Onyx Stones and Crystals Jewelry - Meaning, Properties, Benefits and Chakra

Onyx Meaning

Radiating with earthy energy, the black onyx stone is one of the world’s most protective talismans. Smooth to the touch, this stone inspires you to face your fears head on.

Standing dutifully and fearlessly by your side, you will find a newfound sense of courage and confidence in all that you do.

Onyx helps to balance yin and yang energies, making us feel more grounded in our place on this planet, and keeps us in tune with our true self.

This powerful stone exudes calming vibrations, swiftly easing anxieties or worries. By repelling negative energy, onyx will keep your life bright and shining full of opportunity. 

Onyx is a variety of chalcedony and is a parallel branded silicate mineral. It is most often found in the color black with white banding. However, this stone can also be found in green, pink, brown, red, and even clear with a beautiful white banding.

Made up of calcite, onyx has a distinctly waxy luster and is found in different parts of the world, including Canada, Australia, Greece, Germany, Pakistan, and many more. The onyx birthstone is for all those born in the busy winter month of December

Historically, people believed that the onyx gemstone would cause disagreements and conflicts between friends, but luckily that has changed in today’s world. In fact, onyx crystals are now recognized for the wealth of positive benefits they have to share with the world.

It is an excellent stone for grounding down to earth energy and balancing your emotions. It is also known as a highly protective stone that will shield you from any harm or danger.

A stone of great decisiveness and strength, onyx is beloved by feng shui practitioners and spiritual warriors around the world.

Onyx stones are charged with incredible powers. Wearing these stones will fill your life with positivity and add a captivating charm to your aura. The onyx crystal not only offers beauty, but promises a life full of possibility.

Intrigued by onyx gemstones? Keep reading to discover their meaning, properties, benefits, and more!

Onyx jewelry

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Onyx Stones Meaning

Onyx is a grounding stone that is known to calm one's fears and help to root them in spiritual energy. The meaning of the onyx stone is largely connected to its ability to create a sense of security and protection.

It relieves stress and helps one confront any trauma they may be hiding from. The onyx gemstone meaning also ties to strength in all forms. This strengthening aspect makes it highly beneficial for the eyes, bones, and the nervous system. 

Although the effects of onyx may take time to develop, once they do they will remain for a lifetime. Onyx gemstone usually comes in the color black, however, it also has been found in a gorgeous white form as well.

This white variety, although different in appearance, has the same meaning as the black onyx, but with greater purity and a stronger sense of calmness.  

Black Onyx Stones Chakra

The chakra aligned with the onyx stone is the root chakra, and the zodiac sign it is associated with is Leo. Whoever chooses to wear this stone will feel a radiating vibration of protection, willpower, focus, and strength.

black onyx jewelry

It is believed that this stone encourages you to stay motivated in your goals, and pushes you to move forward in life. It activates the root chakra, the solar plexus, and the third eye chakra. When these chakras are balanced, we are able to find our place on this planet.

The onyx meaning also relates to its power in giving you the energy and inspiration needed to pursue your dreams. It will stand guard, protecting you throughout your journey and helping you achieve your goals.

If you carry or wear the onyx crystal meaning daily, it will boost your aura and make sure that negative energy is repelled. With its protective energy, this stone has been revered for many, many years. We use power of marketing insights to build this data for you.

black onyx necklace

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As the guardian stone of Leos, this strong stone will fill their lives with determination, ambition, and compassion. As Leos are already known for their confidence, the onyx gemstone will simply help to maintain that natural vibration.

The stone will work to balance out any insecurities that may be ruining their self-assuredness, especially when it involves jealousy. The black onyx's meaning will help Leo feel safe and secure in their relationships without surrendering their true personality. 

Tiger's Eye Onyx Ankh Necklace

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Onyx Properties

There are many healing properties of the onyx stone. Here are some of the metaphysical, physical, and emotional properties: 

  • Onyx Metaphysical Properties

The onyx's metaphysical properties are strongly related to the root chakra. This stone brings incredible grounding energy to the body that keeps you connected to the earth, and thus aligns the root.

The base of all other chakras, the root, is incredibly important to balance. In fact, if the root is not aligned, it can throw the entire chakra system out of order. 

Keeping you protected during the opening of the crown chakra, the onyx properties will support you in developing psychic abilities or dealing with past life regression.

Tiger's Eye Onyx Ankh Necklace

The rarer variety of green onyx's healing properties include opening the heart chakra, while the white onyx is used to unblock the crown chakra. 

Onyx gemstones are often worn as amulets to help repel negative energy. The black onyx is a true master of good fortune and comes equipped with incredible black onyx healing properties.

This stone will fiercely protect against anything that could harm you. It is also beloved for its ability to  increase willpower and its capability to activate chakras. The black onyx's magical properties bring wisdom to the soul, and help to ground the mind and body.

Protection Cross Black Onyx Necklace

Karma and Luck  Necklace  -  Protection Cross - Black Onyx Necklace
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  • Physical Healing Properties

The black onyx stone properties work in the spiritual realm, as well as the physical. With its calming vibes, this smooth to the touch stone relaxes the nervous system. Also let's consider black onyx properties

Anxious thoughts and feelings can develop into illness if left unchecked, but this stone makes sure that anxiety is faced and eased.  

The onyx stone improves the nervous system, and also works wonders for the immune system. It increases your stamina, helping you to get back on your feet after a tough illness or fatigue.

Onyx assists in a swift recovery and encourages your body to heal. This stone is also a great support to one's bone marrow and tissue structures in the body, while also strengthening the teeth.

Black Onyx Necklace

  • Emotional Healing Properties

The black onyx gemstone brings the same amount of strength to you emotionally as it brings to the physical body. It will help to increase your sense of self-confidence and self-control. By decreasing frustrations, this stone also helps to ease anger. 

This stone will soothe you - keeping you cool, calm, and collected even in the most trying of times. With its ancient wisdom, it will also help you to make better decisions.

Inspiring creativity, onyx will assist you in meeting your untapped creative potential. On top of this, onyx encourages you to accept reality, while gently leading you through the processes of emotional healing.

Sterling Silver Onyx Mantra Ring

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Benefits of Onyx Stone

The onyx stone benefits are plentiful. As a powerful way to channel energy, this stone is a top choice for healers.

Its physical healing benefits are connected to one's root chakra, which helps our bodies ease the symptoms of a number of diseases. When not in balance, the root chakra can lead to illnesses such as these: 

  • Swollen lower half of the body 
  • Issues related to mensuration 
  • Inability to focus
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Fatigue or laziness 
  • Pain and cramps 
  • Tightness in the lower back, feet, and ankles 

Sterling Silver Onyx Mantra Ring

These issues listed are commonly caused by a root chakra that is out of balance. Luckily, the onyx gemstone benefits help to ease these symptoms by keeping the chakra cleansed and purified.

The benefits of black onyx stones also include helping you with emotional and mental issues. The stone helps in clearing any worries or concerns by getting rid of the built up negativity in your life.

It can be difficult to face our emotions at times, but left unexpressed, they can lead to feelings of resentment. The onyx stones will not remove these emotions completely, but they will help you channel them in a more beneficial manner.

Instead of pushing these feelings away, the stone helps you to examine them, understand them, and accept them. In this way, you can release the heavy burden you carry.

The onyx stone is also a great addition to a daily meditation practice. It will help you realize the extent of your potential, especially when your energy is falling or you are lacking focus.

The onyx stone assists you in fighting for the things you love and brings clarity to the mind. Keeping you thinking logically, onyx will help you make more responsible and rational decisions.

Sterling Silver Onyx Mantra Ring

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Karma & Luck’s Top 6 Choices for Onyx Stone Jewelry

A variety of gorgeous onyx jewelry can be found in the Karma & Luck collection. With onyx jewelry for men and onyx jewelry for women, we make sure that everyone can take advantage of this stone’s incredible powers.

Whether you are looking for onyx rings, onyx bracelets, or black onyx jewelry sets, we are sure to have something you will love in our stunning onyx collection. Our real onyx jewelry is not only beautiful and unique, but holds a wealth of healing potential for those who wear it. Here are our top 6 choices:

Mens Onyx Rings collections

#1 Spiritual Alignment - Black Onyx Heishi Choker Necklace

This beautiful black onyx necklace is a stunning addition to any outfit. With the choker style, this piece is trendy and fun! This unique piece of jewelry is not only gorgeous in appearance, but is also full of dynamic healing powers.

The black stone removes any burdensome stress from your life, instead filling your soul with brightness and joy. Wearing this stone on a daily basis will allow the numerous benefits to flourish in your life. 

Black Onyx Heishi Choker Necklace

Karma and Luck  Necklaces  -  "*Base Metal:- Brass  *Gold Plated  Make as Men's Choker Necklace 17-19 inches    Gemstone:- Black Onyx Hexagon Heishi 4mm with some Blue Opal sprinkled    *Lobster Lock"
Spiritual Alignment - Black Onyx Heishi Choker Necklace
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#2 Spiritual Insight - Matte Onyx Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

The “Spiritual Insight” evil eye charm bracelet is one piece of black onyx jewelry that will readily deflect negativity. By calming your fears and filling you with confidence, it will empower you to reach your full potential.

The addition of the evil eye symbol in this bracelet will keep negativity at bay and keep you protected at all times.

Featuring the gorgeous onyx stone, this piece will  help to clear your aura and energize your soul, making you feel balanced and aligned. 

Spiritual Insight - Matte Onyx Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

Karma and Luck  Bracelet  -  Spiritual Insight - Matte Onyx Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
Spiritual Insight - Matte Onyx Bracelet
When our energy is aligned, we can illuminate the world with our pure intentions. Our mighty "Spiritual Insight - Matte Onyx Evil Eye Cha...
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#3 Improved Endurance - Hamsa Black Onyx Bracelet

This stunning onyx bracelet, fitted with the sacred hamsa, will rid your life of anxiety and prepare you for the life of your dreams.

The shining black onyx stones will help you face your fears with courage, while the hamsa hand symbol will keep you protected at all times.

Calming the mind, relieving stress, and keeping you protected, this bracelet is full of ancient wisdom that will fill your life with abundance and joy. 

Improved Endurance Hamsa Black Onyx Bracelet

Pulseira de ônix preto Hamsa Black Desesse melhorada
Pulseira de ônix preto Hamsa Black Desesse melhorada
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#4 Iridescent Security - Matte Onyx Evil Eye Red String Bracelet 

Equipped with lucky energy from a variety of sources, the “Iridescent Security” bracelet calls upon the supreme power of onyx. The black beads will calm the mind, protect the spirit, and relieve any stress you may be carrying.

The red knotted band is not only the perfect accent to the black onyx stones, but is also there to provide extra prosperity. Throughout cultures worldwide, red is known as an auspicious color.

Lastly, the sacred evil eye works to repel negativity and keep you safe from harm’s way. Wearing this bracelet will lighten your load, rid you of any burdens, and ensure safe passage on your spiritual journey.

Matte Onyx Evil Eye Red String Bracelet

Brave Gaze - pulseira de ônix vermelho fosco fosco
Brave Gaze - pulseira de ônix vermelho fosco fosco
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#5 Protection Cross - Black Onyx Necklace

Although generally connected to the Christian faith, this cross pendant can be worn by all who are seeking protection. In this piece, an antique bronze cross is fitted with a shining onyx stone to provide ultimate power to the wearer.

This necklace will serve as your fearless guardian, ensuring that you remain confident and courageous as you take on the world. No goal will be unattainable for you while wearing this necklace. As a warrior stone, onyx works to defend you and support you. 

Protection Cross - Black Onyx Necklace

Invisible Armor - Heishi Evil Eye Onyx Ring

Find the self-assuredness you have been looking for with this ring on your finger. The onyx stone will wash away any self doubts you may have, filling you with the confidence to reach your goals and discover success.

This stone alongside the evil eye is the perfect duo, as the ancient evil eye symbol will work to surround you in positive light as it banishes any darkness from your environment. You will feel ready to face your fears and create a life of abundance. 

onyx jewelry for men

Shop Onyx Jewelry from Karma & Luck

Whether you are looking for ultimate protection, boundless wisdom, or unshakable confidence, the onyx stone is here to help. By wearing this black stone on a daily basis, you can witness its innumerable effects begin to unfold in your life.

With its gentle strength, it will continuously push you towards your goals and motivate you to take the next step. No dream will be out of reach with this stone by your side. Your spirit will be protected and energy strengthened by the onyx stone, preparing you to reach your full potential. 

Ready to purchase your own piece of onyx jewelry? Visit our website today and add one of these striking stones to your collection. 

Shop Our Onyx Jewelry Collection

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