The Alluring Full Harvest Moon Brings About Reflection & Achievement


The Full Harvest Moon will appear in the sky on September 28 – but will also shine brightly September 29.  It appears quickly after sundown, which was aligned for farmers to have maximum nighttime light to harvest their summer crops in Fall.  It will appear huge – resting closely to the perceived Earth’s surface.

The size of this moon may appear to be startling. It’s what astronomy scientific-types call, Moon Illusion because when it is that close to the Earth, we tend to see it though homes, trees, streetlights and other day-to-day objects while providing an “optical illusion” compared to the height and size of what we “know” in our eye’s path while looking at the Moon.

It appears orange, or red, or rusty, giving the trickery that the color of the moon has actually changed; the Earth’s atmosphere, balance of light and how our eyes internally perceive the “blue” hues and the “red” hues in a highly scientific methodical (and way too technical for this article) experience, so, let’s just say – between Moon Illusion, color deceit and other elements of hocus-pocus, this Moon might not to appear to be so real.

However, the energy is the most REAL we might feel all year long.

The energy of the Harvest Moon is designed to give us a clear understanding of where exactly we are now. It is the Moon that makes us take inventory on our life, and access where we are and where we are going.  It’s a deeply reflective moon, and therefore, we finally get struck by an immediate “the time is now” feeling.

This is the best time to finish and complete dangling projects – cleaning out the garage, rearranging the furniture, putting photos in albums, decluttering pots and pans, and purging your closet and pruning back your summer garden.

It’s time to clean the house and that is both physically and mentally.

This is the perfect time to really dive into journal scribing or “automatic writing” – where you allow your mind to channel beliefs and feelings by writing your immediate thoughts – without punctuation, capitalization, paragraphs or a rhyme or reason of why you are writing what you are writing. What will be revealed by using this technique is that similar themes or words may arise over a 30-day period, and by reviewing the patterns of your thoughts and repetitive words, hidden messages might be revealed to help you move past fears and dive into the future. What also might be exposed are traces of verbiage and expressions that might align with a past life, or a past time travel, and you might have that special “aha moment” or key to something you must learn.  If you find yourself writing “rainbow” in many of your nighttime journal, it’s time to research that word to learn of its significance in your life at this present time. Automatic writing is the ultimate mind catharsis – allowing us to remove expunge our deepest, innermost reflections in privacy.

Discover Yourself - Sacral Chakra Eco Journal

Discover Yourself - Sacral Chakra Eco Journal
Discover Yourself - Sacral Chakra Eco Journal
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It is a time to recognize what needs to stay, and what needs to go.  And, more importantly, who gets to stay and who must go. Notice how that was written – who GETS to stay, because in the entire scheme of things, spiritual growth and ascension comes from our inner free will – our personal choice – of making decisions that lead us to living our best life ever. Making decisions from your point of view, without ego and without needing others’ influence is the ultimate goal for each of our on our growth pattern.

What this Harvest Moon truly recognizes is that when we plant seeds, we must nurture, water and give unconditional care to these seeds for them to grow; the Harvest Moon is reflective of the time, energy and effort that goes into everything we do – love, career, family - to make something materialize. In our day-to-day lives we often too many times get caught up in the minutia of just getting things done to meet a deadline that we don’t take a moment to enjoy the journey of how we got there.  The Harvest Moon shines a light on the “wins” and the accomplishments of what we have achieved and gives that special validation we need to feel whole, that we crossed a finish line and that we truly are successful.

It is a time of gratitude and grace and realizing what has been gifted to us by others – love, companionship, elevation, friendship and loyalty.  It’s a time to evaluate those who are external to us, and to embrace those that have cherished our essence while giving equal give and take to the relationship

In contrast, it is also time to recognize the takers, the con artists, those that have displayed disloyalty, lied to us, and mistreated us.

In Harvest Moon “talk” – we keep the vegetables that have grown with us to full term, are edible and sellable, and we quickly discard those that have stunted growth, mold, did not reach its full potential, and took water, nutrients and soil from those around them.  Spoiled people, be gone.

There are a wide variety of crystals and gemstones that can assist you with this clarity while posting a spotlight on your personal inner beauty. 

Moonstone Gems give a special glow of white light that connects us to our inner light, our soul and that feeling of balance. The light falls between these thin layers it is scattered producing the phenomenon called adularescence.  This is the eye that sees this special, spiritual, almost Godlike iridescent glow.

At Karma & Luck, we have an extensive jewelry line for Moonstone Gems including the very special Divine Feminine Energy Moonstone Bracelet.  This special piece connects to our inner wisdom and ignites our soul and it journey through many past lives, and the joyous occasions we spent during our journey.  It is emotional, and whimsical, with a hint of flirty and cute.  This is a bracelet where hidden desires materialize through manifestation and allowing your inner thoughts and wisdom to radiate on the outside.

Divine Feminine Energy Moonstone Bracelet

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The combination of moon and stars together is a metaphysical speak of Astrotheology, or those that revere the Universe and its planetary family as deities or a religion.  The designers of Karma & Luck bring the spirituality of the moonlight with grounding vibrations of Hematite stones to create a calming bracelet that will promote mindfulness and individuality. This very special bracelet connects the 3D Earth and our human existence with the possibilities of the future with time and space and the Universe.   During the Autumn Equinox, the Harvest Moon will shine bright in the Milky Way skies – but be sure to look up and see Jupiter, Saturn and Venus in the night sky as well as this moon illuminates these planets and makes them visible to the human eye.

Lunar Sanctuary - Moon & Star Hematite Bracelet

Lunar Sanctuary - Moon & Star Hematite Bracelet
Lunar Sanctuary - Moon & Star Hematite Bracelet
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The Moon in Tarot is a complex card as it represents Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces, but predominantly  Scorpio.  The Moon represents deception – keeping all things secret and diverting people to look one way so they don’t see what you hope they won’t see.  But the Moon Tarot Card also showcases deep sex appeal, desire and dreams.  It is this dreamy state that we find ourselves daydreaming or nightdreaming or visualizing what we hope and wish.  It is here that we believe Scorpios are some of the biggest manifesters in the Universe and everything they touch, turns to gold.

The Moon is secretive as it lights up a path to see but holds the rest of the sky in the dark. These secrets are rarely negative, more often, used as a tool for allurement, sensual passion and getting what is desired.  The Moon is emotional, expressive and often is referred to as The Poet of the Sky as it has the power to make the ocean waves roar, at the same time, us human, made of 93% water – often feel those rumbling emotionally when the moon is full.  In Tarot, the Moon calls upon us to expect the unexpected, and to find adventure in what’s around the corner that we may not expect or anticipate. It is the true card to ‘giving it up’ to the Universe and allowing for divine intervention to become apparent.  It is a symbol of optimism and positivity

Divine Guidance - “The Moon” Tarot Card Necklace

Divine Guidance - "The Moon" Tarot Card Necklace
神のガイダンス - 月のタロットカードのネックレス
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The beautiful color of the gemstone Citrine reminds us of Fall, and is used to bring success, prosperity and honesty into our minds and our environment. Citrine ranges from pale yellow to bright amber, and activates creativity and imagination, and pushing the envelope with art, written words or music.  It is a chance taker but often Citrine comes from Scotland, Madagascar, Greece, and Brazil. Like citrus smells of oranges and lemons, citrine give us a sudden boost of awareness, energy and confidence, and should be worn at every job interview or powerful meeting in the workplace. Its hues connect with us under this Harvest Moon and provide us with an assurance and positive outlook even if we might feel a little blue.  Citrine is the ultimate pick me up gemstone that provides upbeat thoughts, constructive thinking and allows us to move forward with self-confidence and magnetism during the Fall months as the leaves turn golden.

Radiant Happiness - Citrine Feng Shui Tree

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