3 Spiritual Protection Symbols to Shield Yourself from Negative Energy

Spiritual protection symbols

There are certain things in our lives that keep us inspired and steady. These things vary from person to person, but commonly include our intentions and goals, our friends and communities, and our power of religious symbols beliefs. They all serve as reminders throughout the course of the day to stay hopeful and keep us moving forward. In addition to providing crucial messages to guide us towards our greater purpose, spiritual symbols can be an excellent addition to one’s life to encourage and strengthen our purpose.  They serve as safeguards, allowing us to travel through life free of fear and worry. From ancient protective symbols to magical symbols, humans of every culture and every civilization have used symbols to express themselves and request powers from higher sources. In this article we will specifically be discussing protection symbols. We will take a look at the three most commonly used and most powerful manifesting symbols and crystals for guarding and defending against harm.

Spiritual Protection Symbols

Since the beginning of human civilization, certain universal symbols have developed simultaneously throughout cultures. These symbols have mysteriously transcended geographical boundaries, language barriers, race barriers, and religious barriers. These symbols, which are rooted in a common human experience, continue to transmit potent energetic forces throughout the world.

Although it is our shared cleansing crystals good energy home peotection symbols, earth can be a hazardous and frightening environment, be it through natural disasters, diseases, wildlifes, or wars. When physical protection can not be assured, humans have historically turned to the supernatural – rituals, incantations, and symbols; all with the hope of refuge and protection.

You may have seen some of these symbols before, but were not quite sure what they meant or where they come from. If home protection crystals symbols intrigue you, read on to find out more about the 3 top ones to utilize in your life!

Spiritual symbols protection

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Spiritual Protection Symbols From Around The World

The Hamsa - Healing Hand and Spiritual Symbols for Protection

The Hamsa, which is also known as the Hand of Fatima, is a venerated emblem of heavenly protection that is worn to banish evil energies. The Hamsa, which is depicted as a flat open palm with fingers extended is, in essence, God's hand. It is said to offer its possessor happiness, luck, health, and good fortune. Although the Hamsa hand is associated with crystals for good luck and fortune, fertility in various religions and civilizations, its principal spiritual significance is that of protection against the evil eye. Although the evil eye started as a symbol, it is commonly understood today to be the harmful energy sent by someone acting maliciously or casting evil glances. 

The Hamsa hand is globally recognized for its ability to increase good energy and disperse the bad. When you see the evil eye symbol on the Hamsa hands, do not mistake this for representing the evil eye. Instead, think of it as a watchful eye that defends the wearer against the malevolent force of someone else’s evil eye. This symbol can even be thought of as an "anti-evil eye", as it promotes optimism while also shielding the wearer from negative energies.

Spiritual protection symbol

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Depending on how you wear it, the talisman might bring you good fortune or keep you safe from harm. If the owner's hand is facing downwards, this indicates that they are open to the goodwill of the cosmos and are welcoming in good fortune and success. Keeping one's hand looking up, wards off the evil eye and keeps one's self and their possessions safe from harm.

Every culture and religion in which the Hamsa hand is displayed has a slightly different interpretation of what the hand represents. Among its most universal explanations is that of unity and protection. The Hamsa hand, regardless of culture, is seen as a symbol of powerful protection jewelry against evil.

Symbols for spiritual protection

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Significance of the Hamsa hand

The history of the Hamsa hand, and its use for protection, spans across ages and cultures. It is commonly used in a number of prominent religions and is globally recognized as a symbol of protection and good fortune. The five fingers of the Hamsa hand represent each of the five senses to help you purify your mind and body of negativity. In Judaism, the five fingers are said to represent the five books of the Torah, whereas in Islam it is said to simbolize the five pillars. 

In Jewish tradition, when the Hamsa hand is raised, it symbolizes defense from evil and a reminder to pray. Among Jews, five is regarded to be a lucky number, and it is also known as the number of protection. Symbolizing the five books of the Torah (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, and Numbers), as well as a reminder to glorify God with all five senses, Hamsa's five fingers are a significant detail. The Hamsa talisman is most commonly worn in the form of jewelry, such as rings, bracelets, and pendants.

Hamsa mens jewelry spiritual symbols for protection

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The Hamsa also has a spotlight in the Christian tradition. In order to request protection from harm, the Hamsa hand can be employed. Some Christians, on the other hand, are opposed to the wearing of the Hamsa hand, as it has been used by many other religions to represent their own ideology. The cross, however, would be seen as the principal protective sign of Christianity. 

The Hamsa hand is regarded differently by the two branches of the Islamic faith. The hand represents the five People of the Cloak, a group of significant Muslims that includes the Prophet Mohammed. Sunni Muslims consider the fingers of the Hamsa hand to be symbolic of the five pillars of Islam. The Hamsa sign is referred to as "the hand of Fatima" by both Sunni and Shi'ite Muslims alike. Fatima was Mohammed's daughter, and she was also a member of the Cloak of the Prophet. In Muslim tradition, she is frequently sought for protection and good fortune. 

Spiritual protection symbol Hamsa womens necklaces

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The Hamsa is displayed on a variety of materials and items, ranging from metals to painted glass beads, to wood and everything in between. Hamsa hands are most popularly used as pendants on necklaces. Serving as more than just a fashion statement, they work as an amulet of protection. Whether the hand is worn with the palm facing down or up, it protects the user and brings them prosperity. Hamsa necklaces are another great way to showcase this symbol of rich history and spiritual significance. The wearer will see them frequently, allowing them to be reminded of the protective force they are carrying with them. A Hamsa charm is a great addition to any bracelet chain. No matter what piece of jewelry one chooses to place the Hamsa on, just be sure it can be easily seen by others, as this allows for maximized powers. 

Hamsa earrings and Hamsa rings are both rather common, as are Hamsa pendants. Hamsa rings may allow for it to frequently be in sight of not only the wearer, but also everyone they meet or who’s hands they shake. Regardless of how the Hamsa jewelry is worn, it is a work of art that is not only elegant, gorgeous, and spiritual, but also a dynamic source of defensive energy. The symbol is sure to fill the wearer’s life with positive, peaceful energy.

Spiritual protection symbol Hamsa mens bracelets

The Ankh - Key of Life

In Egyptian lore, the ankh is the hieroglyphic character representing "everlasting life". It was believed that wearing it would grant the wearer death-defying magical abilities. In the following centuries, the ankh was incorporated into Christian culture as a representation of Christ's promise of life after death. The ankh, with its graceful lines - a cross with a loop on top – has been incorporated into various works of art, ranging from tomb murals to elaborate mirrors.

Significance of the Ankh Spiritual Symbols for Protection

In ancient Egypt, the ankh symbol, also known as the key of life or the key of the Nile, represented endless life. The ankh, which was created in Egypt thousands of years ago, is considered to be the first, or original, cross. It is common to see the ankh held in the hands of key Egyptian figures, such as pharaohs and rulers, as a way of ensuring their eternal life. The ankh is also frequently shown in temples and in the grip of key Egyptian gods such as Osiris, Isis, and Ra. Another interpretation is that the ankh represents water, air, and the sun, all of which were thought to be necessary for the preservation and provision of life in Ancient Egyptian culture, according to some scholars. In addition, ankhs were usually placed in sarcophagi to ensure that the deceased would live on after death. 

Despite the fact that the ankh is a well-known hieroglyph, its origins are still a bit mysterious. Several scholars believe that the ankh and the Knot of Isis are both representations of the same thing. The ankh, according to some ideas, might represent the cohesiveness of heaven and earth. It is also believed to signify the interconnection of masculine and feminine energy.

Spiritual symbols of protection

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The Eye of Horus - Great Protector

When it comes to protection, the eye is the ideal symbol, as it is utilized to keep danger and dark forces at bay. Egyptians believed that wearing an amulet depicting a stylized outline of the eye of Horus, the civilization’s most powerful divinity, would keep bad luck away from the wearer. Round blue rings of the "evil eye" can be found on everything from doorknobs to earrings throughout the Middle East, particularly in Turkey. This is still the case today.

Eye of Horus Symbol Necklace for women

Significance of the Eye of Horus

Horus, according to Egyptian tradition, lost his left eye after a battle with Seth, who was a sky god. It was via Hathor's power that the eye was restored, and this restoration has come to represent the process of becoming whole again and healing from troubles. Horus was the Egyptian deity of war and the sky, and he was also known as the sun god. With the rise of Egyptian civilization, the Eye of Horus became widely recognized as a symbol of protection, restoration, and regal authority. Pharaohs would frequently be entombed wearing Eye of Horus amulets, as they were believed to safeguard them in the afterlife and ward off evil powers, according to Egyptian tradition.

The symbol’s origins are still largely a mystery at this time. Although it seems unlikely, it is possible that it originated from the above mentioned story found within Egyptian mythology. The eye signifies, first and foremost, the evil that it works to repel. However, it also represents health and bodily integrity, the unification of all beings, expansive knowledge, and improved vision. It can be found featured on various medallions in Egypt, and they are said to be destined to bring good luck to its bearer. Some ancient Egyptian explorers believed that by wearing a pendant portraying the Eye of Horus, they would be able to gain a better perspective of the oceans and, as a result, a safer journey across seas. Adding to this belief, the emblem was sometimes painted on the arches of the ships, as a protective amulet.

Eye horus symbol spiritual protection womens necklaces

How to Use Protection Symbols ?

Throughout history, protective symbols have evolved and yet, largely stayed the same. Their lasting significance demonstrates their sincere powers in protecting and aiding one’s journey through life. As more and more people today become drawn once again towards these ancient spiritual protective symbols, they become more accessible to find and purchase. They are available in many forms of gorgeous jewelry and accessories. At Karma and Luck, we offer a wide variety of high-quality, authentic jewelry featuring protective symbols from cultures around the world. Visit our website today and you are sure to find the right symbol for your needs. 

Eye of Horus Symbol Men's Jewelry

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