Inner Peace is Waiting

Reclaim your balance and beat anxiety

When life sends uncertainty our way, we can find ourselves lost and spinning out of control. But if we trust in divine intervention and our own spirit-driven purpose, we can face obstacles with grace and optimism.

A dose of help from the intensely healing Amethyst Stone and the powerful Red String symbolism will go a long way to beat anxiety and balance your energy to forge ahead.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why the Beat Anxiety – Red String Amethyst Stone Bracelet is one of our best sellers…

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Inner Peace is Waiting

What is Holding You Back From Your Potential?

The first step to healing comes when we recognize what has stood in our way for too long. Harmful patterns and people who wish us ill can contribute to feelings of anxiety.

The Red String Amethyst Stone Bracelet, decorated with the Evil Eye symbol, will help reveal what doesn’t serve your spiritual purpose so that you can learn to live intentionally.

Direct Your Energy

Once you can see a path forward for healing and strength, it’s time to add in focus so you can manifest your dreams. This bracelet builds incredible balance between rooted earth protection from the Red String and divine wisdom accessed through the Amethyst Evil Eye charm. It will revitalize your sense of positivity to attract good karma and luck into your life.

Build Trust in the Divine

To feel safe and secure, we need to foster trust and faith in something other than ourselves. The Red String Amethyst Stone Bracelet gives us a constant reminder of the immense spiritual power that exists in the divine. Take hold of your unique beliefs and develop a connection with your higher purpose.

Attract Abundant Love

Nestled in love and support, it’s easy to feel invincible. Let the Red String Amethyst Stone Bracelet draw like-minded, spirit-centered people into your life. When we find true companionship and community, we learn to trust others to share their strength and protection when we find ourselves in need.

Exhale Tension, Inhale Positivity

Armed with balanced energy, divine inspiration, and abundant love, we can tackle any challenge we face. By centering our spiritual purpose and divine intention as the compass for our actions, we discover ways to overcome doubts and worries that distract from our intention.

With the Evil Eye shielding our way, we can fully embrace uncertainty as a gift of inspired opportunity.

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Beat Anxiety - Red String Amethyst Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

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It was packaged beautifully and the quality is great. I haven’t taken it off since I put it on and I feel it works as intended. I love it and will definitely be making more purchases soon.

Tinah W.

From the moment I ordered the company has gone above and beyond to give me a Goddess experience.. Thank you for this beautiful piece.

Alexandra M.

Love this bracelet! It is very high quality and looks just as new now as when I first got it. Love that it has an amethyst crystal too. Highly recommended if you're looking for a piece of jewelry for protection :)

Jagdeep D.