Our Lives Have Endless Potential for Magic

At Karma and Luck, we believe that a meaningful, spirit-centered life is within reach. We all have the potential for rich experiences and deep relationships. We've complied a library of our most beloved information and pieces to help bring you closer to your true purpose. Enjoy!

What is Amethyst Good For?

This majestic purple stone of intuition carries a powerhouse of beneficial properties. Discover what Amethyst can do for you and why it is one of the most beloved gemstones in Karma and Lucks' handcrafted collections.

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Why Buy Chakra Gemstones?

One of the easiest ways to bring spirituality into modern living is by wearing chakra jewelry. Learn about what it can do for you and why people are raving about Karma and Luck’s chakra gemstone collection.

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Why Wear a Men's Red String Bracelet?

An amulet for ultimate protection, a mens red string bracelet brings the wearer good luck and karma, and the strings filter out and deflect negative energy and evil thoughts. Karma and Luck offers options to suit every man’s style.

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What are Agarwood Bracelets?

Breathe in the scent of ancient, sacred Agarwood. Curious about getting an Agarwood bracelet from Karma and Luck’s artisan collection? Learn all about Agarwood benefits, use, and discover the sacred meaning of this raw material, gifted from the rainforests of Southeast Asia.

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What Does a Red String Bracelet Mean?

If you could let ancient wisdom guide your modern living, you’d find a new level of balance and purpose. Discover why Karma and Luck’s Red String Protection Bracelets are one of our most beloved and sacred items.

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What is a Feng Shui Tree of Life?

An ancient symbol rooted in East Asian traditions, the tree of life represents grounding, balance, and expansive growth. Karma and Luck’s Feng Shui Tree of Life collection promotes emotional stability and connection.

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Why Buy Pearl?

Let the benefits of Pearl lead you to new depths of wisdom and understanding. This uniquely precious gift from nature weathers rough seas and gleams with divine light. Find enlightened inspiration when you wear jewelry resplendent in Pearl.

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Balance, Health & Good Luck Are Knocking on Your Door!

No matter what your intentions are, you can find the jewelry and home decor in Karma and Luck’s handcrafted collections to inspire you and help you call it in. Life can be lived with more meaning, manifesting what you want can be easier, and good energy can surround you. Adorn yourself and your home with the tools you need to live a more enlightened life today!