gift for loved ones.

                Sapphire Jewelry Pieces

                #8 The Brave Diplomat - Libra Constellation Necklace

                  Horoscopes may tell you everything about yourself, from who you should date to where you might go on vacation. Your zodiac might also indicate your personal style, preferences, character, and actions. So, when it comes to buying jewelry, let the stars lead you to the ideal addition to your or your loved one’s collection.

                  It is believed that jewelry containing zodiac symbols and constellations might help you connect more deeply with your zodiac sign. It will strengthen your emotional connections and allow you to understand yourself better. 

                  Sapphire and zodiac necklaces are available in various shapes, sizes, colors, and designs at the spiritually-minded brand, Karma & Luck. The brand recently launched this beautiful necklace, “The Brave Diplomat - Libra Constellation Necklace”, that is being worn by many of us, not only for its outer beauty but also to assist us in manifesting the life of our dreams. Through the use of specific beneficial aspects of the sapphire stones used in its creation, this necklace offers a wealth of powers.

                  The necklace features a 15mm Libra constellation charm and 1.5mm sapphire stones representing communication, endurance, and harmony. The “Brave Diplomat” necklace, which has a black enamel base, is a treat to the eye. This bracelet is handmade in Bangkok, Thailand, and contains 1.5mm tourmaline stones that portray unconditional love, self-reflection, and balance.

                  Sapphire Jewelry

                  The sapphire stone is known to positively affect mental clarity and focus, while others say it has a calming influence and can help with stress relief. This Libra necklace comes with the 1mm CZ crystals for you to move forward in life by providing an abundance of strength, imagination, and courage to the wearer. The 18k gold plated brass necklace, with an 18-inch chain and a lobster clasp closure, makes for an amazing gift for loved ones.

                  One of the best qualities of this necklace is that the tourmaline and sapphire stones on it will not fade over time. Buy it once, and you can wear it and enjoy it for many years to come.

                  Libra is a sign that needs to be taken care of as they are known for being a bit high maintenance and requiring a lot of attention. We know that the Libra zodiac sign is associated with energy, courage, fearlessness, and earthiness, as the necklace's name suggests; “The Brave Diplomat”. It is perfect for those who seek a grounding force in their lives.

                  The engraved Libra constellation charm on the necklace reminds one of their magnetic personality and natural ability to take charge while remaining firm in challenging situations. 

                  Sapphire Jewelry Pieces

                  Healing Powers

                  As a healing stone, Sapphires are wonderful for bringing a sense of calm and peace to the wearer. This stone can help you regain control over your own life and emotions, and redirect your priorities to what you genuinely care about.

                  If your environment is beginning to feel toxic or stressful, Libra, sapphire jewelry might be what you need to recenter and take back control over your situation and emotions. 

                  Karma & Luck reminds every Libra to promote peace and protect the delicate harmony of the Universe. "The Brave Diplomat - Libra Constellation Necklace" is here to bring all Libras a touch of independence, stepping aside from the constant seeking for justice and equality. 

                  The Brave Diplomat - Libra Constellation Necklace

                  Manifest the Way 

                  You can bravely achieve so much with the Libra zodiac charm on this sapphire necklace. Whether you are hoping to emulate some of the Libra zodiac traits or make the most of the Libra element of air to manifest abundance and blessings in your life, this Libra zodiac necklace can support you as you turn your life around.

                  Sapphires have captured hearts and excited imaginations for ages. People have used sapphire stones for thousands of years to foster harmony and balance, strengthen love and compassion, promote wisdom and spiritual vision, and even heal physical ailments.

                  Nowadays, all we want is self-love. So, now is the time to invest in jewelry like the Libra zodiac  necklace as the materials it is made from promote self-love and have a soothing and relaxing effect on you.

                  Sapphires soothe the soul and bring comfort to all who wear them. It can be a perfect gift for your friends or family dealing with grief, loss, and anger. Sapphires stones guide one towards bravery, compassion, and determination.

                  Let Karma & Luck enhance your accessory game, with this must-have zodiac necklace. Karma & Luck is proud to offer exceptional customer service. For example, one can access free shipping on all orders above $200. They also have a money-back guarantee policy, which may help you return or exchange the product with a refund within thirty days. 

                  At Karma & Luck, we also donate a portion of each sale to charity. This initiative has helped around 37,000 kids and families so far. What a great way to donate and shop at the same time!

                  Which Sapphire Jewelry Piece Will You Choose?

                  With its historic and mythological ties, along with its multitude of healing benefits, sapphire is a reigning jewel of the gem world. Beloved by people and cultures around the world, it is one of the most recognized gemstones on the market, along with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds.

                  Sapphire has been a source of fascination and inspiration since its discovery, and it has decorated the robes and jewelry of royalty for centuries. More than a gem representing eminence, sapphires are a dazzling symbol of love, fidelity, and devotion. It mesmerizes with its rich colors and majestic luster, making it a perfect gem to be put in an engagement ring or necklace. 

                  Sapphire is the sparkling stone of choice for jewelry makers and jewelry wearers worldwide, due to its impressive durability and elevated beauty. Jewelry featuring this stone makes for an ideal gift for friends and family members to show how much you care.

                  It is also a beautifully healing stone for anyone who has been struggling with trauma, such as the loss of a loved one, lack of motivation, decreased strength, health problems, or a string of bad luck. These gorgeous jewelry pieces can add not only a bit of brightness and beauty to their lives, but also act as additional support for them. 

                  The Brave Diplomat - Libra Constellation Necklace

                  If you are choosing one of these sapphire stunners for yourself, then be sure to tune into the quietness of your soul to determine which one is the right choice for you and your specific needs.

                  Each piece holds a unique set of benefits, and each one has its own unique style. With a gentle and conscious mind, you are sure to uncover which piece is made for you.

                  As a trusted and beloved company, Karma & Luck is here to fill your spiritual jewelry and gemstone jewelry needs. We strive to create products that are just as beautiful and unique as each one of our customers, with our sapphire jewelry collection being no exception. We hope you found a piece that you love! 

                  Ready to add some sapphire jewelry to your collection? Whether you are looking for a ring, necklace, bracelet, or earrings, we have something for everyone and every style. Visit our website today and find your perfect match! 

                  Sapphire Jewelry Pieces

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